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My name is Travis Williams and I am the Senior Producer for PAIN for the PlayStation Network. It’s been a while since I last posted on the Official PlayStation blog. Every time I have it’s been a great experience. You all have shown me “da-love” so I wanted to make sure that when there was something cool to share with you that I would be back. I want to tell you what we’ve been doing with PAIN and why you should pay attention to us in the months to come.

PS3 MGS Bundle

Before I continue let me say welcome to the new PAIN users that have come via the Metal Gear Solid PlayStation 3 bundle. We’re happy to have you. Between your covert world saving missions you might want to take some time to pass a little gas. I won’t tell.


Ahem…. Where was I? Oh yeah….

Tomorrow, the 19th of June we are releasing our next free update to PAIN. This will be a two-week process where each week we release new features and content to PAIN. This is a two-week process because we are perfecting our content delivery process. We have always had this goal with PAIN that we should be able to move faster with our content delivery than most games. If you are a normal PAIN blog reader you might laugh at that comment. They have been waiting for months for us to pick up the pace. Some of them were wondering where I’ve been lately.

While we are not completely done with this exercise I believe we have come a long way in making sure that the PAIN content delivery process is ironed out. In the coming months you will see new modes, characters, environments, and content options that everyone has been asking (or demanding) since we released in November (in the US). The great part about all of our future work is that it is worldwide. If I knew it was going to be this hard I would have shut my face before making such bold comments.

Oh well.. at least I am finally makin good right? Right?!


So what’s in the 6-19 update then? Here you go…

    Jukebox Play – Now you can play your own tunes inside of PAIN. If you have some time go back to my previous blog posts and you will see where you users took us to task about including this option. So it’s DONE.

    New Downtown Layouts – We have new configurations for downtown. Demolition and Block Party. Go to the trophy room after your update and you will see how to unlock these areas. You can also play these areas in HORSE now too.

    Multiple Character Selection
    – Many of our players wanted to play two player games with different characters. So there you go.

    Logo Skip – Now you don’t have to wait for the logo sequence to get right to the game.


The next PAIN update will happen a week later… This will include…

    Nigel – A nod goes out to Sony Europe for helping us make a hoodlum the right way. Nigel will be available for download.

    Platinum Club – If you are awesome at PAIN and earned all your Platinum medals then you will get brand new layouts for Spank The Monkey, Mime Toss and Fun with Explosives. You even have an exclusive leader board. Now that’s elite. If you are in the Platinum Club trust me… you have skillz.

That’s all for now. The PAIN content train is gaining speed. I’ll be back next month to tell you all about our brand new “Abusement” Park and how we are still as ridiculous as we were when we made Downtown.

I really should have more supervision… *Evil Laugh*


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  • Finally this gets posted, I’ve been seeing this appear and disappear from my Playstation blog widget for a better part of the day. Hope I can get in on this.

  • Looking forward

  • @1

    Yes.. even if you google it was posted and when click in the link comes the error in the webpage.. oh well

    Anyway finally this update comes out… maybe I will give a rest to MGS4 then… tomorrow its a good day to PS

  • w00t cant off tomorrow for school, this summer r going to be AWESOMEZ!

  • Let me be the first to say that we want… no NEED a Solid Snake dude to throw around the PAIN world.

    With a MGS themed level, this would be sweet.

  • Finally, I was getting worried you had abandon the game like they abandoned High Velocity Bowling.

    Shame really.

  • Custom soundtracks for PAIN also? That’s awesome! Thanks a lot and can’t wait to download the update :)

  • I feel bad for the testers that have to play this garbage for more than a half hour.

  • will this game go down in price. if it does i will buy it?

  • Right on, Travis. Glad to hear the updates are still coming. It’ll be fun to rock a little Sex Pistols whilst flinging Nigel at some mimes next week!

  • Hey, WHAT(9). Bite us. Or considering the type of game this is, we’re going to bite you.

    Love this game, and just like with Super Stardust HD, this is going to get a ton more gameplay time with custom soundtracks! :D

    Glad to hear from you again, and definitely glad to hear this. …”Abusement Park”… XD

  • Cool, I played this again recently and was thinking “this game needs me custom soundtracks.

  • Hey Corky (from life goes on)(#11)

  • Awesome, haven’t played in a while and this will give me a new reason to. Is the second update (including nigel) also free??

  • welcome back Travis! we miss you around this waters :)

    I see PAIN is always on the top download games in the Store grats for that!

    PS: where are my Sony characters, I want to launch them already…

  • Sup Travis man… good to see you still around… Thanks again for you and your team’s work…

    @gamesblow – You wouldn’t have felt that way about PAIN if you would have checked out their blog – – Check it out and you’ll see what we have coming.. exciting stuff.

    @gamesblow – I do agree about bowling… Off the subject but I hope someone reads this as I was really looking forward to seeing what additions we would get for that game.

    Anyhow… Looking forward to the jukebox… I have a ways to go before I get Platinum Club… Weezy F will make things interesting :)

  • just release a new area, this is a joke, such a simple game…. the whole point was to have all this content, i would buy all the charectars if i wanted to play it anymore, but you can only roll that bowling ball a few hundred times…… cmon man just make some money and release it, we will buy it, than you have money to make more…. go back to college or hire someone for marketing or something sheesh

  • What I’d love to see is a free roam mode where you could beat up the mime and kick the monkeys and stuff. Cause damage on the ground or run across the rooftops Parkour style. That’d be sharp as a tumb tac.

    I, of course, don’t know how easy that’d be to pull of with the engine, but it seems to have physics in place for walking around on the peds. Who knows, maybe it could happen??

    As for High Velocity bowling, yes I am beside myself on that one cause it was my favorite PSN game until they stopped tweaking it and walked away from it. Novastrike and Pixle junk Monsters get my time now, but I’ve recently bought all the characters in Pain so I’ll be sure to check it back out again for the update.

    Again, thanks for coming back to the game and I hope to see these improvments met with great responce from your fans/consumers.

  • @ Travis

    Even though I have already read this post and all of its contents before it was removed, I would just like to tell you Travis, and the PAIN team, that your doing an awesome job. Even with these blog posts, I mean, its none of the PR [DELETED] (ahem, excuse me), its just genuinely talking to fans of the product, about whats up next. And for that, much respect and kudos..

    Even being so straight up, like acknowledging you probably said too much too soon, for example.. but honestly I dont mind the wait when you get such quality communication with the games creators.

    Great job, again, and I cant wait to be back on PAIN with all these new features. Plus when the new local comes in, its going to be like a whole new game!

    Keep it up bro, and thanks for the post!

    @ DanakandSticky

    Yea I hear ya, but I dont think its about them not wanting to release it, or timing it right… its about them finishing it and getting it done correctly. I bet they want money, they know people wanna buy it, but its obviously not as simple as drawing a level on a piece of paper and selling it.

  • Here’s the deal. Lower this game to $6 and I’m sold. Otherwise it appears to be nothing more than a gimmick game. Looks good but still gimmicky. I’ve been interested but it’s too expensive.

  • Seems…interesting. Definitely an update to look forward to for those with a PS3.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    cool… in game music.

  • Jeez, Travis; I damn near forgot I had this game. I was starting to think it’d never be updated and I’d be stuck with a $10 tech demo.

    Glad to know I was wrong (1st time for everything). Thanks, man. Look forward to it.

  • @gamesblow

    Yeah man, I feel that way, HVB had so much potential and they just throw it away… that’s true. The PSN games are the best downloable games in any console, originals, much more fun factor and everything but some of them look incomplete or loose the support.

    About that the Pain developers abandon the game nop… they have even their own blog and always updating some Thursday and always answering in every blog entry.

  • still play this game from time to time, love the fact it’s getting updated, now i can listen to drowning pool’s let the bodies hit the floor while causing pain

  • Awsome, this is what a good dev is.

  • I never understood the point behind PAIN, hence I never bought it bought have watched from the sidelines since its release last year. Its cool that you guys are still developing for the game. Great support for all your loyal customers! Is there anyone here that can give me a lowdown of the game and how it plays out?


  • To 28

    Pain is like… Well, it’s… um… It’s hard to describe what it is cause it really doesn’t have a genre.

    It’s like Circus Charlie, Kaboom, Darts, Lawn Darts and an amalgamation of several other games and past times thrown into one.

    The object is you take a guy and sling him thru the air and try to cause as much damage to him and the environments as possible. These give you points. The entire setting is fully destructible and they have crates of dynamite and other harmful things laying in wait.

    You character has different moves and poses thru the air that you can rack up points using.

    They have different objectives for you to do in the game, but enough freedom for you to find your own. Like, say you’re playing and you wanna knock off all the letters on a building billboard. You can. Stuff like that.

    With this patch it’ll go a long way in making the game extends its legs, so now would be the best time to buy it if you’re on the fence still.

    It’s a strange game, though. Don’t go in expecting anything at all cause it’s not like anything you’ve ever played before. It’s not gonna make you go WOW! This is the best game ever… but it’s going to make you say WOW, that sure is different.

  • How do we unlock the community function? Am I missing something?

    Bleeeeease, don’t hurt moi!

  • Good to know content is still being made for the game.

  • @28

    To sum all what gamesblow say, that it’s true… it’s fun as a party game, single player it’s fun but you will get bored soon in a couple of moths… if you have someone to play with you will have a lot of fun and laugh with it. To add a note, they are making a new theme and an online mode.

  • Does the fact that I was checking this page for this update every five minutes tell you how much I was looking forward to this today? I’ve loved every minute of PAIN so far, it was one of my first purchases and I’ve gotten every expansion on the day it came out. I’m excited to be honest. Keep up the good work man, it’s great to see a game developer with motivation on their side. (Especially in the face of either insurmountable doom or lengthy updates)

  • well i guess in game music sounds really good thanks for the update, hope to have more characters

  • Travis buddy! How is the work on those fainting goats coming along? I may have left the pain blog for a while, but I’m keeping an eye out for the fainting goats! :)

  • Nice update. Thanks! I would love to be able to record replays and upload them…hint hint.

    Thanks again!

  • Since you guys bundled this with the MGS4 bundle, it would be keen if you also made some MGS4 characters for pain to toss through the city.

  • Sweet!
    I had a question. Are the trophies in the game going to be visible on the XMB when 2.4 is released?

  • Very good news! I’m looking forward to playing with my own music.

    I think the first track I’ll play is, “Bring the Pain” by Method Man. :lol:

    Thanks Travis.

  • W00tini!!! I am ready for the Pain!!!!!!

  • I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know if Sony is going to be releasing more of the MGS4 bundles? All the people in my area bought them out in order to sell them on ebay, leaving me without a PS3…

  • @ Travis.

    I have not talked to you in a while. Whats been going on bro?

    First, thanks for the update, second, what have you been working on if anything new? Hope every thing has been going well.

  • great party game. does “theme” mean level? I sure hope so… thats what this game needs more than anything else… maybe 3 or 4 sometime soon? please?

  • Everyone,

    Before I get started let me say this about the High Velocity Team. They didn’t walk away from the game and they are hard at work on new content. I sit next to them and they are indeed working very hard to make new stuff for you guys. The PAIN team is MUCH larger than the HVB team so they have to work much harder. Be patient with some of the PSN teams guys. We work with smaller staffs and have to me much more agile. I don’t want to put words in the mouth of the HVB team but I know they are working.. HARD

    We’ve been working REALLY hard on PAIN since it launched. In a few weeks you guys will see more proof of it. This update was pretty big and had I had it to do all over again I would have just packed this into the new level. However, it just made since to reward the peeps that have been with us since day one. Every time people ask me what was the point of PAIN I keep saying it was to be pro and reactive to our users. Word is bond so we just need to keep delivering on the promises we made when we launched.

    There are more things I wanted to say but the suits wanted me to just keep this post about the patch. Cool things are afoot and I will be able to talk about them in a few weeks.

    I thought it was important to talk about some of the options/improvements to PAIN here because this is where we got the initial suggestions. Not only that but it was the strong response we got here that enabled us to have our own site. So thanks to all you posters who followed us to

    @OMGYawl: You are not connected to the internet or signed on to the Playstation®Network. If you were you would be able to click that button.

    @Apaz: Ask me that question again in a few weeks (Grin) Told you we’ve been working padnuh. Silence from me usually means I am working harder than normal.

    @psyXcho: I still maintain PAIN is worth every bit of that 9.99 price tag. We keep adding things to it. Only you can be the judge of that though.

    @Lakaihigh: We call PAIN a comedic sandbox. You do stupid skill based tricks. Sometimes you do them for the thrill of it. Or you have mode play where your actions are more directed and can be better measured. PAIN starts off pretty silly and ends being extremely competitive… and stupid. It’s the reason why we spent so much time making online work. (It’s coming)

    @KickMeElmo: If you thought this was cool wait till you see the new hotness. Trust me it’s cool. I’m looking forward to being able to say NAH! I told you guys we were working hard.

    @Mendezgato: There are some very funny new characters. If you don’t like my boy Kenneth you don’t like PAIN. TRUST.

    @Tirminyl: We are working on that feature. It won’t make it for the next area but it’s coming after that. It wont be just you record a replay and upload it. We got better plans.

    @TearsofAsh: If Kojima-san would let me I would launch all kinds of MGS characters. We have some pretty popular characters coming. That was yet another thing you all said you wanted in a poll we posted here so we have been working on that.

    @Clinton514: That track works well. So does anything the ODB has done. Try “What a Wonderful World” too. It’s kinda unsettling.

    @40cal: Sup padnuh? I usually hang out around the PAIN site now. I come here when they ask me to guest DJ. I do what I can. I am in Japan right now working on PAIN related stuff. There is a grip of new things we have planned. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon here. I’m glad you guys haven’t made voodoo dolls out of my image yet.

    @Evil Monkey: You will see a new level soon. I know that you have heard that before but the new “hotness” is in test now. You will see images of it soon. 3 or 4 new levels eh? Okay I will get to work on that. (That’s sooo not sarcastic either.) I am working on it.

    @Sentry: Thank you very much… and since we are working out of Sony Japan’s offices this week.. Arigatou gozaimasu

  • I am very impressed with you Travis. My friends and I eagerly await the fun. Good luck and Godspeed :)

  • “We have always had this goal with PAIN that we should be able to move faster with our content delivery than most games.”

    Lol. That makes me laugh. Especially considering how you guys have been “dressing up” the same downtown level instead of working on the real problem. Like putting out out a whole new level.

    Pain is the only thing I’ve ever wasted money on in the store. Needless to say I deleted it a long time ago. I kept waiting, because I thought a new level was coming, but eventually I realized that it wasn’t coming anytime soon.

    How you guys launch a game with only one level anyway? Even Novastrike, SSHD, and Everyday Shooter have more levels and they are the same price. You should have waited another year and worked on making the game worthwhile. Rant completed.

  • Seems like I’m asking this question a little bit too late, but here goes anyway.

    I read that you guys are adding in online capability. Would it be possible (in a future, much much further down the road) to add in a new mode, where in multiplayer games we could have simultaneous launching for greater, more PAINful moments? That would be great for the explosives mode (sorry I forgot the name of it :D)

  • I know I’m double posting, but I forgot to ask another great question!

    Will we ever see any of the PAIN content bundled together, and will the new locations be free? If they aren’t free, will you be able to tell us in the near future :D?

  • I have forgotten to get this game, I need to get my hands on this game. Hopefully you guys will continue to create amazing content and possibly a new game in a not to distant future.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the HVB guys, Travis. That’s great to hear cause I absolutely love the game. It is the best use of the Sixaxis to date.

    Anyways, I’m glad to see everything coming together on your end there and will be looking forward to what you offer us. I’m all for paying for new levels and characters and features all that. I think Pain is a pretty uniqe experience and for that worth every penny.

    Good job and keep making great content for the psn. It needs it!

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