Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Database on the way!

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Hi all – Firstly, we’d like to thank you for helping us make the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots a tremendous success, with a special thanks to the many of you who attended our midnight launches to support it. It was great to meet so many of you in person, and the some of the MGS related costumes were truly spectacular. We had a lot of fun, and we hope you did too.

Of course, the launch of MGS4 is just the beginning – with it now in your hands, surely you are finding that there is much to discover within the game itself. It’s packed with so much, in fact, that there is bound to be new revelations, strategies, and details in the coming months as everyone makes their way through every nook and cranny. Add in Metal Gear Online, with its endless and deep multiplayer game play, as well as new downloadable content forthcoming – there is truly so much more to come, with our continued support of MGS, that will extend well through this year.

With that, we are happy to reveal a very special surprise, upon the PLAYSTATION Store update tomorrow (Thursday June 19th) we will be releasing the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Database!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Database

The MGS4 Database is a free, downloadable interactive application that contains the official knowledge base of everything that is Metal Gear, reaching all the way back to the very beginning of the franchise. Including complete storylines, character profiles, relationship diagrams, and much more! The MGS4 database is a great way to catch up for someone new to Metal Gear, as well as a useful resource for any veteran of the series, with complete official details on every aspect of the intricate Metal gear lore.

The MGS4 Database also contains a special feature – if you want to make use of the database, but have not yet fully played through MGS4 yet and are worried about spoilers – all MGS4 spoilers are “blacked out” until you’ve beaten MGS4. Give it a try!

But that’s not all, within MGS4, check out the EXTRAS option of the main menu (if you haven’t already). There’s already new, free downloadable content available for the game – with new camouflage and a new music track for the in game iPod. There will be more forthcoming, so be sure to check this often!

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  • Simply unbelievable. Wow.

    I’m super hyped for Thursday! Woo!

  • AWESOME but can you please answer me a question WHEN WILL MGS1 COME TO PSN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DYING HERE!!!


  • I haven’t played all of the MGS games so the database is definitely a plus for me. Thanks!


    KONAMI/Sony Everyone said that we could listen to our own music through the IPOD.

    Do we have to connect our OWN ipod to the ps3 to listen to our own music?

    Or was 2.4 intended to be out sooner and release with Metal Gear Solid 4?

    I think this is a very valid question that everyone seems to be dodging. But I mean, you guys said we could. Even Kojima said it.

    Amazing game, just asking about this..

  • Now that’s some awesome news.

  • Damn, I was hoping it was MGS remake. :-p

    But this looks really good as well. Can’t wait!

  • im sorry:P but i realy lik this idea

  • You’re welcome!

    I waited in line 4 hours to get my hands on a copy. This is the best game i’ve ever played in my life!!!

    Good job everyone that worked on it.

  • What an excellent idea, its really something cool for any MGS fan to enjoy, no matter how many times you may have beaten the games. Good job Konami, I look forward to this and more continued MGS support in the future.

  • Wow! more greatness for an already great title. I no im on the right team. Go sony!

  • Wow, now THAT is awesome. The series is so damn big and epic that it needs its very own DATABASE in the PS Store, hah! And the fact that it blacks out spoilers using your game data (beaten MGS4 or not) is just genius!

    This will be perfect for people who have very little idea on the MGS universe, newcomers, and just those who want to refresh their memory.

    Great idea, really utilizing the PS Store in a smart way, in fact I dont think I’ve ever seen something like this ever released, so its new.. Cant wait to try it out!

    Thats enough of me blabbing about how cool this thing is… Keep it up.

  • Oh thank you so much. This is perfect. I ned to know who all these people i keep hearing are and what happened to them.

  • Oh I see what happened. You decided to put this update first, then the PAIN update. I see what you did there. On topic though… I never played the other metal gear games, will this help me get clued in on what I may have missed out on?

    • I hit the wrong button on that, it was published for a few seconds – long enough to hit RSS feeds. There *is* a PAIN update coming, just haven\’t nailed down the timeframe exactly. You\’ll read about it soon enough.

      ok, back on topic… nice avatar.

  • This is a great idea I have been catching up on MGS lore through wiki, but it’s nice to have it come straight from sony!!!

  • I love you guys.

  • This will really help out the new people with the franchise.

  • omfg…..I am this close -> || <– to selling my soul to get this game….I hate being broke..

  • Wow, this is unbelievably awesome. Thanks!

  • Very nice guys, that sounds like a cool reference app.

  • BTW: You know what would make me love you even more?

    MGS1 for sale on the European/Australian PSN.

  • tearsofash

    thats why we need mgs1 on the psn store, japan has it!! and yes itl help ya

  • will it appear on the uk playstation store tomorrow? and since in new to metal gear with mgs4 (great game) this is a very good idea.

  • Sounds spectacular. Loved every second of MGS4 that I’ve played – planning on going through it again shortly.

    Thanks for the resource!

  • OMFG!!! At last something worthwhile after all!

  • Sounds great. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the MGS games and MGS4 is an amazing ending to an already stellar series.

    If the decisions for music to be added to the have not yet been finalized, I must put my vote in for more Zone of the Enders music and references. I love that series.

  • Sick!! This is awesome!!! I’m picking up MGS4 on Friday, so I can use this to catch up on the storyline. This is really great news. Thanks for the post, Brandon….I think every Metal Gear fan is about to freak out when word of this spreads.


    Whether it is the GC or ps1 version.

    Anyhow, thats cool.

  • You just made my Thursday :) I look forward to checking out this database and reading over everything. Thanks to everyone involved :)

  • Sweet!

  • Im so getting this..thanks !!!

  • Awesome, I cant wait to check this out…

    I wonder if this is the real reason for FW 2.36

  • @ tearsofash [15]

    Yea I was wondering why it was taken down… Thats pretty damn retarded if that is what really happened… :\

    @ lostmongoose [19]

    I’m assuming you don’t have 10 bucks or so to go out and rent it? O_O

  • This is awesome! Will be downloading, thanks!

  • This is great for people who either followed the series (like myself) and forgot a few things, or is new to Metal Gear. Thank Konami!

  • This is great for newcomers and even vets to the series. :D

  • I was expecting MGS1 on the PSN store :/

    This is pretty awesome though. I beat the game on Solid normal, Big Boss hard, and The Boss extreme(with no alerts!).

  • This a very awesome and very welcomed feature.

    -A feature that I was hoping to find in MGS4 was the leader we used to have for MGS2. I thought the Password protected section under the EXTRAS menu was, a kind of twisted version at least.

    Brandon, can you tell us if this is a feature that is hidden somewhere in the game to be release later on for the world to see who is who and who got X rank and stats at the end of their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc… play-through MGS4? Thanks.

  • This is awesome and can’t wait for it.

  • @ Sev1512 [33]

    Hmmm, that would be funny if it was, but I doubt it. I am assuming it was just some general groundwork for in-game XMB, trophies, and other features to come in 2.40. But who knows they never tell us the real deal! XD

  • This is great now i can get even more knowledge of series, but I see everyone asking for mgs1 as a ps classic. How about you guys get konami to release metal gear 1 and 2 for the guys that didnt have a MSX. You could call it Konami Classics.

    BTW if you did do it might as well get Policenauts and Snatcher while youre at it.

  • Very very cool, guys. How often can we expect to see updates for the ingame podcast?

  • Awesome stuff. I look forward for what tomorrow holds! Great job Konami, Kojima Productions, Sony!

  • Awesome, can’t wait to download it. I’m also eagerly awaiting some more stuff under the Extras menu, lets get another episode of integral already!

  • snatcher and policenauts are great, i have mgs1 but i mean i dont want to scratch it anymore and it freezes alot so thats why i want mgs1 psn

  • NICE!! I like seen this! Also I hope to see MGO maps soon, some maps featuring parts of MGS4 should be badass like a map having the European River in the middle separating both squads and the only way to get to the other side is by the bridge or swiming.

    I just hope new MGO maps get up soon and I hope they don’t charge that much as those Extra characters or packs… which are like 3 bux for new talked quotes… Konami don’t you think that is a lot of talked quotes?

  • Excellent Job,

    Jeff, will this be on the Europe/UK PSN Store tomorrow?

  • “as well as new downloadable content forthcoming”

    single player DLC ?

  • Wow. A great surprise indeed! I can’t way to bury my eyes in the awesomeness that is the MGS story.


    I did my part in making this game a success! :)

  • Hey, as a MGO map can you make a Shadow Moses map? Please?

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