Insomniac Games Expands Eastward

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Ted Price here. I’m founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, the studio behind Resistance: Fall of Man and many of the Ratchet & Clank games, including Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. While we’re busy at work on Resistance 2, I wanted to stop by to share some exciting news about the future of Insomniac.

As you may have seen this morning, Insomniac is launching a new studio in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. It will focus on developing both current and new intellectual property, and will open its doors in January 2009. The North Carolina group, which will also be known as Insomniac Games, will receive administrative and engine, tools and technology support from the team here in southern California.

Insomniac Games

Veteran Insomniac Art Director Chad Dezern will serve as the North Carolina studio director, while Resistance 2 single player Lead Programmer Shaun McCabe will act as the studio’s production director. However, both will continue to work on Resistance 2 until it launches this Fall. We’re focused on making R2 amazing – that’s our top priority right now.

The move to North Carolina allows Insomniac to keep our size at a level we like in Burbank, while also giving us an opportunity to grow and attract some of the top talent that resides on the East Coast. We’re already beginning the process of looking for good people to join us in Raleigh-Durham, so if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

We are all incredibly excited about this news, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more great games. And for those Resistance fans that are dying for more R2 information, make sure that you tune into Spike TV for Gametrailers TV with Geoff Keighley on June 13th. The show will reveal the first Resistance 2 gameplay footage in an episode shot here at Insomniac Games.

As always, thanks for all of your continued support!

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  • Yay! A new ratchet and resistance each year! great .

    Come on Ted, spill the beans…new ratchet and clank on ps3. and a tip – the environments in r&c need lots more detail.

  • sweet,you guys were always my favourite developers.its good to hear of your expantion.
    one Q:will the game be set in more human surroundings or will it be more alien surroundings,and do we get to play in though’s pretty ships in the teaser?

  • ok, i live on argentina , AND if you rotate the world a couple of degrees ,it is eastern from USA….
    SO… if you need an argentinean to work at insomniac just give me a call :) .

  • Great to see you guys expanding! Keep up the stellar work, and I’ll see you on Eurogamer’s LiveText later, Ted! ;)

  • Congrats on your expansion!! there’s no enough insomniac. :D

  • Congrats Insom.. You guys deserve it.. These guys are one of the top deve’s of the PS3 platform..

  • east coast? shoot i gotta get on that insomniac band wagon :p

  • Awesome news. I really wish I got a degree in programming (I really like it) and applied to be some sort of programmer there (since I live not too far from North Carolina).

    Very happy about the news because it appears we can look forward to more PS3 games in the future. I’m a little curious whether they’ll be focusing on disc based games, PSN games, or both?

    Regardless, I really liked Insomniac Games and I’m very pleased to hear this.

  • As long as this move wont effect anything to do with Resistance 2 I am all for it. I have a somewhat of a huge request, it’s been said that there will be 60 player online and that the 60 players will be divided into groups to feel more personal in the group. Please for the love of all things Resistance leave Capture the Flag with 16 players max. It happens to be my favorite mode and is great just the way it is.

  • Congrats!! Keep developing great games.

  • Holy Sh–…

    This has been a very good morning for me and I’ve only been awake for about 10 minutes: a friend I haven’t heard from in six weeks came back, and I open up the blog to see that the VERY top of Insomniac Games is writing in the blog. The news doesn’t really affect me, but hearing from THE Ted Price was more than enough to make my day. :D

    I actually had a bit of a freakout yesterday because I saw that it was June 3, and I thought I remembered that Resistance 2 was being shown. June 13 is the day. With MGS4 and a potentially incredible firmware update it feels like Christmas in June. And 26 votes in with still 5 out of 5. Impressive.

  • Ohhh, Insomniac :D

    If you ever go multi-platform, I might have to kill you ^_^

  • Gratz on the new place and all, can’t wit for R2. So does this mean we will see 2 games a year from you guys being that right now its about 1 game a year?

  • Nice to see you guys expanding your business. Definitely seems like a good sign on how well your studio is doing. Must be kind of weird for you to think back to your very humble beginnings. Your Insomniac Studios is what the American dream is all about, CONGRATS!

    With that said…..


    This game is my most anticipated game this year, even more so than MGS4 (which I’ll definitely get too).

  • Crumpilstilskin

    You guys are spreading like the Chimera! Congratulations to the best development team in the industry!

  • If you guys ever need a studio janitor I’m your guy ;)

  • Can never have enough Insomniac!

    Expand North next time!

  • Alright, based on my highly specialized mathematics skills, if the top rating is 5 and the score is 4.95 out of 56 votes…

    Someone scored this as less than a 5! :P Burn heretic(s) !!

  • This is GREAT news, for it means that we will be getting more games from on of the best developers in the industry.

    Keep up the great work guys, it shows and we appreciate it.

  • I hope to see more great titles from you guys at Insomniac!

  • The more Insomniac the better.

  • Awesome.

  • @NickDude: what are you on? R&C: Future had some of the most detailed environments yet. Why don’t you define what you mean by ‘detailed’ because I don’t think anything out there even comes close to touching R&C’s level of detail, resolution, graphic quality or visible clarity.

    PS, Insomniac, I’m still waiting for a much-needed patch to your terrible inverted-Y support on R&C: Future’s flying missions. No game with flight involved should forsake inverted aim/movement (since its NOT inverted when flying, its correct).

  • I need! more Ratchet & Clank!!! ;-P
    +Any chance in putting in ‘Resistance 2’ a 4 player off-line split-screen mode with Bots??? ;-P
    Keep up the good work guys ;)

  • Will this studio be just for PSN or PSP game or will it be for PS3 games.

    Also I have heard a rumor this has to do with that you guys over at Insomniac are planning to become a third party member over second. So is there any truth to that. I think it would be sad to see you guys become a third party member but at the same time you make some of the best games out there and why not let the 360 fans get some great games too.

    Other then that Congradulations.

  • First off congrats on all your hard work you guys at Insomniac make additive games and are cool people too.

    Congrats on the new opening I hope to see what you have cooking already.

    Can’t wait for Resistance 2, should be a killer game and great follow up to the original.

  • Yo Ted! I want a job.

  • Dubbedinenglish

    It seems Insomniac is spreading faster than the Chimeran outbreak :P. Great news as NC is far closer than CA for me. Hopefully we’ll more and more East coast dev studios in the future.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    Cool. I live in NC, but I’m not a qualified game maker, so that counts me out of getting a job there. :( If I was a game maker I would get a job at Insomniac instead of that crappy ole’ Epic Games. ;)

  • Hey TED! I live 40 mins from raleigh. Can I have a tour of the studio? Welcome to NC :)
    p.s. any opening?

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    Congrats and keep making kickass games!

  • I hope this means a new recruitment song for the east coast.
    And for that any new ip name must rhyme with either Raleigh or Durham.

  • Thats great news for you ans us.. Good luck!

  • I love Insomniac and have started going back to play all their games again. I am now up to R&CGC after beating Disrupter, the 3 spyro games they did & R&C. I am the biggest fan of theres and if it wasn’t for them I’d drop Sony fast.

    I don’t think Insomniac can stick with Sony forever so its going to be a long rough year next year for Sony. I think they’re setting up shop in the other place to go multiplatform and that is going to suck for Sony. There is no way they can sustain 2 internal companies and stay with only Ps3 hardware when the sales are always so low.

  • Let’s be honest, folks. This is Insomniacs way of getting out of their 2nd party status, expanding, and making new IP across all 3 systems. Insomniac is now multiplatform and Sony should’ve laced these guys pockets cause they were the best thing to happen to Sony. Sony keeps screweing everything up without Ken.

    They lose Kem, Phil, Home is a no show, games keep getting pushed back, Sony can’t keep a 3rd party exclusive, games under preform on the ps3, They can 2 of the most anticipated games Eightdays & Getaway…

    Sony is out of touch and it’s over for them. They made the worst moves this time out and if this means losing Insomniac as an exclusive developer then I’m walking out on them to.

  • @ Gamesblow

    Bungie left Microsoft. Where the hell is our Bungie game on PS3 at?

  • See my point? Insomniac won’t got multiplat. They are making a ton of money with Sony publishing there games and them selling like crazy. Money just keeps coming in.

  • congrats on the new addition Insomniac!

    You know what’s weird? In this “new age” of superstar VG designers, I find that my perception of developers somewhat affects how I think about their product.

    I guess it’s just the Gears of War 2 vs Resistance 2 scenario. Cliff B’s GoW2 will be a good game, I’m certain Resistance will too, but because Cliff B seems like a hyper crazy guy where everything is “bigger and badder” it’s a turn off for me to the franchise.

    I’ve read some interviews with Ted and even with some of the ridiculous questions he gets, he seems like a pretty chill guy most of the time… the kind of person you could have a beer with at a pub without worrying of a fight breaking out.

    I guess their’s brand loyalty and now developer loyalty.. in the past few years with Resistance and Ratchet games, I’m now a fan of Insomniac games. Good, solid, fun stuff there… keep up the good work/fun.

  • This is definitely the company that others should look up to. Not only do they make great games and get rewarded greatly but they are some of the nicest people in the business.
    p.s. can’t wait for R2

  • good job ted, i hope insomniac would be able to develope more new brand title with sony with this new studio and best of luck for the new employees in North Carolina

  • This is almost too perfect.
    I live in NC and have always wanted to intern/work for Insomniac. I always considered transferring out to California to do so, but this means I can stay here. And since I’ll be attending NC State this fall I’ll be really close to them, this is amazing. Go Insomniac! Hope to see you soon!

  • Everyone should check out the Full Moon podcast… I’ve just finished listening to every episode (waiting on the new one) and it’s a good show.

  • Fantastic. Does that mean 2 games per year, or maybe one doing retail games, the other PSN games?

    Either way, an amazing studio is now two amazing studios.

  • I don’t believe that I have ever left an Insomniac game with the feeling that it was bad (Ratchet: Deadlocked wasn’t one of my favorite games, but it was still fun) so this is great news.

    Not to belittle the team (unintentionally) but I think that such a studio would be perfect for making PSN games in the Insomniac spirit.

    We all know that the main studio is hard at work on the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank franchises, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to see some downloadable, innovative games.

  • but can i still get a job in teh valley?

  • Can’t wait for June 13th to see the gameplay footage!


    Congrats, hope to see more of the “small devs” get me to spend some cash! I love my GTA4’s and my Oblivion’s but I love a game that I can jump into for a few minutes or a few hours.

  • Congrats on the expansion.

    I’m interested in hearing about potential new IPs you kids might be working on in addition to Ratchet and Resistance.

    I know you are. Admit it! ;)

  • Great to hear! If you guys need a release engineer to interactive developer let me know :-D

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