Warhawk v1.4 Update “Free Gameplay Modes!!”

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As the storm of E3 approaches, so does our next big update for Warhawk and with it comes 2 entirely new gameplay modes for every map, including the Booster Packs – and these new gameplay modes are completely FREE!

Before I get into the meaty list of updates, let me start off by saying that Warhawk v1.4 will have its global simultaneous release very, very soon…how soon you ask?

In just about 48 hours — July 16th at 10:00 GMT (that’s 3am Pacific)

When we started designing the new modes, we looked at play styles could freshen up the Warhawk play experience. After all, Warhawk is now almost a year old :-) And after a few months of development and play testing, we’re ready to rollout 2 new gameplay modes that the team and I are incredibly happy with: Hero and Collection.

New Gameplay Mode “Hero”

This is a team-based game mode in which one member of each team is randomly selected to be their team’s Epic Hero. Players score points for their team by killing the enemy Hero or by killing enemies while they’re the Hero. The team that reaches the score limit first (or has the most points when time runs out) wins the game.

Really what it all boils down to is a huge battle between 2 armies that are being lead by 2 Epic Heroes!

While you’re the Hero, you get some pretty incredible buffs…the mode’s called Hero after all so you’ve gotta be tough!

You get crazy high damage resistance which is like having 500% health. All of your weapons do twice the damage. And the armor-piercing values for your weapons are increased so that some weapons that normally can’t hurt vehicles like Tanks and Turrets, now can!

Now you aren’t the Hero for the entire game. Once you are selected as the Hero, you have a limited amount of time to go on your berserker-blitz-rampage-of-carnage-awesomeness. See the shots above for the Hero meter in the upper left-hand corner. Also note the crazy visuals that are rendered when you’re the Hero. You glow your team color, you emit light the same color as your team, you growl a scary sound that strikes fear in you’re your foes, and of course, energy sparks…must….have…energy sparks!!!

Scoring is simple: If a Hero kills a player, he scores 1 point for his team. If a normal player, or more commonly, a group of players, kills the Hero, 1 point is granted for the team. If a Hero kills the other enemy Hero, then 2 points are scored for the team.

Oh…but here’s the downside for the Hero…everyone is gunning for you! If you die, then a new Hero on you team is given the chance for Epic Hero Greatness!!!

Did I mention that Heroes are always displayed on the mini-map!?!?…and with a star no less!

Simply stated…this mode is wicked intense!

New Gameplay Mode “Collection”

This new gameplay mode is like multi-flag CTF. There are 4 energy cores scattered around the map, generally positioned in the center or between the 2 team’s main bases. Each team has a Reactor where Energy Cores are taken to score points.

In the screen shot above you can see 2 Energy Cores positioned on a Eucadian bridge. Bringing these Cores back to your team’s reactor will score points for your team…and you can carry more than 1 Core at a time.

The scoring system is progressive, so if you score just 1 Core, your team gets just 1 point. 2 Cores will score 3 points. 3 Cores are good for 6 points…and if you manage to work as a team and bring all 4 Cores back to the Reactor at once, then your team scores a whopping 10 points!

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Cores are displayed on your character and the more you are carrying, the more you see whirling and orbiting around you. You’ll also see them on the mini-map as pulsing energy symbols. The score is displayed in the upper right corner as usual, but there is a new display there for Collection mode. It’s the little yellow number that shows you how many Cores your team currently is currently carrying. This ends up being critical for knowing where your focus should be; Offense or Defense.

Collection mode is fun as &#@%! and really helps promote teamwork and yield some truly fantastic risk-vs-reward moments!…and you can press the TRIANGLE button to throw the Cores you are carrying! Passing Cores among your team is “super-effective” :-)

So that’s a quick run down of the new modes and we can’t wait to have our player around the world start playing 2 completely new ways to enjoy the fast-paced world of Warhawk!

Hmmm…what should I cover next?


While we were glad to provide players with very specific control of which games they join or host via our global server list, we wanted to provide an easier way for new and veteran players to get into their favorite games more quickly and easily….thus the new ‘Quick-Join’ feature.

Basically what this new feature does, and I imagine many of you have already figured it out, is automatically scan the server-list behind the scenes, pick a good game for you based on your connection, latency, current filter settings, etc. This all happens in just a few seconds.

This way, if you like playing CTF games *only* in base retail levels with no booster packs, you can set your filters and all you ever have to do from there on out is click ‘Quick-Join’. The ‘Quick-Join’ button honors *all* of your filters so you can really customize Warhawk’s automatic server selection.

If you are brand new to the PSN or to Warhawk you’ll have to play at least one ranked game the traditional server-list way, so that the servers can collect some stats before ‘Quick Join’ will work well for you. After that, you’ll be ready for hot, 1-click, automated server selection action! For those players you have already played Warhawk and the servers already have your stats, you’ll be good to go as soon as the patch is released.

Mini-Map Update:

For game modes like CTF, and the newly added Collection mode, we really need to clarify where you need to take the flag or core – we had received complaints that players could get confused as to where they needed to go. Warhawk now draws a much more prominent ring at the location where you need to return the flag or core. Additionally, the mini-map renders an animated green line that connects your ‘blip’ to the return location.


Rank & Award Updates:

Now we know this is a sensitive subject as it relates to how easy, or in our case, how hard it is to rank up, unlock some of the badges and be awarded any of the elite medals. With that said, we have made some changes to make ranking up a bit easier. Here’s a list of what we changed for the Medals and Badges:

  • “Capture the Flag” Medal previously required 500 total captures, now it requires 250.
  • “Capture the Flag” Medal previously required 5 captures IAR (In A Round) and now requires 2.
  • “Capture the Flag” Medal still requires 500 flag saves.
  • “Distinguished Air Combat” Medal previously required 10K total air-to-air kills and now requires 5K kills.
  • “Distinguished Air Combat” Medal previously required 20 minutes IAR of flight time and now it requires 10 minutes.
  • “Master Teamwork” Badge previously required 75 team points IAR and now requires 60 points.
  • “Master Teamwork” Badge still requires 2K total team points
  • “Warhawk Teamwork” Badge still requires 2K total team points
  • “Warhawk Teamwork” Badge previously required 150 team points IAR and now requires 100 points.

We have also loosened the requirements, specifically point requirements, for some of the officer ranks. The changes to the point requirements for rank advancement are:

  • “Major” previously was 150K now its 110K points.
  • “Air Marshal” previously required 170K now its 130K points
  • “Command Marshal” previously required 190K now its 155K points.
  • “Lt. Colonel” previously required 210K now its 180K points.
  • “Colonel” previously required 230K now its 210K points.
  • “Brigadier General” previously required 250K now its 240K points.

Now we realize that there are many players who have logged several hundreds of gameplay hours – the team and I greatly appreciate your dedication to our game and it’s the dedication of our loyal fan base that helped make the development of these free game modes an easy decision!

TOW Missile:

The respawn rate modifier based on player count has been modified to take a longer period of time so that TOW missiles do not respawn as quickly in large player-count games.

Minimum Rank Server Option:

Warhawk official and player-hosted servers now support a MINIMUM rank along with the previously existing MAX rank.


Respawn Selection Hint:

I know it may sound odd to some of you avid Warhawk players but we actually noticed that there were a number of new players that didn’t realize that you could select a different spawn point when you died. This is primarily for new Warhawk players and this respawn hint is disabled if you have “Hints Display” turned OFF in your options.


Updates for Home Game Launching:

Now players that are launching/connecting to Warhawk games from Home can designate which team they will be assigned to before the server is started. Warhawk’s Support of Home Game Launching now also supports the new Hero and Collection gameplay modes.

Afterburner Flight to Hover Transition:

Previously, if you were flying the Warhawk (or Nemesis) with the afterburners engaged, you were disallowed from transitioning into hover mode. While this may have been a bit more realistic, Warhawk is more about fun than realism and not being able to transition into hover when you want to need to is frustrating! So now, you can switch to hover mode even if your afterburner is engaged.

Team Deathmatch Scoring:

The scoring system for Team Deathmatch previously counted base captures towards the team kill count/score. This is no longer the case and now *only* counts kills…as you would expect Team Deathmatch to do :-)

New “Winning Team” Ribbon:

In an attempt to further promote teamwork, Warhawk now awards a new ribbon to every member of the winning team. With this “Winning Team” ribbon, each player also is awarded an additional 50 bonus points.


Kick-Idle Player Server Option:

Warhawk now allows players to set an option on their own servers (player or dedicated) that will auto-kick idle players. Warhawk also now detects players purposely not respawning via the respawn exploit and will consider them idle as well.

So that’s a pretty good summary of the Warhawk v1.4 Update that’s going to be released world-wide on July 16th at 3am Pacific time (10:00 GMT). We really hope you like all the new updates ‘cause I sure know we had a great time making them for all of you!!! And FREE content is always a good thing!!!

Oh yeah…let me take a minute to clarify some stuff about our upcoming Warhawk v1.5 Update and our new Trophy support.

So, while I have just finished writing what is probably *way* too long of a blog post regarding the v1.4 Update…I need to talk about the v1.5 Update, specifically the Trophies. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 56 Warhawk Trophies:

There are 10 trophies based on current stats, ranks and awards and these 10 *ARE* retroactive. This is largely due to the fact that we have this data stored on our global Warhawk Server Cluster. There are 34 other Trophies that are entirely new ‘goals’ and should provide players with plenty of new challenges. And yes, Operation: Omega Dawn, Operation: Broken Mirror, and possibly a new something have new Trophies as well. Each booster pack has an additional 4 unique Trophies.

To earn the Warhawk Platinum Trophy, all you have to do is unlock the base game’s 44 Trophies…you do *NOT* have to buy any DLC to unlock the Platinum Warhawk Trophy. Forcing players to buy our DLC would be super-craptastic and completely unacceptable.

….hmmm, that’s about it for now. The Warhawk v1.4 Update is right around the corner!!

As always, Rock on!


—ohh, you crafty, crafty colored text—

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  • Well let’s just say that v1.5 will be the icing on the cake

  • amazing news… this 1.4 update sounds great, and 1.5? even more stuff? :D

  • What the heck does the white feather mean?

  • and the trophies are horrible since o great one crappy ass arcade game has them thats just awesomeeeeee. sony you really dissapointed me and why do system updates take you so long to make and so long for us to download. like sseriously wow you better hurry up and reconfigure the whole ps3 better just like the xbox360 just did again or your done. and how about actually getting us some good exclusives huh? warhawk=lame so stop wasting time with it lair=lame heavenly sword=lame resistance= decent killzone=always suck ratchet and clank=good uncharted=decent and mgs4=really good, sony we only have like three good exclusives and we are barely getting anymore they are all fps and killzone sucks its got no reason for me to buy it. Im sorry but you got demolished by nintendo and microsoft, how bout next time not letting down your fans and giving us some decent support, huh?

  • 50 points for winning every game? That’ll make ranking up a lot easier. But what about people who switch teams at the last second? Will there be a minimum points/ time on winning team required to earn the ribbon?

    • the Victory ribbon is paid to those players who participated the whole round.

      If you wait to switch at the very end, you don\’t get the ribbon.

      50 points is a big reward…but its paid to players who help their team the whole round, not just switch at the end.

      its the only fair way to do it.

  • awsome content more

  • So….

    Can We use our music in game anytime soon?
    And there has to be a faster way to see who in your clan is playing than going all the way into the clan list… waiting for it to get the data and the scrolling through the list to find them… Same goes for Friendslist


  • Hey, I don’t play Warhawk anymore. Read below. I’ve been having problem with this game since 2007 and I cant find anybody to help. From either company, Sony nor Incognito. I totally regret spending my money on this game. Below are some of the emails I’ve email Sony and Incognito but failed to ever get help nor a response.

    Thank you for nothing!!!

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I still have not received a response regarding the issue I currently have on Warhawk. As indicated on my previous email below, my account has yet to be updated. I have accrued over 10,000 points and should have moved up from Wingman to Wing Leader.

    It is very disappointing when you play for hours expecting to level up and since November 2007, it hasn’t. I did not buy the patch due to this issue. Can someone get back to me as soon as possible in order to update and finally resolve this problem.

    PSN Tag: ********


    Begin forwarded message:
    From: Ghost
    Date: April 11, 2008 5:06:39 PM EDT
    To: info@incognitostudio.com
    Subject: Warhawk problems

    Dylan Jobe,

    Last week, there was a post on the Playstation blog about the new Warhawk patch. I made a comment on not buying it since my Warhawk account haven’t been updated for several months.

    As you previously mentioned, below is my PSN screen name. Hopefully you can help.
    PSN Tag: *******


    • Hello Ghost — given your post, it sure looks like no one got back to you after you sent your email to the info account.

      Many apologies for that!!!

      Our Lead Network Programmer and I have personally reviewed your stats just now after I read your post.

      It appears that your stats are in perfect order…you just have not earned your Bandit 4×4 badge yet. This is the reason you have not ranked up.

      Interestingly, this is a good opportunity to mention 1 other subtle change that we made to the way stats are displayed. With the v1.4 patch, your rank up requirements are accompanied by a check box. This lets you know what you need and if you already got it without having to dig deeply into your stats.

      This may not have a big impact on our hardcore players/fans…but for new players it will help a lot.

      Again, sorry that you did not receive a response from \”info\” but at least all you have to do is earn 1 badge and you are good to go…bandit 4×4 is 5 kills in a 4×4 IAR btw.

  • I honestly can’t believe how awesome Warhawk is…and the patches only make me love it that much more. Free patches FTW.

    Premium booster packs FTMFW too!

  • Let’s give a round of applause to the incog team! (I’m also loving the fact that you don’t need the DLC to earn the platinum trophy)

  • Wow. Thanks Dylan!

    Warhawk is by far my favourite PS3 game and it looks like it will continue to be for a long, long time! The continued support from you guys is worth way more than the £30 I paid. Seriously, when do you expect the rest of the payment? :P

    Also, with regard to trophies. Are there going to be safeguards in place to stop what are known on the “other console” as “achievement whores”? E.G. People who purposely set up servers to constantly kill one another and increase their rank/KDR/unlock said trophy? One of the best things about the PS3 and Warhawk so far is that everyone is having fun rather than just out to increase their e-peni… err, trophy count.


  • if you highlight after when he wrotey -Dylan

    it says:

    —ohh, you crafty, crafty colored text—

    and it shows a picture of a feather


    might be another im guessing its i hint to the next booster pac that will focus on flight unlike the last one which focused on the troops

  • at least we got some good news today

  • Great news. Can’t wait….

  • HAHA! Thanks Incognito and Dylan!

  • @ Ghostm: ranking up requires an ammount of points + a BADGE, check the requirements in the game and make sure you got the badge they are asking for…

  • Dylan – My wife and I each have two badges in which we have received the Overall and IAR requirements, but we have not received the trophy. IS there a way that someone can look at our profiles to fix the issue? Thanks.

    • sure…send me personally a message (private message) on the Warhawk forums and we\’ll look and see what\’s up with your account.

  • I just keep coming back to this game. Awesome to know it’ll feel new again :) By the way, is it just me or is the omega factory map barely played?

    Oooh, custom soundtrack!!! I think it would make sense for an online multiplayer game :)

  • @55

    Wow, didn’t think of that. I hope Incognito realized this and put that in.

  • that is crazy. but how bout the headset problem???

  • Hey Dylan, thanks for the continued support for Warhawk. Is there any chance you guys will change the score limits on the ranked Sony servers? CTF games used to be set to a 3 capture score limit and 20 minute time limit, now they’re set to a 5 flag capture minute with 30 minute time limit, the games drag on too long and very rarely end by flag captures.

  • thats frickin sweet. This will definately make me a more of a team player just to get those 50 bonus points, just maybe ill be able to reach the maximum rank sooner. Those modes sound cool too can’t wait to try them out.

  • Cool !!!!!!, i really thought that we would have to buy all the add-ons for the platinum trophie.

    And the new TOW feature is a good improvement.

  • What about v1.5
    I gotta have trophies dylan! lol

    • we\’re working as fast as we can!

      The QA teams for all 17 languages are cranking too. As soon as its ready, we\’ll make an announcement about our release date.


  • This update should be called 10.0
    This is all FREE?
    It’s like a whole new game for FREE!
    Are you kidding me?
    I would pay $10 for all this stuff!

    I can’t wait for the expansion now!

    Incognito you guys RULE!

    How about some double damage for CTF so I can shoot down those pesky Warhawks trying to kill me as I run the flag back? lol

  • Nice to see Warhawk constantly growing!

    Dylan: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the Warhawk Aerial Gunnery (5 warhawk-to-warhawk machine gun kills) badge——can you please add a secondary thing like, if you get something like 200 warhawk-to-warhawk machine gun kills over time it will give it to you? I know it sounds wussy to beg but that ribbon thing has been BUGGING me forever.

    Oh yeah, can you also PLEASE add party support? I run an indie start up company and several of us like to do online meetings in games instead of stuff like MSN–and Warhawk is usually our drug of choice but it is kinda tough when we have to try and orchistrate it so we are on the right teams and such—oh yeah private chat would be awesome too hehe!

    Other than that, yay for game modes!

  • As always, you allow us to rock on Dylan, Thank you, seriously =). However, is there any news for the third booster pack yet? Any new on when we’ll hear news on it?

    Once again though I seriously, thank you =) This game is such a stress reliever and by far the most fun online game I have ever played by ten fold.

  • Fantastic, I’m really looking forward to this , just ranked up to 1st lieutenant yesterday, 360+ hours of Warhawk and I’m still loving it, keep up the great work and keep those new maps coming, thick and fast!

  • Awesome….so what do the colored squares mean? :)

    • I can\’t tell you…but a couple of people *did* figure out their real meaning…and it ties in with the latest hint.

  • wow… that’s an epic update.

    But everytime i play warhawk i just get killed and killed before i even figure out where i am or what’s going on.

  • Interesting hidden stuff

  • I also meant to ask if there will be any in-game music from the xmb in 1.5? , i would really like to listen to Queens of the Stone Age during warhaw, just seems to fit it some how like it did when i used to pay Jak. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated =)

    • This has been a massively requested feature!! I loved the threads on the Warhawk forums that discussed Warhawk playlists!

      We\’re investigating support for it right now and if all goes well, we may integrate it for our v1.5 Patch. But we\’ll need to review with our QA teams and Producers first.

      I\’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

  • Yay!
    That definitely makes up for being bent over and losing FFXIII as an exclusive.

  • Don’t get me wrong I love Warhawk as much as the next guy but its pretty obvious that Sony is in full “DAMAGE CONTROL” mode right now. This update should and could have been made 2 weeks ago but they wait until right this exact moment and day to try and generate some good PR for one of their most popular games?

    The fact remains: Sony let their last remaining worthwhile exclusive game go to the competition. Epic fail.

  • Consider me back into Warhawk until R2 comes around!

  • That’s some pretty sweet stuff. The retroactive trophies are fine and all, but it was incredibly decent of you to not require the DLC for the Platinum trophy. Thanks again! :D


    i have a habit of highlighting text as i read it, and hidden right at the bottom of the post:

    —ohh, you crafty, crafty colored text—


    when pressed the link takes you to a picture of a feather…perhaps another one of DJ’s booster DLC hints???

  • Dylan!

    Can you confirm that you will be able to play your PS3’s Harddrive Music in-game with update 1.5??!?!?

    Also, is the Warhawk Winning Team Ribbon going to be retroactive?!

    • We know that everyone is asking…no begging…no *DEMANDING* this!!!

      The engineers are just making sure all the streaming is fine with XMB music support. If we approve integration of the feature, and review with our QA and Producers, and they give it the go ahead, then it will go into the v1.5 patch.

      I\’ll keep you posted!

  • Are you going to disable team switch for the last minute of the game to make sure the 50 extra points are given out fairly?

    • Victory ribbons are not paid out to cheap exploiters that switch at the last minute.

      In order to earn the tasty, gooey 50 bonus points, you must help your team the entire round.

  • Thanks for kicking those of us who achieved these ranks the hard original way in the nuts, also for not bringing back 30min CTF servers, or large 32 player TDM servers, also for not doing anything about unfair banning in player ranked servers which is a BIG PROBLEM in Warhawk right now.

    Also, The EXPERT ZONES servers has been dead for nearly a week now, not one of them has had more than 8 players in them.

    The new popular form of padding now :

    1. Create Player Ranked Server

    2. Badlands Fortress, 5min rounds, 10 flag caps.

    3. Run flags home for 5mins, ban anyone good that enters on the other side.

    4. Easy points with the Winning Ribbon + Flag Caps.

    Stat Padding that will benefit the entire roster on the winning side, 1 in ever 3 hosts will be doing this. Wait and watch, mark my words.

    This is a brilliant feature if they did something about the unfair banning. Get this sorted and stat padding will also be gone forever.

    Mr.Jobe, you just aren’t thinking about the old players here when you cut down on the rank requirements. What would’ve been better, is that you should have increased the points you get for kills and other areas of the game like grabbing/saving the flag, say 10 points per kill that would make achieving these ranks easier, instead of just cutting down on limits. Its a big insult to those of us who had to work real hard to get those awards.

    But I can still appreciate your work to keep Warhawk alive, I really appreciate you pumping out newer stuff for this game, and I thank you and your staff at Incog for that.

  • Thanks for the update.

    But what happened with Trophies?

    I have a question, is there a way to let two or more PSN accounts log on for split-screen online play?

  • if you look at my post below, youll notice a link to the said picture…

    i ddnt put it in!!!!

    perhaps its tied to the word feather

  • Dylan I know I’m like a broken record by are there any plans (or is it even possible) to optimize the graphics engine so that image tearing and frame drops are less frequent in full 32ppl matches (especially in some maps)?

    Please respond.

    • We aren\’t doing any performance optimizations to the core graphics engine for Warhawk.

      Sorry, not what you wanted to hear but its the truth.

      We *are* doing engine updates…but just not for Warhawk. ;-)

  • LOL, I knew nobody would’ve answered my post. I know better now.

  • So, Dylan, about that single feather there…

  • Awesome update, and must say I’m very pleased to see the quick join feature added. I remember asking for this back when we were waiting for 1.3 but didn’t think it’d ever make it. great work

    also, for this new teamwork medal – how are you going to combat teamswitching at the last moments of the match? please let your answer me “We’re turning off team switching in official servers”!

    • Victory ribbons are not paid out to players that switch teams. You must play and help you team with from the beginning of the round.

      I know this may seem harsh…but 50 points is a lot and it was the only fair, and predictable way to do it.

  • Dylan Jobe, probably the best developer I know. Honestly, the way you and the guys over at Incog support this game is crazy. I love Warhawk so much. Even though I play Metal Gear Online, I still find time to pop in Warhawk and have some games. It’s a great game. A game you can keep on playing. I love it :) Thanks for the great game, the free modes, and, just like you say, as always, rock on!

  • Hello Mr. Jobe is there any news on a new map pack for Warhawk. I my slef would love to see a rainforest level and there could be jet pacs in the map too. Many things like the jeeps and tanks could not get around easy because there would be fallen down tress and such. So the best way to get around would be using the jet pacs. Plus for an added bonus have some tree houses so people could snipe from.

    Also is there any thing you will show what you are making at E3. I would love to see what else Incognito could reinvent. Is there any chance for a new Jet Moto game? If not making old games new I hope to see some new IP.

  • Hero mode A.k.a 1337 Player Mode :p

  • all hail warhawk

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