Warhawk GGL Tournament!

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So I know that something like 80% of all humans on the planet (and some portion of plant-based life forms on Mars) are playing Grand Theft Auto 4 right now…can’t say I blame them as I am currently up to my eyeballs in hot Liberty City awesomeness — but just in case you Warhawk fans didn’t hear about it, the GGL is running a team tournament with some sweet, sweet prizes!

Warhawk Blade

First off, players that register and participate in the tournament will get a special piece of troop equipment: The “GGL Ceremonial Knife”. This replaces your troops current combat blade and *only* players that participate in the tournament will get this new equipment.

Next is the Champion’s Blade — a fierce and dangerous trophy of doom (muhaaahhaaa).

This piece of equipment will *only* be awarded to players on the winning team. And yes, these are sync’d across our global network so when you whip it out, players from around the globe will see it…and fear you! :)

Now it should be noted that these are not uber-weapons…they’re just visual upgrades as it isn’t really right, gameplay balance-wise, for the best players to be able to ravage people even more brutally just because they won the tournament!!! Still…a damn cool prize!

Warhawk Statue (Large)

For increased awesomeosity, the GGL is also awarding the winning team with the six-inch Warhawk statues that Gentle Giant Studios is working on. The above pic is a work-in-progress shot.

Here’s the link to their site: GGL Warhawk Team Tournament

Tournament registration is already underway and will continue until June 29th. The competition officially starts on May 27th and will run until July 27th. Teams are already forming and playing in the practice ladder.

GGL is running this tournament so please hit their site for info and any questions you or your clan may have.

On a semi-related note, the team and I have been pretty quiet lately…it’s not because we have gone away! We’re just cranking away on our next FREE update for all of our global players, the Warhawk v1.4 update! Stay tuned to the blog for more info.

We’re also going to be pushing some new server setups on the official servers as well. This could happen as early as this week. We’ve been tracking a lot of feedback from our community and we’re going to be making some of the requested changes….yes, we hear you all loud and clear…more LARGE layouts. :)

What's Next Code

And always, how can I end a blog post with out some form of crazy riddle, or hint or something like that. So, here goes…check the image above, and this one is difficult since the other ones I’ve posted you guys have cracked in like a couple hours.

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