SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-Up

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Full steam ahead this week, with a new screenshot, some new sigs, and a couple of interviews.

Get Down– We wrap up our week of new shots with one last shot of Crossroads.

Kotaku on– Kotaku showed us some love, so we show some back.

Dev Q&A 01– We kick off a new series on– a developer question & answer session. Seth Luisi answers this week’s questions.
IGN and David Seymour Chit-chat– Coinciding with Seth answering questions on, David Seymour reveals some new things to IGN.

Friday? Gamer’s Day!– Gamer’s Day is getting revved up.
Incoming SOCOM Patches– Cade Meyers from Zipper fills us in on a few upcoming patches.
SOCOM’s Signature Style– We’ve got three sigs. Spread them far and spread them wide.

We got some great info out to you guys this week. We’ll have more Q&A next week and keep your eyes on this blog for more E3 Judges’ Day updates.

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