North American-made echochrome Levels on the Way

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Hello again, PlayStation.Blog Readers!

I’m here to give you the latest update on echochrome for PS3. If you have the game, hopefully you’ve been enjoying the top user-created levels, as chosen by the developers themselves. These levels are available for a limited time only, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Thirty free, new puzzles are making their way to your PS3 over the next two weeks, starting Thursday. And to salute those of you in the USA and Canada, 29 of the 30 puzzles originate from North America (one from Malta!).

echochrome user-created levels in aggregate

The entries continue to roll in, and some of the names are familiar – meaning some of you are getting good at this!

echochrome user-created level echochrome user-created level

Once again, these additional levels will appear at random in freeform mode depending on the difficulty level you’ve chosen. The difficulty level is represented by the bars at the bottom right of the loading screen between freeform levels, and the difficulty for the next level can be set while the next level is loading by pressing left or right on the d-pad. Levels are picked randomly from all levels in your “gallery”, “portfolio”, and user created levels. Remember that in freeform mode, levels that have not been cleared are selected first – so if you’re specifically looking for one of these new levels, you may need to skip forward until you find the one you want.

echochrome user-created level echochrome user-created level

We’ve updated our flickr page with the new layouts, including credit for those who put in the time to make these interesting and complex puzzles. The difficulty level of each puzzle is also noted if you click on the individual puzzles. If you’re feeling inspired to create your own echochrome levels, here’s how to do it.

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  • Aw shucks, I didn’t see mine up there. :(

  • Maybe I’ll get this when those damn PSN cards come out :(

  • Wonderful. Thanks for supporting this title so much! I’m sure people also love hearing the ‘free’ associated along with the support :)

  • Ya, I need a PSN card too. :(

  • thank you Kumi!

  • I bought this game and love it but it’s too bright. I simply can’t play it at the current level of white it puts off because I have severe light sensitivity and when I turn down the contrast it just looks off and makes me tired for some reason.

    I’ve been playing it with sunglasses as of late, though. Hey, I’m cool like that. “ha”

  • I need a PSN card to buy this game

  • I want in game XMB!…Oh wait; that has already been confirmed…scratches head…I want PSN Cards!

    Stop the whining and post on topic!

  • About time! But hey, i have a quick question..a pretty important one to me to be honest. Please publicly release the level creation kits, so that we {gamers} could create our own levels. You guys will then host some mapping contests often, and the winner will see his map coming through free DLC. Thanks again for all the support!


  • Are you serious? I didn’t know we could make our own levels..i just got the game recently and never found any info regarding that. Thanks, i’ll get to work then

  • Again, gamesblow with the newly insightful comments — maybe that anniversary T-shirt they sent had some strange drugs laced in it?

    At any rate, I agree — this game needs a couple things; colour selection is one of them (rotating psychedelic colours should be avoided though). Personally though I’d mostly like to see the ability to get points of some form for the levels I upload that others play, and the ability to vote on the levels that I play of others.

    Back in the day, before Guitar Hero, there was a great little music game called Amplitude (same devs) and it had a feature where you could upload music for others to try and if they liked it and voted for it, it went on the featured tracks list for download. Something like that would be very cool — selecting levels from an online list, playing them, and voting for which ones we like.

    Of course the bonus is you don’t have to actually go through and check the submissions for free anymore, just let the database do it.

  • PSN Cards are popping up in more places according to the Kotaku story below.

  • Hey tell them PSN guys to get on the PSP 4.0 update on PC some of use don’t have wifi.

  • That is one hard game I must say.

  • I got the demo for this, it was AWESOME. But I just haven’t bought it yet. But now that we get 30 FREE LEVELS I will bye it ASAP.

    Thanks peoples!

  • Yo know what would be cool to do with this game? Allow custom colors, or custom themed backgrounds.

    Just a thought.

  • Those screens like puzzling.

  • “look puzzling”. I wish there was an edit feature for those typos instead of having to make two posts back to back.

  • This game is the trippy thing on the PSN. We need more games like this on the PSN even more classic arcade games would be nice too.

    M.C. Escher would play this game that is for sure.

  • @monkeyisland, yeah level design is actually pretty fun I found. I’ll have to get back into it, haven’t touched it in a few weeks, but since they’re including two of my levels in this update, I figure I should work on a few more — maybe some harder ones.

    Yes, I blog.

  • Nice, this game is very good addition to the PSN library

  • Main I didnt see mine there mines simple but yet can be confusing. “CODE NAMED HEART SHAPED BOX” :D

    To the People that doent have the PSN cards.

    Open up a Bank Account and get a Debit Card works just the same dude! long as it has a Credit card logo on it Example “VISA” it will work. ;)

    Enjoy, :P

  • then its not a debit card is it?

  • Cool. Can’t wait to try these out.

  • Some of these looks really good. You guys should have monthly challenges. For instance have everyone make a working puzzle in the shape of something like a Dual Shock 3, Toro’s face or Old Snake’s moustache :)

  • Thanks! :D

    Support is always welcome, and lately we’ve been seeing that in spades from everyone around. Even Capcom is warming to us. Praise to the developers. :D

  • Echochrome is nice and all, but I still think Crush on PSP is much better, too bad the sales are not good. Sony might consider to release Crush on PSN as a 2nd chance?

  • A free level pack is a great idea. Can anyone explain why this game is still not released by SCEE? I wouldn’t have thought that a global release for a downloadable game would be too hard. I want to give you my money!

  • @23 (tretle)

    Yes it is! its the same just works as a card linked directly to your Back Account!

    Go to your Bank and get one if you dont belive me!

    If your only a kid they your parents have to open you a bank account for you :P

    Tell then don’t complain because having a Debit Card is better anyways that way you dont have extra credit left on your PSN account and it will pay the full amount of the game and leave no change left over!

    @28 (WHAT)
    I had a Bleach Accident also only it was my GF haha :D

  • @ skaterricky – Just looked online. I have a debit card with my current bank and have had one with a competing bank before hand and both were maestro cards(laser). It seems that Halifax are the only company which offer visa debit cards in Ireland. Sounds way more useful than the maestro cards so might make the switch and finally enjoy some psn content. Thanks for the tip by the way.

  • nice too bad we cant buy the game since we dont have psn cards i forgot sony doesent care bout thier customers ohh and where is 2.40 release it already

  • This is such a great game, can’t wait for the new stages, thanks to all the creative gamers out there.

  • still haven’t bought this game yet. Once GTA IV rolled out I was too busy sandboxing it… then MGS IV and now I’m too busy sneaking it. LOL. just no time. Hopefully once I finish PJM encore I can settle down and finally buy this game. still gave it a 5 for effort. Glad to see that this game is going to continually be updated with user created levels. but still don’t know if i should buy it for the portable or the home console. decisions, decisions, decisions…


  • Why has this game still not been released on the PAL PS Store? Absolutely pathetic.

  • Very nice, bring on the puzzles. Can we get these for the PSP also?

  • oh, i want this game, too bad there arn’t any PSN cards in my area to get it with…

  • I’m considering getting Echochrome later on.

  • I bought it and it’s not as good as I expected.I want my money back.

  • @40cal: There’s a different game for the PSP with a different size of levels, so the levels aren’t necessarily easily ported from one version to the next. In a previous statement, they said they plan to keep the two separate entirely for the forseable future, but some of us who create levels could re-create similar ones on the PSP for download I suppose.

  • The demo for this game crashed my PS3. I’m not playing it anymore.

  • OK. but when in europe?!?!?

  • So, do these new levels add on to the old ones, or do they completely replace them?

    The one on the bottom left! (That has it’s own thumbnail!
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I wigged out just now.
    Well This inspires me to make more! Smaller puzzles are my expertise. ^_^
    OH! And if anyone is interested, I’m pooling together the echochrome community of the PSUnderground and migrating us all over to my dedicated server/forums this way we can properly build ourselves up as a community. If your’e interested please join the forums at

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