Blood Curse – Scaring this Summer

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Hello, everyone. This is Tsubasa Inaba, the US Producer for Siren: Blood Curse. This title was just announced last Friday at E3 Judge’s Day, and was very well received. Siren: Blood Curse is due out this summer in North America, on the PSN.

Siren Blood Curse

I wanted to share with you the Siren: Blood Curse debut trailer that we’ve created for North America.
We hope you like it. The trailer gives you a hint of the mystery and might prepare you for the goosebumps you’ll get from the final piece.

An American TV crew arrives in Japan to shoot a documentary piece on the legend of this Japanese village that supposedly disappeared 30 years ago. Upon arrival, they immediately find themselves wrapped up in the horror of this mysterious curse that haunts the village. The game lets you play seven different characters throughout the story, and features the unique “sight jack” system.

“Sight jack” gives you the ability to see from the point of view of the Shibito (living dead creatures, not exactly like zombies) or your fellow companions. At times you’ll be using sight jack to sneak around in the shadows, trying not to be seen by the Shibito. At other times, you’ll have no choice but to stand and fight, in which case there are over 50 weapons to use against them.

Siren Blood Curse Sight Jack
Siren Blood Curse Siren Blood Curse Sam

I’m very excited about this game, even though I find it pretty scary to be honest (especially playing in a dark room!). Everything about this game, from horror, mysterious story line, cinematics, game structure, keeps the players hanging, and wanting to come back for more.

I hope to follow up with new posts in the coming weeks, to share a little more about Siren. If you haven’t read this already, here’s some feedback we have received on Siren: Blood Curse from Judge’s Day.

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  • Nice!

  • creepy as hell.
    Great job… scaring me. :'(

  • How come we aren’t getting a Bluray release like Japan?

  • Looks good, but I heard in a preview that attacking enemies is near-impossible…maybe you should fix that? Looks cool nonetheless.

  • It looks really cool

  • Waow, Silent Hill 5’s visuals got pwned!

  • StalkingSilence

    Incredible graphics. I am not big on scary games (or movies, really). But there’s something to be said for a game that causes such drastic emotions. I might have to check out an episode just to make sure it’s not for me. I guess each episode lasts about 1-2 hours? Any word on pricing or size yet? I’m starting to run out of space on my hard drive.

  • StalkingSilence

    To [Jeff Rubenstein] It May Concern,
    The flickr photos are protected. It’s quite possible I don’t know how to use flickr properly (hint: I don’t), but it seems like I can’t see the full-size images like in some other posts.

  • I LOVE the demo, can’t wait for more.

    @4 – fist fighting the Shibito isn’t going to get you anywhere fast, you need to pick up a weapon and even then fighting several enemies at once is probably going to get you killed unless you have a gun. Sometimes it’ll be best to avoid Shibito completely, the first in the demo can be avoided and others in the full game once you obtain the sight-jacking ability to learn the Shibito’s movements.

  • That was very creepy and I loved it. Can’t wait for the full release.

  • I’d consider getting this if it came out on Blu-Ray. I don’t really like filling my hard drive with games, and I like having a hard copy of a game.

  • I’ll buy it if you release it on blu-ray too.

  • Tsubasa, fix the camera in the game. It is terrible. I played the Jp demo and IGN noticed this problem as well. Their quote:

    “We only had a short time with the first level of Siren, but so far it seems like your traditional survival horror game mixed in with some brutal kills. However — and we know it’s early — we have to throw up a red flag of caution and beg Sony to fix the camera. The grainy visual style and grotesque shibito seem cool enough, but the camera is suuuuuper-touchy. Moving through the level and battling the beasties was literally a headache.”

    I deleted the demo because I found the camera so annoying. Maybe this is the Japanese style? I hope you test this game with Western players before release and get their feedback.

  • i’ll be waiting for the blu-ray version, very impatiently! ha ha!

  • So… “New Translation” is “Blood Curse.”

    The demo was interesting and really easy if you know what to do. Just bonking that guy to make him fall down the elevator shaft is hilarious. Then you get the gun… oh-ho… wait for enemies to run oddly towards you and BOOM right in the head! So fun.

  • Oh. I get it- each episode is a broadcast from the crew! That’s pretty smart. Any news to share on the proximity between episodes (ie every four-six weeks or…? ).

    I’m not personally all that interested in the game myself (horror games aren’t my thing), but my brother will probably check it out.

  • It all comes down to pricing for me, because I’m hyped up from what I’ve seen of it.

  • Played the JP demo, looks really fun. My only problem (a dealbreaker for me) with it is a lack of 1080 support. Why is it that even Sony titles don’t use the scaling sdk?

  • Looks good, been waiting for a spooky game since discovering the awful audio bug in Condemned 2.

    Will it be limited to PSN only? That’ll be a deal breaker for me, unless it’s $20.

  • Looks cool if i had a ps card i might get it.

  • Kellee Santiago

    Soooo excited/scared! I loved the previous Siren games, but still haven’t finished one because I get so spooked!

  • Damn! Now this looks cool…definitely will be watching this one. Also like how this is supposed to drop on the PSN, we need more of that happening these days. Excited.

  • I played the JPN demo and I agree that the camera has to be looked at again.

  • A an actual good game, on my PSN? Looking forward to my possible first store purchase in the entire year of 2008.

  • I am seriously look forward to this game now, I only heard a little bit but after today I will be getting and doing the review for it on thats a fact. I hope the PSN cards are out by then I am tried of using my CC to add money to my PSN account already.

    Still looks killer creepy, be a change of pace for the PSN and gamers.

  • cool how much is each eps, will be the driving force for me to buyng it there 9 eps i will not pay 20 dollars each for its
    which would make this game $180 dollars even at 10 apart is to much cause that would mean it would cost us 90 dollars .i love this game please dont over price this game

  • I, like many others, will wait for this release on Blu-Ray. If not, it’s another game that I would love to spend my money on and enjoy, but wont.

  • Yeah I’d also like an estimate as to how much we can be expected to pay for these…hope it’s not too crazy.

  • HOW MUCH? and a blu-ray version too please. i’ve bought too much from the Store that has NO resale/trade-in value. had enough of it to be honest.

  • looks like the game will have some spooky lighting, and some nice facial expressions (from what i saw on the video)

    what’s the deal with dead nurses and horror games, anyway? lol!

    If you guys could gicve us more info like how big on the hard drive each episode will be (in your estimates), and the pricing strategy..

    I think i would rather wait for a complete Blu-Ray version, to save space on my hard drive…these mandatory installs are going to fill up my drive fast!

    might have to get a bigger drive soon…then it will be no problem..but I’ve had 2 external hard drives corrupt on me, and that would SUCK if it happened with the PS3..

    looking forward to more info!

  • @mobiletone, have you agree with you. I’m sure companies would love it for all the pre-owned games disappeared. No resale, no lending, we’ll be paying to borrow titles unless we’re careful. Then you have to pity those that don’t have decent broadband, or tiny caps.

  • The visuals are amazing, and this should certainly be a scary game.

    I’m a bit unsure on the “episodes” though.

    If priced well and released within a tame timeframe (as in, maybe one per week, and not one every 6 months, as I’ve grown accustomed to with DLC) then it could work out to be an excellent addition to the PSN.

    The optimal situation would be paying $2-5 fo each hour of gameplay that is provided, thus, (and let’s just make an example) if each chapter was one hour long, the full game will end up in the $25-60 range (approximately)which seems relatively fair.

  • Thereznosuchthingastehboogymandaddysezdeydontexistdeydontexist!!!

    Can’t wait to download the first episode, I hope it’s reasonably priced. Big fan of Toyama.

  • Japan is getting this on Blu Ray, so I hope we will too. Many of the people I know are willing to buy this on Blu Ray only, and the same goes for me..please Sony, Blu Ray option as well like Warhawk and GT5 Prologue :(

  • I can’t wait. I played the demo and really liked it. I’m not a big survival horror fan, but this is a change of pace from other games and a definite buy for me.

  • not inerested

  • wooooooooooooooowlots of people hate horror games why do people make them there so stupid for real no horror games if i was sony

  • I hope the PSN cards are out by then, if not, then your not getting my money.

  • Looks like one Great game for the PSN. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be getting this day of. :D This is just another step in making the PSN the place to shop :D:D

  • So I hope you keep the original language this time which is Japanese? And just put subtitle and English menu into it? One more thing, Blu-Ray version please!

  • #37 ever heard of a little franchise called Resident Evil?

  • Is the full game going to be available on the US Store on day one or are you going to release it episode by episode like in Europe?

  • This games got me interested.

  • This game freaks me out a bit too much. It playing the demo was a disturbing experience. :lol:

  • Can’t wait for the final release.

  • I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME TO BE RELEASED!!!! I’m just REALLY hoping that the Playstatin Network Cards will be out by then, because it’s my only of purchasing games from the Playstation Store…

    IF the cards are released by then, then I will definately buy it!

  • To Mr. Inaba and other concerned parties:

    I very much enjoyed the original SIREN game, and very much enjoyed playing the Japanese SIREN: NEW TRANSLATION demo released last month. I was desperately hoping we would be receiving a domestic release of the game, and I was thrilled when SIREN: BLOOD CURSE was confirmed for North American distribution.

    However, despite the excitement I still hold towards SIREN: BLOOD CURSE, I don’t believe that I will be purchasing your game… at least, not at this point in time, nor in its currently-announced distribution format.

    I am confused and somewhat concerned in the manner that SCEA (as well as SCEE) have decided to handle the distribution of SIREN: NEW TRANSLATION in territories outside of Japan. Judging from reports, SIREN: NEW TRANSLATION was not originally conceived as an episodic release by developer SCE Japan Studios — it was always intended to be a complete disc-based gaming experience. As such, SIREN: NEW TRANSLATION will be receiving a standard full BD-ROM retail release in Japan on July 24th for ¥5980 (US$57.90 based as of today’s exchange rates).

    Therefore, since SIREN: NEW TRANSLATION consists of one complete disc-based game, why is it instead being chopped up into smaller individual bite-sized segments for American and European consumption as SIREN: BLOOD CURSE?

    I’ve never enjoyed playing episodic game releases — I dislike the process of playing a game in tiny 1-2 hour spurts over the course of a year or more, then having to wait several weeks or months for the developer to create and release the next “chapter.” I find that games tend to be more enjoyable, and more fully developed, when they are created as a complete entity. (For example, story changes and/or programming advancements featured in later portions of the game during the development cycle often affect the earlier sections, making for an all-around better gaming experience.) But in this case, SIREN: NEW TRANSLATION WAS developed as a complete entity rather than an episodic one.

    Another main concern I have is with the specific method of delivery. I am personally unwilling to spend money for ANY “full” games (i.e., titles which would normally reside on a disc-based medium) which are distributed only via a digital download file… be it on PSN, XBL, or elsewhere. I should mention that this is not a matter of “cost”, but rather one of “permanence”.

    Speaking as both a consumer and a game player, I want a tangible package when I make a retail game purchase. I enjoy having that package in my collection; I enjoy being able to hold and read a real game manual; and most importantly, I WANT to have that physical disc (or cart) in my possession.

    While there is that certain “satisfaction of ownership” feeling, there’s something more important going on here — the satisfaction of knowing that I have the ability to play that game whenever I choose to… be it next week, next month, or ten years from now. I still regularly pull out and play an older title from my collection — PS1, Genesis/Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, Atari Lynx, NGPC, and a few others — and have yet to have any problems.

    On the other hand, digitally-distributed purchases are an entirely different beast — and though fine for some people, it’s certainly not the ideal medium for many game collectors such as myself. You can’t hold or display a mass of electronically- and/or magnetically-stored code, and you’re temporarily renting that file more than actually “owning” anything. Additionally, there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll still be able to play that game a couple years down the line, much less a decade or more — should/when your HDD have a mechanical failure, or if the file gets corrupted or accidentally erased, there’s no guarantee that you’ll still be able to redownload it from PSN. The file may have been pulled or the license revoked (the electronic version of “out of print”), or maybe the servers no longer exist. (These problems have already happened to various friends of mine… not PSN, but PC and XBL.)

    Judging from the comments here on the blog — plus the many I’ve already read in other internet/news forums — I am obviously not the only consumer who is only interested in a proper, physical BD-ROM retail release of SIREN: BLOOD CURSE here in North America. Hopefully such a full retail disc is also being planned for release concurrently or following the episodic PSN version(s). However, if this is not the case, then I will instead look towards purchasing the Japanese release version… or will simply do without and spend my money elsewhere.

    Either way, thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to express my thoughts on the subject here on this blog. Here’s hoping…!

  • Wow nice, I finished both Siren and Siren 2 they`re all amaaaazing. Siren is the best survival horror game, even better than Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

    I hope we get more news as soon as possible.

  • I agree 200% with KRISPOW. Please Sony give us the Blu Ray option, pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

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