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Hi all!

As many of you know, the MGO Beta came to a close late last night, and we would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all of you who participated, for your time and efforts to play and give us feedback on MGO. We had a great time, and we hope you did too!

Last Wednesday as announced here on the PS Blog, before the end of the MGO Beta we sent out a challenge to the top ranked clans in the MGO Beta to play vs our Kojima Productions/Konami team. Many thanks to the clans who participated, and all of the clans that wrote in to try to play. We truly wish we could spend all day playing, and fit everybody in, but we had very limited time – and we appreciate your patience and understanding. If you enjoyed playing, would have liked to participate, or would love more organized MGO competitions in any case, fret not – this is only the tip of the iceberg, and we have lots planned following the launch of MGS4/MGO…

I would like to extend a special thanks to the clan leaders who quickly rushed to organize and confirm their rosters for the competition: Nozdeuce of NeoGaf, Paradox Bat of W.O.L.F., THE-BIGGER-BOSS of Venom, Solid Tanuki of CheapAssGamer, and SwiftFox of SpecialOpsGroup – and, once again, all the clan leaders I chatted with who were interested to play.

Every match was an absolute blast for us to play, and for the most part, every round was extremely close. We had an amazing time chatting and playing, everyone was incredibly skilled, and really nice. NeoGaf clan member Freeman did a great job capturing and posting some videos from the NeoGaf vs KP/Konami match. Freeman has a tremendous opening from our first round of the first match, quickly laying waste to a few of our KP/Konami team members…

You can catch Freeman’s other video from the match here, where extensive use of Night Vision is employed.

Full match results after the jump.

Next, I’d like to call out that GameTrailers has posted the first installment of their incredible Metal Gear video retrospective. Be warned, it covers the whole series history in extreme detail, and contains MAJOR SPOILERS!

Lastly, in case you didn’t know, Wednesday night is Konami’s “Gamer’s Night” in SF – an event where we invite the press to come and check out Konami’s product lineup. There will be many long awaited and surprise announcements, special guests, and much more. Stay tuned right here on the PS Blog and at!!!

Match 1
Map: Blood Bath
Type: Team Death Match
Length: 4 mins.
Rounds: 2
20 Tickets

Match 2
Map: Midtown Maelstrom
Type: Base
Length: 5 mins.
Rounds: 2

7:00 PM – Clan: NeoGaf

Match 1
R1: Konami
R2: NeoGaf

Match 2
R1: NeoGaf
R2: Konami

7:25 PM – Clan: W.O.L.F.

Match 1
R1: W.O.L.F.
R2: W.O.L.F.

Match 2
R1: W.O.L.F.
R2: Konami

7:50 PM – Clan: Venom

Match 1
R1: Konami
R2: Konami

Match 2
R1: Konami
R2: Konami

8:15 PM – Clan: CheapAssGamer

Match 1
R1: CheapAssGamer
R2: Konami

Match 2
R1: CheapAssGamer
R2: CheapAssGamer

8:40 PM – Clan: SpecialOpsGroup

Match 1
R1: SpecialOpsGroup
R2: Konami

Match 2
R1: Konami
R2: Konami

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  • MGO’s end was a sad day for me
    only a month away! =)

    p.s. still waiting on the GUNMETAL GREY PS3 BUNDLE! please release the info SOON!

  • btw, VENOM CLAN! we did good =)

  • The game was very nice! Thx for the beta

    I guess there will be more info about those bundles at Konami night.

  • The beta was great. Please give us more info on the Gun Metal grey PS3. thanks.

  • Very sad to see the beta go… Now I have to go back to playing CoD4 online, ohwell at least MGO is only exactly a month away… That is after I beat MGS4 ATLEAST 2 times

  • Can’t wait until the 12th 0_o

    Was kind of sad when i turned on my PS3 to play and got the message the beta was over =(

  • :( Can’t wait till the 12th.

  • YES!

  • I’m thankful I got into the BETA and got some play-time in. MGO is truly amazing and a huge improvement from the last. I can’t wait for the real version to release.

  • Cool videos.Can’t wait for MGO and MGS4

  • Awesome, I’m not only looking forward to full release of MGS4/MGO but also the Konami Gamer’s Night news!

  • Hehe. Thanks for the shout out, Brandon. WOLF4LIFE!

    –Paradox Bat

  • I’m so sad that the beta is over, I wish I’d have played a bit more. Can’t wait for the full version and equally important, for MGS4’s campaign.

    I really appreciate all the hard work that the good people at Konami are doing to make this game truly spectacular.

    Much love!!

  • The beta was amazing and actually outclassed CoD4’s multiplayer in my eyes, which is definitely impressive.

    However, I do hope that Konami sorts out the severe “damage lag” where certain players seemed to experience a consistent delay between shooting someone/getting shot and the damage taking effect.

    In my experience, this led to a lot of double shots/headshots where both players shot eachother within a few seconds and both died quickly afterwards. It also meant that it was often confusing as to where you were being shot from (as retreating back behind cover after being show would make it appear as if you had been shot through the wall once the damage registered) and that sneak attacks with weapons like the knife were useless, as even an electrified stun attack would not knock out a player until they had already retreated to unload a clip into your head.

    Another byproduct of this lag was the repeating of a death animation after spawning which, although it did not change the ticket scores twice, did register as two kills in the message history and, more importantly, would count as spawning with the selected weapon and then dying again. With Drebin Points activated, this meant that dying with any weapon worth more than +1000 DP would make you lose a large amount of your accumulated DP due to you “buying” that gun when the game forces you to spawn in order to kill you again.

    I have seen that the issue is fairly widespread on forums, so I know it is not just my connection. Like I said, the beta was absolutely brilliant, but these glitches seriously tested my patience and would definitely hinder my enjoyment of the game if they persist in the final build.

  • I didn’t know about the Gamers Day thing for Konami. Sounds like we might finally get info on the Gun Metal PS3 this Wednesday.

  • I’m definitely looking forward to the release of MGS4 and MGO. After playing the beta, I hope the dev team continues to expand and improve the game. It’s fun as is, but a lot of improvements could enhance the experience greatly. I have faith they will only implement the good suggestions. :)

    Also, and yes, I know this is a rather fanboy comment, but:

    I hope Konami deeply considers releasing MGS 1, 2, and 3 as DLC or something for MGS4. I would love to play through the entire series using the MGS4 engine. One of the very few things that disappointed me about the series was that they would always post these awesome tech demo videos showing these epic gun battles (especially for MGS3), and the game engine made it fairly difficult to reenact them.

    The ability to move while in first person view is perhaps one of the greatest editions to the series, and one I wish had been in since the beginning. I still prefer the sneaking element, but every once in a while it’s nice to put the ton of weaponry you attain to good use. Aside from making extended firefights easier, it would also make many boss fights more fluid (like The Fear in MGS3… obviously you want to be in first person mode to shoot him, but you have to stop constantly and look around for him… I fight a lot of bosses like him with thermal goggles as a result, and I would like it a lot better if you could move around in first person view, making it easier to gun him down using normal vision).

    I mean, if Square can get away with remaking Final Fantasy games several dozen times, I’m sure folks would buy what I’m talking about here. Though it would be nice if MGS2 was expanded slightly, if that was the case. It’s a great game, and I don’t hate on Raiden like many, but it’s kind of lacking in number of epic boss battles in comparison to the other games.

    Anyway, if any of you cats disagree with me, please don’t bog down this thread by saying so. I imagine if Konami was going to do this, they’d already have plans for it by now, so it doesn’t really matter what I think. Plus! My opinion should only really matter to Konami. I’m sure they’d only do it if they felt it would sell and the time/resources wouldn’t be better spent developing new games. :P

  • i was re-reading the post
    and i just found out about the wednesday night
    i hope it’s the gunmetal PS3 hardware bundle news and surprise =)

  • i loved the mgo beta but in its final days barly anyone was on(im quessing gta4) so it was hard to find matches

  • the controls of this game were not up to par.. the are just not western enough for me i guess…. the only thing i liked about this chance to play was getting to be snake for the first time in mgs4 style

  • Now that the beta has ended. Will we be able to give out some feedback? Or are you guys just checking out the forums and wutnot?

  • What do u mean we did good! lmfao we got ass raped, but we enjoyed every second of it.

    Btw, thanks especially to Brandon for organizing everything. and the konami team for taking the team to ass rape my clan.

    Thanks again, Venom’s The-Bigger-Boss

  • I wana be able to give them some feedback, but the community support site is crapping out on me :(

  • Useless Monday Topic :/
    what about european special edition? tsk.

  • I’m gonna have to wholeheartedly agree with Hiruke, a re-release of MGS 1-3 with the MGS4 engine and updated graphics would be phenomenal. I mostly wish that we could have MGS1 this way, but I would certainly shell out full price cash for all of these games.

    Please Konami, think about it, just the thought of replaying MGS1 with a better engine makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. If the rumors are true that we get to replay certain sections from MGS1 in 4, go the little extra distance and give us the full package, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Oh yeah! Can’t wait to see what gets unveiled.

  • Oh Hell yes nice stuff.

  • I would have loved to have played in the Beta but unfortunately I fell foul of the AOL connection problem! I just hope it’s sorted for the official release! :(

  • It’s a bit off topic I suppose, but if anyone can tell me how NeoGaf member “Freeman” got such high quality video feeds from his PS3, I would appreciate it. I would ask him myself but I don’t know how to locate his PSN ID, and I can’t contact him through the MGO community website because I’m getting errors when trying to log in. I assume it’s because the beta is offline. Or maybe I’m not remembering my game password correctly? Has anyone else been able to log into the MGO community site since the beta closed?

    Anyway, I’m really interested in being able to capture game sessions from my PS3 that are higher quality than S-Video.I saw a new PC HDMI capture device, but it’s pricey and requires a PCI Express slot which I don’t have in my computer.Any suggestions are welcome.

    One last thing to Konami if you’re reading this, please allow people to have more skills selected so I’m not forced to play the game in one way the whole time.For example,sometimes when I’m playing as a sniper,midway through the game I realize that against the people I’m playing with it’s not an effective role so I need to switch to an assault rifle and get in close but then my sniper skill is useless and my assault rifle skill isn’t getting any experience added even though I’m using it in the round. I like to switch things up every now and then and your skill system doesn’t really make that possible without losing the ability to level up quickly. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to write this in the community site.Other than that small gripe of mine, I like the game. Not as much as COD4 though, just because of the control scheme. FPS aiming doesn’t feel as precise as it could be. No offense to anyone, just my humble opinion.

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    June 12th will be my day of glory its so close and these years of waitin will be finally worth something.. MGOb was amazing what a sureal experiance the last 6 hours on the 11th was the most fun i had sinse mgs3 finaly came out :P GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS FOREVER!

    psn ID: Meko_Gear_Solid

  • Just want to say guys – after getting a bit annoyed with the whole saga of getting the MGO beta running, once it was up, it was awesome!

    It felt like Metal Gear, but honed to perfectly suit online play, with SOP and the different skill sets really helping to make everything work! It was also awesome for teamwork – even for those without headsets, the codec messages had something for every situation!

    Great job guys on making an awesome game! Roll on MGS4 – hopefully even better than the beta, though it’s hard to see much room for improvement!

  • This is Freeman. I just wanted to correct the blog to note that it was thanks to’s David Ellis for letting me come in and use their company’s resources to get those matches recorded and uploaded (of course, I only played, Mr. Ellis took care of everything else).

    So what’s this about a Gamer’s Night in SF? :D

  • I loved MG2 on the MSX :). I hope Kojima will make a new (SD) Snatcher game next.

  • CAG in da hizzzoooussseee~!

  • Great job everyone at KojiPro/Konami. The beta was a blast and I cannot imagine what features the release version will contain.

    Did you guys the ‘Theatrical’ trailer? Holly Kojima it ROCKS! I cannot believe MGS4 has all this stuff without us knowing a thing about it (be advised, it’s SPOILERS heavy).

  • SOB SOB :-( Really enjoyed the beta ;-P
    Thanks Konami ;) Can’t wait for MGS4 now!
    +Shame there isn’t a off-line 4 player split-screen mode(with Bots)of MG:Online gameplay er but off-line tho! ;-D That would be cool

  • I didn’t play the beta, but one thing I noticed when viewing the above video:

    The insanely repetitive death screams of players getting killed.

    Is there only ONE sampled sound for player deaths?!

    It was only a 60 second video and I was already annoyed by hearing the same sound effect over and over.

    I hope they add some audio variety before they release this game. Or that “aaaaghhh!” scream will haunt my sleep.

  • The game doesn’t have 4-player split screen?

    I just shake my head in wonder when companies don’t add that as a feature to their multiplayer games.

    Developers need to realize that some of us still enjoy getting together with friends and playing the same games while sitting in the same room.

  • It’s too bad the KP reports are over…. Unlike playing the beta, this actually looks fun.

  • I would like to attend the Konami event in San Francisco. Can I get in th door as a loyal Sony gamer and PSU member? I’m also in GAP.

  • great news please remeber your loyals fan from the ps3 commity dont let us down at your gamer night

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    wazzz upp i was reading the blog and i agree w/Hiruke i would love to see mgs 1,2,3 and even mg1 & mg solid snake remade on the ps3 egine that would be freaking great and i wouldn’t care about the price i will pay the full amount for mgs (hardcore fan) just to play the series all over again w/new and imporved egine just to see big boss and grey fox and ocelot and snake in is younger days (hope your reading this hideo kojima hint hint :) pleeassse remake and the beta was assume since it was my first time playing mgo didn’t have the chance to experince it on mgs3 but im glad i did w/mgo 2 METAL GEAR SOLID 4 EVER!!! :)

  • This beta was a loveful gift from kojima production, and i thank them again in the name of our website and its team, wich were 3rd ranked in the european classification. (no special thanks for the other continents ??? (T_T) ).
    Aniway, we wrote a feedback (in french) about this beta, and are eager to play again. (if you wanna read, and if it’s permitted, follow this link : [url][/url]

    Sincerly, Bahamut84 (ps3gen admin)

  • Love this game. I hope all the kinks are all sorted out before its launch. Really enjoyed playing it.

  • do you not read the comments or do you just not care? everyone wants to know about the freakin bundles and the pre-order info around them. if there’s no pre-order, tell us why not. if there is a pre-order, it’s about freakin time to tell us about it instead of leaving us without info. i don’t think konami/sony could have handled this worse at this point. less than a month, less than a freakin month and you still don’t give info.

    hey you guys want to know what the next metal gear related post is going to be? it’s going to be this NEW FINAL TRAILER you can watch here:

    it is awesome, but i’m not going to sit here and watch it be milked for another post when there is freakin information fans really actually want compared to being strung along on a marketing agenda. GIVE US PRE-ORDER/BUNDLE INFO OR QUIT WITH THE POSTS!

  • do you not read the comments or do you just not care? everyone wants to know about the freakin bundles and the pre-order info around them. if there’s no pre-order, tell us why not. if there is a pre-order, it’s about freakin time to tell us about it instead of leaving us without info. i don’t think konami/sony could have handled this worse at this point. less than a month, less than a freakin month and you still don’t give info.

    hey you guys want to know what the next metal gear related post is going to be? it’s going to be this NEW FINAL TRAILER you can watch here:

    it is awesome, but i’m not going to sit here and watch it be milked for another post when there is freakin information fans really actually want compared to being strung along on a marketing agenda. GIVE US PRE-ORDER/BUNDLE INFO OR QUIT WITH THE POSTS!

  • Thanks for the great time in the beta! Can’t wait for the full game next month.

  • Thanks for the info, guys. The MGO beta was awesome, and I’m anticipating this game more than I was a month ago. Comparing it with other online shooters, I’m very impressed with this one; it’s not the same “run around and kill each other as fast as you can” game, like I’ve known other games to be. The ability to specialize and level up CQC and knife skills is a uniquely intelligent idea I wish other online games focused more on, and the Snake/Otacon games are absolutely genius. I love the strategy involved when playing these games!


  • #15– Forget the gunmetal, how about some solid numbers of how many of either bundle pack will be in distribution? We’re now less than 30 days away and still no information. While they’re at it, how about tossing in that EU additional pack-in of the olive drab Snake figure into our set? Then it would really justify the $85 price tag.

  • Beta was good but Sony for the love of god, please ship PS3’s with headsets!

    I can’t tell you how annoying it is playing in a room in COD4 with 18 peoplke, when only one person ( Me ) has a headset. Imagine tha tin almost every other game including the beta?

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