Don’t Look Now, There’s no Robot on Your Back

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In 2002 a spaceship crash landed on the planet Veldin, the home planet of a Lombax named Ratchet who would soon become one of the most cherished characters in videogame history. Emerging from that spaceship and pleading for help was a small robot named Clank. Six years, seven games, and three consoles later, Clank is returning the favor as Ratchet is framed for a heinous crime. It’s up to Clank to set the record straight in Secret Agent Clank, available today via retailers across North America.

A lot can be said about this new entry into the Ratchet and Clank series, but in honor of Clank, I’ll let this holo-vid do the talking for me.

Also, check out the downloadable demo of Secret Agent Clank on the PlayStation Store.

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  • I loved the demo and my little pre-order clank.

    This game will be awesome!

  • This game is looking pretty sweet (after watching the Qore content :P)

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    looks pretty good prob won’t buy it though because ill be on MGS4 for 2nd time also MGO!!! :)

    P.S. code name EternityVPSnake

  • This might sound odd – but this video was MUCH better than the one in Qore. Simply because it showed the PSP around it. It looked odd on a big screen TV, but when you see how awesome it looks scaled down on the PSP, makes me want to get it!

    Jeff, nice choice on “viddler” for the movie. I haven’t seen many people use their service, but the video looks really crisp and streams well at work!

    • Thanks! We\’re actually working with them to make a custom player. Also they\’re from Philly, so bonus points!

  • Maybe Sony should kill off their old ass Ps2, PSP and just focus all their money and effort on the ps3 since it is what needs the most work.

    Just a thought.

  • Looks pretty mediocre to me.

  • It’s a maybe for me. Whens the next R&C coming to the PS3?

  • Kazzam there’s supposed to be a PSN game called Quest for Booty. Maybe it’s an expansion pack for TOD.

  • I preorder this game but i didn’t get the preorder clank, that stinks.

  • I’m very psyched to pick this up, hoping that my local PS Store has it. Ratchet and Clank were pretty much the defining PS2-era franchise for me and have yet to lose their shine.

  • @ PirateThom & Gameblow

    Hmmm How old are you guys..? just shut up

    And yes Gamleblow i’m sure 8days was your main reason to get a ps3 even if you didnt see anything about the game or almost or got any infos

    Btw stay on topic its about clank on psp…

  • So, it’s out today? Why must so many games come out when I am broke? Haha.

  • Meant to preorder, guess I will just wait for when I have the spare cash and the time since I do still have quite the back log to play through.

  • @13
    No need,he’s a troll.I can’t see why Jeff hasn’t banned him yet.Guess I need to send another message about that.

  • I may have to pick this up considering I’m a huge Ratchet and Clank Fan ^__^.

  • I don’t really care for it. We need more original 1st party games, sequels and branch off’s are getting played out. Just another way to make a quick buck but we give into it anyway so who cares. Jak & Daxter = Daxter now Ratchet and Clank = Secret Agent Clank. Sony need to revive some older games back in the mix for the PSP.

  • It’s Clank’s time to shine! :D

  • Looks good, but not my type. I am thoroughly enjoying MGS 4.

  • I gave one of my PSP’s to my mother and my wife snagged one as well. They will both enjoy this game. You can count +2 sold from me.

    PS. Lower the prices on the games some.

  • Although my gaming funds are currently dry due to MGS4 I will be picking this game up as soon as my funds recover from bills / rent. Great vid I can’t wait for this!

    I also agree with WHAT’s PS, PSP games should be lowered at the stores as well as on the online PS store, but that’s a post for Thursday.

  • @ StalkingSilence

    Viddler is awesome.
    Jeff Rubenstein, I didn’t know you can’t Timeline comment on embedded videos. That is the real awesome feature of Viddler.
    Check it out at their website,

  • @ DTX

    You make a valid point but when no other games are coming out that are worth the buy, what can you do but give into buying the “branch off’s”. Daxter is an excellent game I am sure Secret Agent Clank will be as well, I wouldn’t write them off simply because they’re not a new original title.

  • @ Daver

    Yes, Eightdays and Uncharted were my 2 reasons for not buying the xbox 360 this gen. I’ve always supported Sony but when they said the ps3 was being delayed and the xbox 360 was already on the market, I had doubts of getting ps3 until they showed Uncharted and Eightdays at E-3 that year. Uncharted had no name at the time. I remember it very well.

    As for the others who keep saying I’m a troll or whatever, no. I’m not. I own 18 ps3 games now, 37 PSN games and a slew of downloadable content and literally over 120 ps2 games. I won’t get into PSP and PS1 games, either.

    I have supported Sony since the ps1 and have spent thousands and thousands and thousands on their products. I have a 47 in 1080p Bra-via to boot.

    Yet, I’m a troll? I think not. I’m just a consumer who’s a little in the dark as to why Sony hasn’t fulfilled my needs and other gamers who share the same taste in gaming as me.

    I don’t like online gaming. I don’t like casual little mini games. I hate motion controls. I turn the sixaxis off every chance I get. I don’t need none of that. I just simply want good single player games. RPGs, Action, Platformers. Is that so much to ask after I’ve supported their products for over 10 years now?


  • How long until the PS2 port? Might as well ask seeing that it’s pretty obvious that it will happen.

  • I preordered the other day (no Clank figurine unfortunately). I can’t wait anyway since I really love the demo.

  • Cool video.

  • This is probably one of the few PSP games I will be buying.

  • Good game. I loved the demo.

  • darn, sony, i’d get this game, except, i sort of need a psp with a fixed analog stick, anyway to fix that?

  • Anyone get one at Circuit City? I’d like to go buy them today.

  • I totally love the video with the PSP around it. Looks great, you should do that for all the PSP videos from now on.

  • Well got my copies today. Taking one over for my mother tonight. She’ll love it. I showed her the trailer on this blog. She set this site as a favorite. So you might be getting [DELETED] out buy my mother for the lack of the types of games on the PSP. Which sucks to be you. :P

  • I’m at the pupet boss how do you pick up the puppet’s when you shoot them it shows on my screen but not in my item window what button do I hit to get the puppet to show in my item window? somebody help me!

  • This game is completely awesome! I love the first mini game you get to play when Clank is doing the sneaking. It’s really a unique way to do that. Love it!

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