THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: Official Online Tournaments Begin Next Week!

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Eye of Judgment - Children of Juno Tournament
Hi EOJ Fans,

We hope people have been working on their summoning skills since our last post because we are happy to announce that the Official North American EOJ Tournaments starts this month! You may have noticed our friends in Japan and UK been having their own, now North American players get their chance to prove their skills and their decks!

We reached out to the EOJ community and asked what you wanted the first tournament to be like and got a great response. No Biolith was definitely a common theme as well as limiting Ultra Rares and Mana cost. After considering all that great input, the “CHILDREN OF JUNO” tournament is ready to go live next week on July 17th (6:00 PST) all the way until July 24th! (Check out the official rules after the jump.) You all have 7 days to prove who is the best in North America. The top two players will earn special online ranking titles as proof of their summoning mastery.

We want to thank the great folks at the Official EOJ sites for sharing the great ideas. Be sure to visit them for all the latest EOJ chatter and updates:

We wish everyone luck and be sure to look out for more Official EOJ tournaments already in the works!

Have a great weekend.

– Chuck

Announcing the 1st Official PLAYSTATION®Network

At long last the Official North American PLAYSTATION®Network tournaments for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ begins this month!

Starting on Thursday, July 17th (6:00pm PST) for all online THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ players in the North American region. The tournament will run for one week until Thursday, July 24th (6:00pm PST).

Our first tournament, ‘CHILDREN OF JUNO’, will call upon players to create a mixture of both cards from either SET.1 or SET.2, and face opponents with the following rules:

  • No Biolith Cards!
  • No Ultra Rare Cards!
  • No Cards over 7 Mana Cost!

The top 2 players at the end of the tournament will walk away with eternal glory as well as “exclusive” online ranking titles on the global leaderboards!

Taking part is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to PLAYSTATION®Network and go online with THE EYE OF JUDGMENT™ in the usual way from Thursday, July 17th (6:00pm PST)
  • Select ‘Online Tournament’ from the Online mode select screen.
  • Players will be matched up with another player to battle just the same as the regular way of Ranked Match.

That’s it – You’re entered into the tournament! Any points you earn from playing “Online Tournament” before the close of the tournament will contribute to your position on the tournament leaderboard.
The tournament scoring system is exactly the same as that used for regular online ranked matches.
You can play as many matches as you like until the close of the tournament on Friday, July 24th (6:00pm PST).

So start building that perfect deck! For both novices and experts alike, there’s no better time to join in the fun. Good luck to you all and please remember, play fair, have fun and may the best player win!

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