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Hey everyone, we hope you enjoyed our posts during this E3 week. Over the next week we’ll be bringing you more news on titles you heard about this week, title-specific information on games supporting trophies and PS3-specific features of some releases that are just around the corner, and a report from Comic-Con International, where the public will get a chance to go hands-on with some of our upcoming titles for the first time.

Also, we’ve seen the questions/requests you’ve been posting during the week, and we’ll be working on getting you answers.

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  • Jeff please the message boards are exploding we want to know what the song was at the press conference. We have looked all over and if there is anyone that can find this out for us it’s you. Please release it on the PSN or just tell us so we can get the song it was so badass.

  • agreed!!! :)

  • Thanks for the news over the week! :)
    Btw, can you please tell us the Song you guys played at the beginning of E3 in that video mash-up?

  • I know this is off topic but is there any chance of PlayTV coming to North America too. So far I have only heard about it for Europe and so I was wondering if NA would get it too.

  • it was a pretty good week ….

  • Yeah like everyone else i would love to find out about this song it was amazing

  • Need name of Song.


  • hey jeff any chance it is possible to update the ps3’s web browser’s flash to 9? is this possible? i know many people on the fourms have asked for it and im just trying to bring it to your knowlegde.

    thanks jeff keep it up

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    1-yo Jeff can you confinc sony’s big boss to change there strategie about third party games and bigen securing some exclusive games(specially RPGs) for the console.

    2-can you kindly ask Alex from Media Molecule a bout these questions:
    A-does this game have some support for home service.
    B-will you be able to install the game in the hard drive to reduce the loading time.
    C-does this game have i support for youtube uploading.

    3-can you gave as some information a bout (Life with Playstation).

  • It was a good week. Life With PlayStation should be releasing at the end of the month if I remember correctly, and the is abuzz over the past week- the FFXIII thing blew over pretty quickly all things considered. M$ actually chose a fairly poor time to attack the PlayStation with Sony so well prepared to repel it. Good job to all those who made this E3 great. :D

  • Is it true that Socom is coming out in October?

    Also, please speak to third parties so that they can bring more RPGs to the PS3.

  • What is the song at the beggining of the sony press conference at e3?
    JEFF everyone is looking for it.
    Please just give us some info on it or ask someone who does know.

  • Information about games that support trophies, nice! I hope you guys really make the trophies and in-game music mandatory. Also I completely forgot about Comic-con, I wana see PS powerhouse of FP titles!

  • Thought the news was good during E3 and looking forward to much more from Sony in the coming months.

    Thanks for all you’ve provided so far.


  • Jeff, why was Heavy Rain only shown behind closed doors?

  • @16

    It just happens that way sometimes. It is made by Quantic Dream though, which is a France based company I believe, so do expect it to be shown at Leipzig next month. I’m excited to see it.

    Is there any news on when the SOCOM beta will start? Will it be closer to the game’s release?

  • That song was uber! lol

  • @Kamakazikenny

    Heavy Rain is expected to be at Leipzig next month.

    Team ICO will be at TGS in October.


    Anymore exclusives that you can at least hint for us?

  • Cool stuff Jeff. I’m excited to hear more imminent game announcements/updates. I would like to hear more timelines towards trophies, backpatching for trophies, and the like. I hope that it’s true that you guys will be trying to mandate trophies for 2009 and on. This is a smart move, you need to implement them that way, as Microsoft did, for the service to actually be worth anything. I can sacrifice old games not getting them, but anything new, including Elefunk (which is KICK ASS btw) should have them. Hopefully the game I just mentioned has an update coming….

  • this was a graet week E3, tons of content got added to the PLAYSTATION STORE, then we got PLAYSTATION MOVIES which is awsome.

    the PSP playstation store sucks or what ever that site is on the psp that you download from it would be nice you scraped that and made it look like the PS3 store

    and that song was awsome the one at the press conference

    so much happend that im still trying to get my head straight

    last question i know to is like top secert but how long has zipper been working on M.A.G it seem pretty far along any soon to be released date on it

  • im not sure where to contact sony. i figured here would be the best place.

    i have started a thread and it has some really good ideas about future firmware updates.
    have a read and please take into concideration. skype for ps3 *hint hint nudge nudge*
    i think sony did a great job at E3 easily the best of show.

  • jeff do u know when the socom beta is going to be available to download for the qore subscribers?

  • Jeff please tell us the song! I need to buy 3 million of the album it’s on and 50 million of the song on itunes!!

  • jeff jeff bo beff

  • @ Jeff

    Is there any way you could make a “inside the developers studio” with Darkstar Industries?? I just can’t get enough of Fat Princess!

  • @9

    Matt lachlan

    it’s a question we often ask ourselves, but for product acquisitions experts like Atari VP of Business Development Robert Stevenson, who act as software talent scouts for major publishing houses, these issues can be even harder to address. Sure, it sucks to lose $60 on a title that turns out to be a turd in Ratchet & Clank®’s clothing… But imagine what it’s like for a publisher, tasked with picking the next big thing, often years in advance, with millions of shareholders’ savings on the line.

    “To do this job requires a solid understanding of the business, plus the ability to balance quality versus time and cost as it fits into a company’s overall strategy,” he explains. Meaning that just because everyone’s a self-styled gaming expert – seriously, name a friend who doesn’t have their own idea for a so-called smash hit – there’s more that goes into deciding what titles to make and mass-produce than gameplay alone.

  • @25 misteroy | July 19th, 2008 at 2:50 pm
    “@ Jeff
    Is there any way you could make a “inside the developers studio” with Darkstar Industries?? I just can’t get enough of Fat Princess!”

    ..good idea

  • @ 27 Thetriefiziks

    yeah it’s gonna be a blast. everyone’s loving fat princess, it’s just like the littlebigplanet virus

  • we need the name of the that song from the opening video. please…pretty please

  • Excellent week of updates guys! Keep ’em coming!

  • This question is a bit off topic, but:

    I wan wondering if anybody had more information on linking our PSN ID’s with our blog names. A few months back I created a ghost email address to register another PSN ID, but as of now I can’t seem to remember that email address. Is there any way to figure out this information on the PS3 or at the Playstation Website? Or, better yet, is there a way to link multiple existing PSN IDs to 1 email address?

  • AT EVERYONE WANDERING WHAT THE NAME OF THE SONG IS, check out this email received from sony:


    Thank you for writing us.

    As much as we would like to address all of your questions, there are certain topics that are simply
    out of the scope of this department within Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). You have
    reached the Consumer Services Department within SCEA, and we handle all general inquiries for our
    PlayStation(R) family of products, warranty and repair information, installation and
    troubleshooting, general corporate business inquiries, PlayStation(R) Underground(TM) Club
    Membership inquiries, and third party software referrals, just to name a few.

    Very specific questions on any particular product (e.g., manufacturing process), programming details
    of software or hardware, ‘reasons or beliefs’ on why a product did or did not include certain
    features, personal opinions, and personal contact information for developers, publishers, and other
    company employees, are some of the topics that cannot be addressed. Also, there are certain topics
    that we may not be able to address due to the fact that they are confidential and proprietary to

    Additionally, due to the complex nature of this industry and its products, certain information is
    just not easily available. You may be able to do some thorough research on your own at the local
    library, internet search engines, and at academic institutions.

    If you have further questions regarding this message and are replying back via email, please refer
    to your email case number.”

  • Hey Jeff when’s the Socom beta going to come out? I bought the annual Qoore package for betas and such so was just wondering when that Socom beta will be releasing that was promised in the June issue

    ~ Thanks =D

  • why the psn video store doesn’t work in Puerto Rico ?? The other system store works perfectly here…

  • Could you guys talk to Bethesda and ask them to also bring DLC to the PS3, and not keep them exclusive to the 360?

  • Hey Jeff, remember that intro video Sony played at E3?

    Any chance you could get us the name of the song and band, or at least release a special version of it on Psn? =D

  • well im back and i give this one more shot?jeff can u tell me if Eternal Sonata.
    also can we get Jack Tretton onto the blog.

  • @jeff
    any news when’s the vid store coming 2 CANADA?
    Can u guys give us more games that support trophies?
    any news bout PS HOME?

  • What is that song at the beginning of the Sony Press Conference??? I’d love to know, thanks.
    If its an underground song, will it be available for download? Most of us like the song, its catchy :) What if it was available through the PS Store? Idk, how would that work out since theres no music for download, will it be in a video format?

  • @ JEFF

    Hey Jeff can u help me out, well i just got invited to G.A.P and at the end of the test when u have to accepet, well after i do accepet the next page is an error. i keep getting an error whats wrong? can u help me out?

  • It’s good to know they have been reading all of our replies, I hope they can give me some answers on the things a lot of people including myself have been asking about PSN cards.

  • @40 there are some people on the playstation forums who may have your answer, try postibg a thread about it in the Playstation General section you will most likely get an answer.

  • What I want to know is, when is Canada getting the video store? So far you guys have failed to address it. ;-]

  • I was really disappointed to see Canada did not get the video store the same day as the U.S.Any Idea as to when Candians will get the Video Store?

  • Yeah, is there any info on PSN cards

  • @ Jeff could you see if Rebellion is making any more PSP games. They have been a big supporter of the system and I would love to see more from them.

    Plus any chance Sony might want to buy them. Because they have made some pretty great games in the past plus they have cool IPs too.

  • @ Jeff- I would really want PS Blog to get a representative of Mirror’s Edge to post stuff about their game. It easily one of the two most fascinating games of the year.

  • I’d kill for that song, no seriously i will…… Jeff

  • I need the song, plz jeff help us Y_Y

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