PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

PS1 Classics for PS3/PSP

Syphon Filter 3 ($5.99)
Enter a world of deceit and secrets. Gabe Logan and Lian Xing, exiled agents from the top secret Agency, are on trial in the Senate for crimes they did not commit. As they recount their adventures in pursuit of the Syphon Filter virus, the virus is secretly being unleashed throughout the world. Working against time, Gabe and Lian Xing must clear their names and discover who is behind this deadly plot.
ESRB Rated M
File size: 398 MB

Add-on Game Content

Army of Two: Veteran Map Pack presented by Pontiac (free)
Extend your Army of Two experience with this map pack featuring two additional co-op campaign maps, plus a new multiplayer map.
File size: 532 MB

Guitar Hero III: Isle of Wight Festival Track Pack ($6.25)
“Shoot the Runner” by Kasabian, “Problems (Live at Brixton)” by The Sex Pistols and “I Predict a Riot” by Kaiser Chiefs. For all song credits please visit
File size: 44.3 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Girls Who Play Guitars” – Maximo Park ($1.99)
  • “Bullets & Guns” – Them Terribles ($0.99)
  • “Moving to Seattle” – The Material ($0.99)
  • “A Clean Shot” – The Myriad ($0.99)
  • MTV2 Pack 01 ($2.99) – includes “Moving to Seattle” by The Material, “A Clean Shot” by The Myriad, and “Bullets & Guns” by Them Terribles.

File sizes: 19.6 MB – 43.4 MB (singles), 89.4 MB (track pack).

Game Demos (free)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo
Experience the ultimate team-and mission-based multiplayer warfare, defined by award winning Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer, now set in the legendary QUAKE universe.
ESRB Rated Teen
File size: 1.29 GB

Game Videos (free)

GameTrailers TV – Resistance 2 Teaser
File size: 32 MB (1080)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots “Theatrical” Trailer
File size: 133 MB (1080)

Kung Fu Panda Launch Trailer
Kung Fu Panda is available now! Use awesome Kung Fu moves as Po and the Furious Five to defeat evil in this new adventure from the movie and beyond.
File size: 66 MB (HD)

Fatal Inertia EX Phoenix Trailer
Climb into the cockpit and experience a brave new world of combat racing.
File size: 113 MB (HD)

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008
The quest to find the best FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 player in the North America was recently held at GameStop Citywalk in Los Angeles. Relive the excitement and check out the highlights video.
File size: 125 MB (HD), 207 MB (1080)

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Leader’s Quotes Trailer
Build. Discover. Dominate. Inspire. Get a glimpse into Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution in this new trailer.
File size (English): 56 MB (HD), 75 MB (1080)
File size (French): 14 MB (SD), 53 MB (HD), 69 MB (1080)

Hail to the Chimp: Inshellitron
Hail to the Chimp, available now on the Inshellitron!
File size: 24 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)

Hancock Trailer 2
Edgy, conflicted, sarcastic, and misunderstood, Hancock’s well-intentioned heroics might get the job done and save countless lives, but always seem to leave jaw-dropping damage in their wake…
File size: 38 MB (SD), 142 MB (HD), 218 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Metal Gear Solid theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 7.73 MB

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

PixelJunk Monsters Soundtrack Wallpaper
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new PixelJunk Monsters Soundtrack Wallpaper.
File size: 195 KB – 813 KB


Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Downloadable Games

* Syphon Filter Dark Mirror ($15.99)

PS1 Classics for PS3/PSP

* Syphon Filter 3 ($5.99)

PSP Themes (free)

* Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 themes (x2)

PSP Wallpaper (free)

* Syphon Filter Dark Mirror wallpaper (x8)

Game Music (free)

* Syphon Filter Dark Mirror tracks (x9)

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Good update, but I’will be playing only MGS4 for a while, MGS4 Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • good update

  • Hey Grace. Can you tell whoever is putting up the Ps1 game to NOT putting up games closely related to an upcoming PSN/Ps3 release game? You know it would be SUPER to stop doing that and release other ps1 games that are far more awesome rather than going along with what you consider customer “interest”

  • Good update, I want to point that now I see at least 1 PSOne in the update, which makes me happy, so I won’t summon Meteor over your houses this week ;).

    Now please, try to give us RPGs, either new ones or PSOne’s

  • just a thought.. is Qore going to be the place for demos more than the store now?
    and when will we see a demo for Afro Samurai.. the preview looks great

  • pretty good. At least we got 1 new PS1 classic. Any word on when we’ll see some more? I’m not really into Syphon Filter. :)

  • finally..i can try QW before i buy it..stupid blockbuster doesn’t have any XD

  • Great MGS4 theme!!! yeaaaah

  • Seems like a great update, good to see that the PS1 Classics program is still in order (although I’d like to see more titles, specifically from third-party companies)

    Harmonix needs to bring some more Metal to Rock Band, the game has enough punk songs, imo.

    The Quake Wars demo sounds cool, I love the old Quake games and the Enemy Territory mod for Wolfenstein.

    That said, once I get home, I’ll only be playing MGS4.

  • Can anyone explain this?

    Very disappointing… hope it’s an error.
    Also want to vouch for more PS1 RPGs, and what happened to that game Dark Mist? Why haven’t we got that game yet?

  • Awesome, great update. We’ll see if this MGS theme rivals (NeoGAF’s) modus’ fantastic MGS theme

  • Lousy update. Sorry, I’ve been waiting for a good PS1 game to play and what do they give us. Syphon Filter 3?! With the launch of MGS4, you would think they would hook us up with Metal Gear Solid. The Japan PS Store has it. (Along with Resident Evil 1 and 2) Why can’t we get these games in North America or Europe or anywhere else? I shouldn’t have to have a Japanese account to enjoy the REAL classics. I never complain about updates to the store but we really should have been given MGS today. I know that Sony is a Japanese company, but they make a [DELETED]-ton of money off us Americans and the rest of the world. CMON SONY, Have a worldwide PS Store.

    I usually like what’s put on the store, but today is a huge letdown.

  • Nice updates, now it’s time for me to gets ta downloadin.

  • any news on when metal gear solid is coming to the psn, anyways good update i was waiting for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo, but now metal gear solid 4 is out, perhaps ill check it out this weekend

  • Disappointing update. Where is MGS for the PS1? Syphon Filter?! MGS4 is out, you would think we would get the classic released today. Why does the Japanese store get all the good stuff? MGS, Resident Evil 1 & 2. We get Medievil and Crash Bandicoot. I don’t ever complain about updates but today is a letdown.

  • where’s konami’s suprise???

  • Gonna be playing QUAKE Wars for certain. Great demos last couple of weeks. The theme sounds good too, at least a little connection for me to “the game”. Maybe around x-mas I’ll get to play it, though I’ll be well into Fallout 3 by then. . .

    oh, and first post! w00t!

  • I know that Sony is a Japanese company, but they make a ton of money off the rest of the world too. CMON SONY, How about a worldwide PS Store with the same content for everyone? Don’t pretend it cant be done, you guys made the PS3!!!

  • Good update, and I’m with Dann7978. Where is the Konami surprise? I’m aware that any info may ruin said surprise but I would appreciate it.

  • Very nice; Syphon Filter is always a good choice :)

  • Is there anyway to retrieve my password for the Blog?

  • Nice Thanks for the update.

  • Does the theme count as the surprise? From what I have read it is really well done and thought out.

  • Is the Resistance 2 GTTV trailer a new one that shows gameplay?

  • Awwww. Now i’m sad. I was SO hoping that the US PSN store would get MGS1 as a PS1 classic.

    And I figured since the Japan PSN store has had it for a while, today of all days would be the PERFECT time to unleash it on the US PSN store.

    But alas, i’m saddened. :(

  • Why did you guys increase the Price of your PSP games on the PC Playstation store?

    1/2 those games can be found cheaper on now.(SOCOM, The Con, Kingdom of Paradise, Wipeout and Gangs of London)

  • I like how the Army of Two gamers get a free maps presented by Pontiac, will this be a trend now to get corporate tie-ins to stuff. I like it to get free stuff presented by someone else.

    I can only imagine, New Resistance 2 maps Free presented by St. Ives.

    Quake Wars here I come,

    PS: The PixelJunk Monsters Wallpaper is a wallpaper not a theme, someone may want to change that.

  • not a bad update. i’ll have to look at that quake wars thing, that is, after MGS4

  • WOW, I’ll be a monkeys uncle is that a PS1 classic I see? And it’s one from my favorite series!!!!! Good job people, the PS1 classic the drought is over I hope this will be a regular thing now (it is for Japan). The rest of the update is kind of not so decent BUT the PS1 classic makes up for it.

  • Good update.. i mean MGS4 is out!!!

    Oh 1 thing i would like.. Can you make a Little big planet theme with the picture of the “sackboys” or w/e their names lol costumed in killzone. That would be great! That was my little request :)

  • Q: when will you add new music for the ingame ipod on mgs4?

  • Resistance 2 and Hancock Pew Pew
    and anyone else liking the Civ game after playing the demo. i’m seriously debating picking it up in a few mins

  • Where is the Konami surprise? Was it the theme or the trailer? Sorry had to ask. :)

  • Good update!

    Bring on more Ps1 Classics! :)

  • Not quite a ‘packed’ update this week, but still good to see a few more things added to the store!

    oh, And I recall hearing that some of the prices on the PC PlayStation Store has some price changes on the PSP games, namely some being a few dollars more than than they were the previous weeks.
    If true, that kinda sucks, but I guess there’s some things behind it that I don’t know yet…

  • Hey guys, why no Syphon Filter tracks on the PS3 Store? I don’t use a Windows PC, and can’t use your client for the PC store. When will you stop that silly practice anyways?

  • @29 RoAcH2285

    I think it might be the trailer it’s in a bold orange color.

  • Syphon filter 3?? Where’s 2? Am I missing something here? Anyways, not the best update, but not the worst. I still have the taste of the midway days in my mouth and it isn’t going down easily.

    Nice effort, but I’d like to see Suikoden, Alundra, tomba, Legend of Dragoon and resident Evil D.C. on the U.s. playstation store, Sony. Silent Hill wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Not bad, where’s Fatal Inertia EX? Anyway, nice to see another PS1 Classic. Thank you for realising that Syphon Filter 2 was filth and skipping it in favor of the superior part three.

  • baller update. thx for syphon filter! keep em coming.

  • My god I wouldn’t complain, we actually got a couple of games to put on our psp’s and we don’t want to piss them off, so they won’t give us anything again for another few months. But still I know there are so many good games that Japan gets that we don’t and I still don’t know why. I mean we get lots of sequels (how man crash bandicoot games) why not an RPG or two? Maybe a survival horror game from ps1? (8 years in the army will make army-type games boring) Uh.. Great update though, keep it coming.

  • Why did you increase the price of PSP games on the PC Store?

    The Con was $19.99 now $9.99

    LocoRoco was $21.99 now $22.99

    Kingdom of Paradise was $10.99 now $16.99

    Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee was $10.99 now $15.99

    Ape Escape: On the Loose was $9.99 now $15.99

    Twisted Metal: Head-On was $14.99 now $15.99

    SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo was $14.99 now $15.99

    Gangs of London was $11.99 now $22.99

    Wipeout Pure $10.99 now $15.99

    Wipeout, Gangs of London, SOCOM, The Con and Kingdom of Paradise are all now cheaper on then on the PC PSP store. That makes no sense.

  • Thanks for the update

  • Any info on Singstar updates for the US? I haven’t seen a post in the blog about Singstar in a very long time. Are we ever going to get songs in the store that are popular over here and not just get bits and pieces of the UK updates? The game has been out for almost a month now and no word has been mentioned. Any info at all about what songs we will be getting or how we can request songs or at least get the songs from the previous games would be nice to know.

  • @39

    Just let the in game xmb go. Pleae, it ain’t happening this month and probably not next month. Maybe someday Sony will just drop it into our laps after we’ve forgotten all about it.

  • Sadly this update doesn’t offer much to me, but alas theres always next Thursday, i’ll take the free content though! I would like to see a demo of afro samurai as well, it looks sweet and with music done by the rza, I’m there.

  • Updates are good… mmmkay ?

  • The Rumor for in game XMB is “Summer” and “Summer” ends Sept 20th or so. Throw in a normal Sony Delay and we’re likely looking at November if we’re lucky.

  • @skynida

    2.4 is not here because Sony hasn’t said ANYTHING about it! EVERYTHING ABOUT 2.40 ON THE INTERNET IS SPECULATION AND RUMOR! Sorry for the caps, but I had to get that point across since a lot of you seem to be taking it for absolute truth.

  • nice update. glad to see you guys are putting up more PSN games. two things: 1) can you put up more classic arcade games in your “Old-School Classics” section? and 2) can you put up MORE PS1 games, especially the good ones like ALL of the crash bandicoots and ALL the tekken games, and maybe even the first metal gear solid?

    and can you guys give us the update with in-game xmb and trophies please??!??? thanks

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