New Burnout Paradise updates coming to PS3

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Hi there! It’s great that Criterion Games has made it to the PlayStation.Blog, so with this first post it’s best that we bring everyone up-to-date with what’s been happening since Burnout Paradise was released at the end of January.

The truth is – we simply haven’t stopped.

Hunter Olympus

We’re into our “Year of Paradise” – 12 months where the Burnout Team keeps on developing exciting new stuff to expand and change Burnout Paradise (and in the process, we aim to radically change what everyone expects of downloadable content).

We’ve so far released our 1.1 update, and our second update, codenamed: “Bogart,” packed with fixes and game-enhancing features.

Now, we’re expecting our third FREE update codenamed: “Cagney” that’s coming on 10th July (yes, that’s FREE – just put your Burnout Paradise disk into your PLAYSTATION 3 and it’ll download automatically), and we’re really excited about it as we count down to its release.

We’re talking:

3 new Online Game Modes

  • Online Stunt Run – you and up to 7 others compete for the highest stunt score
  • Online Road Rage – where you team up and try to stop the other team from reaching their destination
  • Online Marked Man – someone gets called out and everyone else tries to hunt them down

70 new Online Timed Challenges

  • Everyone teams up to pull off stunts and other feats in the world, against the clock

New Vehicles (including the Hunter Olympus)

Major improvements to our Ranked Racing system

Plus heaps more, including:

  • 1080i support for PlayStation 3 owners with “almost HD” sets
  • Improved Standard Definition rendering for PlayStation 3
  • Support for Custom Soundtracks on PlayStation 3

Hunter Olympus

Outside of the game, our website, is changing too – we’re posting up to 4 stories daily direct from the team and we now have an audio and video podcast from the team that goes out on a weekly basis. This week’s podcast released on Friday, we’re talking in detail about what to expect in “Cagney” and the other game-changing updates beyond that.

The pace of change here at Criterion is breathtaking, so we’re going to be posting here on the PlayStation.Blog at least once a week to let you know more about what’s happening and what’s coming to Paradise City.

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