PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.01 Update

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Hey everyone, here’s a quick heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.01, will be released soon. This minor update includes the following:

  • Display of search results under Internet Search has been improved for certain languages.
  • Playback of video content under Video has been improved for certain file types.

Look for this update to become available during the next few hours.

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  • Nice, can’t wait for it.

    Now how about Firmware 2.4?

  • nice, but this is not the update most of us are waiting for.

  • So since were getting PSP update v4.01 will we get update 2.40 on PS3 soon? I can’t wait until you guys announce it!

  • Thanks!

  • Wow, that was quick. From 4.00 to 4.01 in less than a week.

  • Thought it said 2.4 haha…didnt see PSP for a second. That was a quick update thanks!

  • Playback of video content under Video has been improved for certain file types.

    Could you tell us what file types?

  • Nice, but when are we gonna have the chance to connect to the playstation network from our PSP? FOr me the PSP is useless. I had locoroco, exit1 and exit2 but that’s it.

  • By connecting to the playstation network i mean to be able to send/receive messages from the PSP, in case we’re far away and not next to the PS3.

  • At least a time frame was given. Much better than just saying “soon” or something like that.

  • Oh wow finally. I’ve been waiting months, no years for v4.01 to finally be relesed and now that its is here, I just can’t be anymore excited!

    Seriously release 2.40 already. The announcement was great, but now that we know it is coming you shouldn’t feel free top take your time with it.

  • I wanna bet that there will be more posts about firmware 2.4 then this psp firmware update :)

    But anyway, keep them firmware updates coming :), love em.

  • Wait does this mean We Might Get Another Simotanous(or however u spell that word) Update. Cuz when 4.00 got realeased 2.36 did also! PLZ LET ME BE RIGHT!!!!

  • thank you Eric.

  • Guys relax. Sony always releases PSP & PS3 firmwares at the same time (Or atleast the same day) so 2.40 will come tonight.

    Or atleast I think so…dont really care just saying…HOPE IT COMES TONIGHT!

    On another note: PSP update looks good. Specially video playback improvement.

  • any idea if we will get divx playback on psp?

  • Jeez people give it a rest.They are going to post it on this blog.But everyone that keeps posting..Where is it? When is it? is wasting their time.

  • Any update on the PSN problems?

    When trying to access the PS Store…

    “An error has occurred.

  • Hey Eric,

    What kind of video playback improvements were made? And with what types of files? I’m really curious if this is something we’ll notice (better decoding?) or if it’s something we’ll have to experiment to discover (another codec supported, maybe Divx/Xvid?).

  • Any else getting the “suspended PSN” message? It is being displayed for all of my accounts!!!! I’ve never been so excited for what appears to be an error…. 2.4 is coming!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for addressing these issues quickly.

  • @21

    Yes, I am also getting that error too. I thought the maintenance was going to be done by now…oh well.

  • @ people crying about suspended PSN message:

    it’s because a new HOME BETA update has been released today. HOME BETA version 0.9.4, 86MB

  • FW 2.40 is coming. Leave poor Eric alone. In fact relax, it will be here soon, give all the writers on the PS Blog a break. These guys (and girls, I didnt forget about you Grace…) work hard to bring us info.

  • work harder i work all day

  • haha good quick updates, hopefully 2.4 is on the same schedule as the psp updates!

  • Chants_Is_My_PSN

    @28 Sev1512

    I know it’s coming, but we have been waiting a very long time for this feature. Btw how do I put that Gravatar on my PS Blog account?

  • @ Sev: so you said the trophies were REAL..REAL as FACT…

  • @26 Scheduled maintenance time was to end at 5pm EST. I was in the store earlier after I got home from work. Just for $#!+$ and giggles I tried to download the SOCOM beta again and received the error. Then hopped over to the store and received the same error.

    I just noticed on the Official PSN page it lists the PSN as Online and Store as Offline…

  • Hey Eric…. can you guys add more features to the search on google? I decided to give it a try today (of all things) to search for rumors on Firmware 2.40 for PS3 lol. Anyway the advanced search would have been nice so I can get all items after a certain date. Especially with rumors like the new Firmware update featuring a cheese grater and particle accelerator interface.

    Also I’m looking forward to seeing the PSP flourish in future updates as they’ve been a tad weak of late.

  • wow some comments just got deleted!

  • Nice, thanks for the update.

  • @24

    Woah there buddy, no one is crying…stop hallucinating…

  • Eric is there any way for you guys just to start releasing what the fans/consumers are asking for and not this stuff we could care less about?

  • @36

    ok no need to be rude to Eric its not his fault he’s not making the firmware he runs the blog and the video walkthroughs (of what I have heard)

  • Hey Eric,

    We know you probably cannot release v2.40 at this moment, but can we at least get an update? A video walkthrough? Something?


  • For all those always asking for FW 2.40, I hope you always piss your pants when you least expect it. Surprises are nice!

    And another PSP update already, yikes.

  • Screen Shot capabilities for the PSP!!!! It would be lovely if the updates where better overall then the last two, you guys can start with a screen capture mode.

  • Thanks for the Notice :D

  • Erasing my original post just got me even more excited.. Thanx mods.

  • Thanks for the minor update now lets put up walkthrough video for ps3’s firmware 2.4 update =)

  • Was funny that he posted about 4.01 before 2.40 and didnt even mention 2.40 :D

  • Eric-

    You are a brave, brave man for posting about a minor PSP firmware update after a week of deafening silence following your PS3 fw 2.40 “soon” bombshell 7 days ago. :-)

    Now we get to watch the 758 more unanswered “Where’s 2.40 ??” postings from the huddled masses.

    Why, oh why must you provoke them like this? ;-)

  • I forgot who it was at Sony that had an interview with 1UP and in that interview they stated the PSP would have a lot of updates in 2008, well there hasn’t been many and the ones that have come out are junk. Sorry but Google advertisement is an all time low for any handheld. With that move you basically sold out a lot of your user fanbase and said “money triumphs over loyal consumers”. That’s the message I and many others out there are getting, but what can you expect from a big corporation like Sony.

    If you listened to all the PS3 users who wanted in-game-xmb why not listen to the PSP users and give us what we want. Screen Shot Capabilities, more support for video formats, music formats, better visuals, and many more that I can’t remember. Everything asked for can and should be done.

  • Also would people please stop saying this update is good if you’re going on about FW 2.4 any PSP user knows this and the 4.0 update stink. Just post about 2.4 but please don’t give them any idea this update is actually useful. Sorry if I seem irate but this update madness has been going on for months and months, enough is enough already LISTEN to the user fanbase!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    not bad for a minor update
    I would, of course, really appreciate some more information about 2.4 this week.

  • thanks for the update eric: i for one really appreciate more video files to be played on my psp:

    but seriously; the wait for update 2.4 is killing me

  • @ 59


    I believe I am the only one actually posting about PSP firmwares and i’m being ignored as well so it’s not just you all it’s everyone!

  • @59
    Probably because every post saying “Where is 2.40? Please give it to us” is pointless.It’s done when it’s done and it’ll be posted up..All the crying in the world isn’t gonna change that.

  • @enewtabie
    “All the crying in the world isn’t gonna change that”.
    But at least they know that we are mad…even when i think that they dont care if we are mad and angry

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