PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Add-on Game Content

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “My Best Friend’s Girl” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “Moving in Stereo” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “Just What I Needed” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “I’m in Touch with Your World” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “Good Times Roll” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “Don’t Cha Stop” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “Bye Bye Love” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “All Mixed up” – The Cars ($1.99)
  • “The Cars” Album ($14.99) – This album includes “All Mixed Up,” “Bye Bye Love,” “Don’t Cha Stop,” “Good Times Roll,” “I’m in Touch with Your World,” “Just What I Needed,” “Moving in Stereo,” “My Best Friend’s Girl,” and “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” by The Cars.

File sizes: 26.6 MB – 41.9 MB (singles), 288 MB (album)

Rock Band price promotion: “Gimme Three Steps” – Lynyrd Skynyrd and “Dirty Little Secret” – All-American Rejects are reduced to $0.99 until June 5th.

Game Videos (free)

Top Spin 3 Debut Trailer
Download the official trailer for Top Spin 3 and prepare to be fully immersed in the fun, action packed excitement of tennis like never before.
File size: 92 MB (1080)

Battlefield: Bad Company Dev Diary – Characters
Join Patrick Bach, the Single player Producer, as he walks you through the process of creating interactive, funny, and exciting characters in Battlefield: Bad Company.
File size: 164 MB (HD)

Battlefield: Bad Company Sweetwater’s Blog
Private Sweetwater isn’t one to laugh in the face of danger. In fact, he’d rather find a good cave to hide in, but in B-Company, he’s faced with dangerous situations every day! See how he’s holding up as he talks to his loyal video blog subscribers.
File size: 92 MB (HD)

Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #1
Explore the horror on Aegis 7 as it unravels through an animated version of the first Dead Space comic created by Ben Templesmith and Antony Johnston.
File size: 210 MB (1080)

Project Origin Teaser Trailer
In the highly-anticipated sequel to the hit game F.E.A.R, Alma, a girl with immense power and a thirst for revenge, has unleashed her wrath upon the city of Auburn and thrown it into chaos.
File size: 159 MB (HD)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Projectile Dysfunction
Experience the ultimate team-and mission-based multiplayer warfare, defined by award winning Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer, now set in the legendary QUAKE universe.
File size: 75 MB (HD)

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Human Juicer Video
Experience the ultimate team-and mission-based multiplayer warfare, defined by award winning Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer, now set in the legendary QUAKE universe.
File size: 70 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

For princess-to-be Giselle, life is a fairy tale – until she’s banished from the animated land of Andalasia and thrust into the very unmagical, live-action world of modern day Manhattan.
File size: 249 MB (1080)

No Country for Old Men
When a man stumbles on a bloody crime scene and two million dollars in cash, his decision to take the money sets off an unstoppable chain reaction of violence.
File size: 167 MB (1080)

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

Prince of Persia Prodigy Arabesque Wallpaper
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Prince of Persia Prodigy Arabesque Wallpaper.
File size: 135 KB – 410 KB

Prince of Persia Prodigy New Prince Wallpaper
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new Prince of Persia Prodigy New Prince Wallpaper.
File size: 268 KB – 1.27 MB

Hope you enjoy!

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  • Thanks for the video’s.

    Any word on when the SingStore will update?

  • Another week with out a demo? Sad. :-[ But guess it can’t be all the time.

    • I\’ll be the first to admit that this was by far one of lightest week\’s content wise in a long time. What would we do without Rock Band and Prince of Persia wallpapers? It\’s too bad we couldn\’t end May with a bang! Not to fret though, from my view, June is shaping to be a good month with lots of content for every type of gamer.

      \’til next week!
      – Ro

  • Don’t know what to say really… I though the last update was a bad one.

  • ok so another week of not even bothering wit the PSN.

  • Another Crappy download, why don’t you tell us that firmware 2.4 is ready? we know you started today sending the press release to gaming media and that it includes in game-XMB, so tell us a little about would you???

  • wow yay Sony(sarcasm)

  • No new Karaoke American Idol songs?

    Any idea when Fatal Inertia will hit the US PSN? Japan got it yesterday and it’s in English.

  • Again, where the hell are the PSN cards?

    Hello? Are you ever going to answer this question?

  • Yeah hopefully the Singstar update is better than the store update

  • Pretty boring update. Where’s the PS1 games? Japan got 4 this week, and Europe got 1. Why not throw up a PS1 game when there are no demos or PSN games, it’ll shut us up.

    Also, spring is almost over, and I have still yet to find a PSN card. I want to buy stuff off the store, but I can’t.

  • No PS1 games.

    No Dark Mist.

    Not even Fatal Inertia.


    Seriously, you guys really need to lower your standards for content if your going to have weeks like this.

    I cant believe you guys would release nothing rather than an already completed game made by a 1st party dev(Dark Mist).

    The new store is meaningless if there is nothing to buy in.

  • Dry update. Thanks, Sony. You guys need to do your research if you ever want to satisfy your PSN fanbase.

  • Assuming that’s your goal at all.

  • What are the new SingStar songs for the US SingStore (if any)? Thanks. ^_^

  • Terrible update.

  • Whoever at SCEA has decided that Not releasing new games or PSone games on North Americian PSN is in Sony’s best intrests nees to be replaced.

    The total lack of content is clearly a business decision and a very bad one at that.

  • no PS1 Games yet again. :|

    JPN Store has a ton while we have zip.

    We’re getting some great retail games over the next couple of weeks, it would be nice to get some demos of these games or atleast demos of upcoming PSN games.

  • When will Singstar update and what new songs?????

  • Half_life000111

    WHAT THE HELL, last week was excusable but this…. ok, we know your waiting to amaze us…. whenever Pix. Eden and Wipeout HD actually come out, but seriously…. throw us a bone… patience may be your guys thing but America pays to have now, not to wait………. this kills, this waiting thing, sure you guys deliver when the stuff happens but you have no idea how pissed this make people… please hurry up and get this together… make it all happen faster, thts your problem, if everything sped up then there wouldn’t be any complaints, plain and simple….

  • Half_life000111

    PS: stop separating game date releases for business and money reasons…. I don’t care if you release the washed up Inertia game and Wipeout HD at the same time… anyone in their right mind would just buy Wipeout HD instead, in fact this would boost HD sales….

  • Filler update.

    Though I’ll try and be optimistic and think of it as a calm before a storm.

  • Doesnt rockband have its own in game store?

    what is the use of posting new rockband songs when the people who play it know there will be new songs every week?

    it’s just fluff to make the update list look longer than it really is.

  • StalkingSilence

    5 words:
    “Sex. and. the. City. Movie.”

    Just remember, no matter how many negative comments you get – your night will be better than mine. Take it easy PLAYSTATION Store team ;)

  • Not even a theme for the PSP either.

  • @ 22
    I can’t agree with you more. VERY good point.

  • Starving ones can grab the multi-language (inc. English) FATAL INTERTIA EX TRIAL VERSION that was released today on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Enjoy! 8)

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    this update blows o well :( any news on a demo on upcoming game increadable HULK?? anybody pls respond

    P.S. 14 days MGS4!!! can’t wait!! :)

  • Yo sony get your act together.

    I am starting to like my Wii over my PS3

    We want Demos

  • @27: i just said there is a demo for Fatal Inertia EX in the jap PS Store…

  • Seriously Sony, if you’re not going to give us new games or demos or games, give us some PS1 games.

    I mean, Japan got Fatal Enertia EX and Europe got Rayman. We got videos and wallpaper.


  • PS3 is dead to me until FULL In Game XMB is implemented! None of this friends list crap I need to be able to change my audio input device on the fly in case my headset goes dead I need to switch over to another headset or eye toy. We need a larger friends list too.

    Last night I got 20 GTA IV invites and even PSN Messages asking me to join the game however I had no way to communicate I was playing the single player missions and didn’t want to play online because of a serious lack of planning on Sony’s part.

    I think Sir Stringer said it best “PS3 was on life support” he just had one word wrong. Replace “was” with “IS”!

    I am the biggest Sony/PS fan but I am becoming increasingly disheartened with the PS3 being able to provide basic functionality that should have been included out of the damn box.

  • Yeah thanks for the PSN Store update keep it coming! =)

  • For those who don’t own Rock Band the store is absolutely garbage.

    Who in the world decides what content to put on the PS Store? I think somebody is using a Magic 8 Ball. I’m starting to have a 1000 monkey’s at type writers feeling about Sony and the future of the PSN.

    Still, thank you Grace for letting us know what’s coming on later today.

  • another week were i download nothing.

  • so sad…. i always am excited and get let down….

  • i blame the oil crisis… anyway this update is just sad, or it just shows that use americans are the laziest people when it comes to playstation 3 related things

  • Wow this is a pretty sad update…..

  • WHAT A JOKE, YOU NOOBS AT SONY need to quit giving each other reach arounds and do something. This is pooooooooooooooooo

  • since the PSN is free, i would figure you guys would flood the store with material to encourage to buy things to offset the costs.

    (unless rockband revenue is enough to keep you guys going)

  • Please don’t release Firmware 2.4 the day MGS 4 comes out I swear if I have to update before I play MGS 4 on release day I will crack!

    The day before MGS 4 release would be spectacular and tomorrow would be unreal!

  • Nothing special today, but there is Fatal Interia demo relase today on jap PS Store.

  • …. … hey why not PS1 Games or Demo or PSP Games or SOMETHING ON PS STORE OF PC!!!! WHY!

  • @darkgeekrocker

    If the oil crisis did effect people we would most likely stay home and play. So why not more content instead?


    I stopped getting excited. Thursday is now just another day of the week. (and yes I know that might come off as sounding bad).


  • SONY you outdid yourselves, I haven’t see such a crappy update since the first months when PS3 launched, funny how you post Rockband content like it was thanks to you that that content is up, that’s thank to HARMONIX! you SONY didn’t do anything this week, ANYTHING!!

    Like I said before, at least tell us about the 2.4 firmware, we know is ready because all the gaming press got their press release.

  • What you Americans get is better than what us Europeans get, lol.

    Though still no sign of the PixelJunk Monsters Soundtrack on the EU store. :(

  • this is the worse update ever the least you guys could have done was put up the new Home trailer how can you guys not have a blog post bout the new media and events center, how bout some videos at the first ever event Ubiday, or do we have to depend on the beta testers with bad camras on youtube, seriously this is getting ridiculous, i dont know bout you but it is very frustrating to be a loyal user who gets left out in the dark bout the most anticipated service. Putting pictures/videos would be the least you guys could do since youve delayed twice already? we are very frustrated now and i believe you ow your users some answers

  • Sweet the Car’s (but wait I don’t have rock band?) Oh and then there’s that rummor about firmware 2.40 COMMING SOON (XMB finally) I think were in for a treat in the next two week’s. And I want my 4.0 update for PSP to I have hear sweet thing about that to. And I’m praying we get MGS4 demo next week!!!!!!

  • no demos?
    no ingame xmb?
    no psn cards for europe?


  • Hi. I would like to say thanks for continuing to let us all know exactly what’s coming each Thursday. Makes it easy for me, personally, so I don’t have to check back at the store each week and dig through hoping I don’t miss anything.

    Also, can I make a casual request that BLOOD OMEN: THE LEGACY OF KAIN be eventually added as a PSone downloadable? What a phenomenal game that was. It’s really one of the gems of the PSone era, and it could benefit from being downloadable more than most games because the original release was plagued with horrid load times. Hopefully a downloadable version running off the hard drive would make it run smoother with shorter loading times and less slow-down during thick action.

    Also, when will we get some more information about Firmware 2.40? I know a lot of us are really interested to find out if the rumors are true that we’ll get things like trophy support, custom soundtracks, and in-game XMB (universal friends lists, cross-game invites/messaging, in-game private voice chats, etc). Is it coming soon? There are lots of rumors saying it’ll come around the time of MGS4. I hope that turns out to be the case!

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