New echochrome user-created levels coming soon

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Hello PlayStation.Blog readers. It’s Kumi again with an echochrome update. Last time around I showed you how to play and create new echochrome levels. I hope you’re ready for some new challenges, because 20 (yes, twenty!) new puzzles will be made available to PS3 echochrome players between May 15th and 21st.

echochrome user created level 5-15echochrome user created level 5-15

The additional levels will appear at random in freeform mode if you set your difficulty level to 2 or 3. The difficulty level is represented by the bars at the bottom right of the loading screen between freeform levels, and the difficulty for the next level can be set while the next level is loading by pressing left or right on the d-pad. Levels are picked randomly from all levels in your “gallery”, “portfolio”, and user created levels. Remember that in freeform mode, levels that have not been cleared are selected first.

echochrome user created level 5-15echochrome user created level 5-15

There was a comment in the last blog post asking if there is any recognition if your design is chosen for the incentive, and the answer is yes! I will reveal the creator’s PSN ID for every new level being distributed, starting with this week! To whet your appetite for these new challenges (and maybe even spark your imagination!), I’ve include screenshots of the levels as well. Just click on the screens to see the creation’s name, author and the country of origin. Look for more in the coming weeks!

So take a look and start planning now. Your fellow gamers certainly didn’t make things easy for you!

echochrome user created level 5-15

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  • cooool

  • wow. That’s sweet.

    Any word on if you guys are going to set up a server with user submitted entries that we can download at will?

  • JPN content was available for US on day 1, right? I’m a little confused.

  • Any plans to make the user created levels work across both platforms? (i.e. PSP and PS3)

  • Haven’t quite cleared all levels yet, but I’m sure looking forward for this. Looove the game. Even made my echochrome design using Echochromes =D

    Just need the chance to pick the user-created levels at will.

  • Yeah it would be cool if we could download level anytime we want. I like the game, but I don’t know if I will always have time to play the user created levels if they’ll be erased when the new ones are added.

    I would also be cool to be able to play levels on the PSP as well.

  • Level Select would really be nice. Just something to think about.

    Thanks for these. :D

  • Some of those layouts look absolutely mind-blowing!

  • I really love this game but just feel like it is more of a portable game. So I bought it for PSP. Do you think you could have PSP level packs ever? I really feel left out.

  • @Jeigh

    Did I pick the wrong week to stop sniffing glue…? cause there is a level select.

  • @Kumi Yuasa – Associate Producer of uni-matrix echochrome

    How about adding a zoom in and out feature!?

  • The user-created levels will be dowloaded and playable always? or they will be streamed and only playable on the given dates?

  • I don’t get it, but if you take the RGB values of the picture and look them up in ASCII, they spell: WaxsunDie

    It’s probably too late for 1.4, but what I would really like to see in Warhawk is an option where the summary screen after each game is saved on your hard disk so you can go back to see the history of all games you’re in. Sometimes 30 seconds is not enough to stare at your achievement. At least a 100 past games would be nice.

  • Sorry, @13 was meant for a different blog entry.

  • awesome news. I can’t wait to try them.

  • Could we get any new levels for the PSP version? Had fun but I want some new challenges.

  • I bought PS3 as a Blue-Ray player and never played any games more than 10mins.

    Echochrome got me into gaming. Thanks Sony and team.

    Though it is good, I would like to see

    1)User selectable user content downloads. How come one misses if not logged in for a week? not fair.

    2) User selectable music options. I have to mute after 20mins or so.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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