Coming this fall: Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack

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Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack

We know a lot of you PSP fans out there are big into sports games, and, with that in mind, we’ve just announced a special new hardware bundle built around the biggest sports franchise in gaming. Of course, I’m talking about Madden NFL, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (big up to anyone who still has a copy of the original game).

The Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack will include a limited-edition “Metallic Blue” PSP system, the highly anticipated Madden NFL 09 game, “NFL: In Just One Play” on UMD Video, a PLAYSTATION Network voucher to download Beats from PLAYSTATION Store, and a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo. That’s a pretty good deal for $199.99 (MSRP).

Our friends at EA will be pulling out all the stops with this year’s edition of Madden NFL, so it’s an ideal game to sport on your shiny new Metallic Blue PSP to make the other kids drool. Check out the close-up below, and look out for this limited-edition bundle everywhere on August 12.

Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack

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  • Wow isn’t this reminiscent of the old Sega Game Gear? Hope this isn’t a sign!?!? Looks pretty cool probably not enough to get me to buy another one though!!!

  • this looks good but i think sony could do much more like, somw way of makin ur own custom psp.
    there is a site but i dont like the way they do it:

  • Really nice. Love the blue color.

  • StalkingSilence

    any chance i could just get the UMD? i wanna get this bundle for my little bro. but the movie sounds cool for me too.

  • I’m glad Sony is coming out with these special edition bundles that include special color psps. Handheld systems always get a bump in sales when a new color is introduced. Plus a bigger user base will attract developers to produce more quality original titles like Patapon and Crisis Core.

  • Why didn’t you guys do this with MLB rather then the crap Madden game? Should be pushing your own products and not that of EA Sports.

  • Oh Damn!!, i just bought a black one! If i knew this was coming i would have waited lol

  • time to get a 5th I’ll have a Green, a white(slim), 2 black phat launch day and now a cool metal blue. What I really want is to have a rainbow of psp’s. ROY G BIV folks ROY G BIV.

  • oh sorry to double post, but anyone who rates this post under 4 i not a Sony or PSP fan. There I said it. again sorry for dbl posting.

  • blue is my favorit color

  • @ THATPSPGUY (9)

    Not necessarily. Keep in mind that there’s an EA flagship title packed with our beloved PSP.

    Me personally, I’ve been holding out for June which, thank Jebus, is almost here. About time to get my BlOoD ReD PsP!!! :D

  • I wanna get this when will this be availible?? And where can I get it?? Will game stop have it for 200?

  • this ok but we need a huge psp exclusion after secret agent

  • nice, but ill keep my silver ice psp

  • Should have made the PSP look like a football. It already has the shape (somewhat). Just give it a paint job that looks like leather.

  • That is awesome! I am getting the God of War PSP Entertainment Pack. John do you know the release date for the God of War PSP Entertainment Pack? Will you be posting about it on the PS Blog at all?

  • @ Aaron (16)

    It’s releasing on June 3. They’ve actually already covered that awhile ago.

  • ZZZ…I might have been sold on a SE Clank slim PSP deal. This game gains no interest nore does the bland color.

  • wow, what a great deal. hey John, will SCEA ever release different colored PSPs outside of the bundled Entertainment Packs? More colors for the potential win!

  • What an odd pair, bundling it with Madden and a voucher for Beats. Oh well, things don’t have to make sense to be good. I didn’t really care about Daxter, but I still bought the Daxter pack. Now, I just have to wonder when America will be getting a pink PSP like they have overseas. Gotta get my girlfriend hooked on these things too you know.

  • Wow it comes with beats, thats a great game! Can’t wait for the god of war bundle to release, syphon filter combat ops needs way more players.

  • Heh,pretty cool.The God of War Bundle and the Madden Bundle are good ideas.I’ll probably buy the God of War Bundle, but I would recommend this bundle to a friend.

  • Shame it only has 1GB mem stick.

  • I guess that when you don’t have anything else to release the system with, bundle it with a roster update game, at least it will sell to the idiots.

  • All this for an EA game?
    do not want.

  • hotasianladylover

    Finally!!!…..The PSP comes in another color. I hope there will be more colors to choose from in the near future.
    P.S. If the PSP comes in the color pink, I will definitely buy it! I hope a pink PSP comes to America. I live in Calif.

  • Right color, wrong bundle for me.

    not really into supporting EA as they are a monopolizing innovation-crushing company (imho)

    I do like the new color!

  • Hay any PSP system that comes with a 1GB Memory stick is good IMHO. I mean not only do you get a cool sports game, and a great Music game in one package Two PSP games at no extra charge there for you noobies, you also get a UMD movie of Sports stuff.

    IMHO if your a major sports and football fan this is a must buy. Nintendo dose not push sports games, and Sony has for many years had some great sports games under it’s belt for it’s gameing systems.

    That all sperate would be the fallowing:

    PSP: $169.99
    Madden NFL 09: $39.99
    In Just one Play UMD Movie: $19.99
    1GB Memory Stick: $35.99 Note: This would be the price of the new PSP branded model Memory Sticks.

    Do the math sperate the total cost is as fallows:

    $265.96: without Tax thats over $65.95 over the current price tag. Thats a huge deal right there. This also dose not count the cost of the PSN PSP game that you get for free.

  • Blue 20 Electric! Blue 20 Electric! Set! Hike!

    Dood, this effing rawks! and a 1GB stick to store my highlights on!?! I want it! I want it! I want it!

    Dad – if you’re out there, and listening.. Hook a QB up!

  • I love the Entertainment Packs but can we get the Star-Wars and Daxter up to par with the other E-Packs???

  • Boo! EA (madden) dosn’t deserve to be bundled with PSP. It’s a slap in the face Peter moore is satin.

  • @vandam,
    Damn Peter Moore and his soft, silky, fabric-y ways!

  • Man why is it EA haters hate EA games, and DICE Canada, but love UbiSoft? I’ll have you know UbiSoft with two of it’s best PC games ever:

    Brothers in Arms, and Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter both had that crapy StarForce spy ware junk that slowed your PC down by over 40%! Thats a major problem! They then did it with IL2s addon pack, and pushed other developers under their brand names to use it as well.

    It was a total nightmere for all PC gamers. StarForce not only slows your PC down, but also stole your personal info and gave it to UbiSoft: If you kept it on your PC, as well as UbiSoft then shared it with thier partners even if you did not wan’t them to.

    You praise a company that steals your financhal info, but hate a company that had a few great games with some small problems?

    Wow you fan boys are so helpless. I bet your the same lot that claims Quake: 4 is the best FPS game in the world.

  • ok in all honesty, this is the DUMBEST thing i have seen in a long time. not only is the PSP provided not sports themed AT ALL, but you actually want me to buy madden, the biggest sports game of the year on a far inferior platform then my ps3. HEY SONY! how about you get the console version actually playable before you try to wear a madden moneyhat!?

  • Does the psp have any stupid logos on the back. That is a big turnoff for me on the GOW bundle.

  • i like the color but i don’t like american football…

  • The thing I don’t like about the bundles; they don’t come with the actual game cases cheapy little cardboard holders. If they do come in cardboard like the rest why are they advertised with the plastic game cases? Just curious, same was done with the Daxter, StarWars, and God of War packs. FIrst initital pics showed the plastic case, is it because it’s more appealing?

  • Answer Please!!!

    Can you give us an image behind the PSP? I would like to know if anything is scribed behind it. I hope not.

  • I absolutely love that color. I wish there was a purple colored PSP. Sort of like Kazuya’s suit from Tekken. I’d buy it and I’ve had a PSP since launch. v.v

  • Nice bundle, along with the God of War bundle its gonna be hard to choose. I am gonna pick it since I always wanted a blue psp.

  • Is there a picture on the back or is this just a plain blue system? Because I’d rather have this than the GOW PSP I have pre-ordered, but not if it’s got some football picture on the back.

  • I just cancelled my GOW bundle to wait for this one. Like others I am turned off by the pictures stencilled on the back of the console case. I prefer mine to be plain. Though I think coming out with these colored bundles is a great idea. I second a request for a bright purple one.

  • I really want the Red PSP, but no matching battery cover for the 2200 mAh battery makes me sad. Any chance we can convince Sony to make red, blue and white ones available somehow?

  • Hey the month is almost over. Wasn’t the PSP supposed to get DviX support this month? what happened to this?!

  • This color is indeed lovely I would have considered buying it had it not been for the game that is bundled with it. I’m not picky but, the genre isn’t to my liking. Now if there were to be a PSP bundled with oh I don’t know Final Fantasy or Star Ocean: The First Departure (I know its only Japan game but I can still dream can’t I?) or even Star Ocean: The Second Evolution. Now that without a doubt would make me want to spend 200 dollars.

  • You’re not gonna… like stencil John Madden on the back are you? I didn’t get the Star Wars pack, because I didn’t want Vader on my PSP… same deal with the God of War pack.

  • this psp is just a plain blue psp. there is nothing on the back. this makes this psp much better than the others since there isn’t any logo on the back and it’s just plain.

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