SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-Up

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Full steam ahead this week, with a new screenshot, some new sigs, and a couple of interviews.

Get Down– We wrap up our week of new shots with one last shot of Crossroads.

Kotaku on– Kotaku showed us some love, so we show some back.

Dev Q&A 01– We kick off a new series on– a developer question & answer session. Seth Luisi answers this week’s questions.
IGN and David Seymour Chit-chat– Coinciding with Seth answering questions on, David Seymour reveals some new things to IGN.

Friday? Gamer’s Day!– Gamer’s Day is getting revved up.
Incoming SOCOM Patches– Cade Meyers from Zipper fills us in on a few upcoming patches.
SOCOM’s Signature Style– We’ve got three sigs. Spread them far and spread them wide.

We got some great info out to you guys this week. We’ll have more Q&A next week and keep your eyes on this blog for more E3 Judges’ Day updates.

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  • Thanks for the update Point Man.

  • FYI, none of the links work.

  • nop… the links doesn work for me

  • 4th nice when will this game come out specificly?

  • @4

    September 16, 2008

  • Links aren’t working

  • Hey! I was wondering what you were up to on Friday! Nice to hear from you, though the links are indeed broken at the moment- I’m getting an ‘Error 404’ message.

  • this looks more like over the shoulder view
    not third person view
    please i hope this is in third person
    classic socom 1,2 view

  • none of the links are working. Sigh.

  • ppl, just go to which has everything listed up there.

  • ppl, just go to which has everything listed up there.

  • Error 404 – File not Found
    Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found.
    Somthing is wrong with the links as commented previously but that is what we are getting.

  • I’m sorry, but this game is visually underwhelming. Gameplay > Graphics sure, however the visual quality should be a heck of a lot better. Call of Duty 4 is visually superior to this with a lot more going on at a super smooth framerate.

    This game needs another years development time, seriously. If the DEV team are reading these BLOGs, take what I said into account, please! You have no idea how the visuals can ruin the effect of a game’s success. We shouldn’t be seeing blurry textures this Generation, at least not to the extent of this game.

  • The links still do not work.

  • Yes, it seems as if the links still don’t work?

  • @David

    Does the game have a gamma correction option?
    Can players talk to each other while playing online and if so, please tell me there’s a mute option.
    Can I find someone on my friends list and join their game?
    Can I add someone to my friends list without having to exit the game?
    Is there a lobby where players talk smack before and after a game, and can the mewling eight year olds be muted there too?
    Can players be kicked/voted from a game?
    The socom series is legendary for being buggier than chameleon crap. Combined Assault has an unfixed bug list longer than Tommy Lee’s drumstick. How extensive is this game being QA’d and is a triage team being assembled to deal with bugs after launch? The Warhawk folks have set the bar on customer support, so you’ll have a tough row to hoe.
    I don’t play any of the socom games any more, because of the innumerable bugs they contain and the rampant game hackers that infest the servers. Why should I layout my hard earned frog skins for this game?

  • Lookin’ sweet.

  • The broken links are meant as a sneak peak of the buggy experience you’ll have actually playing SOCOM (like past editions).

  • This is going out to the creators of the new SOCOM series, I hope you guys eliminated cheat codes form this series of SOCOM, It takes the fun and the honesty of the game away. There are a lot of gamers who like playing showing off their skills and playing fair and not having to deal with players with no skills and the only way they can win is by using cheat codes, lag switches etc. It makes you not want to play at all. I can’t tell you how many games I played with a group of gamers and some cheater comes in the room and ruins it for everybody (not cool at all) we also have racism too on the game that need to be addressed that also takes away from the game as well. I have been playing SOCOM since SOCOM ONE and I hope the cheating will stop here! So others can keep playing in the near future.

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