Grab your bolts…Secret Agent Clank has gone gold!

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I have great news to share with everyone! The debonair spy is ready to head out to manufacturing for the June 17th launch date of Secret Agent Clank on the PlayStation Portable. High Impact Games has put an intergalactic ton of work into this game and it shows. Since we announced it at Tokyo Game Show 2007, Clank has gotten faster, the textures more detailed, and the lighting fine tuned. With Clank, Ratchet, Qwark, and gadgebots all playable, there are enough characters to make you feel like you took a Clank-Fu kick to the head.

Secret Agent Clank2

Download the FREE demo on both the PLAYSTATION Network and PLAYSTATION Store for PC later today. This demo features the first level of the game. It’ll have you sneaking into a museum, dodging lasers, subduing guards three times your size, and even tossing out a tie-a-rang or two.

Secret Agent Clank1

Check out for more information… hi-yah!

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