PS3 System Software Update (v2.41)

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Hi, everyone. As many of you know, we released PS3 firmware update v2.40 last week, but had to take it offline temporarily because, for a limited number of users, the XMB wouldn’t display after the update was installed. We’ve been able to fix the problem, and I’m happy to report that firmware update v2.41 will be released shortly.

We want to extend our apologies to the PlayStation community for any inconvenience. Now we’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone online and racking up those trophies!

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  • Awesome=)

    I was one of the lucky ones to get 2.4 with no problems attached but this is great news for all of us as a whole!

  • That’s cool. I just got mine today, and I’m ready for the update.

  • Thanks
    I was able to download the first one with no problems as well…are there any additional features or fixes included in 2.41? Some people have reported stability issues etc…

  • @Lord Jonas
    what did you rate this? This is good news s oit should be a 5, seems you rated a 1. why?

  • What if you can’t get in your XMB to update?

  • Nice…

    Hopefully In game XMB will be a little bit smoother also.

  • @#4
    I hadn’t rated it yet…

    would be my personal choice not to but I’m choosing to cause it’s good news lol

  • Thanks.

    Just wondering if the stability issues have been solved aswell?

    And what about the super stardust patch, will it also be online again?

    Oh, and could we hope for thophie support for echochrome?

  • Well that’s good news.

    Quick question though…Since this is 2.41, will that mean that those of us who had no problems at all with 2.40 still get the updated version, even though it wasn’t “needed” for us?

  • My 2.40 update went smooth as butter. The in-game XMB is a bit sluggish and choppy at times but I guess it’s because it’s not utilizing an entire core, it has to share. Hopefully this 2.41 update will fix the “bricking” so the xbots can shut the hell up. If you have the 2.40 firmware, is there an actual *need* to update or rather is there any reason for those of us who have 2.40 up and running to update, be it new stuff or just tweaking?

  • Yea… it’d be nice if we got that Super Stardust expansion back for purchase…

    for free >_>


  • You guys really jumped on fixing that. Shows your dedication and even admitted the problem, unlike an unmentionable competitor cough Red ring of death.

    Thanks for fixing this, One question though, just wondering if all profiles are loading slow because when I load a friends profile it seems to take forever

  • great, we have to do another update because a bunch of n00bs don’t know how to take care of their PS3s.

  • Thanks for the update!

    By shortly…..

    Should I stay up tonight? Or is shortly.. few days?

  • Awesome!

    any word about the Super Stardust patch?, when will it be available again?

  • Good news. I also got my Playstation.Blog shirt today. Sweet.

  • Great news Eric! Glad to see how dedicated the team is on providing quick solutions to problems as they arise.

    Thanks a tonne for your enormous contribution to the Playstation community!

  • As long as the games get patched, I sure will get them trophies.

  • By the way guys, 2.41 is out NOW.

  • I’m guessing this was in 2.4. There’s now an option to turn the system off automatically after an update.

  • My initial 2.4 went just fine when it was released… but now that 2.41 has been posted, I’m already downloading :)

  • We’ll need some more games with Trophies sir to commence the racking!!

  • And when will you fix the disc-reading issue? A friend’s ps3 died yesterday..that’s the 13th dead ps3 for the same cause in my friends/family.

  • I’m downloading it as we speak.

  • yeah. i actually tried to go online and had to update before seeing this. i only stopped by to see if they posted any news about it on the blog.

    good news. downloading now.

    so…i keep asking but get no response and haven’t heard anything…can we get a list of games that support trophies or even coming soon to be patched games like we did for the dualshock 3 compatable games? thanks.

  • @supersnake

    13? coincidence? I call bull. Either you have one family with the worst of luck, or you’re just trolling….

    Wait, nevermind, forget the first option, you’re just trolling.

  • Excellent job Sony. I had no problems with the update, but I’m glad you jumped onto it so quickly ^_^

  • @supersnake


    Dude, what the hell is wrong with you people. Electronics usually don’t work very well in the rain, or pool.

  • My connection to the internet has been much less stable since i got the update..such as lagging etc (saw this was not a problem with my router, which was working fine before 2.40)
    i have used 2.40 and its great..In game XMB was great and other issues…not…that 2.41 is out, hopefully it will fix up my system and not make it crash

  • Sweet, thanks Sony. Glad you responded fast and appropriately. Still, I am really urging Sony to keep trophies and custom music MANDATORY!

  • Good 2 hear 4 those who had problems luckly I’ve been problem free !GO SONY YEAH!

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • @ 30
    yea music and trophies should become more and more mandatory

  • @The Mosh

    I can only assume it’s because there’s two different versions of the software running and it’s causing network conflicts..

  • Yay! Thnx for the update guys!

  • should we expect at some point to get in-game music for all games, even if it’s playing over the sound of the game??

    Most games out right now have the option to lower the game music…

    Should we just stop hoping and wishing?? please we hope you add this very wanted feature

    So far only a couple one game supports it and that is not the impression that you gave us thru that first video you posted..

    We should be able to play our own music in all games… i don’t see why a developer would care to add this option at all in the future..

  • Installed and seemingly working A-okay

  • Love that feature on how you can turn off the PS3 automatically after the update. I know it’s not a big thing but hey it’s a great small feature :)

  • @Pirate
    well that kinda explains it…but would there still be 2 versions of the software running after i update my ps3 to 2.41?

  • cool! feel a bit safer now. :)

  • GJ sony. My 4.0 worked fine anyway though. Anything different we’re getting in this update for those who downloaded 4.0 successfully?

  • @The Mosh

    Don’t quote me on that, but it’s my best guess.

    With 2.41, we should all be running the same system software, so that should at least making it run smoother.

  • ahh ok thanks for clearing that up

    once again,
    Good Job Sony!

  • This is totally off subject, but I thought I’d leave my feedback here. I just bought my first issue of Qore and loved it. The R2 & Naruto vids were particularly awseome for me, and the demo sold me on buying the game when it releases. My only request is to PLEASE release more content in the episodes… either longer interviews, or more of them! As for 2.41, awesome news, I’m already enjoying 2.4!

  • This is just really going to make gaming alot better, cant wait for the update. And to all of those out there crying stop, they found the problem and everything is getting fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AWESOME! I was lucky that my 2.40 worked fine, but guys can you plz fix the SHIFT+Backspace thing? Make it… I dunno… CTRL+Backspace or SHIFT+DEL. PLZ!!!

    Anyways, that is my major complain, there are other little things there like moving Search option from the Triangle Menu in the Browser down. So FILE can be the first to access while pressing Triangle in browser and making pressing X show messages instead of the Profile like before, Square could be use for Profile instead.

    Anyways, thanks for your hard work and I bet no PS3 will be brick this time around due to the great engineers that work in the firmware!

  • @ 26

    I clearly stated friends/family. 4 in my family, the 9 others in my friends/clans.

  • Updating now!

    Heading to sleep since I have the option for shutdown after update from 2.40.

  • @ 24

    Yup, I’m doing the same (even tho’ my ass should be sleep right now, LOL). :)

  • @47

    Turning the PS3 off with the switch in the back while the Blu-ray is running, might be the cause. I’ve heard of this being the reason behind that particular issue.

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