PixelJunk in the Trunk: Contest Winners (Part 1)

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Hey everyone,

I’m back on the blog to thank all of you who answered our call for your PixelJunk Monsters + Encore co-op stories.

We love that the PixelJunk love is spreading and bringing gamers and non-gamers together. It sounds like many of you are clearly not alone in your PixelJunk Monsters addiction, and now we’re actually debating whether or not we need to form a support group on this very blog for some of you. Sure, we know what it’s like to duke it out over which tower to place on which tree. (Typical conversation between myself and Associate Producer Matt Morton: “No, not that one…THAT one!”)

And yeah, we know what it’s like to forget to call your significant other/friend/family member when the clock is already way past 2 am. (“OK so I’m this late already…why not just play ANOTHER round and get that rainbow, right?”). Go ahead…you can blame us. We’ll just turn around and blame Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games. Trust us…we’re been there, we’ve done that, and we’re paying the price, too. And loving it.

So all that said, we just want to say thanks for your support and your stories. We love hearing from you so keep ‘em coming.

Russ PJM

We received dozens of stories from the PixelJunkies out there, and the following won shirts for delivering the first 5 entries:

  • Russ, Illinois (pictured)
  • Aaron, Tennessee
  • Christian, Oregon
  • Kris, Tennessee
  • Trevor, California

Narrowing down the stories we wanted to share… that was the tough part. So here are our favorite PixelJunk Co-op stories (and pics!) Thanks to all of you that shared your experiences.

Patrick L PJM

My name is Patrick and I’m 33 years old. My daughter, Lauren, is 3 years old. She loves watching her daddy play video games. When I played PJM, she would love to warn me what kind of monsters were coming next, and tell me to “build more arrows for the spiders, daddy!”. I completed the first edition by myself, and then had a great idea: why not let her try and help with the co-op? She can use a PS3 controller, so I thought, why not?

She has been having a blast. Her job is to “dance the towers” and “not collect anything” because that’s daddy’s job. It has been a real help, having her levelling up the important towers and building the odd arrow here and there. We have now completed the entire game (both islands) with rainbows using co-op.

Thanks PixelJunk, for making a game so wonderful and simple my 3-year old daughter can play!

-Patrick, Ohio


When my boyfriend was applying for a new job, he kept making a comment that confused me.

“If I get this job, I’m buying a PlayStation 3. I’m doing it”.

I looked around our apartment, with it’s three computers, Wii, Nintendo DS, HDTV, and Tivo. Why would he need something else to divert his attention from me?

“But it can play Blu-Ray discs!”

As someone who still cherishes her ten year old copy of Newsies on VHS, I wasn’t impressed. But I encouraged him to get it anyway. New job, right? So the PS3 arrived so after, and along with it, Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko and I took an immediate disliking of each other.

“Baby, how is that cab driver going to feed his poor family? His children will end up thugs now.”

My developing dislike of the PS3 was inversely proportional to my boyfriend’s obsession with it. Seeing his two loves at odds, my boyfriend had the brilliant idea of introducing me to PixelJunk Monsters.

“What is it?” I was suspicious.

“Look! It’s cute! They dance! And it’s two players!”

I gave it a shot. At least we’d be playing together, right? And I fell in love. I felt mighty, like a god, protecting the adorable stupid village people who refused to stay safely in their hut. It was a spiritual thing, I think. The PS3 and I have achieved an unlikely friendship thanks to PixelJunk Monsters. Now if they would only get Newsies on Blu-Ray…

-Julia, Texas


Brian PJM

I have two boys, age 9 and 10. We’ve been gaming together for the last five years. We play multiplayer games on our own PCs, such as Team Fortress 2, Battle for Middle Earth, etc. We never really played console games together until I got PixelJunk Monsters.

The first time we all got together in front of the TV and played it was a magical experience. We all sat on the couch together, huddled in front of the TV, playing this amazing game. We’d pass the controllers back and forth, taking turns on alternate levels, laughing, getting frustrated, and high fiving when we finally rainbowed a new level.

It never sunk in how much the game meant until Valentine’s day.

Being newly divorced, Valentine’s Day was difficult for me. I was pretty depressed until my younger son came home from school and gave me an envelope. It was on a day when my ex was going to have the kids for the next three days.

I opened the envelope and there was a hand-made valentine inside. It said:

“Dad, I miss you and can’t wait to play PixelJunk Monsters with you on Monday. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Kyle”

-Brian, Michigan


"Pixel" puppy

My wife and I are huuuuge PixelJunk fans. My wife isn’t a “gamer” but she does enjoy games like Zuma, The Sims 2, and Peggle but her all-time favorite game (she said this to me the other day) is PixelJunk Monsters! We had been planning to buy a small dog around the time of the release of PJM and one day while we were playing the name “Pixel” jumped into my mind as the name we would give our future dog. Well we got the dog and she is now named “Pixel.” We play PixelJunk Monsters religiously. In the beginning I would tell my wife where to build and what to do, but now she is the one telling me what to do! She even plays when I’m not home and has almost completed the single-player campaign by herself. Overall PixelJunk Monsters is our favorite game to play together and we will continue to play it. We will never forget this game (we have a constant reminder running around our house everyday) and we hope that you guys enjoyed our story.

-Patrick, Connecticut


OK, that’s it for Part 1. Look for more PixelJunk pics and stories soon!

Still spreading the PixelJunk Love,

Deb Mars

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  • PixelJunk Monsters is pretty awesome, it’s funny how you have to dance to get your towers leveled up. It’s one of the most difficult tower defense games for sure.

  • Cool, it’s been awhile since I played this game.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on PixelJunk Eden. I’m really looking forward to that game!

  • i like the dog.

    and 2nd

  • Good stuff, I really wish this contest had been open to residents of Canada though. We like Pixeljunk too.

  • Yeah, I played coop with my sister. She loves it to. Too much.

    PLz… Let me play MGS4 alone without you disturbing me!!! D:

    “Whats that there coming over the hill? Is it a Monster? Is it a Monster?”

    GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “frohs from the mouth”

  • Good stories.

    I think PJM can really build strong relationships with family members and friends, since it requires a lot of teamwork. The other person just had to like it though, some people I’ve tried playing with don’t enjoy playing PJM :(

  • Ok, so i really need a girlfriend to get those rainbows.
    Lovely and hard game.
    so… any girl interested ?

  • Just wanted so say 1 thing Remote play via PS3 to PSP EVERY GAME ON PSN SHOULD BE LIKE THAT!!!!

  • Congrats to all the winners.

    One of the best PSN games out there. Tough to boot too!

  • This game is so cool, I found myself every now and then doing the monster dance!


    Nice dog but, I am leaning toward feline :)

  • just a question, will PJM have trophy support when we get 2.4? I know it’s a little off topic but it would be sweet to have them in this game. And I hope I don’t have to beat the levels again to get them.

  • @8 vandam

    I agree with you on that one.

    PS3 and PSP Remote Play for PSN game will be a great addition to things.

    I enjoy laying in bed sometimes and playing the demo of PJM.

    At least the simple game need it ;)

    enjoy Hump day everyone! :D

  • Nice stories, they were really fun to read

  • Are you new here?

  • Could someone reply to comments, its getting too quiet :D :P

  • Haha, I enjoyed reading these stories.

    I love PJM. I think my girlfriend loves it more. She practically forced me to beat Encore with her (with all rainbows), and we finally beat it last week, I think.

    Keep up the great work, everyone at Q! And congratulations to the winners. I wish I had won…

  • Hey Jeff, could you reply to some of the psp related comments in the 4.01 post. I know it will be hard to wade through the 2.40 stuff but there are some good psp related comments. Is there going to be any more blog posts today?

  • Yea this game rocks, I have it, one of the best games on the PSN.

  • oh i have a question jeff, how are you? :p

  • This game is HArd :(

    THats the only reason i dont play it a lot

  • @21

    ya i think so too, but with co-op its class.

  • Congrats to the winners love the stories. Maybe I should get PJM so I can share the PS3 love with others.

  • Congrats to winners!! They are nice stories
    PJM rocks!

  • please jeff answer my question pleaseee!!

  • My Gravatar doesn’t seem to work :(

  • I’ll have to snap a picture of my fiancee & I wearing our shirts. Where should I send it to?

  • My parents tried to play games with me too, when I was a kid.

    We all really enjoyed Duck Hunt, Pac-Man, Dr. Mario, and Warlords. My Grandmother even blamed Pac-Man for her high blood pressure, as she’d stay up until the crack of dawn trying to break the high score.

    My parents don’t game much anymore, I blame that on some of the early 3D games and the stomach-turning that tended to occur.

    My brother isn’t too much of a gamer, but we still play together occasionally. He seems to enjoy Gran Turismo more than I do.

    A few of my relatives like playing the downloadable games, what with the fact that we really were a “gaming family” back in the 2D gaming era.

    As for more modern gaming, I play online on PSN and Xbox Live regularly with some of my cousins and my friends from High School. It is a great way of keeping in touch with people who you don’t see regularly.

    Hopefully, when I have kids, we will take advantage of gaming systems like the above people have.

  • Awwwwwwww hehe. Those were some cute stories! We need more posts like this one :D (and thanks for the ridiculously fun game hehe)

  • Hey Jeff, did you get my fax? We sent is Sat, just want to make sure you guys got it :D

  • PixelJunk’s a fun game; i play it with my little sisters all the time. good fun!

    but i see the woman posting is from sony santa monica, and i just can’t stop myself…..


    lol just kidding. but still, pixel junk is one of the psn games that i like the most (along with caling all cars, super stardust HD, and echochrome)

  • this game is great i love it the only thing its missing now is trophies. will pjm get trophies???
    its no mystery that the trophies are coming. ye have 3 weeks til e3 to get a patch with trophies ready is there any chance of it???
    because the next pixeljunk game has them

  • It would be good if you could figure out a version with online multiplayer sort of like warcraft.

  • Jeff please delete comment nº 33
    2.40 should be a banned phrase, is really annoying…

  • @#33 mafia717

    WTF???!!!! 2,008 lines of “2.40 PSN CARDS” ???!!!
    Dude. you are damn lucky I don’t work at Sony. I’d find your MAC addresses and perma ban them from ALL Sony sites. Forums, blog, playstation.com, PSN…
    You are a [DELETED] piece of [DELETED]…

    OT: great post. Keep up the good work guys.

  • @35
    Did you count them all?

  • I think it is cool that a game like this is bringing families, and people of all ages together, its great.

  • @36 (now 35)
    Microsoft Word FTW!!!!!

    btw, thanks guys for getting that down so fast.

  • I just wish there was a release for PSP.

  • @37
    just wondering…..

  • @ Jeff
    Is there any Games coming out down the Road that will Use the Remote Play again? and if Yes Can you Say what kind they are or describe to me some please I love the Feature it brings to my PS3 and PSP :D
    Using my Kratos Red PSP for everything ;)
    (Firmware 4.01 :D thansks again)

    Love using Remote play every Thursday at my Local McD’s while im on my lunch break from work since i only have 45mins for lunch from working as a Tech Support for HP notebooks !Thank you for Calling HP Total Care My name is Ricky :D

  • kool love this game

  • hey jeff, after pixel junk eden, are you guys going to keep making these fun type of games for psn?

  • Hey Jeff what is your favorite and least favorite PSN game?

    You guys should do bios for yourselves be cool to know a bit more about the people posting here.

    • Please, nobody should care about me!

      As far as a favorite, I\’ve spent more time with PJM than any other PSN game. So that would be my answer.

  • This is a normal question so I really want an answer. I love Pixel Junk Monsters. It might just be the best PSN game ever released. But I really wonder if this game will support trophies when 2.4 comes out. Will it have the feature or will it get the feature a little later?

  • Love the PixelJunk series and look forward to everything it has to offer in the future! :D

  • Hey guys, this is Kris in Tennesse (one of the lucky 5). I just wanted to say that I love PixelJunk Monsters and my gf and I will definitely be wearing our shirts this weekend haha. She’s 2 hours away since she’s home from school while I’m stuck here doing summer classes. I just can’t wait to see her this weekend and play pixeljunk monsters Encore with her til early in the morning! It’s really hard to get perfect on some of those maps I tell ya! And Jeff, I’ll send you guys a pic this weekend of her and I in our new shirts. Thanks again! Love the game! :) BTW, I’d definitely be down for a PixelJunk Monsters 2 ;)

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein

    Sorry to go off topic, but I see that Sony uses Gmail. I got one asking for information about the shirt I won here for one of the top posters. But some of us who have gotten are worried or recent PSN hijackings. Can you confirm the email addy that was sent out for the shirts?

    • I won\’t mention the addy or we\’ll be flooded, but we asked only for mailing address and nothing more. Never, of course, give out any credit card or SSN info – we\’d never ask for it.

  • @Jeff The Cool Guy on the Blog ;)

    Thank you for the Answer!

    (No afence to others just jeff knows how to move a crowd full of gamers haha!)

  • *sigh* i was never good at PJM…got to the second normal level and couldn’t beat it 0.o

  • Bah! Pixel junk monsters is good, but you can’t choose where you build your towers, wich is a let down for me. I like building tower mazes so I’ll stick with desktop tower defence for now. I hope their next game of the genre is going to let us place our towers like DTD! That would be great! :D

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