SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-Up

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I kept it light on this week, but I did manage to break you off with a gang of new screenshots.


  • XPlay Replay and Reply– You’re going to have to pardon my pun, but here’s where we talk over the XPlay footage from last week.
  • Stairways– Take a peek at a little of Urban Wasteland.
  • Crossroads Screen!– Three on one is fair in SOCOM: Confrontaton. The proof is in the screenshot.
  • Crossroads Panorama– Get some target practice in from this position on Crossroads. Be they birds or enemies, you can hit just about anything from here.
  • Crossroads Re-Preview– Take a closer look at a familiar alley.

This week had a fistful of screens, and now it’s time for me to rest. Catch you on the flipside.

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