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Hey everyone,

It’s Deb Mars here, and I’m back on the blog to announce that we’re having a give away. Oh yeah, that’s right…a give away. It’s about time we put some PixelJunk in your trunk.

Monster Madness

As many of you know, we recently released PixelJunk Monsters Encore and just last week we put out the official PixelJunk Monsters Soundtrack on PSN. We hope you’re all enjoying the new levels and the awesome music. In case you missed out, be sure to go to the PlayStation Store and pick it up, and also be sure check out a very cool interview between Q-Games and Otograph here on the blog.

OK so here’s the deal: We’ve seen a large number of comments about fans playing PixelJunk Monsters and Encore in co-op mode with their wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends, partners, non-gamer friends, you name it. Personally, I’d love to see Dylan Cuthbert, president of Q-Games, be able to sit down and play with the Queen of England, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Anyway, it seems that we’re not the only ones feeling the PixelJunk love, and it’s clearly bringing people together and making relationships stronger. Or maybe not. Who knows? Maybe you’re getting pissed off at each other for not getting that last rainbow? Or maybe you’re actually able to smile at the glory of finding common ground again with that special someone as you dance on those trees, collect those coins, save your flock and clear all those levels.

Either way, we want to know. Tell us your story about playing PixelJunk Monsters co-op. We’ll be sharing the best in a future PixelJunk post. Oh, and if you’ve got any pics of you and your special someone playing PJM together, send those in too. We’d love to see them! The senders (to pixeljunkcouples@gmail.com) of the first five qualifying PixelJunk Monster tales that we receive (under 250 words, please!) will get two (2) amazingly cool t-shirts – one for each of you. Wear them with pride!

PixelJunk Monsters shirt

Now for the gratuitous legal disclaimer: To enter, you must send in your qualifying story no later then June 11 , 2008 at 11:59 PM (PST). Limit one entry per person and valid e-mail address for the duration of the promotion. Contest is only open to U.S. residents ages 13 or older who meet the terms set forth above. The senders of the first five qualifying applications that we receive will win (2) t-shirts each. Prize fulfillment is at Sponsor’s discretion and based on availability.

Still spreading the PixelJunk Love,

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  • Send in my fiancee’s & my story. Hope you like it :) PixelJunk Monsters really does help us spend some quality time together in the evening… after not seeing one another for 8+ hours a day. It helps me fuel my gaming addition and fuel OUR love addition =)

  • Love this game I have the encore and love playing it. I play it more then any of my $60 games.

    Also has everyone seen the 2.4 firmware update on this site? http://www.maxconsole.net/?mode=news&newsid=28071

    It shows the trophy and in-game xmb with videos.

  • No! I hate free stuff! I demand a price tag and outrageous fees! XD

    Expect to hear some complaining that it’s only open to US residents. Personally, I don’t have a very interesting tale to tell here- my brother and I play from time to time. No more special than when my brother and dad and I play Hot Shots Golf: OoB together, or Resistance with my dad. Really, it’s the PS3 that’s brought us together. Kudos to the makers, and a personal kudos from me to the fine people behind the PixelJunk series. (Got every single thing you’ve released on PSN. :D )

  • Deb,
    I had my story all ready to type, with my dad currently playing PJ Monsters RIGHT NOW behind me….when I saw the contest was only open to US residents. PJ Monsters has fans in Canada (and I’m sure all over the world!) too and it would be nice to see some swag hit our borders one day.

    Those shirts are awesome and I know my Dad would love to wear one while ‘protecting the tribe’!

    Truth be told, this game has brought me and my dad much closer together and at a time when thigns are so busy in our lives, its a sanctuary to retreat to Toki Island for a little tower fun. Thanks for all the fun and community support!

  • I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about PixelJunk Monsters lately. Been doing a lot of thinking about Yogurt lately too. I like to eat yogurt while I play. Not those dinky little single-serving type Yogurts you see packaged in groups of 6 at the local grocery outlet. Nope. I’m talking about the industrial size pails that you can order direct from the producer.

    You see, the way I figure it, if eating yogurt is healthy, then eating LOTS of yogurt is even more healthy. And I’m on a serious health kick lately.

    I’ve sworn off all sorts of things: television, 24-hr surveillance cameras, the internet, even bowling.

    All the negative factors in my life.

    I’ve sworn ON a whole bunch of stuff too…like dating hot lines, jogging, PixelJunk Monsters, and, well, yogurt.

    At present, I can eat about six gallons of yogurt a day…and I do. Every day without exception.

    I’m convinced that I should be eating more though. I’m just not sure how to force any more down.

    Here’s the deal: I’ve been having these really awkward conversations lately.


    I’m not sure that’s the right word.

    I’ll be sitting on the couch playing PixelJunk, when someone else comes into the room and strikes up a conversation.

    We’ll get to talking and then all of a sudden my mouth will fill up with yogurt…and the stuff will come spewing out of my mouth despite my best efforts to choke it all back down. People usually stumble backwards when they see this, but I yell at them: “It’s just yogurt. It’s just yogurt!”

    All the yelling thwarts my efforts at stemming the flow of the yogurt though, so things usually take an even worse turn at that point.

    But I find that the more yogurt I eat, the quicker I can get through levels in PJM, so obviously I can’t quit eating it.

    It’s a frickin’ catch-22.

    Clearly I need to eat MORE yogurt. But my body seems to be insisting that I eat LESS.

    Any thoughts?

  • I haven’t played the game, but the soundtrack was a great purchase!

    Otograph is the man!

  • I hope you’re going to iron that TShirt before sending it out. ;)

    Get on it Jeff!!

    Love this game BTW, although not played it in co-op yet.

    When’s the sequel coming out? :)

    BTW: I’m having problems using the comments part on the blog using Firefox. I can long in, but when I post a comment it says “You need to be logeed in to comment”. Even though I am. I don’t like using IE but it works ok in that. :(

    • Clear your cache. I exclusively use Firefox – and clearly I\’m not having a problem.

      And yeah the wrinkles are because these shirts were shipped over direct from Q-Games in Kyoto!

      PS – try the co-op, def. helps for getting those rainbows.

  • @KBLADE, My firefox works fine, using the latest build?

    @Touchyed Wow — My mind is blown. Is it your fault for being needlessly (thought not physically) addicted to yogurt or mine for being at home on a sprained ankle and having the time to read that?

  • #4 – wooow dude.. just, wow…

  • Online co op please. For PJMonsters and PJEden.

  • Hi all. Can someone please explain something to me real quick.

    Recently, Sony hosted The Eye of Judgment Free Card Friday giveaway where people could obtain 3 Free rare cards for The Eye of Judgment (thanks guys :)). Being that this is the North American Blog, the contest was open to both US and Canadian citizens.

    Why is this (and other like contests here on the Blog) not open to Canadians, but the EoJ contest was ?

    I’m confused and upset as to why I can’t take part in this (and many other) contests. Can someone shed some light ?


  • RandomEarthling

    My former girlfriend (she’s my fiancée now) used to only play Lego Star Wars together. Pixeljunk Monsters is our new favorite game now. You’ll be getting a letter from me.

    Also, are the words ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ going to be on the backs of the shirts?

  • Ed

    I cried over your post

    Salty tears of pixeljunk/yogurt/blog comment goodness

    When i’m alone tonight i’ll be memorizing those words

  • Ahh! I don’t have any good stories but that shirt looks great. I wish I had one :\.

  • @4

    LOL My friend was playing pixeljunk monsters while i was taking my email and watching the blog then i read #4… i just couldnt stop laughing then i translated it to my friend (in french) and we were both laughing so hard! Funny ****

  • Seriously can you spare it two t-shirts I can make myself!

    Come on give us a little figure of one of the Flock members or a figure of the Monsters, Two T-shirts for the best stories under 250 words come on, I bet they already have the winners by now, 250 word stories are small and easy as hell to do.

    I love this game and the soundtrack and have played co-op a lot too, my story could top anything you have because I play with my rival on this game to see who is better.

    I mean the shirts are not even original in anyway either for the game, simple solid color with the title took a hole two minutes to make at best.

    At least throw in a mousepad with the logos or something else; Two Shirts, Two Cheap.

    But Still I do love the game and soundtrack

  • The word “Couples” in your post makes it weird, since I play with one of my cousins.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      PixelJunk pairs? Doesn\’t have to be a romantic thing. I actually play co-op with my roommate – and that ain\’t happening!

  • Is there a way to purchase the shirts.I don’t have Pixel Junk Monsters(waiting on Eden!!!)But,the shirt is very cool.
    Almost as cool as the Ubisoft Rabbid Figures.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      No, we only received 10, and we\’re giving all of them away. If at all possible, I\’ll be requesting more ;-)

  • Hi, i was wondering if there will be a price drop anytime soon or a discount for buying game and expansion pack at the same time? like they did with warhawk? thank you.

  • So are you pretty much saying that i should just go ahead and make the $18.00 purchase? because there wont be anything comming soon?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      While I can\’t say that there will *never* be a bundling of the two, I *will* say that it\’s not going to be happening in the next few weeks (at least!). As the comments above you agree – the game is def. worth the $18.

  • Jeff,
    Thanks..I would buy one of those in a hot minute!Listened to you on the PS3fanboy podcast(good job!)

    I know it’s early and all,but will Eden be in the same price range as Monsters.I like the pretty much set price on the titles and the fact that you don’t pop up with a 20 dollar downloadable game and call it the norm.

  • I know this may not make a lot of sense,but keep Q-games as a exclusive to PSN.They produce a lot of remakes and just plain junk on XBLA,but the PixelJunk series has been impressive and Eden looks great…although,after the videos,I’m still confused!..but I like it!

  • Can’t wait for this game. It looks great.

  • I may just put my story together and send it in, any word on future PJ: Monsters expansions, maybe even a level editor?

    I absolutely love this game, but I’m down to only 2 or 3 rainbows left and I’ll have completed the entire game :O

  • Unfortunately I never got into the PixelJunk Monsters game, but I’ll prolly purchase it next week and start XD

  • So this game supports trophies? Is that new? How will that work?

  • interesting contest. Do we get to pick the size of the shirt?

  • Another constest that is US only…:(

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    I love this games, me and my bro play it all the time. im really looking forward to PJ Eden and PJ Dungeons also!!and also, on the US.Playstation.Monsters thing it says ingame trophies, can you give us any insight on that?

  • Not interested in the T shirt but me and my wife play coop and its the only time ever Ive actually wanted to stop playing before she did.Its a great game and cant wait to try Eden

  • So when are you going to anounce the winners? (Hopefully I’m one of them :D )

  • will there be a price drop or maybe both combined i really loved the demo and want to buy it but most of my money is goin towards bluray games?

  • When will we see “those other” Sony logo t-shirts get released?

  • ps3 rocks

  • I… can’t… stop… playing… PixelJunk… Monsters!!!

    Would it be possible to make something like PixelJunk Monster Construction Set? Where players could create their own levels and share them on PS Home? That would be amazing if you could pull it off.

    Just a thought ;o)

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