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My name is Travis Williams and I am the Senior Producer for PAIN for the PlayStation Network. It’s been a while since I last posted on the Official PlayStation blog. Every time I have it’s been a great experience. You all have shown me “da-love” so I wanted to make sure that when there was something cool to share with you that I would be back. I want to tell you what we’ve been doing with PAIN and why you should pay attention to us in the months to come.

PS3 MGS Bundle

Before I continue let me say welcome to the new PAIN users that have come via the Metal Gear Solid PlayStation 3 bundle. We’re happy to have you. Between your covert world saving missions you might want to take some time to pass a little gas. I won’t tell.


Ahem…. Where was I? Oh yeah….

Tomorrow, the 19th of June we are releasing our next free update to PAIN. This will be a two-week process where each week we release new features and content to PAIN. This is a two-week process because we are perfecting our content delivery process. We have always had this goal with PAIN that we should be able to move faster with our content delivery than most games. If you are a normal PAIN blog reader you might laugh at that comment. They have been waiting for months for us to pick up the pace. Some of them were wondering where I’ve been lately.

While we are not completely done with this exercise I believe we have come a long way in making sure that the PAIN content delivery process is ironed out. In the coming months you will see new modes, characters, environments, and content options that everyone has been asking (or demanding) since we released in November (in the US). The great part about all of our future work is that it is worldwide. If I knew it was going to be this hard I would have shut my face before making such bold comments.

Oh well.. at least I am finally makin good right? Right?!


So what’s in the 6-19 update then? Here you go…

    Jukebox Play – Now you can play your own tunes inside of PAIN. If you have some time go back to my previous blog posts and you will see where you users took us to task about including this option. So it’s DONE.

    New Downtown Layouts – We have new configurations for downtown. Demolition and Block Party. Go to the trophy room after your update and you will see how to unlock these areas. You can also play these areas in HORSE now too.

    Multiple Character Selection
    – Many of our players wanted to play two player games with different characters. So there you go.

    Logo Skip – Now you don’t have to wait for the logo sequence to get right to the game.


The next PAIN update will happen a week later… This will include…

    Nigel – A nod goes out to Sony Europe for helping us make a hoodlum the right way. Nigel will be available for download.

    Platinum Club – If you are awesome at PAIN and earned all your Platinum medals then you will get brand new layouts for Spank The Monkey, Mime Toss and Fun with Explosives. You even have an exclusive leader board. Now that’s elite. If you are in the Platinum Club trust me… you have skillz.

That’s all for now. The PAIN content train is gaining speed. I’ll be back next month to tell you all about our brand new “Abusement” Park and how we are still as ridiculous as we were when we made Downtown.

I really should have more supervision… *Evil Laugh*


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