The PSB & Weekly Recap

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The theme of the week isn’t hard to guess, with Metal Gear Solid 4 posts bookending the week. Speaking of which: enough writing – I’m going back to play some more.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • Gun of the Week: M82A1 – You requested it, so we did it. Ain’t life grand? Come look at the M82A1.
  • Dev Q&A 06 – The sixth Q&A covers things like leaderboards and female characters.
  • Stay Informed – Game Informer is coming!
  • Poll of the Week: Win, Lose, In Between? – Why do you play SOCOM?
  • Dev Q&A 07 – You’ve got questions – Seth Luisi and Allen Goode have answers. Come get the low down on the resolution.
  • Game Informed – We are here to discuss the new SOCOM: Confrontation preview in Game Informer.
  • Sneak Peek: Headgear – Are you a fan of boonie hats or baseball caps? Luckily, both are in-game.
  • Friday the 13th – I woke up this morning and stubbed my toe on thirteen new screens. Happy Friday the 13th!
  • EU Dev Q&A 01 – Shijima is back and answering tons of questions. Come see what’s new.

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