SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-Up

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I kept it light on this week, but I did manage to break you off with a gang of new screenshots.


  • XPlay Replay and Reply– You’re going to have to pardon my pun, but here’s where we talk over the XPlay footage from last week.
  • Stairways– Take a peek at a little of Urban Wasteland.
  • Crossroads Screen!– Three on one is fair in SOCOM: Confrontaton. The proof is in the screenshot.
  • Crossroads Panorama– Get some target practice in from this position on Crossroads. Be they birds or enemies, you can hit just about anything from here.
  • Crossroads Re-Preview– Take a closer look at a familiar alley.

This week had a fistful of screens, and now it’s time for me to rest. Catch you on the flipside.

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  • Thanks for the screen shots.

    Another game I’m looking forward to!

  • StalkingSilence

    Screenshots are lookin good! I’d like to see some more in-game movies though. Any new content is good content though!

  • it sounds good. but i would like to know what maps will be included with this new socom. i would like citadel, killing field and crucible from socom 3. also september is too far away.

  • Socom Confrontation is the reason i got a ps3. Bring it on!!

  • Three Months 41 Days to go. RAWR!!!!

  • Can’t w8 thx for the screen shots =)

  • Sweet stuff. Thanks guys! :D

  • @David

    Does the game have a gamma correction option?
    Can players talk to each other while playing online and if so, please tell me there’s a mute option.
    Can I find someone on my friends list and join their game?
    Can I add someone to my friends list without having to exit the game?
    Is there a lobby where players talk smack before and after a game, and can the mewling eight year olds be muted there too?
    Can players be kicked/voted from a game?
    The socom series is legendary for being buggier than chameleon crap. Combined Assault has an unfixed bug list longer than Tommy Lee’s drumstick. How extensive is this game being QA’d and is a triage team being assembled to deal with bugs after launch? The Warhawk folks have set the bar on customer support, so you’ll have a tough row to hoe.
    I don’t play any of the socom games any more, because of the innumerable bugs they contain and the rampant game hackers that infest the servers. Why should I layout my hard earned frog skins for this game?

  • i been counting down to this game ever since it was announed

  • Sweet, I want it now!! :)

  • Thanks for the update!

    I never was a tremendous fan of Socom, but the games were pretty fun to play. The direction that you guys seem to be taking is good, getting people such as myself more interested, while keeping some things that the fans enjoyed.

    Here’s to hoping that the online community thrives.

  • please make easy 2 find friends
    and join there rooms

  • Are you sure you’re not posting PS2 screenshots? The texture work is appalling.

    For example:

    Look at the grating between the arches. Even at a distance, they just look like blurry, low resolution bitmaps without even any opacity mapping (ie: you can’t see the smoke in the distance through the grating). I tremble at what they’d look like as you get closer.

    And the ceiling details are embarrassing. That texture work is right out of 1998.

  • It’s a good week to keep it light i was busy with GTA IV this week anyways as i am sure a lot of other have been ;) I am so looking forward to Confrontation in September :)

  • as long as it tops COD4 i’m down.
    (oh, and of the looks of it, it is… put will it play like, or better than COD4)

  • It certainly won’t top COD4 in the visual department. Judging by the screenshots, it’s painfully clear that SOCOM will fall FAR short of that standard.

  • @16 I don’t think so Socom will set the standard for online game play like it did on the PS2. I think it will look great from what i am seeing but you can’t judge too much in either case until you have played it ;)

    P.S. COD4 isn’t that good of a game to me it’s missing so much plus no 3rd person. I traded it in on GTA IV for $36 credit while it was worth something.

  • #17

    I’m not referring to gameplay. I’m referring to the graphics. The screenshots of SOCOM are dreadful. (You need to click through to the full-size versions in order to see just how bad they are).

    Now, compare those to any of the COD4 screenshots, and you’ll realize instantly that the difference is NIGHT and DAY.

    I’m sure SOCOM will be great in terms of gameplay, but I was expecting something at least SLIGHTLY next-gen in the graphics departments. Clearly not. It just looks like the same old crappy SOCOM engine but in widescreen.

  • i love the socom games i finally got the psp and got all the socom game for it i owned all that was out on ps2 already you must know its a must have for me just one question with socom coming out in sept how much will it cost?

  • @17

    I agree the graphics are just terrible. Hopefully the graphics will at least top Metal gear online. Which im enjoying really much

  • Agree MGO graphics are sweet…..Im interested how SOCOM will match up.

  • @TouchyEd

    I dont think the graphics are supposed to be anywhere near COD. I mean this is a downloadable title. In the end the graphics will be more comparable to Warhawk or MGO.

  • I don’t expect the graphics to compare to COD.

    In fact, I’d be happy if the graphics were just on par with MGO. But they’re not. MGO looks a million times better than these low-polygon, crappy textured SOCOM screenshots that they keep showing us.

    In fact, I can’t think of a single FPS on the PS3 that doesn’t have significantly better graphics than this game.

  • Well its not fps to begin with.

    And this is all pre alpha footage you see. High res textures, polishing, etc. is one of the last steps. I really dont think its something we need to worry that much about honestly.

  • I’m not worried. But then it’s not me who needs to be worried.

    I assume that the developers are posting these screenshots with a desire to have people discuss them. And I’m just discussing them…with the sincere hope that the developers take note that the images they’re currently showing us are of a distinctly lower quality than other games being released these days.

    We’re in the HD era. And games need to look good as well as have great gameplay.

    Anyway, I’ve said my piece. These SOCOM threads are so dead that I don’t want to start over-powering them with nothing but entries from Touchy Ed, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • I never played a Socom game before but I hear it’s a Squad based typed game and I’m a big fan of those type’s of games.

  • @TouchyEd

    Are you insane? F the GD graphics. Socom is all about gameplay. Gameplay and bugs. Gameplay, bugs, and Zipper not fixing their bugs. Gameplay, bugs, non existent customer support, and thousands of game hackers. Gameplay, bugs, no customer support, hackers galore, and Atari 2600 graphics. Yup, that’s what you and I and everyone else is spending their $60 on.

  • @Psycho

    Except Zipper isnt making this iteration. Plus on the ps3 its much easier to prevent cheaters than it was on the PS2.

  • I’d personally rather have lower visual effects and fewer high res textures and have a higher resolution game with a better frame rate. Better resolutions in a long-distance render is everything when aiming. High FPS makes all the difference in the world too.

    I can do without the extra fanciness if I can finally get a 1080p FPS. I love playing Warhawk @ 1080 but that’s a different type of game.

    Yes, I blog –

  • @NyghtcrawleR

    Zipper is behind all iterations of socom and that they themselves aren’t coding this version doesn’t matter. Once it hits the streets, it will receive the same kind of support that all the other socom titles have; None.

  • Man am I jacked for this release! Hope it is as advertised adn they figure out a way to ban the cheaters/glitchers.

  • PsychoEddie I am inclined to aggree with you although it may be sad you are absolutely correct Zipper or the Slant Team could care less about the real Die Hard fans who hate the Glitchers they are really just concerned with pulling the wool over the eyes from the none concerned in this case with a few parlar tricks (such as a few upgrades in graphics).

  • They Created the game and have the right to Ban not the gamers IP address because they can easily obtain a new one but rather the gamers, gaming unit because each unit has to be registered so that they know they wont be back and force them to make a choice like buying a whole new unit at 3-400 hundred dollars just to cheat I mean everyone in life has or have a passion for something they like or love and they call it there hobby i have plenty of other things that i love to do in my spare time/Life but i am a true Die Hard fan of this game whom is being ignored when it comes to these Cheaters and such by Zipper and now Slant 6 this is a very competative game and it’s a shame they can’t even regulate this game.

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