Blood Curse – Scaring this Summer

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Hello, everyone. This is Tsubasa Inaba, the US Producer for Siren: Blood Curse. This title was just announced last Friday at E3 Judge’s Day, and was very well received. Siren: Blood Curse is due out this summer in North America, on the PSN.

Siren Blood Curse

I wanted to share with you the Siren: Blood Curse debut trailer that we’ve created for North America.
We hope you like it. The trailer gives you a hint of the mystery and might prepare you for the goosebumps you’ll get from the final piece.

An American TV crew arrives in Japan to shoot a documentary piece on the legend of this Japanese village that supposedly disappeared 30 years ago. Upon arrival, they immediately find themselves wrapped up in the horror of this mysterious curse that haunts the village. The game lets you play seven different characters throughout the story, and features the unique “sight jack” system.

“Sight jack” gives you the ability to see from the point of view of the Shibito (living dead creatures, not exactly like zombies) or your fellow companions. At times you’ll be using sight jack to sneak around in the shadows, trying not to be seen by the Shibito. At other times, you’ll have no choice but to stand and fight, in which case there are over 50 weapons to use against them.

Siren Blood Curse Sight Jack
Siren Blood Curse Siren Blood Curse Sam

I’m very excited about this game, even though I find it pretty scary to be honest (especially playing in a dark room!). Everything about this game, from horror, mysterious story line, cinematics, game structure, keeps the players hanging, and wanting to come back for more.

I hope to follow up with new posts in the coming weeks, to share a little more about Siren. If you haven’t read this already, here’s some feedback we have received on Siren: Blood Curse from Judge’s Day.

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