Media Molecule’s Alex Evans Interview

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For those of you that have seen the PlayStation E3 press conference (and that can include all of you now), one of the highlights was something that’s typically the slowest part of these events – the business recap. Thanks to the folks at Media Molecule, a Celtics-clad Sackboy escorted SCEA CEO Jack Tretton through the numbers, instantly making Powerpoint something of an old coot.

I caught up with Alex Evans, who piloted the “Jackboy” through this E3 level immediately following the press conference, to ask him if everything was done live, and if we could re-create something like this in the finished product.

Thanks to Alex for taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule this E3. LittleBigPlanet is coming to your PS3 this October.

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  • LBP looks amazing,

  • Btw Jeff what was the soundtrack near the end when Jack showed the different ps3 games like resident evil 5 socom etc?

  • made in days. . . amazing!

  • This was so cool how you guys did this, ;D maybe my professors will let me do future presentations via LBP come next semester haha =P

  • Another great game that we won’t be able to play on PS4 because we don’t have backward compatibility.

  • A demo for this game would be great!

  • LittleBigPlanet is easily my most anticipated title due out this year:) Thank you for the constant updates and letting us know that things are working well within the game. Two of my friends that currently only own 360’s have already said that they are getting a PS3 just for this game based off of the trailers and information I have shared with them about it. October will be a wonderful month for PS3 owners and November will be great as well:)

  • Off Topic: Jeff will you post on how that Taco meetup went? Curious to know and want to see some pics too =D

    On Topic: Boss fights!? Nice =D

  • U know I going to try using LBP in a presentation. Dont know when or how but I will try to pull it off. Maybe that way colleges can
    use the console for business and education.

  • @#5 I have a simple question for you, and be honest. How many times have your parents dropped you on your head to make you that FU***NG Stupid!?

    On topic: LBP looks amazing and I can not wait to fire up my PS3 and start creating!

    October can not come sooner!

  • No final date?

    I look forward to the delay.

  • I want to know if remote play will work with the PSP and PS3. Plus any chance of a PSP version of LBP or at least the 2d proto type I can’t remember the name of it but even the 2D proto type that would becoem LBP looked good and I think that would be a great game on the PSP. My mind has so many things I think I could make with it make it happen MM.

  • I know this is off topic and I don’t mean to be pushy, but I’ve been kind of waiting for the full press conference video. When can we expect that in the PS store? I would really like to see it.

  • hey Jeff what about home give us a date come on E3 is almost over is it possible that avatar is going to come out first.

  • YAY! Looks great.

  • I watched the entire press event last night in full screen while eating Oreos and smoking weed and my god I was awestruck when it came to that presentation….. So freaking Awesome.

  • Those sackboys are sooo cute.
    Everytime i see them ,i smile.

  • Hot man, loving LittleBigPlanet, most anticipated for me.

  • im of subject but were is the playstayion eye love

  • Patriotsbball5460

    Do you think that they could release this as a cool free dlc type level for the game or anything, I’d love to go through this myself even though its not much of a challenge

  • this is so simple but yet it can be so hard …and 1 day wow

  • no demo needed
    just put out the game

  • That was the best part of E3, and it comes out in october. I hope Sony can pull off home. I have doubts, but also have hope. What do we have to lose anyway? Sony has been humbled, my dedication increased.

  • man that presentation = epic win lol

  • Bosses? Yes! :D That is great. I love these PS.Blog videos, they are awesome. Little Big Planet looks amazing too. I hope that Little Big Planet is used instead of Powerpoint from now on at Sony conferences and things like that. It was fun watching that during E3. :) I can’t wait for the release of LBP in October.

  • @ jeff will u start answering people questions again?

  • Oh noes… a wave of children will want to take this to school for show and tell!

    “You are playing as my dad… you can make him jump over the living room, where my skateboard awaits him…”!

  • I haven’t seen that presentation yet, or really much from E3 hmm ..where would I find this? I’ve viewed the game trailer videos on the playstation store, although I haven’t seen anything actually from E3 really yet. Help me out?!

  • Can you get an interview with one of the inFamous developers?

    I need to know if you could steal cars in the game or drive them?

    September: Bioshock month!

    October: LittleBigPlanet and Socom: Confrontation month!

  • Looks great, everytime I see new stuff from Little Big Planet I get a big smile on my face. The innocence of this game reminds me of playing with my Transformers and Ninja Turtles as a kid on the floor of my room.

  • Good job on the presentation using LBP. Most interesting idea ever. Can’t wait for LBP, keep up the good work Jeff and Media Molecule.

  • The Media Molecule business recap was extremely cool & original, thanks.

  • LittleBigPlanet one of the tops on my list to get

    nice trophies and boss battles what more could i ask for and coming out this october

    thanks jeff for this video didnt see this when watching E3

  • @KazeEternal download the game from PSN and you’ll be able to play it with your PS4, PS5, PS6, PS7.

  • LBP Rocks!!

  • Ohh my god, im SOOO going to steal this idea and i will totally make a presentation for my History or Japanese professors :D


  • Good lord, Jeff, you talk at the speed of sound!

    I like Alex Evans, he really loves his game to bits. This game should be huge, it’s the least it deserves.

  • some of wanted to watch the whole press conference, g4 has it archived on their site. here’s the url

  • I can’t believe Gamespot cut off that last part of the gameplay- that was hilarious with the Sack Boy sliding into the truck! XD

    Thanks again, Jeff! :D

  • give me this game now, btw does it support trophies?

  • Boss confirmed :) Really nice, i can’t wait for LBP!

  • diablo, you didn’t even watch the vid did you?

  • I’m preordering LBP this weekend. I want a sackboy plush and a limited edition version. :(

  • Jeff, why was Rat Race cancelled?

  • Will we be able to download this stage when the full game is released?

  • oh nice…october seems so far still

  • I say no demo, when the final product arrives it’ll be like Emeril BAM!

  • LBP looks amazingly fun and is beautiful as well. I hope we can fully customize Sackboys looks as well as have voice chat during online play.

    I simply cannot wait for this game, very fun and innovative looking. Hope everything goes well in the final stages cause we want this game as soon as possible.

  • We need a Solid Sac. That would be the cutest Snake wannabe…

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