Inside the Developers Studio: Tsubasa Inaba

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For our 3rd in our soooo-close-to-E3 interview series, meet Tsubasa Inaba, currently working on Siren: Blood Curse (did you download the free demo yesterday?). Having worked with Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan, he brings a different point of view; comparing E3 to TGS, talking about working with Team ICO, and what it was like behind the scenes when Final Fantasy VII came out. Here are the questions that *you* asked (and the Blog readers who asked them, in parentheses):

  • If you could choose where E3 was hosted, where would it be? (Dubbedinenglish)
  • Do you think huge trade events like E3 are going to last? (Jeigh)
  • When did you know for sure that you belonged in the video game business? (Sindress)
  • If you could re-make any previous-generation game for the PS3, which title would it be, and what would it be like? (KazeEternal)
  • If you could say one thing to the fans of your game/series out there, what would it be? (Xanog)

Tsubasa Inaba is an International Software Development Producer at SCEA Santa Monica. He’s been a part of SCE for 11 years, and has worked on Dark Cloud, ICO, Gran Turismo 3 & 4, and Tourist Trophy to name a few.

Now that you know who he is and what he’s showing at E3 – what game-related questions do you want me ask Tsubasa next week? Tell me below.

Next interview (Monday): Rusty Buchert (Linger In Shadows)

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  • 1 st cool….. well this is good what sony does

  • Hi Jeff,
    Please if you can get in touch with me.

    Great interview!!

  • giving us to know game developers!!

  • I have to say it again, I’m loving these interviews. Hope we got some goods lined up for next week.

  • ah what a great game was ico thnx!! Tsubasa keep the good work cheers!!! Gran Turismo too Btw!!! :D

  • oh and for the Interviews Keep them Coming Love them all!!! :D

  • My question is, will there be a Dark Cloud 3? ;-]

  • Great interview. loving the demo man. how do you guys come up with ways to scare people consistently through out a game. Do you have like a scare them crazy team or something?

    And wouldn’t the ultimate scare be one where you character has no health what so ever so if you get slashed, shot or whatever you just die?

  • i love the interviews and what Tsubasa said is true PSN and PSU members and members of the Blog would love to be able to have a direct link to the DEV’S who make are games and by talking with them they can know what we are thinking and what we want for the game out and the next kinda like what jeff is doing for us now thanks

  • Loving the interview. Are we going to hear more about Siren Blood: Curse? How many episodes are there and how often will they be released after the initial one launches?

  • Yes! Just the developer I’ve been waiting for! Why are you guys not releasing Siren: Blood Curse on Bluray disc in the US? I have enough space, but there are plenty of 40GB owners that do not have enough room to download all those episodes. Can you guys please reconsider and try and push a US Bluray release of the game as an option also?

    By the way, I loved the demo, but would rather have the Bluray release of the game if possible.

  • Jeff,

    I think you’re doing a great job with these videos. I’m excited to see what is unvailed next week. I’m sure these video have more footage to cover each of their projects when can we expect to see those?

    PS. It was great to hear today that Mega Man 9 is coming to PSN. This is going to sell like crazy

  • I downloaded SIREN: Blood Curse and it was good and scary. It looked “grainy” though, is that part of the art style you guys are going for? I think it makes things harder to see so when the Shibito come out you get even more scared when they chase you.

    ICO was a great game as well, I can’t wait to see what the team behind ICO comes out with for the PS3. Hopefully a prequel of Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Hi Jeff! These developer interviews are great! It’s one thing to have them on to speak about what they want to hype up right now, but it’s an entire world better to then let us post questions here that you will ask them for the next round. This kind of interactivity adds tremendous value to the!
    Questions and comments for Tsubasa –
    1)Can you please give us much more detail on the episodic content releases? Will they be often and short episodes for a lower price point(similar to small, one song updates for Rock Band for example)? Or instead, will they be months apart and longer, more expensive episodes? As part of this same question, how long will the intitial PSN game purchase be?
    2) I downloaded the demo yesterday and it left me wanting more! Bravo to your developers for finding a more interesting way to use the Dual Shock 3 rumble feature instead of just for battling and explosions. Using it to make you feel the closeness of the “Shibito” really brings you deeper into the experience of the game and heightens the sense of fear you experience.
    3) Where can we learn more about the graphics engine used on the game? The character movement and facial features were some of the best I’ve seen.
    4) Thanks for your time!

  • what did you mean by
    “Tourist Trophy to name a few”?

  • He worked on Ico… *salute*


  • Great interview.

    He is so right about this blog. I really am beginning to think that Sony is listening to us.

    The content on this blog is phenomenal. However, we need more interviews where the game creators themselves speak. I would like to thank Jeff and all of the contributors this week who have put together some varied and interesting interviews. I only hope that E3 provides the platform for more questions to be put to the creators of the games we play and love.

    This blog is truly a thing to be cherished by all of us Sony gamers.

  • i hate scary games.

  • um jeff now this is not working why are you asking the same question over and over.
    i want to know from this guy will there be a blu ray retail release for siren in the usa.if so how much will its cost us.

  • Question Jeff
    will we see a PSN update on the Week of E3?
    i mean i think last year they released a trailer almost everyday, i cant really remember though. And also will we also see a download to watch the whole E3 show?

  • opp sorry about what i said in the last post jeff u did change the question.good job.keep doing these and bring of key developer onto the blog after their own press event next week .so we can give them reactions to their news.
    i hope people get behind the idea to bring 3rd party developers onto the blog during e3 week we all know sony does listen and if there enough support for this idea im sure they can make it happen.

  • I need to know this jeff can you answer this:

    Is linger in shadows a full blown game?

    Or just a tech demo?

    Also, cant wait to see god of war 3!!

  • @ erico316

    (A friendly comment to erico316) Jeff asked a question or two different from the other two interviews. Let’s remember that Jeff did ask us (the psblog community) to supply him with questions to ask these folks. He may not have gotten nearly as many as he would need to make all questions different. Also, asking similar questions gives us a chance to see how different producers would answer the same question. It helps you to get to know who you might identify with better. And then finally, Jeff is also states “Now that you know who he is and what he’s showing at E3 – what game-related questions do you want me ask Tsubasa next week? Tell me below.”
    So, erico316, what would you like to ask? Just let Jeff know. :)

  • Thanks Jeff!

    I have a question for you. Please answer when you get the time.

    Do you guys have anything big planned for the Playstation Store during the week of E3? Wil you be posting the Sony E3 Press Conference,Demos,trailers etc…. for download?

  • @drthv8r i took back what i said in post @21
    also what do u think about getting third party on the blog drthv8r
    @jeff what happen to the psn ingratiation with the blog is that still going to happen or was it cancel.

  • You know, listening to Mr. Inaba I’ve come to (fully) realize our purpose here. Most of my comments have been merely shows of support and excitement, but I’ve been missing a crucial point to this blog: providing constructive criticism. This is partially for the developers out there in addition to providing us with news and whatnot. I’ll need to keep this at heart in the future. Unfortunately, I cannot provide such feedback to Mr. Inaba as I do not venture into the Horror genre… I’m a complete chicken. :P

    Though let’s see if I can provide some questions…

    Wow, I’m having an off day. Every developer interview so far I’ve been able to come up with something, but I honestly have nothing. Sorry. :(

    Anyway, good luck at the event! :D

  • Thx for the responce
    now mybe you can give me an update on when you guys will stop updating the store
    i plan on goingt o my buddy this saturday and plan on downloading ever single thing from E3
    I hope you guys have a surprise for us there, i mean mybe a new Game or something.

  • ahh i notice @ replay 24 you said yes
    but are you saying that we will get a demo from E3 or is it just the normal demo like what we get usually from PSN store update?
    well if your not going to answer taht i need to know from anyone is this the week Naruto demo is released to everyone?

  • @28 On July 17 i think the demo will be released. Darn I can’t think of any good questions :(

  • @erico316

    I saw that you had, way to be!
    As far as 3rd Party Dev’s, absolutely. I’m sure as this type of thing develops, they will be able to extend the same type of thing to them as well. More than likely it will happen as they are getting ready to hype a game, but like you say, that is a good opportunity for us to pick the brains of these folks as well! Take care!

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein

    Since I see you were making some responses, I wanted to say….
    Please pass along my “congrats” to the PSN team for adding an additional enhancement that wasn’t advertised in FW 2.40/2.41.
    I noticed that you can now download movies from the store with the “X” button instead of being forced to hit the “Start” button. This is totally awesome! It’s much quicker this way! Thanks VERY much! :)

  • Thank you everyone, for your positive comments.

    We’re very excited for the up coming launch of Siren: Blood Curse and to have the opportunity to have presence at E3 this year.

    The “grainy” visuals is certainly something intentional, in hope to add to the gloomy, mysterious and damp feel with the overall atmosphere painted in the world of Siren: Blood Curse.

    As for the Episodes, you will be happy to know we won’t keep you hanging for months.

    I’ll be looking forward to talking about this project a little more, as well as introducing other great projects that are also on my plate!


  • Tsubasa

    Nice interview, what can you tell us about Gran Turismo for the PSP? I remember seeing you in a video explaining the new GT5 interface and you did a great job by the way.

  • Thats a great interview, thanks
    I tried the game and its fun but horror game is not my cup of tea :(
    Ill be looking for your next project tho :)

  • I hope they release the whole Sony conference in Full HD. I like watching their conferences. This was a great interview especially when he talked about the ICO team.

  • Tsubasa +100 cool points for working on Dark Cloud and ICO.

    since you have been working on different types of games…

    What’s your favorite genre?

  • Speaking of communicating feedback, has SCEA thought about creating a wiki to help communicate with consumers about what they would like to see in future products and firmware updates? This would be a much easier and more organized way of suggesting ideas rather than seeing 50 comments a post stating they want in-game XMB (which thankfully we have now).

  • Tsubasa you hit the nail on the head users do(at least i know i do)want to interact with devs building the games we love. Wow Ico must have been a great game since every one keeps praising it;i can’t wait till i get my copy ordered it of amazon two days ago then i’ll play Shadow of the Collosus

  • SWEET! Thanks for the reply Jeff!

  • I hope we get more videos of Mr. Inaba, he’s stunning! :D

  • Hi, will you patch Siren:Blood Curse to have Trophies?

  • Great to have all the blogs available and videos along with them.

    Keeping all of us in the loop.

  • thanks for the info are we gonna have tacos and jamica?

  • Mr. Inaba,You have been part of some of the most inventive games out there…Kudos indeed.
    I myself have been praising the ‘Siren’ series to all that’ll listen and am *trying* to wait calmly for the first episode…
    But ,as the post above points out(#37-Gunegune), has Sony ever considered a more ‘direct’ communication method? Something along the lines of ,say, subject related comments..( Complaints,Questions,Suggestions,Requests,and of course,Compliments)
    I’d think it’d be easier than reading through ALL the comments here or what-not…
    I’ve TRIED to ask Sony ?’s and gotten nowhere…
    So..Maybe file these under “Requests”…?
    1: Please consider releasing the full Siren:Blood Curse game on a disc.I’ll buy BOTH versions.
    and 2:Please consider a USA release of the English lang version of the PS2 game, ‘Forbidden Siren 2′( Maybe not YOUR department,but… got some clout doncha?)
    Again, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and info…very cool.

  • This new way of distribution has to one of the main focuses of just about all companies and investors at E3. @ 200 games 6 episodes each = not whats on TV tonight, but whats on my console. The season premier of KZ3 is brought to you free without commercial interruption by Burger King.

  • I have a question
    (sorry if this has already been asked)

    “what the hell is Linger in Shadows?”

  • Hey!!!

    Thanks for the interview Tsubasa, and Jeff, let me tell you, keep this kind of stuff coming even when it’s not E3 time (as you’ve always done).

    Mister Tsubasa,
    I played through the demo and a liked it a lot, but I do have a complaint. The positioning of the camera makes it too hard for us to see what is coming and the look around happens too fast. I will buy the fist episode at least to see how much I’ll get into the game and hopefully get the other episodes too.
    The model of Episodic Content distributed digitally is awesome, make more games in this model.

    As my final words, I would like to ask the PR guys to “START SHOWING PEOPLE THE PS3 HAS WHOLE PACKAGE”. I have some XBox Fanboys friends and now that MS is lowering the price of their system, they keep bugging me, say the PS3 is more expensive, when it is actually way cheaper for 3 main reasons:
    1 – PSN IS FREE
    2 – Best BLU-RAY and MEDIA hub out there
    3 – Wireless enabled out of the box

    People just didn’t get this message yet!

  • love the interview. cant wait for Siren!

  • Wow, so many questions about getting jobs in the gaming industry; it sounds like it’s tough times right now, :-p

  • Wow, what a terrible interview–he didn’t even MENTION what titles he’s working on for the PS3!

    Here we are, nearing 2 years into the PS3’s life, and NO WORD on sequels to games like Dark Cloud and Ico; and, on top of that, we’re still waiting for more info on sequels to Wipeout, Twisted Metal, and God of War.

    C’mon SONY, where are the freekin’ games?

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