Secret Agent Clank bonus: pre-order figurine

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Last week we wrapped up production on Secret Agent Clank for North America, and this week we’ve been working to complete the game for the rest of the world. That being said, things are moving to completion quickly and fans should be seeing the game soon.

One of the coolest things about Secret Agent Clank is that not only do you get to play Clank in a starring role, but that you also get your Ratchet fun in with the prison arena challenges, some quick thinking Gadgebot puzzles, and even a chance to suit up with the big guy and have Qwark pummel a few bosses into submission.

High Impact Games has done a fantastic job in keeping the fun that is Ratchet & Clank, but taking the game in a new direction. We hope you’ll agree that the team really outdid themselves in taking all that is cool about spy technology, exciting chase scenes, and even a bit of stealth gameplay and wrapped it up into the thrill-ride that is Secret Agent Clank. The funny thing is, I’ve only listed some of the great moments from the game, and there’s way more to come…

Clank figure - frontClank figure - side

While most of the High Impact team are finally getting a chance to take a breather, we thought we’d clue you in on an exciting promotion we’re doing with GameStop. Basically, head over to the nearest GameStop and pre-order the game to get your Secret Agent Clank figurine (while supplies last – yes, I was told to say that)

If you guys can’t possibly wait until the game hits the shelves, you can download the free (yes, I said FREE) Secret Agent Clank demo that High Impact put together that showcases some of the Clank gameplay directly from the PLAYSTATION Store. While you’re there, you might as well grab the free PSP theme they made! If you happen to be the person that was sitting next to me on the plane this morning, yes, this is where I got it. ;)

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