The PSB & Weekly Recap

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‘Twas a busy week on the ol’ PSB this week. Check out the Metal Gear Monday post for some real, tangible hints on how to play the game (spoiler-free). Special thanks to Noel for delivering a post yesterday on making your own PS3 themes. Posts on Qore and the Store brought you lurkers out of your shells to the tune of several thousand comments. Spammers aside, it’s nice to know you’re out there.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

  • You Decide! – The community hits me with a ton of new ideas for posts here.
  • Public Beta Announcement – “The most Anticipated Announcement of the Year” for $2000, Alex.
  • Dev Q&A 04 – Seth Luisi and Allen Goode are tag-teaming your questions. Click through.
  • Another SOCOM Patch! – Fireteam Bravo 2 just recently hit 1.50. Come check out the new and revised features.
  • Poll of the Week: XR vs UW – XR? UW? What is this arcane slang? Crossroads and Urban Wasteland. Which do you like more?
  • Gun of the Week: IW-80 A2 – The Gun of the Week and a neat little tidbit about the way spent shells work.
  • Dev Q&A 05 – It’s the fifth Q&A, so we’ve got five questions for you. It’s the definition of a happy coincidence.
  • Sneak Peek: Camo – Click on over for a quick look at one of the new features in SOCOM: Confrontation.
  • Go Fireteam! – Go to the PlayStation Store and pick up SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 and a few music tracks.

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  • It’s been a good week :)

  • thanks for the recap. the amount of comments on the store update was a lil insane to say the least!


  • yeah, it’s been quite a week… man, when I saw that store post with 5200 comments, I was like WTH???!!

  • Yeah, this was a great week in the world of PlayStation.

    Now, all I need is MGS4!!!

  • One of the best weeks of PS3. June is the best month; with MGS4, BF:Bad Company, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, PSN downloads, Qore and hopefully 2.40 update with trophies & in-game XMB? =D

  • “Posts on Qore and the Store brought you lurkers out of your shells to the tune of several thousand comments. Spammers aside, it’s nice to know you’re out there.”

    “Now with 1500+ comments!”

    Unbeleivable, You had over 5000 posts, most complaining about the lack of update and you act like this is a good thing???

    Sure you had content on this update, first time in nearly 30 days. And it was a good update. But you had to or people would be screaming that it all went to Qore. Lets see how good of an update we get next week…If we get one.

  • Give us 2.4 on Tuesday plz.

  • The God of War PSP Bundle or the Madden 09 Bundle? Decisions, decisions…

  • GhostInTheVoid is right. “Now 1500+ comments!” You had over 5000 comments of people complaining. But that update was the best update we’ve had in… well since ever. Please release 2.40 THIS MONTH~~~!!!!!!!

  • There wasn’t nearly 5,000 comments from people complaining.

    There was about 1,000 and then a handful of idiots decided to try and be funny and just make post after post for hours on end, with no point to any of their comments.

    I hope they were banned.

  • Its been quite a week indeed. Next week should be even bigger with the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 and the rumored release of in-game XMB and trophy support in 2.40. June is definitely going to be a great month for the PS3.

  • Keep it up PSN team *insert thumbs up smiley*

    p.s. Good job on the development so far on trophies

  • The best part of the week was the 5,000+ comments; no contest.

  • jeff is its true that qore give you access to the socom beta two weeks late?

  • please don’t start the Socom open beta until sometime in early July. Still waitin on them PS Store cards. Hello Jeff, Noel and someone else. whom remains nameless. But they know I like em alot for helping. C’mon this is getting way to serious. I need to have one of those cards and if I import one it will not work. So what is a die hard fan supposed to do? Bring on the cards and watch the paper flow in. It’ll be great for all of us. Heck you guys might get an early raise for pushing the Bosses to get em out. Also it’s not one bit fair that all the military bases have em already. Not fair at all to us Canadian. No I’m not peeved just need to let you understand the complete and utter urgency of this predicament.

    Thanks always.

  • 2008 has been a good year so far and it just keeps getting better.

    Hoping to see the 2.4 update and Home in 2008 as well.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Its funny how you guys deleted the 5000+ comments that were on the PSN Store release.

    Out of curiosity did anyone actually have to read all of them, if yes give him my regards. Brave Soul.

    On a side note, I actually liked Qore and can’t wait for the next installment.

  • Well, I think it was wise to mention that massive amount of spam, rather than acting like it didn’t happen. Integrity +5. :D

    This was simply an amazing week, especially with the new Full Moon Show, PlayStation-edu, and the theme maker. Thanks for all of this, and for the very epic event we have coming next week.

    (Though let me tell you now: if fw2.4 doesn’t show up next week, I may very well be “disappointed”, but not because we didn’t get the elusive feature I refuse to refer to by name, but because it was not addressed and dispelled within the ample time provided beforehand. Though, I don’t think most others will be quite so reasonable. Fair warning, and my word that I won’t be one of those freaks that spams hate messages over it.)

  • FW 2.4 Land Is not A Myth! I’ve Seen It!

  • Is there a PSP Store downloader coming for the Mac? The website only has for PC.

  • Stennex, you could always dual boot your mac so that
    you have xp on it as well, unless it’s an older generation of Mac. It’s what my friend has done to get the DL’s from the psp store. I think the psp store should let you buy, download and install directly to the psp sans a pc/mac.
    That would rock.

    p.s. Doria needs to get a big raise

  • Those of you who bought Qore just for the Socom beta got majorly ripped off Qores beta doesn’t start till TWO WEEKS after the initial start of it. God Job in suckering people to buy it, my hats off to you!

  • To Post #11, June will be a great month for the PS3 with MGS4 coming out. Also with Firmware 2.40 coming soon, and games like Dragonball Z: Burst Limit, Battlefield: Bad Company and Overlord: Raising Hell soon to be released, the PS3 will have great month.

  • I downloaded Qore so I could get the Socom beta but it wont let me download it does anyone have an answer?I tried posting on the store one but theres so many comments that I dont think there responding as there is so many comments.Socom beta went live yesterday I heard. One of the big reasons I downloaded Qore was to get the Beta anyone know whats goin on?PLEASE RESPONDE SOMEONE??????!!!!!!!

  • Next week: The epicosity that is MGS4. It is so hard though now on the nets to remain spoiler free, I will be vigilant though.

  • The comments on the store got completly out of hand. As for the socom beta when will it be available to qore users.

  • @26
    When the beta comes out you will be able to play it two weeks later.

  • Slant Six is based out of Vancouver? Dam im so close and never knew.

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