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The theme of the week isn’t hard to guess, with Metal Gear Solid 4 posts bookending the week. Speaking of which: enough writing – I’m going back to play some more.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Gun of the Week: M82A1 – You requested it, so we did it. Ain’t life grand? Come look at the M82A1.
  • Dev Q&A 06 – The sixth Q&A covers things like leaderboards and female characters.
  • Stay Informed – Game Informer is coming!
  • Poll of the Week: Win, Lose, In Between? – Why do you play SOCOM?
  • Dev Q&A 07 – You’ve got questions – Seth Luisi and Allen Goode have answers. Come get the low down on the resolution.
  • Game Informed – We are here to discuss the new SOCOM: Confrontation preview in Game Informer.
  • Sneak Peek: Headgear – Are you a fan of boonie hats or baseball caps? Luckily, both are in-game.
  • Friday the 13th – I woke up this morning and stubbed my toe on thirteen new screens. Happy Friday the 13th!
  • EU Dev Q&A 01 – Shijima is back and answering tons of questions. Come see what’s new.

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  • Hey would you look at that am I first? That never happens. Overall a pretty decent week in the gaming world, back to MGS4 I go, excellent game!!

  • I wonder how many trophies I unlocked in Metal Gear Solid 4.

  • BTW, how do we use the iPod in MGS4 to listen to our own music on the XMB? I was listening to the podcast and it said we could. Has anyone figured out how to get it to work?

  • Thanks for the recap Jeff. Pretty good week.

    I’m actually looking forward to your article of PlayStation news around the net, because I want to see if a certain story ends up there. ;)

  • PSN cards in Meijers?? good work MK

  • God, MGS4 is so badazz, Keep me busy till Socom. It’s nice to see the PSN cards have hit here in Michigan. The only thing now missing is that elusive 2.4 FW update….

  • I can’t wait to get MGS4. I envy those who have it right now! =(


  • A week to be remembered, for the legendary launch of MGS 4.

  • @3 VenomX

    I haven’t Yet Figured that out also!

    But our Brains togeather and we could figure it out unless it will be apart of 2.40

  • i love mgs4…..10 out of 10 from me…other games i dont play
    now wheres my f.w 2.40 sony i need ta now the time as i play mgs4 please..thanks sony;-)

  • For the Ipod music, on the main menu go to “EXTRAS” there should be a headphone icon, from there download away!

  • what’s a PS’B’? i guess it a typo right?

  • Oh wait, I think that just downloads songs from a server to your in game Ipod. Nevermind the search continues!

  • I really wonder how will be the socom game. I never played one in my life only in the PSP and I don’t like it. But from what I saw in Qore it will be reaaaally good.

    By the way, I wonder how many trophies I have by now too lol.

    For the record… Gamespot give MGS4 a 10, why I celebrate? because they hate the PS3 lol.

  • The PSB & Weekly Recap???
    PSB = Pet Shop Boys!!! ;-D
    Brill week ;) MGS4 Rocks!!! ;-P

  • PSB= PlayStation Blog

    good week – cant wait to get my hands on MGS4
    soooooo jealous of anyone and everyone playing it already!

    • No, it\’s Pet Shop Boys LOL.

      So since we\’re all talking about MGS4, does anyone know how to hold up PMCs and shake them down for items?

  • For those who haven’t played it yet, if you have the money RUN to the stores it’s well worth the money.

  • It was a good week, thanks for the link to again.

    I lost it last time and have been meaning to check it out.

  • ill be the first to say…

    when will fw v2.4 come????

    all we want is a release date.

    how come we never get any of that info?

    .. oh yeah thats y i bought qore.. (guess that didnt help)

  • Give us 2.40 or we will come with torches and pitchforks.

  • and that’s a wrap! Now going into the Third Act of MGS 4. I know I’m gonna have to fight the Raven sometime. The laughing Octopus freaked me OUT!

    @ C-h-a-o-s – yeah you better run charles… LOL. sorry I had to. :)

    @ oukast and santana – way to stay on topic! great job guys. you sure know how to bring the spirit down here on the good ole blog. Just go back to MGS IV or GTA IV and enjoy what you have instead of moaning and threatening.


  • Can’t wait to see whats up with MGS Mondays.

  • 2.4 demonstration Sunday or Monday.

  • MGS4 is awesome. I’m so bad at the game though I’m still on Act 3, bought it on thursday afternoon. good week!

  • ****************************************
    @Jeff ;)

    You can knock them out or Shoot them and then pick up there body and then drop them to the ground and then you will Snake there Gear they had.

    Hope that Helped any :D



    • Thank you, that does work. I see that someone below mentioned how to do it before you KO them.


  • Oh yeah, sorry to double post but, FREE TIBET and where or how can I put my OWN music on my MGS4 ipod.

    Lots of product placement int he game. A mac g 5, and allinone mac, lots of mac stuff, why? why not Sony Vaio computers and monitors and tv’s? why Apple? I like the PS3 int he room and what game is the little girl playing? is that old school Ridge Racer?

    Also off topic, who did the score for Battlefield Bad Company? I would love to get my hands on some DL’s of the music. It’s really great old skewl jazz. Help a bro out yo!

  • To hold them up at gun point you have to sneak up behind them without being noticed and aim with a pistol (L1 default) so you can use your other hand to start shaking them down for items.

    while we’re talking about MGS4, the ingame podcasts says you can listen to your own music on the ipod, but that functionality isn’t available. Was this a mistake on ryan paytons part for saying it, or is this coming down the road?

  • @ JEFF oh yeah you have to use triangle to start searching, if an exclamation comes up press triangle to steal more.

    oh yeah, thanks for keeping the blog amazing!

  • The BLOG is awesome JEFF but you need to shed some light on the firmware update 2.4 PLEASE!!!!!!!! I know you can

  • when will Qore users get to download the SOCOM beta someone please answer PLEASE!!!!

  • It was definitely a good week. :D

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