Link Your PlayStation Underground and PLAYSTATION Network Identities

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We wanted to share with you the new ability to add more convenience to your PLAYSTATION Network experience by linking your PlayStation Underground ID with your PLAYSTATION Network ID.

The PlayStation Underground is the community of PlayStation fans you join by creating an account on or by registering a PlayStation product. As an Underground member, you can participate in community forums and manage your account on Underground members are also kept “in the know” about new games, hardware, events and contests—so you can maximize your PlayStation experience.

Linking your IDs is a new feature on that allows you to make the connection between your Underground ID on, and your PLAYSTATION Network ID that you use for online gaming. So, for example, the people you play with online (using your PSN ID) will be able to read the forum posts you’ve made on (using your Underground ID) and see that you are the same person. Once you’re linked up you’ll also receive a PSN ID graphic including your Avatar and “About Me” Message that has been made portable for the Web.

Having an ID that you can post on your favorite social networking sites and gaming communities allows you to amp up your visibility throughout the PlayStation universe. You can use your beloved (or feared) PSN ID wherever you go on the web and everyone from your buddies on your Friend List to newbie gaming challengers will know you by your PSN ID. For complete details, go here and read all about it. From there, it’s pretty easy to get started linking up.

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  • I like the idea of linking, but currently, my psn to psu linkage is having a problem.

  • i like this!

  • Kind of old news lol. When was the update last week?

    Still an awesome feature though :)

  • It seems to me the Portable ID does not update on what game you are playing?

  • fourth comment :D

  • nice, hopefully they work on loading trophy information faster next, i wanna see sum1’s trophy but it just takes forever.

  • That’s cool… I already did it when comes the first day of it…


    try it in internet explorer because I had problems too in firefox 3

    Release the video store to Puerto Rico, the marketplace let us since day one. We are part of the US soo…

  • ^^^
    5th :(

  • I’ve done this already, I wish in the future my portable ID will show which game I’m playing.

  • This is great!

    One thing though, I linked the wrong PSN id. Is there any way to unlink it? There was no confirmation page and it didn’t show what PSN name I was linking. It just did it and I can’t fix it. Help!

  • the feature is nice not one of the things on my list but always nice to get a new feature so im not complaining already linked mine acouple days ago or was it yesterday?

  • I like this the feature added to the PlayStation community and PlayStation Underground. I was really looking forward for this. Now what we just need are more PLAYSTATION NETWORK avatars, and PlayStation HOME.

  • @7
    I am in ie and i actually made a thread in the forums on this…lol…check it out if you want :)

  • Good move by Sony.

    Viewing the Friends List online doesn’t always work though. Worked fine for a day or two, then it went back to giving me instructions on how to link my ID…even though i’ve already done it.

  • I linked my account and everything went wrong! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Video store in Canada plz!!! We’re ready to spend money in ur video store! Where is it!

  • well, i think we need a Trophies section in the personal webpage too.

    • We\’re always looking to improve the user experience. We\’re listening to everyone\’s feedback and we have a long list of features coming to the PSN – linking your ID on the web is just a first step.

  • ########################################

    Thank You… Now we need to Link all that with out Playstation Blog!!!!

    Then Have a Sign-in on our PSP then we will all be set that way we have keep up with all of our messages! :D


  • :EDIT:

    Thank You… Now we need to Link all that with our Playstation Blog!!!! ;)

    Then Have a Sign-in on our PSP then we will all be set that way we have keep up with all of our messages! :


  • what we need is this blog linked to our PSN id’s, that would stop all the trolls.

    and an OFFICIAL EU blog would be nice too.

    you americans have got it pretty sweet. jammy dogs.
    loving all the E3 stuff you’ve been posting.

  • Linked mine a few days ago. It would be great if our Trophies and what game we are playing also shows up on our graphic.

    Also the next step is to allow us to send and receive PSN messages from our PSU account.

  • old news but still great…

  • Where’s the Facebook application for this? :)

  • it should atleast show your Level. I know your runing the basics for now so its all good…

    dont block Puerto Rico from the the video store, we are a US territory and also Region 1 (XBLM let us buy movies since day one)

  • I like the idea, but I can’t figure how to show my id on the PS3 forums. I copied the html code to my signature field but nothing is shown.

    PS. There should be away to link the PS Blog account, the PS Underground account and the PSN ID.

  • no point without trophies….. I assume its just a matter of time..

  • Little by little this network is getting better. Great to see how it’s evolving

  • @25

    I had that problem when I first did the linking, but somehow it just started working a little while after.

  • Alright did this last week. Been trying out the video service. I like it but I understand why my purchases dont show up in the d/l list. If I can’t copy my movies to my external HDD drive either then I won’t ever use the service. It’d fill up my HD too fast :(


    refuses to let me sign in anymore. FAIL!!


    refuses to let me sign in anymore. FAIL!!

  • This is pretty cool. Now we just need to be able to message each other from other sources. ;-]

  • There’s a few problems with this, one not being able to hide your PSN, and second the PSN name over shadows the PSU name on the forums. I know it’s nice to share your PSN but to some like me it’s just going to bring hassles when anyone and their mother can message you over PSN quite possibly bothering the living heck out of you. Please look into an option of not displaying your PSN, oh and also being able to change your PSN some of us have multiple accounts. Only having one permanent PSN stinks.

    • Unfortunately, hiding your PSN account runs contrary to the open nature of the Forums; fortunately, PSN messaging has built in \”Block\” lists if you\’re being overly messaged to.

  • Think you can make the Portable ID a little more aesthetically pleasing? It’s pretty ugly imo.

    Also the portable id should say what games we have.

  • We should have the ability to message people from our friends list on the web, we should be able to see the last game our friends were playing, last time they were on(on PS3), our trophies should come up on our gamer card, and it should tell us what were doing(if were on the PS3) or long we were off the PS3.

  • Will the portable ID link and icon eventually represent our gamer points and level or our trophies perhaps? That would be cool. Got mine showing on my blog now.

  • Kinda old lol, I did this last week I think, anyways it would be cool if they linked to our blog names too.

  • BTW, can you guys allow us to use our themes with the in-game XMB? We should be able to move notifications too.

  • Pretty neat feature, I’ll try to link it up later today.

    The Portable ID Card needs to be a bit more informative, though. At least detailing whether we’re online or not.

  • What does a PSN Loyalty Programs Manager do?

    Is it anything to do with free stuff for user’s loyalty or trophy count? That would be interesting.

    • Ha! What DOESN\’T a PSN Loyalty Manager do?! During the week of e3 it seriously feels like everyone here has a million jobs. Right now I\’m working on bringing you guys some e3 video coverage from your fellow PlayStation loyalists, GAP members Colin and Trina. Check it out later today at:


    please improve the pc psn friendlist. first there should be the online buddies and then the rest… and please let us send messages to our ps3 buddies via pc!!


  • I know this is off-topic but I have to ask, is WipeOut HD coming to PSN this month? We’ve been waiting eagerly for this release and would appreciate it if we could be given a release date.

  • SCEE = Fail.

    Not having a video store in Canada = Epic PHAIL.

  • I don’t really use the Underground, but I’ll check out the site more when this has more features.

  • @41

    Canadian government = EPIC FAIL!!

    No video store in Canada has more to do with the Canadian gov than Sony. If you look at the history of all video download services, they have always been released almost a year after the US (iTunes, MS, etc.). Its due to some regulation they have, not sure what that is, if you live in Canada it would be wise to look it up so you know the government that controls your daily life.

  • This confused me at first

    Too many Playstation websites going on

  • Good news, now maybe you guys can fix the gravatar system on here so it actually works.

  • I’m sure you’ll add the user levels before the world ends, good start btw

  • This is a good start to simplify having multiple accounts. Thanks.

    I hope over time, trophies, levels and recently played games will eventually make it to the PSN card.

  • How do we access our PSN Friend’s List on the PC after linking the accounts?

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