Link Your PlayStation Underground and PLAYSTATION Network Identities

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We wanted to share with you the new ability to add more convenience to your PLAYSTATION Network experience by linking your PlayStation Underground ID with your PLAYSTATION Network ID.

The PlayStation Underground is the community of PlayStation fans you join by creating an account on or by registering a PlayStation product. As an Underground member, you can participate in community forums and manage your account on Underground members are also kept “in the know” about new games, hardware, events and contests—so you can maximize your PlayStation experience.

Linking your IDs is a new feature on that allows you to make the connection between your Underground ID on, and your PLAYSTATION Network ID that you use for online gaming. So, for example, the people you play with online (using your PSN ID) will be able to read the forum posts you’ve made on (using your Underground ID) and see that you are the same person. Once you’re linked up you’ll also receive a PSN ID graphic including your Avatar and “About Me” Message that has been made portable for the Web.

Having an ID that you can post on your favorite social networking sites and gaming communities allows you to amp up your visibility throughout the PlayStation universe. You can use your beloved (or feared) PSN ID wherever you go on the web and everyone from your buddies on your Friend List to newbie gaming challengers will know you by your PSN ID. For complete details, go here and read all about it. From there, it’s pretty easy to get started linking up.

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