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Hi all!

To kick things off this week, we are happy to reveal the MGO widget! You can check it out here on Facebook!”

It has a countdown clock, news, video, screens – and more coming in the following weeks. You can embed it into your MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle, or personal website (use the MySpace embed code for that) – simply click the “ADD WIDGET” button in the upper-right. Please try it out, add it to your own pages, show your love for Metal Gear and stay connected!

Metal Gear mania continues with tons of content rolling out all across the web…

GameTrailers has posted the second installment of their incredible Metal Gear video retrospective. Once again, be warned, it covers the whole series history in extreme detail, and contains MAJOR SPOILERS!

On the Metal Gear fan video front, via Kotaku, there is this INCREDIBLE remake of the anime Lupin III opening, fully animated in pixel art with the Metal Gear characters! Amazing!

Lastly, from the Konami Gamer’s Night last week, tons of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots coverage all over, as people got to play the final build that evening – which includes impressions, screens, and videos! Follow the links to get the scoop!

As always, stay tuned here on the PS Blog and at for more Metal Gear!

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  • dear konami,

    i am very disappointed with you today
    the launch of mgs4 gunmetal gray bundle was ridiculous
    the internet traffic should have been fixed since the beta…
    it took 3 hours for me to finally get to my billing information
    and i clicked order confirmed…but the error pops out and i was back to the checkout page

    please fix this soon as possible
    and make it possible for everyone who wishes to have a piece of mgs4 gunmetal gray like i am possible

    thank you for your time

  • Blah…No mention of the Limited Edition Bundle hoopla, I see. Figures…Who’d want to mention tacking on a $500 insurance fee to ship it out. On top of that, having to spend over an hour and a half trying to check out….

  • Very Cool Widget, I am going to try it on UT3MOD.COM
    That was shameless plug. ;p
    Very cool and keeps us informed of the updates.

  • Oh and for those who are unaware of the [DELETED] that happened. Read about it on….

    “One might think that after the registration disaster that was the Metal Gear Online beta sign up process that Konami would be well prepared for the pre-ordering onslaught that awaited them today. Surprisingly, it wasn’t, resulting in what can be be described as a [DELETED] of massive proportions as many gamers attempted to order their Metal Gear Solid 4 limited edition PlayStation 3 bundle.

    In addition to tacking on at $500 insurance charge—which we’re told is mandatory and refundable, though we can’t confirm right now—we’ve yet to read of a single successful check out for the “gun metal” version of the console. As of right now, the Konami store is throwing a 503 error, most likely due to the heavy volume of MGS4 fans trying to buy their PS3s.”

  • I was so tempted to get the Gun Metal Gray bundle but decided not to because of the backwards comp issue and 40 gigs. I will be getting the 80GB Metal Gear Bundle for sure though instead.

  • Super pissed about the LE Bundle. I literally spent all 8 hours at work on that site. When I finally got it in my cart, I spent my 3 final hours there trying to get it to check out…with no luck.
    Also, what the hell is up with the $500 insurance fee? Don’t you feel that you guys are already raping us enough with a $600 40GB PS3 (plus shipping and tax)?

  • Gunmetal PS3 preorder was a total disaster. Spent most of the day waiting for them to go up, was right at the CC entry screen, and the whole konami website went down.

    Making these systems extremely limited is a lesson in idiocy, and a massive payday for the scalpers.

    I find it hilarious that Sony and Konami don’t want my money.

  • Holy crap, the traffic on is ridiculous. I believe the gunmetal PS3 finally went up for preorder a little after 6 PM EST. The farthest I’ve been able to get to is having the PS3 in my cart and trying to login to my account and move on to billing. Server erros up the wazoo. On several occasions I’ve gone to the website and two different names were shown at the top for the account logged in. I clicked the preorder button so many times that when I finally got to my cart I had seven in there. Of course, after I try to update that cart to just one, I get another server error.

    I am no further four hours later.

  • Hi Brandon. I’m a big fan of the MGS franchise and a lot of my friends are waiting for MGS4 to purchase a PS3. I experienced the disaster for the Beta although I pre-ordered the game, but frankly, I don’t care since I had finals at the time and I want to experience the real game more than the Beta, although I would have loved to test it and to be part of shaping the final game. Tonight I just read a very upsetting news about another [DELETED] (excuse my language) at the site itself, where you are shoving a $500 insurance to people that order the LE edition of the MGS4 PS3, and the site just went down altogether… What the hell? Also, how come my friends can’t pre-order the $500 bundle yet? If you guys couldn’t take care of it, why didn’t you just let Sony take care of it? You’re in a rough spot guys. Microsoft’s Halo 3 launch went perfect, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Brawl idem, Activision’s CoD4 launch went well, Take-Two’s GTA4 more recently was a breeze and now this? You’d better start acting responsibly and not leave a farty taste to the (supposedly) last game of one of the best videogame franchises ever.

  • @mywhitenoise

    I’m with you on all of that. Fortunately, my wait was only about two hours and I finally said f with this. Midway into those two hours, I soon found out that they would be charging an additional $500 for what they call insurance. I call BS on that. Since when does insurance cost $500??? Go to fedex, ups, or the usps and it would be nowhere near that amount. Truth be told I’m excited about the release of MGS4, but having this happen is really a bunch of bullllsh—-t.

  • sweet

  • Wait a minute here now…

    So after insurance you’re looking at $1100 for the damn thing? Is the insurance refundable once you receive the PS3?

  • MGS3 is a solid 10/10 for me, I have no doubts this will be equally as amazing an experience.

  • let the flood gates open!, pretty much what everyone has been saying, as of now you can’t even log on, so are they all sold out? will there be another day to pre order? and most importantly will the $500 insurance be refunded, bc there is no way that could be legit, thats the price of the system without the game, on insurance?! come on sony will you guys ever do anything right, no wonder ppl don’t like you anymore, ppl are losing the love for playstation, damn man iv been a sony fan for a long time, and it looks like im going to have to find a new name now :(

  • Also, your online system is ridiculous (Konami Code, Game Code, and Character name…which all have to be different from each other). You guys better drop that crap before the final game is released, because there’s no way i’m playing online with a system that’s even inferior to the Wii’s friend code system.

  • Badass, I can’t wait for this game.

  • Help! I can’t seem to preorder the MGS4 LE PS3 bundle. It keeps saying Error 503.

  • at #15….they can all be the same…all 3 of mine are the same name. just password has to be different.

    the order process however, is quite rediculous.

  • Oh, and that insurance thing: You get the money back!

  • Once you go through with the whole order process, it takes off the 500 dollar insurance. Now quit your b*tching!!! I never knew there were so many whiny toads that hung around the PS3 blog.

  • Is it me or does the widget not work? i put in my b day but the center of the widget is just white with a slight map behind it, the buttons don’t do anything

  • err its the pic of MGO, not a map lol

  • @chateauDLF

    Shut the [DELETED] up. People have the right to [DELETED] about this pre-ordering ordeal with the bundle. It’s a blog…What the heck do you expect when you’re spending hours just trying to check out to make a purchase? Also, whether or not you get that $500 back, it’s still ridiculous. It’s absurd that they would even freeze that amount for what they call “insurance”.

  • First comment on the PS blog. I’ve pre-paid for the limited edition of MGS4 and am waiting VERY patiently. I simply can’t wait. I will be first in line on the release in my town :)

    Anyways, I created my own personal counter in flash.

    Feedback would be awesome guys. I’ve never written in flash before until this counter.

    Take a look and let me know what you think! :)

  • It’s SOOO close now! Can’t wait! I would circle it on my calendar if didn’t annoy the hell out of my OCD. :( Still, I’ve got a perfectly symmetrical circle around the date in my mind. :D

  • That widget isn’t working properly either. Honestly Konamis online traffic jams are really hurting their reputation and MGS4’s hype. Most MGS4 stories lately have been negative, not a good sign. Even though some were spin, like the “Kojima disapointed” which wasnt even true, poor damage control on stuff like this can’t be good for the game.

  • first of all
    i would like to apologize to Konami

    i was the first one to comment
    regarding the MGS4 PS3 Hardware bundle
    i was able to go through the transaction
    and purchase one

    although it was slow, you were able to go through your first batch of pre-orders

    thank you so much for taking the responsibility and i hope tomorrow will not be as hectic as today’s

    once again, i apologize for the negative comments! THANK YOU KONAMI =D

  • Man if this is how Konami handles online connectivity before the launch, I hate to see how it goes when MGS4 drops.

    I will say, however, that after the initial speed bumps, the beta went smoothly. If you don’t count the constant lag that lead to double headshots and instant deaths when you spawned.

    Also I don’t get why they’re charging so much for a 40GB. At least throw an 80GB out there for that price. The MGS4 bundle from Sony is a better deal minus the awesome color.

    Is there a Konami USA and if so, why aren’t they involved with this whole thing?

  • I got my pre-order for the Gunmetal Bundle. My total was $620.98. Can’t wait!

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    what is a widget exactly? lol how does it work? i put my birth date in and yeah… not much happened just saw the cool mgo background damn i cant wait for mgs4 its guna be the best game ever the online beta blew my mind n stop all your gun metal LE bundle i was gotta try n get the japanese 80 gig some how… lol i need another ps3 i want 60 gig for backwards compatability thats why i like refuse 40 gig i dont like 40 gig but it is awesome just for the fact that it was a briliant idea to get the install base up yata sony! need my damn guns of the patriots need LE and regular game haha have another buddy rallyin mgo on the tv across the room mwhaha

    PSN ID: Meko_Gear_Solid

  • @iNeedScissors61

    “I got my pre-order for the Gunmetal Bundle. My total was $620.98. Can’t wait!”

    Was that with tax plus shipping and handling?

  • Hey Brandon Laurino. One ontopic question!

    You say its a major spoiler, but you just mean the older games right. Or is it suppoed to be some remakes in mgs4 too? I know it will be recurring places at least.

    (I have only played MSG2 and it was preeetty confusing so I need the backgroundinfo.)

  • @27 bobamuknunbabo
    Cheers man , you are the first person who apologize on the internetz. :D
    Hope to find you in MGO to have some good team matches.

  • to add the widget go to :

    and press add widget ,then the instructions appear to add to myspace,facebook,etc etc.

  • woooooooooooooow nice but i expected better seriously.

  • Countdown? But the beta finished already…

  • I’m a 360 owner who finally wants to get a PS3. I’ve got the money set aside. MGS4 is a huge factor.

    And lo and behold, they’re releasing a bundle that features a twice as large harddrive so I can fill it up with PSone games and hidef video and game installs and all that good stuff. Except that online I can’t find a release date for it, anywhere. Sure would like that little bit of BC, too, so I can at least put my PS2 away and claim some valuable shelf space.

    I drop by my local gamestop after passing by and decide I’ll preorder the 80 gig bundle.

    Except I can’t. The manager tells me it’s going to be extremely limited and there’s no preorder, and it will release the date the game does. But no preorders. I explain to him I’m not after the gunmetal grey one. He says he knows – the 80 gig PS3 bundle is going to be a pain in the ass to find, he reiterates. They’re basically going to allocate them on a first come first serve basis.

    I don’t reguarly trust Gamestop but this guy seemed like he definitely knew what he was talking about.

    So what is going on with this??? The game is out in less than a month and those of us who want to take the PS3 plunge don’t even know what we can or will be able to purchase. It’s almost got me reconsidering buying a PS3.

    It would seriously do you some good to announce what the heck is going with the PS3 with some clarity.

  • @ xenulord (36)

    Actually, you must have missed the blog that announced the 80GB MGS4 Bundle. It releases on launch day with just the standard edition MGS4. So June 12. Good?

  • jeigh, that’s the one i’m talking about. go look – you can’t order it anywhere, and now apparently it’s going to be a pain to get your hands on it.

  • Looks cool thanks. The widget isn’t working for me though. Any help? I wanna put it on my myspace

  • Tried using the widget in Firefox and IE. Neither is working. Clicking Add Widget or any of the other buttons does nothing.

  • i want to know if its true will there be a mgs5 i would rather had mgs keep on going on the psp then have countine on the ps3 or any other next gen system huge mgs fan but without kojima i dont think i would not buy it.

  • Konami did say in their Gamer’s Day announcement that they were going to be rationing their supply of LE MGS4 bundles into daily amounts for one week starting on the 19th, right? Can we assume this means that those of us who were screwed over by the Konami website’s ridiculous glitches and meltdowns yesterday can still have a shot at pre-ordering the LE bundle today and at least until Friday?

  • I wanna Pre-Order this LE Bundle but I was hoping it would be Backwards Compatible also. Can anyone confirm that it is NOT Backwards Compatible? I might try and still pre order it though. Thats is I can get to it in time and not get the…

    Currently, we have reached the number of allocated stock for pre-orders today. Please check back tomorrow (blah blah blah), when we will make available more stock for pre-orders.

    ahhhhh cmon

  • DisFrikkenWill,

    When did Konami tell you that? Today or yesterday?

  • re: @ RarePimpstick

    it happened to me 2 times already today and yesterday, if you go to the MGS4 LE Bundle Page on you will see under the discription in big red font. I just put blah blah blah in the Parenthesis insted of the date it says when to check back.

  • I would like to know when we are going to see an MGS4 demo appear on the PSN store.

  • Kojima already confirmed that he will NOT be making a demo availible on the PSN. He said its in order to keep fans away from any spoilers and when the full game realases to enjoy the control sceam for the first time…
    JERK!!! I WANNA DEMO!!!!

  • Well damn. I finally get to the point where I can order it but I overlooked the part where they said they’re only taking pre-orders for the US right now. I hope Canada doesn’t get the short end of the stick and end up with fewer LE PS3s than America.

  • @ Xenulord (39)

    I already pre-ordered my NON Limited Edition 80gb MGS4 Bundle with a major brick and mortar store that ends in City.
    I am pretty sure that gamestop manager was blowing smoke.

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