PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.01 Update

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Hey everyone, here’s a quick heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.01, will be released soon. This minor update includes the following:

  • Display of search results under Internet Search has been improved for certain languages.
  • Playback of video content under Video has been improved for certain file types.

Look for this update to become available during the next few hours.

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  • Guys stop with the 2.40 stuff ,please !
    I know that when 2.40 is released ,you are gonna start crying for the 2.50 :p
    But come on , stop ! we are grown man !

  • Like others have mentioned, I hate these minor updates. I suspect these updates have more to do with trying to keep one step ahead of hackers than actually providing anything of substance to law abiding users. Just bundle these minor updates into larger Seasonal updates.

  • Dear Sony,

    I like the PSP. However, it would be really awesome if it could play divx movies and Youtube videos. I’m sure that I’m not the only person that wants those features. Thanks for listening.


    P.S. Will there ever be a Gran Turismo game on the PSP?

  • We’ve also scooped the following list of XMB features that you’ll be able to access in-game. Here goes:

    * Friend category
    * View, send, receive messages
    * Manage downloads
    * Set the vibration feature of the controller
    * Sign in to PlayStation Network
    * Register friends
    * Manage Bluetooth devices
    * Terminate the game
    * Music category
    * Use the system BGM
    * Work the system BGM operation panel
    * Settings category
    * Assign controllers
    * View profiles
    * Game category
    * Set audio devices
    * Use the voice changer

  • All the features 2.40 has with in-game XMB ^^^

    Said to be the real deal.

  • I bet this guy is laughing his [DELETED] off in his office at all these comments.

    Teasing you all… LOL!!!!

  • Wow, I guess Sony has no resorted to -deleting- blog comments. My (admittedly rather long) comment from last night has disappeared – guess it hit too close to home.

    Also, the messge count was 129 last night around midnight (EST) Now it’s down to 117. Hmmm…….

  • Move evidence of deleted blog comments:

    #51 and #52 both say “@59”. How can these guys be responding to a post that hasn’t happened yet? (51 and 52 < 59)

    There are similar “time travel” comments throughout this thread. Obviously the comments get automatically renumbered when posts are (accidentally or deliberately) deleted, and the references to specific previous comment numbers don’t match up anymore.

    What gives Sony? System errors or intention censorship?

  • (er… Move = More above, sorry)

  • @92 most of these unthanful spamming kids have psn accounts so how would that affect anybody?

  • Guys, if is not a big deal to release a firmware update one less than a week later to fix issues with the prior release. Then why dont you just release the 2.4 firmware and with feedback from players fix the problems a week later. Is odvious that you dont mind releasing an update every week.

  • I almost left work to run home and update my PS3 to FW 2.4, then I realized it’s an update for the PSP.

    The wait is killing me……LOL

  • here are only comments on 4.01 for psp, stop to talk about 2.40. PS3 suxxx

  • @espiox
    you said: “Just so you know, the PS Store for PC isn’t working properly in FireFox 3 (the front page listings don’t load up.)”

    I loaded the store up with Firefox 3 and it seems to be working fine. Anyone else care to share their experience?

  • I’d want to know when will the US store get more psone games. the japanese store has a lot more than the us store and eu store so can you elaborate when they will come out.

  • @124 you only say ps3 sucks because you can’t afford one

  • I don’t know why this update is getting so much flack. They fixed up the Google Search nice, it loads faster, and even displays the Google symbol now when your in the search. Plus the Video options now work ten times faster, it’s almost like what a BD player can do the first fast speed is smooth as silck, and the second is faster but still almost as smooth. Before they were jerky all over the place for both new options!

    Thanks a bunch Sony!

  • wonder if we will get some replies on comments this week… Not all of them were 2.4 related after all :(

  • maybe for the people who actually posted about the psp fw update will have replies but I doubt it us fans are getting more hostile in our comments but you know what do you expect its business if a business lets out something that doesnt have features of its competition and promises to release them the consumer gets angry complains and eventually gets rid of that companies product and moves to the competition not that im going to i hate xbox

  • @124 efs5030 I say ps3 suxx because I have 2 ps3 60gb and 40gb so ps3 suxx :D

  • Thats a pity, I like the ps3, I bought a psp because I liked the ps3. I thought that they would release updates to the psp to make it fit in with psn better.
    It would have been freaking cool if they did release updates like the psn friends list for the psp. I don’t mind the whole skype thing but it should have been paired with psn id’s so that you can send messages to people when they are on their ps3 or if they aren’t on the ps3 the psp and if they aren’t on the psp skype.
    As for the google inclusion, thats pretty useless and gimmicky.
    When I first got the psp I asked on a psp channel on irc about the future inclusion of a psn friends list on the psp and I was told there wasn’t any point because of remote play. I think thats bull. Remote play is nice but I know some people who are into hand held gaming but aren’t big fan of console gaming. They should have the same benefits in my opinion. And all of them could care less about google inclusion. Its a freaking gaming machine god damn it.

  • @115 VenomX
    those are all the features!?alright Nice! Although A few I was hoping for seem to be missing (from YOUR list anyway), like the Internet browser, in-game voice/video messages (not chatting, but voice and video MESSAGING, like e-mail), and cross-game invites…..

    But still. Background music and in-game messaging are going to be sweet ( if you can manage Bluetooth while in-game, does that mean in-game voice messages?)

    ok, I can wait a little longer for update 2.4. As for PSP, youtube videos and DivX movies are really thing’s that would help

  • Come on the whole internet is all over 2.40 and you could at least give us some info on it. Don’t be scoped by leaks….

  • @134 I have to agree don’t take everything you read thats not on the PS Blog as real hard info. Most of the time they are grasping at straws to get more site hits.

    The only site that has been consistant other then PS Blog, is Kotaku as of late. They tend to make sure their info is good, and that their stuff is right before they post it.

    On top of all this and more the topic at hand:

    I agree that Youtube, and DivX support, as well as true WMA support would help out alot. Also for the PSP WMV support would help out alot, and some added features like the fallowing would make it even cooler:

    PSP upscaler/PS smoothing: This would give gamers who like to use the Componant cables of their PSPs have a major reason to keep them around as we would be able to upscale them to fit the size of an SD/HDTV screen. not full WS unless the PSP can do that it is, but it would be great fun to play PSP games on the big screen and it would shut up the jocks who claim PSPs are for sissies, and that they “Won’t be cought dead with a PSP in hand in public but wan’t to play their games”

  • All my PSP is missing is real proxy (http and/or socks) support for all network functions (remote play over proxies!). If I had that, I’d never need another update.

  • Please DON’T release Firmware 2.4. What are we all going to complain about once you release it?

    According to CVG, 2.4 will have in-game music stuff. And supposedly it’s coming out in somewhere around 3 weeks, around the time of E3.

  • as long as we can turn off notification for all messages we receive I’ll be happy not trying to play CoD4 or MGO or GT or DBZ or resistance and people sending me messages repeatedly will only annoy me. I guess inbetween matches or races but still never been that crazy about sitting there texting or messaging each other back and forth.

    Oh yeah VenomX you have posted a good amount of times saying you want ingamexmb it is hard to miss it on any of the threads.

    Eric tell them we want a clock plain and simple can make it be digitial or analog looking doesn’t matter a simple clock.

    And here is my idea:
    What I would not mind, being stuck on the east coast(I miss ya Vegas) and I know it is super illegal have some online games were you can use actual money like high stacks poker but in the US online gambling is being shot down like a bad habit.
    So I know it is not going to happen. But the JP/AU/EU groups I bet would enjoy it I’d probably be tempted to find away just for the heck of it, if it was ever implemented. The game could use the PS eye so we can see the players doesn’t have to zoom on their face but would be fun regardless. Divide the players with cameras and with out cameras and allow mix rooms. Personally I’d prefer a camera only room just to see jestures and mannerisms in bluffing or w/e. The person who did release the game could come out a huge winner or a huge loser but cap themselves and allow other players to run a room so the company may not lose money at all. It is a win win all the way around.

  • thats what i love about this blog there is never any bad news keep up the good work. 8)

  • I agree with C-h-a-o-s;

    Screenshot capabilities would be super cool, for both PSP and PS3.

    Though if I had to choose, Id perfer PS3 since I can always send them to my PSP anyway.

  • @ 108 Vandam

    You can just call Sony customer service and they will send you an update disc:)

  • Sorry for the double post but I forgot for a minute we were talking about the PSP and not PS3. I know you can get the updates for PS3 anyway. The PSP updates appear on the US PS website, sorry my mistake.

  • “Playback of video content under Video has been improved for certain file types” that’s pretty clever making an effort to be that ambiguous. Possibly Eric does not know what the playback improvement(s) is/are and which file types this update pertains to. If Sony has released more specific info, I haven’t found it.

    Searching the internets, the only thing I could come up with is that 4.01 is fixing bugs in 4.0. Okay, things happen.

    I imagine out of the millions of PSPs sold, only a very, very small number of your customers were ever clamoring for internet search from the XMB or the ability to change viewing speed of video playback. While I can find literally a hundred+ articles and thousands (tens of thousands?) of comments on a less than stellar web browsing experience and the inability to view YouTube videos on the PSP.

    I think it’s great that Sony added a couple of new features to PSP through 4.0/4.01, whether my son and I would use them or not. I think it’s laughable that Sony still hasn’t figured out the Flash/YouTube thing, especially in light of YouTube being a top ten website.

  • @119 clank1013
    Ha, they have the right to censor the comments if they tought that are rude or something like that.
    Im ok with that, i dont want curses or rude language on an official blog, there are kids reading it.
    And as i said earlier ,stop with the 2.40 cry
    its really annoying,really.

  • DevilHunterDante

    Wow People, enough of the 2.4 comments, just wait till it is released.

  • Eric, these comments about the 2.4 FW update to the PS3 will not stop unless you guys release the video walkthrough and show what’s going to be on it. And about the release date, I sure as hell hope Sony doesn’t hold 2.4 back just to make it available during E3 as a lame PR stunt. If that happens, you can expect backlash from the PS3 owners for Sony holdng 2.4 back even more when it was clearly ready… Anyways we know you can’t talk about 2.4 until the release date is set and nothing can stop it from being released. Lets just hope it’s soon so all these 2.4 comments can be done with.

  • How cool would it be to log onto your ps3 and look in the friends section of the xmb navigate to one of your friends avatars and in the status see (playing Wipeout Pulse(PSP)) or going onto your psp and seeing (playing Call Of Duty 4(PS3)).
    So much better than being able to search google on a hand held console.
    Give us universal communication on Sony products please.

  • No comments about the 2.40 PS3 update! It clearly says 2.41 for PSP! get over it and get off the PSP side of things if all your going to do is diss this PS Blog for PS3 updates! God get the trolls out of the room!

  • You guys are nuts (fellow blog posters), there’s no necessary relationship at all between the PSP firmware team and the PS3 firmware team. They’re completely different hardware running almost entirely different software (except the XMB interface).

    The browser isn’t the same software, there’s no Skype on the PS3, no PSN on the PSP, etc., etc.

    Thinking that the PSP updates have anything to do with the PS3 updates is just naive (with a healthy dose of wishful thinking).

    As for me, I’m still confused about why adding Google Search and video speed changes warranted a major version change.

  • @clank1013, we old-timers were begging for deletion of posts since the beginning. There is a lot of spam, and quite a few abusively stupid messages that get posted here (thousands of them one night as I recall) and they keep normal readers from being able to check the blog for interesting responses.

    People who just write “first post” deserve deletion, people who write “in-game xmb” fifty times in a message and post it do too.

    Don’t complain about the moderation — if you want the abuse and spam too, go discuss the same issues on another unmoderated forum somewhere. This one happens to be Sony’s blog and I’m glad they’re making an effort to keep it a little cleaned up.

  • Thanks for the heads up…

    2.4 is coming out in 3 weeks!!!


    SONY you make me sick. I’m tired with your smelly update
    I sell:
    3 fat psp (one original 1.00, one mgs limited edition)
    1 slim silver grey
    2 ps3 (one 60gb out of garanty BR cell dead, one 40gb)
    1 ps2 V9 silver edition
    1 pstwo V14 black
    1 PSX

  • No it isn’t.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    what is this 4.01 update (psp)and what does it really do????

    and this 2.something for ps3 what does it do or what will it do if someone can tell me i want to be excited as much as you guys are pls

    (i know im little out of date w/technology)
    thanks :)

  • Why were my comments removed? Everyone else was saying the same thing.

  • Nice, too bad you couldn’t have included this in the v4.0 update though since I just did that and now have to update once again.

  • One feature that should definitely be on there….. an email client.

    and one in which you can put your own pop3 account in if you wish..

    Also cross platform messaging on the PSN network from PSP to PS3 and vice versa would be nice too….

  • Cool. Next up? A messenger system aside from skype? PSN ID sharing with the PS3? Enjoy the upgrades

  • damn, some people already suggested what I thought would be nice on the PSP. The more the merrier!

  • Firmware are nice!!

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