MGO Beta Competition!

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Hi all! In the most recent Metal Gear Monday post, I mentioned that we were working on a Metal Gear Online Beta-related surprise this week. As the Beta nears its end this weekend, we are pleased to be able to offer a very special, one-time opportunity to the top ranking participants.

A select number of top clans will receive an invite to play the MGO Beta competitively against the Konami team. The invites will start going out tonight (Wednesday May 7, 2008) through tomorrow morning, via the MGO Beta in-game mail system, to the selected clan leaders. If you receive an invite, Konami will communicate with you regarding your entry status, steps to participate, and scheduling of the match should your clan be selected. Invites will be coming from me personally, my character, named simply, “Brandon”. Do not communicate with or provide any information to anyone else who may claim to be representing Konami.

The matches will take place tomorrow night Thursday May 8, 2008 starting at 7pm PST. If you qualify for entry, your clan will be given a time slot between 7pm PST and 9pm PST. We will also provide match details in advance. Matches will be 5v5, 5 on the Konami team, so if your clan has more than 5 members, you will need to select and coordinate who will be playing.

Please stay tuned to the MGO Beta site for all the latest news on this special MGO Beta Competition!

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  • Coolness. Going to be an honor for whoever gets in on that action. (Kojima-san wouldn’t happen to be participating would he? ) I really didn’t participate enough for that. Thanks. :D

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    That’s nice. Good luck to everyone getting in.

  • Good luck all, if any one needs a sniper for a clan call me up :D
    ign: hobojose
    psn: hobojose

  • I wonder if we can watch it. Good luck to those who got in!

  • Cool I’d like to get in on that. i’m not one of the Best but I still think you should pick my Five Member clan. People laughed at me because it was so small of a clan. Let us show what we can do. Clan187 out.

  • That’s pretty cool. Nice way to end it.

  • too bad I’m not in a clan…

  • Wow nice move Konami! good! hope tha if they beat the Konami team give them something great from metal gear!! Mexico Loves Konami Games

  • Heres a surprise, how about surprising the guys with nine digit codes with a twelve digit code. Or at least acknowledge the emails Ive sent with my nine digit code asking for it to be fixed. I mean i did pay for the preorder like every other deserving person.

  • makes me wish that I had fun playing MGO… can we watch?

  • JeebusDaMessiah

    Can’t wait until I get a message about clan lljk.

  • Will Kojima be playing :P

  • Clans are stupid.

    I wanted to say another word but i don’t feel like getting banned.

  • Meh, too bad bad no one from my clan is active anymore but me. I play the game like crazy! Oh well, hopefully the forums or something will be full of topics about it… We shall see yes?

  • DUDE! MY CLAN IS RANKED 11TH!! damn it i didnt get an invite :(

    Clan name Venom
    Psn ID; VenomX89Lav
    Other Psn ID. LaUgHiN_OcToPuS
    MGO chracter name The-Bigger-Boss

  • I really wish I had more time to play the Beta and get a better rank.

    Love the team death matches.

  • I hope this isn’t the way to get the Gun Gray PS3. Please don’t let it be!

  • Wow. I guess I need to join the top clan now. :|


  • Any chase to spectate? I’m not in any clan and even if I was i’m not good, but it would be fun to watch the guys that are making the game of my year in action.

  • I posted this before but it went unanswered. I read on another forum that MGO will be blocked to those who import the game. Apparently it was a notice sent to dealers by Konami. I live in Japan and have a Japanese PS3 but have pre-ordered the US version since I am a native English speaker. Can Konami confirm if this is true or not? If it is I will cancel my pre-order.

    I think this is pretty important and consumers should be notified. I would hate to get my copy and find out I can not play online because I’m not using a Japanese account. I don’t think Konami wishes to upset its customers so a reply would be appreciated. I hope the gaming media investigates this issue to.

  • pictures and vids of the matches please

  • Very nice! I’m not in a clan either tho but it is a good idea for those who can participate in it

  • YES!!! My Clans ranked 5 in North America. ^_^ Weapons Of Lost Freedom (W.O.L.F.) Baby!!! =]

  • update: Just went on MGOb to check my status and my Clan has been Deleted and now says I need to have all the orig requirements to start one. All my data is GONE?? FTW?? Clan gone, my rank, everything. Oh well, guess it’s for the better. Wouldn’t want to make the guys/gals at Konami look bad anyways…..

    Maybe I’ll see you on the field in the full game……..

  • i didnt really like the online. of course i will play the game i owned all of the past games buy i dont know if i actually will buy this one. games dont cost what they used to cost so i have to buy games that i could keep playing after i pass the campain and i dont really like the online. too slow. i hope they fix this.

  • The multiplayer shows promise but a lot of work is still needed.

  • I am so jealous, wish i could play, they should have something like this when the game is available as well

  • Wow, I’m glad I stopped playing when I got my copy of GTAIV. I HATE, neigh, LOATHE contests which are not open to all participants.

    Basically what you’re saying is: because I’m not good enough, nor play with a clan (because clan’s are elitist a-holes, IMVHO) I can’t play with you or the team from Konami ?

    So you clusterfsck the pre-order, you clusterfsck the launch, you clusterfsck the update system, and now you make a clusterfsck contest. Great job Konami.

    Furthermore, none of you at Konami, Brandon specifically as he is your PR guy, responds to anyone on the blog. All of the other Sony partnered people who post blog entries have the decency to post back to those that take the time to read their blog entry and give feedback. Not Konami, no way, no how, they’re way to busy for us peons. It seems you couldn’t care less.

    If this gets me banned, so be it. I consider myself a huge fan of the Playstation Brand and it’s partners. I respected Konami for keeping Metal Gear exclusive to the PS3 (unlike some companies, R*, I’m looking at you) but now I couldn’t care less about Konami, nor Metal Gear. Go ahead, port it away, you’re probably not going to get a sale from me anyway.

  • About post 29 TristanMike its amazing how the Playstation Blog moderators allow this kind of posts.

  • thats kinda gay.. i thought that the surprise was for everyone.. uhmm this stinks, how could they do it only for the top player… u should select like 20 random guys and make 4 random teams also… or something like that! i wanna play with u to know how good are u, the konami team…

  • Wow. That will be fun for the lucky few. Please show us common folk some video of the competition. Go Konami!

  • Assuming you can even log on and your Game id works. I’ve been trying to log on since the 29th. Stupid “Beta” invite

  • @ Fersis

    And why is it you have a problem with my discontent ?

  • In a lot of ways, I agree with #29.

    This is supposed to be a BLOG, not just a venue for developers to announce their initiatives.

    If you don’t want to take the time to answer even ONE question in a blog, then don’t write the blog.

  • @ TristanMike

  • Got the invite. Awesome!

  • @ Fersis

    Thanks for the reply.

    I personally believe it was very much on topic. I posted about my discontent with the news that there will be a closed match between some Beta testers and the team at Konami. I then followed it up with my growing discontent with them related only to the Beta and Metal Gear Online (MGO). No where did I mention another game, or steer the conversation “off topic”. Sure, I raised points about previous issues with MGO but it was only to illustrate the point that it seems Konami doesn’t really give two hoots.

    Now this is off topic and it shall be the last you hear of me on the issue. Thanks again for the response. :)

  • I wish the best of luck to everyone!!!


  • @ TristanMike

    I have to agree with you! They don’t give two hoots! Well I don’t either because the only reason I am even getting the game is because I am buying the bundle and I am only doing it because I do not have a Playstation 3 and I am getting it to play GTA IV.

  • *******************************************

    Scouting for a Team to join!

    Couple of day of fun then waiting out the storm or not playing :(

    Gamer ID: skaterricky
    PSN: Skater_Ricky :D


  • @ TristanMike
    So you clusterfsck the pre-order, you clusterfsck the launch, you clusterfsck the update system, ..
    I tought that that was offtopic.
    But any who. dont be upset maybe i was wrong.
    Im very tired,of seeing every post flooded with negativity.

    My PSN Handle is Fersis.
    join me for a couple of good matches in MGO and COD4.

    @ skaterricky
    im adding you tonight to my friend list.

  • Fersis mah brutha ! I wasn’t upset at all, no offense taken and no offense intended on my part. I was just curious as to what you thought was off topic (as I am now…again). I appreciate the response and look forward to seeing you online.

    Take it easy :D

    PS. THIS will be the last time you hear of me on the issue :P

  • I’m getting sick of these “Metal Gear Mondays.” The only announcement that I cared about was the first one about pricing and bundles for MGS4. Where’s the news about the Limited Edition bundle? When is “soon?” The game is out in just over a month now, so when will we get clued in?

  • JeebusDaMessiah

    I’m so grateful that you got my hopes up for nothing. I wish all companies would strive to do something like this. After all the hassle of getting players together in under and hour I am left with:

    “Hi, unfortunately, we have just filled all our slots for play this evening which were on a first come first served basis. If someone should drop out, I will try to contact you asap to see if we can work something out. Thanks!”

    At least you are very polite. Or I would make this message a little more hateful.


  • Oh cool, so basically NeoGAF gets into the running three times as they have three of the highest ranked clans?

    That’s fair.

  • quit hating man. Doing something like this is better than nothing, theyre jus trying to make up for all the delays and the server fukin up. i played the konami team, we kicked their ass!!! jk we pretty much got pwn3d. it was pretty fun tho

    I had enough trouble organizing my clan to get onto the beta so i cudnt even imagine how much trouble u had getin everything organized (tho it does help a lot to have a damn keyboard on ur ps3!!!!). jus wana say thanks

  • I completely agree with Owosso. I’m very interested in the GUN METAL GRAY MGS4 PS3 bundle. I don’t want to have to buy the regular bundle and pay $90 more to get the LE MGS4 pack for the soundtrack and documentaries. Can you guy please give us information on the LIMITED EDITION MGS4 bundle this monday. I really want this bundle so that I can replace my broken PS3. The only reason I bought a PS3 was because METAL GEAR SOLID 4 is exclusive to PLAYSTATION 3. I’m a huge fan of the METAL GEAR SOLID SERIES!!! So can you guys at konami please do me this favor? I would appreciate it. THANK YOU.

  • well i dont feel like this is a surprise since 99.99% of the player will be left in dust, just a few players able to play with kojima team.

  • venomx89: Sorry, but I’m just of the mindset that massive communities like NeoGAF should be barred from competitions like these on the grounds that their size alone makes for an unfair for everyone else.

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