Inside the Developers Studio: Rusty Buchert

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E3 gets underway in earnest tomorrow, as press and industry finally get to put their hands on the games we’re working on. Rusty Buchert will be there, showcasing Flower with thatgamecompany. Rusty has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has worked on groundbreaking games like Descent.

As such, his answers are quite illuminating on the following topics (the Blog readers who asked these questions are in parentheses):

  • What are you showing at E3 2008?
  • If you get the chance, what game(s) do you most want to go hands-on with at E3 2008? (Genki-Rocket)
  • Who in the industry would you most like to collaborate on a game with? (indigovenom)
  • If you could re-make any previous-generation game for the PS3, which title would it be, and what would it be like? (KazeEternal)
  • What kind of advice would you give those currently in college and would like to pursue a career in video game development? (Voozi)
  • How often do you make technical changes to your games halfway through or late into the game development cycle based on something you’ve just seen or played from other developers? (P_tear_griffin)
  • How has the PSN changed the way you make games? (tirminyl)
  • If you could say one thing to the fans of your game/series out there, what would it be? (Xanog)

If there’s more you’d like to find out from Rusty on Flower or Linger in Shadows, ask your question in the comments area.

Next interview: Matt Morton (PixelJunk Eden)

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  • Flower!! Flower!!! when is it coming? Can’t wait for it

  • Posts 1-3 are all out of topics

  • great, more of that stuff

  • Oh nice, a pixeljunk eden one tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to both Linger in the Shadows and Pixeljunk Eden. What’s the rundown on Eden’s alleged youtube support? How is that supposed to work?

    • Hi there,

      I\’m responding now, because I may not have a chance to while I\’m on the floor at E3 tomorrow.

      The YouTube feature is accessed anytime by entering the options menu. You can record up to 10 minutes at a time, pausing and unpausing at will. When finished, you can export to your video section on XMB or direct upload it to your YouTube account. It will stay \’private\’ in your YouTube account until you set it to public.

      It\’s quite nifty!

  • @11 its basically like that other Japaneses game, there’s an option to capture gameplay video for a limited amount

  • Jeff
    Please ban PShelper right now..He’s just a troll.

  • I wish you had more questions directed at the projects these guys are working on, rather then personal questions, I’m sure they are nice people, but that’s not why I am visiting the blog.

  • And this isn’t the right blog to comment about FF!!!

  • Hey Rusty,

    So I am still a little fuzzy on the premise of FlOwer. What exactly would we be doing in the game?

  • My question for Matt Morton (PixelJunk Eden)would have to be, What are your favorite PS3 features / need a tester (will work for schwag!)

    • My top favorite features are Remote Play (was playing PixelJunk Monsters in Hawaii airport on my PSP while on vacation), Divx support for my external hard drive hooked up via USB (my PS3 is now my media machine) and, of course, Blu-Ray abilities (just enjoyed RAMBO… a guilty pleasure).

  • One more thing, I don’t care about how good or how many PSN games there are on PS Store if you guys don’t start distributing PSN prepaid cards NATIONWIDE!!!!!!!!!!

    (And yes, I know it’s available at Meijer)

  • We need some moderation in here. People are spamming.

  • Get ready to push the “Delete Post” button for a long time, Jeff, because there will hundreds of rants here on PlayStation blog in coming days…

  • “Do you need a tester”? whoops missed a few words.

  • Great, now every single post here will be rated 1’s.

  • more love for my 360 now

  • LOL.

    I see millions of PS3 units being sold because of niche games like these.

  • @22

    No, it was a Nintendo franchise before.

  • these little cheap (cheap price, not so cheap quality) games will account for a lot of Sony’s profits I assure you

  • @aaquib2

    yes indeed

  • @30
    I agree

  • Rusty,
    Thanks for taking the time for all of us. Speaking of featuritis, doesn’t seem like Linger In Shadows will have trophies (interactive art would be hard to translate to trophies). But is it too late in Flower’s development cycle for this? Hypothetically, would trophies pull away from the emotional experience that Flower is seeking. Or even for linger in shadows, you want people to enjoy the beauty and art, while others are clamoring to complete the content to get trophies. It’s not worded well, but do you get what I’m asking?

    Also, I want to apologize on behalf of the readers who really do like these video diaries. Sorry for the likely influx of rude comments and lack of attention payed to your video, due to what others think are more pressing comments to make.

  • @tsaksyapune

    thats what you get when you put all your money on killzone 2

  • leave the FF rant in the other blog, its disrespectful to this blog item

  • @Kenjisan

    couldnt say it better

  • Hey Jeff, good luck at the Taco meetup LOL

    Hope you guys have some hired security guards there to keep you safe from mob of angered Sony fans =P

  • lol at the taco meet up!!!!! full of hate over there i bet :D serves them right

  • I’m sorry but mentioning that there is other news today that is causing me to not be interested in PSN games is worthy of deletion off the blog?

    Give Rusty a chance and post this tommorrow…very few people are in the mood to care right now.

  • delete this blog!!!!!!!!

  • im sorry rusty, but you should have waited till tomorrow.

  • This guy has been playing a lot of flower. It looks like he could crap in his pants, smile at you and just keep right on going.

    This blog post is property of PS blog. Not to be use at MS press conferences.

  • Why are you all rating this post so low? If you have a beef about something else, that’s fine, but you should rate and comment on the contents of this video, take your other arguments elsewhere.

    Thanks for answering questions Rusty! Very insightful.

  • @mxpxboy

    wanna know how many people will be left on this site when thay start banning people

    a guess 10 maybe 11 ?

  • @mxpxboy, this is how the PS blog works.

  • Well by the looks of it, Im the only one who DOESN’T care whether or not FFXIII goes to the 360. I WASN’T going to buy it anyway. This isn’t the end and this is only the first day of E3, there’s more to come. AND if all of you have noticed, just by making you upset, M$ has already won. That was the whole point of this announcement, to stun everyone. It’s not like the game isn’t going to be available on the PS3, we just can’t gloat over it like MGS4. Give it a break already, all of these posts are off topic from the entry anyway and I’ve heard enough whiners.

  • Will Lower support trophies?

  • Hey Jeff, thanks for these videos, its kinda neat to hear from the folks making the games.
    Good luck at conference tomorrow, looking forward to see what Sony has in store.

    Hey Rusty, I was wondering what made you interested in getting into your line of work back in the day? (30 years, wow). I can’t imagine the changes you must of seen over the years in technology :-P Good luck with your showing at E3.

  • @ 41
    I with you
    give it a break guys
    you all have ps3’s
    most of you will buy the game
    it’s not like your gonna have to buy an xbox now

  • post your FF rant on the other blog item, not this!!!

  • opps not at 41
    @ swrebel181

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    totally agree with cLokwerk_ye11ow, this was a great video, if you want to complain then complain (hey I did too on the last post), just don’t give a post a low score if it has nothing to do with what was messed up.

  • yeah its pretty stupid to give a low score for this video when its not related to that thing, give some respect guys

  • LOL… this E3 will awesome, can’t wait for Sony’s press conference!

    I just want to know when they’ll release them already. Although I liked flOw on PS3 don’t force the use of SIXAXIS tilty support for flOwer. As a hectic FPS gamer, staying calm and moving smoothly like a monk trying to balance an egg on one finger is kinda tough so I’d prefer the use of Analog Sticks.

  • @ Cerberus, what does that have to do with this interview.

    Back on topic, can’t wait to see more about your games. Both look interesting.

    Any kind of release window you can divulge?

  • Can’t you guys shut the f… up about FFIII in this thread!

    I’m looking forward to fLower, look very interesting. Nice interview too.

  • still under 50 lol

  • mhm..and deleting my comments is that situation like not anything answer to the fans from Sony…

  • Not a single word about trophy support. Nice!
    You guys should’ve posted this post another day. Today is a very dark day for us supporters.

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