E3: PlayStation.Blog Reader Meet-up Recap

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Thanks to all who came out!
I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who attended Tuesday night’s reader meet-up in LA. The fans were awesome, the tacos delicious, and the competition fierce.

Since we had never done anything like this before, I would’ve been *very happy* if 20-25 people had shown up. In reality, it was more like 3x that, as roughtly 75 people showed up at King Taco to play PSP, talk about E3, and eat some of the most delicious quesadillas known to man.

For those of you who missed it, we played a series of Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 tournaments, awarding and raffling off prizes such as copies of Civilization Revolution and Top Spin 3 from 2K Games (thanks Charlie!), and awesome autographed swag from Naughty Dog (thanks Arne!).

The grand prize, a limited edition gunmetal grey Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle, went to Bill of Torrance, CA, on the merit of his Hot Shots prowess. He may not be as good at the game as I am (I had to represent), but he now has a rarer PS3 than I do.

Extra special thanks to Marcelo and everyone at King Taco on Pico – both the hospitality and food were unparalleled. I strongly recommend the carnitas and horchata (which I drank my weight in).

But perhaps the best part was meeting readers of the PS Blog. We’re here for you, and fortunately, you’re all a lot… calmer, shall we say, in person. We’ll definitely have to do this again.

For pics, click here, or check out these links. Thanks again!

* Check Out Blog
* Legit Reviews
* PS Faction
* PS3 Fanboy (this one’s priceless)

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  • Great work guys. I appreciated every min.

  • “autographed swag from Naughty Dog”


    I want one :(

  • Sounds like fun. Do one near me :P. Like Chicago.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha, check out all those silly looking faces… :-D KIDDING

    Now guys, who is who? I’d like to see if some of you are in my friends-list

    Were there no female gamers?

    Anyway, looked like a lot of fun, too bad I’m like 5000 miles away, to have been there.

  • where are the girls!??

  • @2

    ME Too

  • Make that three :-( Plus an Insomniac t-shirt :-)


    • They were all sent out some time ago, send another email where you sent the first one and we\’ll doublecheck.

  • not fair i missed the free swag and its from naughty dog

    well atleast i still have a MHS4 bundle but alast its not the cool gunmetal version-_-

  • Jeff,
    It was a sad day for gamers everywhere when news hit that I wasn’t able to attend the meetup this year. haha hopefully next year.

    Thanks for setting this up.

  • If 75 people showed up, where are the other 45? Just camera shy?

    • it was a 2.5 hour event+, people cycled in and out between 4 (6 people showed an hour early!) and about 7.30, when this pic was taken.

      Also, about 20 people left when they heard you weren\’t coming ;-)

  • it would be nice if you guys came to houston, lol Jeff if this is going to be an annual thing then next year I’ll be there, this year was in to short of a notice for I will have to fly back to my city LOS ANGELES

    • Almost certainly this will be an annual thing. The big question is… where and when will E3 be next year? *That* I do not yet know.

  • Hey Jeff! Surf Taco is here in Jersey waiting for you ;D

  • Great…wish I could have been there, but seeing it is good too…thanks for the post and the pics.

  • looked awesome! a lot of those photos looked intense too. and you’re right that pic of you PS3fanboy is pretty priceless. hope everyone had fun.


  • nice Wish i could have attended. :D

  • The comments at PS3fanboy are HILIARIOUS!!!


  • Hey Jeff, it was a great event! Thanks to you and the rest of the PlayStation Blog staff for hooking us up with some great giveaways – seemed like everyone got something to take home.

    It was definitely the highlight of E3!

  • haha nice. speaking as candidly as you can jeff, what was your biggest fear about this meet-up with the “great unwashed”?

    it had to feel a little bit like i’d imagine internet dating feels. the whole concept of meeting someone in person that you’ve spoken with (read: complained to) on the internet is straight up creepy to me. I dunno, maybe I am just old-fashioned. Clearly, you are new fashioned (sweet green jacket!) haha oh man, back to being a creepy internet person again.

  • Jeff, you’re just jealous he got the gunmetal PS3 and you didn’t ;)

  • Hey Jeff, some one asked Noel in another thread about the Video Store for Canada. We would just like some info on when it is coming to Canada, Noel said he did not have this info but to ask Jeff, so here is the questions, please answer or even make a seperate Blog post as I am sure you know there is TONS of us Canadians wondering when this service will be availalbe for us. Thanks, for the great blog! >;)

  • Have you considered linking to and perhaps ‘sponsoring’ some playstation meetup groups? http://playstation.meetup.com/

  • #5

    Where are they?

    Far, far away from our geek-infested little world…as usual.

  • Color me green with jealousy :(. Wish I could of gone had fun won the whole thing, and ate tacos.

    As for the PS3 Fanboy comments this was by far the best.

    “For the LAST time, I’m NOT introducing you to Grace Chen”

  • It was a great amount of fun, and I’m now addicted to my “sort-of used” (lol) copy of Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2! The t-shirt is great as well (But an XL? I’m a medium!). I had ticket #52, not sure if you remember me Jeff but I had a black shirt on with a DS3 on the front that I received from the Sony Press Conference earlier that day. Anyway, it was nice, and now I’m already a lot better at HSG haha.

  • @jeff

    thanks for the reply will do that

  • QUOTE FROM JEFF: We’re here for you, and fortunately, you’re all a lot… calmer, shall we say, in person.


  • Jeff you should totally request your boss to go on the road with this. Quebec is waiting for you man! :D

  • If I would have been there I would have won the PS3 :(

  • Thanks to Jeff and the Sony team for setting up such a cool get together!

    The tacos were awesome & it was great to meet up with everyone. It turns out the “great unwashed” as StalkingSilence put it, are a really nice bunch of people, and it was a lot of fun talking games & playing Hot Shots with them. So, thanks again for the opportunity & the new PS3.

    Oh, and if you wanna challenge Jeff in Hot Shots, you better bring your “A” game. He’s really good, -7 on 9 holes…

  • Great E3 you guys. Just give us some info on MAG!!!


  • Sounded like fun, if you do this again next year, I’ll be sure to make it. Also a awesome E3, just give us more info on God of War 3, and MAG. Okay Jeff?

  • Wait, did he win a picture of a PS3??? lol

  • Would have been nice to be there, I ROCK at HSG and would have won that PS3. on a side note, why isn’t the video part of the store available in Canada? Did we do something to tick you folk off? It’s sad indeed that we are getting left out in the er um cold.(Canada Joke) Maybe next year I’ll get down for the pre e3 meet up. then we go for BEERS and BOOTH BABES, don’t forget the booth babes Jeff.

  • jeff, which one are you in the pic?

    also, sorry (im embarrassed i can’t figure it out) but how do u get a gravatar here?

  • I am so upset I missed it. I was actually supposed to go and it looks like I would have been the only female there. (BTW I am a decent HSG player, too) But alas, after the press conference I had to go to work and I didn’t get finished until it was over. I hope you have another one

  • there’s several guys there that need to lay off the tacos :)

  • “We’re here for you, and fortunately, you’re all a lot… calmer, shall we say, in person.”


    Oh, don’t take it that way. It’s more of a matter of social circumstance. When you’re hiding behind a computer screen you’re a lot more comfortable talking smack to someone than when you’re there in person. In person, pretty much every person here would be kissing your… well, you know.

    Sounded like you all had fun. I could’ve gone for a taco, but I don’t think I’d be willing to drive 500 miles or so for it. :P I think I’ll cook tacos tonight. Sounds good…

  • emjayx | July 17th, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Wait, did he win a picture of a PS3??? lol


    My thoughts exactly :-D

  • I would’ve gone but my inner bear spirit would release and consume the entire building.

  • A ‘picture’ of a limited edition gunmetal grey Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle?

    Can you get an interview with one of the inFamous developers?

    I need to know if you could steal or drive caars in the game?

    September: Bioshock month!

    October: LittleBigPlanet and Socom: Confrontation month!

  • Hey, you should definitely try for something like that in the Bay area.

  • Oops, accidentally hit submit…

    That looked like it was hecka fun to be there… wish I could’ve…

  • Jeff,

    It was great to meet you on Tuesday, and the tacos were so good that I ate too many and then sucked at my soccer match later that night.

    It was great to hear you reassure us all that you read and listen to all our comments in the blog, but seriously, do you mean *ALL* of them? You must be a very fast reader!

    Thank you so much for organizing this event, and for having some cool stuff to give away. I feel sorry for those guys that weren’t able to attend, so how about putting on multiple events like this throughout the country?… Road trip!!

  • @37 “The skinny guy in purple, i had a purple shirt too but i just got off work, we (my wife and I) rushed over there didnt have time to change.”

    Yo Jeff my wife won the Naughty Dog Tee but is wasnt signed, was only some of the stuff signed? can we send it back to get signed lol

    But again thank you Jeff, that girl in “salmon”, the dude w the big camra (not saying hes trying to comp for something! or anything like that!)

  • Wow, looks like a great time. (I’m getting hungry just looking at those pics of the food…) Wish I could have come, but 3000 miles is quite a ways…

    And just out of curiosity, how tall are you? (waaay taller than me at 5’9” :( I know that)

  • also, who’s the guy with the long hair and the “First” t-shirt standing next to Jeff? (your blog ID, not your real name just to clarify… ¬_¬ )

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