Firmware v2.40 status

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As has been reported on many gaming blogs and websites, we have temporarily taken Firmware v2.40 offline. We’ve received a limited number of calls from consumers experiencing an issue with installing the system software update on their PS3. While our consumer services department has seen a low volume of calls on this topic, we are committed to providing the PS3 community with XMB access features delivered in the v2.40 update. We are working diligently to isolate the problem for those few consumers and to identify a solution before we put the firmware back up.

We’ll provide further information as necessary here on the Blog.

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  • soooo…can we get a definite on when it will be available for those that actually work during the day?

  • 2nd comment

  • boooooo

  • Chants_Is_My_PSN

    Thanks for the update

  • so what about people who already have 2.40 installed?

  • I love this line “We’ve received a limited number of calls ” That rocks sand socks, man.

  • Way to stay on top of your game!

  • also…while we have your attention…can we get a list of all the games that support trophys.

    kind of like the updated liste you guys kept for dualshock 3 compatible games back when it came out.

    thanks and let us know when we can download the firmware. get it right and take your time. i’d rather have it working than rushed and glitchy.


  • glad to know that ur working on it

  • a dark dark day for Sony



  • Since to see it was taken care of in a timely manner.

  • my 2.4 works just fine

  • glad I got it, it works fine for me

  • At least they tell us on the blog, will we need to pay 150$ if we can’t fix our systems?

  • This could make or break the PS3.

  • Also, I’d like to make mention, I wasn’t one of those “limited” number of calls. My Ps3 is working pretty good at the moment.

  • Kinda funny how Eric Lempel isnt the one posting this blog =O

  • im fine with mine , on my 60 gig. enjoying EVERYTHING you guys released and hating you for everything you DIDNT release with 2.40

  • Well, that sure is a twist on things. Nothing like a plot twist for the PS3 community! I’m glad I got it early on and have had no problems.

  • *Nice not since.

  • I was really looking forward to getting home today and installing this, but all I get is disappointing news. Good job over there at Sony, you really know how to please your customers.

  • @18


  • I have a quick, unrelated question about 2.40: how come themes aren’t applied to the in-game version of the menu?

  • zero problems over here as well

  • Firmware 2.40 was too much for the PS3 to handle

  • 22 you are great

  • can i have my $600 back?

  • @18

    Not really, man. I hope he didn’t get fired over it he’s a pretty straight guy and I love giving the blog hell and Sony in General but this isn’t his fault and it isn’t Sony’s …

    It’s the damn in game music we all got!!

  • im just trying to figure out what to say to the everyday 360 fanboy i encounter and ALWAYS win the trash talkin, but now ….. o dear ….

  • @ #11

    when they do take more time and get it right people like you flame the blog with whining and b!tching about the weekly updates are lame and you wanted such and such demo and in game xmb should have been launch.

    it’s a catch 22 with some of you nerds and hermits. there will always be that loser crowd that only lives to complain about everything and whine like little girls on blogs across the net and forums about how lame everything is.

    RELAX. they’re getting it right. next time you create a next gen system that never has a single glitch ever THEN you can come and b!tch and moan about any little thing you like.

    like the last line in “wanted”…”what the f**k have you done lately?”

  • What is the situation for those who have already downloaded the patch.

    If you could clear this up, it would be much appreciated.

  • @28

    You’ll have more than that back, cause as much as Sony has [DELETED] us the last year and a half we’re bound to wind up pregnant sooner or later.

  • installed last night … everything is ok.

  • well thanx for getting us excited it so we thought ity would come out today

  • Was this tested enough? It almost seems like a rush job. Course I don’t blame Sony if it was rushed, being nobody would shut up about it.

  • My system has been working fine since the update, I hope others can resolve their issues ;D

  • Any idea how long this will take? Hours? Days? Weeks?

  • Jeff, There must be a nasty bug somewhere,

    btw, I was close of catching you on the trophies but you are ahead of me :(

  • question:
    i have downloaded 2.4 and it is working fine but that probaly becuase i dont have online through my PS3, but wen you guys do find the problem with other user what will it mean to for those who downloaded it already. I mean would we be prompt with some sort of patch or what? cause i mean it may be working fine for us but who knows

  • 2.40 works fine with me

    – nice being able to read msgs while ingame and reply to them
    – time and date is nice just sad it took this long as to how long the psp had it
    – XMB gets a lil laggy during some games and icons load a little slow
    -i THINK you have to actually quit the game, open up your trophies under games, and let it sync up to your profile before it shows the new trophies you just recieved on your profile

  • @ 32

    Calm down Blake… The All star football team needs you more than ever for the game on friday night, Mr. Popular. Mr. you’re too cool to not jazz up and play games with a popped color to boot.

    Please, you make it sound like everyone here has no life but you. That you’re the only one slonging your way thru the battle of the bush.

  • jesus some of you guys love whining.

    they finally try to give you what you want…it has a few minor glitches that they notify you they’re working on fixing and you STILL cry like little babies.

  • *shrugs* You guys do what you have to do. 2.4 works fine for me. 11 trophies and counting in SSDHD, and communicating with friends has never been easier. I love the update.

    To those that have results worse than the ones that I have, I’m sorry, and I hope whatever issue that were caused are addressed quickly and efficiently.

  • I was able to download it and install it last night. I got it to work, but it seems super buggy. When you switch to In Game XMB mode everything is very slow. Icon’s take forever to load and everything just seems laggy. Def. need to look into that to fix.

  • My only problem with 2.40, aside from not having access to anything while in game using the in game xmb, is the xmb is laggy on Warhawk and certain other games. Stardust is smooth but Warhawk almost crashes my system when brought up.

    That is true.

  • 2.41 or something will prolly come soon to fix minor bugs

    anyone know when that warhawk patch releases so we can work on trophies ?

  • Is their some sort of conflict between something on the hard drive and the install of 2.40 causing some peoples hard drives to corrupt?

  • 2.4 is working great for me, relax people, don’t go blow off your horn for nothing at least Sony is being proactive on the issue.

  • If you are going to release other firmware, move the battery icon somewhere, or just underneath the clock, i know its 3 seconds but i like things neat and tidy.

    Btw, why do I get the “An Error has occurred (Code ffffffff) when sometimes I view my mates trophies?

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