Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 gone gold

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Having been on the Hot Shots team has been both exciting and hard work, and now with the Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 launch but a few weeks away, I’m feeling a bit introspective, so I’ve composed a small Haiku to honor its “gone-gold” status:

Lucky hole-in-one
Hot Shots Golf June 3rd for you
Chicken nugget pet

Yes, it is true – Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 has now gone gold … and yes, you can also have chicken nuggets as pets.

We’ve got 11 new characters to unlock and level up, but the fun part is that you’ll also be able to unlock all the characters from the original Open Tee; however, it will not be in the traditional unlocking system: you’ll have to explore each course with different characters and costumes, as special combinations will be required to find each original Open Tee character – it’s one gigantic HSG party.

Unlocking New Items
As you move up through the Challenge Mode, new items will be made available for you. Spend some time in the Wardrobe testing out different combinations – you’ll notice that certain items will boost your character’s power, accuracy and spin. The more items you unlock, the more you’ll be able to unlock your character’s potential!

Keeping true to the Hot Shots Heritage, each course is designed with one thing in mind: fun. Fans of the series will be glad to see some of the classic Open Tee courses returning as well as be treated to brand new greens in exotic locations (no passport required).

Hole-In-One Mini Game
If you’re looking for a quick-feel-good-fix, jump into the Hole-In-One Minigame and try to beat your own score and sink the holy grail of hole-in-ones! Perfect for that quick 15 minute Hot Shots fix.

So ends this week’s Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 update. See you all next week, and in the meantime, feel free to write some HSG Haikus – Chris out.

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  • My chicken nugget’s name is Hinojosa!

  • Hehehe… Chicken nugget.

    What inspired that addition?

  • online makes this a must buy.

  • game sharing is that in this game?

  • Any word on a demo?

    • A demo? I didn\’t know we could only have one. Keep your eyes glued to the PS Store updates… you might just see something you like ;-)

  • Whoot! I’m definitely going to get this game!

  • I preordered the game today. Can’t wait to pick it up and play. :D

  • @ 7 – couldn’t agree more.

    The PSP really is a great platform for Hot Shots. That doesn’t mean I think OoB is lame.. I <3 it with all of my pint-sized golfing soul… but when the ladyfriend is watching her Dr. Phil on DVR or her Wife Swap, I can whip out the ‘ole PSP and play some rockin’ Hot Shots golf.

  • Pretty sad that this and Ratchet are pretty much the only games for the PSP being released by Sony till the end of the year.

    I guess Sony can’t afford to spend time with the PSP seeing that the PS3 stuck in a hole.

  • So when are the Hot Shots (PS3, PSP) going to talk to each other…..hmmm :)


  • @9
    Apparently Sony is stuck with LBP,Resistance 2,MGS4,Killzone2,Socom,WipeoutHD,etc coming out.Yeah

  • Hey Chris!

    Great Ska Song on the vid!

    any chance you could give us a link to that song so we can rock it(!?) on our ipod’s?

    or let us know who the artisit’s like a mix of ska and video game midi’s hilarious! (i really dig the 8-bit music scene)

    thanks man-good luck with the game!

  • It’s about time a second Hot Shots Golf is making it’s way onto the PSP. It needs better titles between this and Secret Agent Clank the PSP games library is pretty much down the toilet.

  • OuroborosChoked

    Oh, hurray. A mediocre golf game.

    It’s great you guys updated the PSN store last month, so how about actually filling it with things we want now? Like PSOne games, Wipeout HD, the US RELEASE OF WIPEOUT PULSE’S EXPANSION PACKS… you know, content.

    And as for this blog thing, as I have said before, you have the perfect forum for telling your customer base where things are in development and why things are getting held back… yet all we get are game advertisements like this one. We don’t care about golf. We care about Home, the in-game XMB, and things like that. If you cared to read any of the comments, you guys would see that. TELL US WHAT’S GOING ON.

  • hmm, I’m getting a Muppets vibe from this post…
    oh yeah! Season 3 of the Muppet Show is on DVD now! need to pick that up…

    anyways, Can’t wait to tee off once more on the go!
    And that new unlocking system seems like I’ll be spending a WHOLE lot of time with this one…

  • Haiku inspired by Hot Shots :Open Tee 2

    Miles of green
    Crammed inside pockets
    Golf on subway

  • #5: Japanese PSN has 2 demos for the game so it looks like we’ll get 2 demos as well.

    Can a game that’s been out already in Japan for 6 months really go “Gold”

  • Six months have passed since
    This game’s release in Japan
    I cant stant waiting

  • I’m with depward, I have Oob & have barely played it because of limited TV time, but still play the PSP version all the time. This is a must own & I’m so glad it’s almost here!

  • Hmmm… I still need to give Hot Shots Golf a try… I’m not really into golfing, but from what I’ve seen this isn’t exactly “traditional” golf here…

    lol It seems cool though!

  • This is not a mediocre golf game. Nothing in the Hot Shots franchise is mediocre. Maybe you haven’t actually played any of them?

    And yes, I blog —

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