A Decade of Gran Turismo

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Heritage is measured by an aggregate of impeccable work, outstanding performance, unparalleled design and revolutionary thinking. It’s a quality that few command, and those that do are respected for where they’ve been, where they are, and where they’ll go in the years to come. Ferrari has it, as do BMW, Ford, and Nissan to name a few. It represents years of passion and dedication, the power to reach beyond the niche and simultaneously dwarf and inspire the competition.

This is heritage, this is Gran Turismo. This is our decade long devotion to excellence, as this week marks our 10 year anniversary of the Gran Turismo series in North America.

And as of April 30, Gran Turismo has shipped over 50 million games worldwide, complete with unrivaled physics, stunning graphics and a loyal fan base from every industry and lifestyle across the globe.

GT boxes
Many of you who have been fans of the series can fondly look back with us to the days of the first Gran Turismo on PSone, which in many ways revolutionized and redefined the racing category within video games. Licensed cars, realistic graphics, customization, replays were all pretty much unheard of, or unimagined, back then in racing games. Since then, Gran Turismo has grown and evolved, adding new features as the series progressed. It has also allowed millions the chance to test drive EVOs, STIs and GT-Rs, cars that were extremely rare in North America. Many also extended their passion from virtual to actual, actively seeking those rare imports, working on them and tuning them for track racing. The series also introduced Photo Mode, a simple and overlooked feature that is now a standard in any racing game, as well as B-spec mode, where you became the race team manager, commanding from the paddock.

Which leads us to the here and now with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the PLAYSTATION 3, a thorough racing experience with multiple views and features that will once again, change the way racing games are experienced. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue offers Gran Turismo-TV, automotive content from around the world, news feeds ticker off real-time events, and sixteen player games (both online and offline) that recreate the rush of actual track racing.

This is where our passions lie–in the cars, driving, and racing heritage. We’ve come a long way from the days of the first Gran Turismo, and we still have a ways to go to complete the vision.

Happy 10th Anniversary to everyone at Polyphony Digital and all the fans, both new and old, in our global Gran Turismo family.

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  • It’s been a wonderful 10 years of excellent racing.

    Now let’s start really bringing it on home with some damage modeling. Seriously, if Gran Turismo implemented damage modeling with the same level of care that the Polyphony Digital guys are known for there would be absolutely no competition.

  • Congrats, Polyphony! You guys do a killer job, seriously…

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    GT games have really unleashed my passion towards cars and racing. One would think that games like NFS or midnight club would be the ones to do that, but only GT’s realism, detail and just overall presentation can make you really appreciate a car.
    Thanks for providing the best racing game ever.

    I too believe that car damage will add a whole new level to GT racing. I have been waiting for damage and customization on GT games for a long time.

    I trust you guys will make damage work just right, but I also hope that damage can be turned off or maybe only on for certain races.
    As for customization; if the tuned cars in prologue are any indication of the customization in GT5, I am loving it.

  • I love GT. Congrats on the 10 years of success. Cant wait for GT5 to drop next year, I will keep playing GT5p in the mean time.

    As someone who has played GT for the last ten years I may be a minority on this one, but damage modeling is not needed in this game. I think that it will only make a mess of things so to speak.

  • A truly amazing feat in many ways. Keep plugging away. (And if Yamauchi ever does decide to go with that RPG-style game I hear he’s interested in making, I’ll be waiting with great anticipation.) :D

  • GT – essence of perfection

  • oh man this series is totally badass. prologue isnt too shabby either

  • Wow. 10 years ago I bought Gran Turismo with the original dualshock controller and I didn’t even have a PlayStation. Congrats Polyphony. GT is still the best looking car game.

  • Happy 10 year anniversary to Gran Turismo! It’s always reassuring at least for me to know that quality games such as GT are still being made in the this trend of casual gaming. Kudos to Sony + Polyphony Digital for sticking to offering quality, immersive and technically superior experiences. Bring on GT5!

  • Happy 10th anniversary!! Polyphony Digital has shown they have what it takes to stay around in the market and here’s hoping for another 10!!

  • Yes, congrats. I remember back in the day. Used to love GT and then GT2 when that came out. They were completely superior to any other racer of that time.

  • Sigh! I remember that first GT experience, amazingly I still fell like that whenever I play the new one too, soo cool!!!

    Happy 10th anniversary!

  • Has it really been that long? Wow, time really does move along.

    It’s amazing really when you look at that screen shot and consider what Polyphony achieved on PSONE hardware! Stunning.

    I remember my jaw being on the floor the first time I played it, and every game since has had the same effect on me.

    I love GT5p. With the official Logitech wheel it is just awesome. Even my parents have had a go. Their comments were “It’s just so realistic!”

    Great job guys.

  • Happy 10th anniversary.

    You guys truly are the best, and I’ve been there since day one. Hell, I even bought Gran Turismo Concept: Tokyo, Seoul, and Geneva.

    But above all, I was wondering if you guys can get this answer from the man himself. It’s been bugging me for years, and I’ve debated this countless of times on forums. And what better place to bring it up, than here.

    –What’s the car under the cover in Gran Turismo?–

    Everyone who’s answered this, is sure it’s the Camaro… or the NSX… or the Sylvia, and the GT-R32, and the ’95 Corvette, and the list goes on.

    So if you guys can get this answer from someone who might know(like Kazunori), I would really appreciate it. Please, please, please! Trust me. I’m speaking for a lot of people who want to know as well. Thank you.

  • Along with Post 13 Mort GT5p is the best with the new GT wheel and my parents as well love playing it.

    It is the first game my parents actually enjoy playing.

    My dad put it best when he said “Don’t bother me I am going 177 mph” lol

    Thank you Polyphony digital for the truly spectacular work you have done in the past 10 years and we are all looking forward to the next decade of Gran Turismo.

    Hopefully we can see live F1 racing on GT TV as the USA doesn’t really have an appetite for F1 on network TV very much.

    Maybe the new Concept Camaro can make it into the new GT5 too =)

  • gongrats looking foward to many more!

  • i still have my original black Gran Turismo disc, it’s been a great 10 years. i seriously doubt GT5 can top the greatness that was GT4 though, the sheer selection of cars. tracks and the absolutely wonderful tuning options just topped it off (adjusting sliders isn’t the same) if they included the Tourist Trophy bikes so we could have mixed racing, that would do it. continue raising the bar guys.

    thank you Polyphony Digital.

  • thanks polyphony for ten great years of no tickets while driving around like my harbles
    are on fire

  • @15 Enforcer_X

    Just to be clear on this – my parents who played it (and yes, they both played it) are almost 60!! They loved it. It just goes to show that games really are enjoying a wider audience these days.

    Make a game as good as GT and everybody can relate, becasue it’s just like real life – only more fun.

    Good to see your parents had fun with it too.

  • Happy 10 year’s with five CLASSIC games!!! But I just want to say one thing don’t forget about PSP it need some love to!!!!!

  • And a great ride its been. But I hope with GT5 the series gets some really big changes. Because its become a little stale. Mostly with games like Toca, Forza and Grid beating it in many places. Its time GT to step up and take its full crown back.

  • Polyphony are Truly the best at what they do! No other CO. out there can make a racing sim like they can

  • Happy 10 years Polyphony. I’d like car damage too, but I get the point that car manufacturers don’t like to see their cars mangled up onscreen. I haven’t bought prologue yet, but if you drop it kindly down to $19.99…

  • For those wanting damage in GT… it is coming THIS YEAR.

    The latest edition of the UK Official PlayStation magazine has a brief interview with Kaz Yamauchi (page 16 if you have it), and it states that damage will be available “before Christmas”.

  • Good! I long for my car to get the snot kicked out of it ala Burnout: Paradise style! But will Car makers like a raceing game where you bash up their cars, and prove how usless all those safty features are?

    LOL IDK it will rock anyway!

  • happry 10 years poly u gave us some of the best gaming had to offer on the playstation platform.Cannot wait to see what u guys have plan for psp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • im a fan since i played Gran Turismo 2 back in 1999… i love the cars and i love the game, i bought GT5 Prologue and it was awesome, now i can’t wait for the whole thing… Happy 10th anniversary

  • Long live GT!
    Love the whole series to bits, happy birthday GT!

  • Cool now release 1 – 4 on the PSN and make them (or at least 4) playable over the network…… I will pay for them again!

  • I hope GT5 comes soon!

  • @24

    And knowing PD, it will be delayed about 4 times before it comes out. ;-]

  • Happy 10th Anniversary Gran Turismo and to everyone who has contributed to the series!

    It shows how passion for something can make things so much better than what came before it.

    Don’t forget, fans, we _do_ have a GT forum here. ;^)

  • Year 10 for you. Year 1 for me. Happy B-day!

  • Damage modelling isn’t just wanted, it’s NEEDED in this game.

    Gran Turismo has always tried to be a realistic driving simulation — but there’s nothing realistic about being able to bounce off walls (and other cars) to get around corners faster than by trying to drive smart lines.

    GT has come a long ways in 10 years, but in some respects, it hasn’t come very far at all.

  • Wow, ten years already? That’s crazy… seems like yesterday. Wonder what the series will look like in another 10? lol

    Way to go Polyphony Digital!

  • I should also ad. Fix the damn online with GT5P, its a disgrace to the series. What the hell were you guys thinking?

  • Gran Turismo is a great series and the game changed over the years. Great work Poliphony.

  • Gran Turismo was the best driving sim i have ever played. even though i have never acually have completed one of the games.

  • @ erico316

    great point. Yes, can we please get GT for PSP after GT5 comes out. And for the love of god make the save data transferable between the 2 versions.

    GT5 PS3+ GT5 PSP+ USB cable = millions of happy gamers/automobile/The Real Driving Simulator lovers.

  • I love GT5 Prologue, and I’ve converted several friends into GT lovers with it as well.

    This is a great franchise. Please please please implement bigger online races, with some form of damage (so we need to pit for fixes) including tires and fuel gauges please!

    I still have to pull out Toca to get in a good 20+ lap race.

  • I love this series and I’m thoroughly enjoying Prologue.

    But man, do I feel old. 10 years!?!

  • 10 years of awesome bumper carting. Nah I still love GT even if it doesn’t have model damage, the feel of the game is unprecedented.

  • Celebrating 10 years with a demo… how sad.

  • Ok, I love Gran Turismo, but what I hate is that there is no damage to the cars! On top of all the perfections, there are flaws that other games don’t have!
    I also have a question, why do you release a prologue, & make people buy the game two times? I was going to buy GT5P this weekend, but now I am pissed off, now that I know there will be a full version. Also, the online is really bad! No voice chat, it is just behind other games!
    Please, Please fix this! Let us buy a game & enjoy it!

    Thank You anyways for a beautiful game, although the only GT I bought was for PS1, the first one, I still keep on updating myself with the game, and I like GT5P very much, but I just found out there will be another in a year, so why waste $40, then spend $60 for the full game?

  • Someone stole my copy of GT2. . . anyway, this has got to be the best gaming franchise in history!

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