PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

Downloadable Games

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil ($9.99)
Join Nick Sion, Alec Mink and the rest of the Alliance of Free Planets in their white-knuckled, frenzied struggle to free the Solar System from the tyrannical grip of Lord Invictus and the Legion of Terra! With its distinctive cel-shaded art style, engaging storyline, RPG elements and non-stop action, this shooter promises to keep players coming back for more!
ESRB Rated
File size: 124 MB

Add-on Game Content

PixelJunk Monsters Encore ($5.99)
PixelJunk Monsters Encore is an expansion pack to the popular and addictive tower defense game, PixelJunk Monsters. Encore includes 15 levels on a new map, “Toki Island”, as well as the ability for players to track their score across both maps. Just as in the original game, Encore continues the simple real-time strategy concept of building, researching and base defending that made PixelJunk Monsters an instant classic.
File size: 67 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Date with the Night” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs ($1.99)
  • “It Hurts” – Angels & Airwaves ($1.99)
  • “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” – Fall Out Boy ($1.99)
  • Scene Pack 01 ($5.49) – Scene Pack 01 includes “It Hurts” by Angels & Airwaves, “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” by Fall Out Boy, and “Date with the Night” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

File sizes: 22.7 MB – 31.9 MB (singles), 83.3 MB (track pack).

Rock Band price promotion: “CrushCrushCrush” – Paramore and “Rock N Roll Band” – Boston are reduced to $0.99 until May 15th.

Guitar Hero III: Muse Track Pack ($6.25)
Includes “Exo-Politics”, “Stockholm Syndrome” & “Supermassive Black Hole” as performed by Muse. For all song credits please visit
File size: 45 MB

Game Demos (free)

Play the beginning of the Haze campaign in single-player or in cooperative mode (up to 4 players).
ESRB Rated M
File size: 1.43 GB

The Bourne Conspiracy Demo
An intense, fast-paced, authentic Bourne experience. Become the perfect weapon.
ESRB Rating Pending
File size: 1.61 GB

Experience a new world of racing as Codemasters releases the multiplayer demo for GRID.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 961 MB

Game Videos (free)

WipEout HD Trailer
It was there back at the beginning and now it’s taking the franchise into the future: WipEout HD is set to deliver 1080p High Definition visuals running at a breathtaking 60-frames-per-second.
File size: 79 MB (HD), 126 MB (1080)

PLAYSTATION 3 “What You Need” Video
Inside the PLAYSTATION 3 system lies the most advanced entertainment system designed to bring you the highest definition games, movies and so much more. Take a look and see what the PLAYSTATION 3 is all about.
File size: 167 MB (1080)

Mirror’s Edge Gameplay Trailer
As seen at PlayStation Day in London.
File size: 113 MB (HD)

Mercenaries 2 Payback Trailer
Check out the new Mercenaries 2 trailer. It’s time for Payback – Mercs Style!
File size: 77 MB (HD)

Overlord Raising Hell Trailer
Overlord Raising Hell is an Action-RPG title that immerses you in twisted parodies of classic fantasy scenarios. After becoming the all-powerful Overlord, you learn how to master a horde of mischievous creatures, called minions. The title comes to PLAYSTATION 3 complete with exclusive features and the ‘Raising Hell’ downloadable content seamlessly integrated into the action-packed story line.
File size: 101 MB (HD)

The Wheelman Trailer
Vin Diesel is The Wheelman, one of the most dangerous men in the world behind the wheel of a vehicle.
File size: 48 MB (HD)

TNA iMPACT! Gamers’ Day Trailer
TNA iMPACT! is the exclusive Total Nonstop Action wrestling game based on the top-rated weekly television show.
File size: 43 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers (free)

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Teaser Trailer
On May 22, Indiana Jones is back in a new globe-trotting adventure, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”
File size: 22 MB (SD), 81 MB (HD), 107 MB (1080)

The Love Guru
In the comedy “The Love Guru,” Pitka (Mike Myers) is an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus.
File size: 31 MB (SD), 112 MB (HD), 149 MB (1080)

Iron Man Trailer 2
Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the story of a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon.
File size: 29 MB (SD), 108 MB (HD), 143 MB (1080)

PS3 Themes (free)

PixelJunk Monsters Theme 3
Customize your PS3 system with a cool PixelJunk Monsters theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 984 KB

Sports Theme
Customize your PS3 system with a cool Sports theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and XMB icons. Download today!
File size: 7.07 MB

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

PixelJunk Monsters Wallpapers (x2)
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new PixelJunk Monsters Wallpaper.
File size: 562 KB – 879 KB

Here is this week’s content release for the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. To download these games to your PSP, navigate to There, you’ll find descriptions of the content and directions on how to get started. For more on the PLAYSTATION Store for PC, please click here.

Game Demos (free)

* SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 Demo (also downloadable via PS3)

Hope you enjoy!

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  • OMG #1 update ever! Love this

  • No PS1 games? =(

    Oh well, 3 demos makes up for it…i guess.

  • Sweet! 3 Demos AND PJ Monsters Encore! Woot!

  • So much to do tonight I don’t think I will sleep. One question is the HAZE demo the same on the euro store? Because I already have that one so is it the same?

  • Hasn’t Rocketmen been out for a while now?

  • Nice update! Now to try and find time to play the demos.

  • Sweet update!

    PJM Encore/Muse track pack FTW :D

  • Great Update but lack of PS1 games is sad. I still wait for Dvil Dice,Alundra,Einhander and Silent Bomber. PixelJunk Monsters will keep me busy until then.

  • StalkingSilence

    Really great update! Thanks so much for bringin the heat every week! I will be getting all of this content!

    PS: PLAYSTATION CONVERSTATION = misspelling on the right of the page

  • Good Update!

  • well i have one question i heard europe got the fall of man 2 motor storm 2 killzone 2 and lil big planet trailer in the video from the playstation event any word on the usa store getting video from the europe’s playstation day event?

  • Yeah I thought Rocketmen was out. But, great update guys!

    Next week I expect Bionic Commando Rearmed. If you don’t have it…there shall be consequences.

  • If you want PS1 games so bad, go buy them on eBay. You can get them for dirt cheap.

  • Question though; is there a specific scheduled time the updates take place?

  • StalkingSilence

    Yeah you are correct. I think they are trying to draw attention to it b/c the add-on pack “It Came From Uranus” is coming out next week. Capcom probably wanted to list it again b/c no one bought it the first time. Just my guess though.

  • StalkingSilence

    haha ok well the image file says conversation and the alternate text says conversation. I wasn’t tryin to be annoying (I guess it just comes naturally).
    For real, the original point was to help out in case it was a mistake. Shoulda known better you sly dog, you.

  • Finally, I somewhat decent update. I’ll be downloading the demos for Bourne and Haze.

  • w00t, can’t wait to get Encore & try HAZE & Bourne… Tell Harmonix to steal that Muse track pack and make it for Rock Band though!! ;)


  • Seriously guys. PS1 games are great, but this is the PS3. I’d prefer more PS3 games.

  • Yah, the GHIII pack is pretty cool. Too bad I’ll never buy another GHIII song after that dreadful Def Leppard ripoff.

    I’m all Rock Band now, baby!

  • Great Update

  • Can we please have some Killzone 2 videos from the recent Gamer’s Day in Europe? The new gameplay and trailer seems awesome even from the non-official sources on the internet. It’d make for some good PS3 system marketing for when my friends are over.

  • yay for PixelJunk Monsters expansion.

  • #20:

    PS1 games aren’t great. They WERE great. Back in 1996.

    Sure, it would be nice to see a big library of them on the PSN, but it’s not going to make the PS3 experience any better. Nintendo has a bunch of old games in their online libray. Some really terrific classics. But when you pay for them, and then play them, you can’t help but notice how terrible they are by today’s standards — and you just feel kind of sad that you went back to play them.

    If people want specific PS1 games so bad, why not just source them through eBay?

    You’ll get them a lot sooner than waiting for Sony to release them on the PSN.

  • Thanks for changing the format, I guess you listened to my email.


  • Great update! Can’t wait to see the new PJM levels!

  • Doesn’t seem to be live yet…

  • Yeah it’s not live yet, I just checked…

  • I agree with 23!

    Killzone 2 Videos from the recent Gamer’s Day in Europe would be a great Video for advertisement!

    Expecaily for my Friends ;)
    PS: I think we need a Spell checker on the BLOG!

  • Looking forward to this update going live. :) I’m kind of bummed that there’s no Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit demo yet, as there was hype after it was supposed to show up on Xbox Live Marketplace. Was hoping PSN would beat them to it. :P Oh well, maybe next week it’ll finally show up somewhere?

    In other news, HAZE demo. :D

  • Now this is a great update. Three demos? Hell yeah.

  • Hell of an update Sony. Hats off to you!

  • No Pixel Junk Monster: Encore for us in EU? :(

    Not impressed…. our store only got 2demos, high velocity bowling (US have had ages), download content for Army of two and GH3 and some videos…. thanks.

    PJM:E would have made it all ok BUT no u just had to be evil!

  • FF7 PSOne download

  • Solid update! If only they were all this good!

  • blah…any plans on getting some RPG’s in the store?


  • Like others have said, what’s up with Rocketmen: Axis of Evil being on that list when it’s already out? Also, can someone provide any small information when Dark Mist is going to come out? I’ve been anxiously waiting for it for awhile now.

  • Rocketman came out a month or so ago, didn’t it? Or is this the expansion?

    • Hi Gorvi – Rocketmen Axis of Evil trial version with in-game commerce came out on 3/6. Full game is available for purchase via the main menu on the demo. We added this product to allow users to purchase full product without having to download the demo.

  • That demo for rocketmen is hands down one of the worst games i’ve played in a very long time.

  • Thanks for the colored section headers. Makes it much easier to quickly scan through the list in just a few seconds.

    Can we get WipeOut HD already?! Every time a new video comes out, I get all tweaky.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      The funny thing about those headers is, it\’s because of a web issue we\’re working through on the blog. I think we\’ll have to keep them, however.

  • Great job adding colors there.

  • best update in a while….add some PS1 games and this is the best ever… and yes Rocketman was already out, Im pretty sure this is an expansion

  • This was a good store update. Great job. But I have a quick question… I know that Killzone does not come out till next year, but will we be see a demo before it comes out?

    Not that we need one cause after seeing those videos for the event the other day… Man this is why I love Sony… Keep up the great work, and if you have to delay a game I am one of the gamers who understand why because greatness takes time and that game is going to be great.


  • Awesome update. The GRID demo is awesome!

  • My always stupid question of every week:
    I live on Argentina ,i have a debit card (no credit) i have any chance to buy stuff from the store?
    I assume that the PSN cards will never show here.
    I need PixelJunk Monsters and Encore!!!

  • @29

    It should go live around 5:30pm Central Time!

  • Another week, another great update.

    Thanks Guys!

    ¡sǝlnɹ ʎuos

  • Greatest update ever. You guys changed the ps3 browser home page and didnt even mention it!

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