PlayStation Experience Back on Patrol

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This Summer, our two PlayStation trucks, The PlayStation Experience & The PlayStation Patrol are back out on the road, traveling around the country to popular events and concerts to showcase the hottest PlayStation products, and, thanks to some really exciting changes, they are better than ever.

Exterior Closed

We’ve transformed the PlayStation Experience truck into a social and community-focused environment for gamers with the addition of several highly-interactive and hands-on gaming areas.

We are showing a pre-release version of LittleBigPlanet to consumers in a specially themed area. LittleBigPlanet is certain to be one of the biggest games to hit PS3 this year and we are offering an incredibly rare opportunity chance to play the game months before it even releases!


A new interactive Rock Band stage enables consumers to try out their skills with the blockbuster game Rock Band and register for our summer-long contest “Take the Stage with Rock Band On Tour,” where you and up to three additional band members have the chance to win a trip to perform on a side stage at an actual concert event! You can check out the current leaders and learn more about the contest and it’s rules at

Rock Band on board

We also have a specially built SingStar Stage where SingStar PS3 comes alive as aspiring rock stars sing along to their favorite songs while watching the actual music video on screen from top artists including The Killers, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Outkast, R.E.M., Radiohead, Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls.


We still left in plenty of regular game stations so you can check out many of the latest releases on PlayStation 3, including the exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and PLAYSTATION Network (PSN) titles such as PAIN, echochrome and PixelJunk Monsters.

The PlayStation Patrol truck has also gone through it’s own metamorphosis. We created the PlayStation Player’s Lounge, a competition area complete with lounge seating and two 52-inch LCD big screen TVs for some of the best big screen battles ever.

Players Lounge

We did not want to stop there, so we built in two Gran Turismo 5 Prologue game stations complete with racing seats complete with Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheels!


With the five interior 40-inch LCDs still in play, along with tons of other screens on the outside, we left plenty of room for gamers to check out all the latest and best from PlayStation!

Full Truck Down Inside

We’ll be updating both trucks with new games throughout the year, including exclusive access to this year’s most-anticipated titles prior to their general availability. Click here and here to see whether the trucks are rumbling towards a town near you.

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  • This looks amazing, I would love to have a chance to be there…

  • if only in europe :)

  • Curious…how many new songs have been released for the PS3’s SingStar Store? They were promising hundreds every month. Just wanted to know what figure they’ve actually reached to date.

  • Now tha MGS4 it’s here, my most anticipated game is LBP, it looks solid as hell

  • Looks cool.

  • Things like singstar are killing the Sony brand. Singstar and motion controlled rip off devices.

    Aside from that, I’m happy to hear about Sony’s recent sales success the past week and hope it continues, but what I hope continues more is great games that appeal to more than just the casul “I’ll buy 1 or 2 games a year” crowd and more towards people like me who buy 10 to 20.

    Just saying.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    That looks assume i tried to click on the link (here) to see the locations but it wouldn’t let me but im pretty sure it’s not comming in Texas (San Antonio) but i hope im wrong if not pls think about it nothing ever exciting happens here just sports (spurs,cowboys train camp) nothing to do with gameing. so im crossing my fingers :)

  • Sweet, the new truck is awesome. Summerfest, here I come!

  • wow, pretty cool truck.
    And those sackboys are so damn cute .

  • Awwww I wish I could play to Little Big Planet, or at least see how people play. Come to Europe!!!

  • Love it!!!

  • Wow, those are amazing trucks…kuodos to the design team! Who’s paying for the gas this summer?! :)

  • will the ps3 portal be coming to miami florida, also would there be a listing’s on what area you’ll be visiting.

  • I would pay to get in on that action.
    Too bad there isn’t much chance of a Utah visit.

  • Man, those look cool. I wish one would come to my area, but I doubt it since I live in the middle of nowhere….

  • I will be finding one of these trucks somewhere!

  • That looks phenomenal… very nice choice of titles to show off too :)

    Throw in a playable Warhawk station!

  • Wow, I would have thought that this would be aimed more at people who weren’t as into PlayStation as folks who track the blog :) They won’t be coming anywhere within 1,000 miles of me, but one will be stopping in my little brother’s hometown, so I’ll have to make sure he knows.

  • Any chance this truck is going to pass in NYC? Looks like one hell of an experience.

  • You should spend your time releasing 2.4 instead of playing “pimp my ride.”

  • Come to Canada, BC… It rocks! here…

  • it’s like heaven on wheels! lol.

  • I love you Playstation

  • And no mention of the PSP anywhere in sight, seems like the rumors do tend to gain more credence with each announcement.

  • You guys did a great job with the updating of the truck! Any chance you could add Seattle to the “cities to visit” list?

  • oh my god, something on the blog that actually mentions Singstar. i never thought i would see the day. games only been out for a month but has not gotten any attention from SCEA

  • I saw one of these trucks or one similar at a local BestBuy I was pressed for time and couldn’t visit it. If I had I probably would have never left :-).

  • Wicked! One truck is going to be at summerfest! That is so worth spending $8 to get in!

  • Wow, this is like a PlayStation owners heaven. :P

    I need LBP.

  • I’d like to drive one of those trucks.

  • Those are two great trucks. Great job.

    I wish we could get that version of LBP as a downloadable demo on the PSN store

    Make it happen…Sony.

  • US only event ? How do you all choose which cities to visit and for how long ? It would be really nice to see you get around more.

  • You’re always welcome to hold an event outside my home in Allen, TX. Just let me know when. ;)

  • you guys did a great job upgrading the trucks but, with all that you also have to work on adding more cities in the line up for example houston or pretty much any city in the southern area .

  • Uh, when you guys are done with the truck can I have it? Please!

  • Who is it that designs these trucks? I’m assuming its an external contractor? Whoever does the design work is AMAZING!!! Even the exterior of the truck looks sweet.

  • I want to own that truck! :-) Paradise!

  • I hope one of them comes to denver this time. :)

  • Holy %%^* that looks awesome!!!!

  • Wow, can you imagine how hot it gets in that truck?

    I hope its got some serious air conditioning/ventilation.

    All in all it looks good.

  • weird maybe someone can answer this question:
    why is sony still supporting heavenly sword if word on the street they’re not going to do a second edition of the game? word is, sony turn down the idea of a second installment of the classic game.

  • Where can I get one of these trucks!
    Seriously though, holding a COD4 Tournament on GGL – Check it out if you’re interested.

  • Awesome! I’m glad Sony is doing some marketing during the summer when the kids are out of school. :P I’m glad Rock Band is being marketed as well, as many people associate that game with the competitor these days… maybe HMX and Sony can work together to get us voice-chat capabilities as well in the online game? It’s sorely missing, I’ve brought it up to the developers and this blog, but I haven’t heard anything.

  • These people on tour aren’t that great!

    Too bad it’s not coming in FL at all. :(

  • wow I think the truck is so tight but I wish you guys would come to Atlanta some time. If you guys do plan to come to Atlanta please post a blog so that I make sure to be there…

  • Those trucks are amazing! Looks like fun.


  • No Texas, do you all ever come to Texas? I am not talking about Austin and Dallas. There are other cities in Texas.

  • One of the trucks is coming to NYC, so I’ll try to make the trip in if I can.

    Sadly, the one with LBP doesn’t seem to be coming anywhere near, which would be my favorite of the two.

  • WHY DO YOU GUYS TEASE US SOOOO?!? OMG stop showing LittleBigPlanet everywhere!!! Soooo cruel!!!

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