PixelJunk Monsters Encore dated + interview part 2

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Matt Morton here picking back up where Deb Mars left off for part 2 of our interview with Dylan Cuthbert from Q-Games on PixelJunk Monsters Encore. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out here.

What we’ve learned from Part 1: We’re all fans of Lost, fan mail rocks, Dylan’s marriage is fine, Encore hint revealed, coinage of new word “WikiTiki.”

PixelJunk Monsters Encore

We’re happy to announce that the game will be releasing this Thursday, May 8th for $5.99. And we promised you some juicy new info about the expansion. Well here is what we can tell you: There is a secret landmass located between Tiki & Toki Islands. Suffice it to say you won’t get any of us to dish on this one. But if you clear all stages, well…you’ll find out.

PixelJunk Monsters Encore

And now back to the interview:

6. (Matt) What was your first “epiphany” gaming moment when you realized this was going to be your career?

(Dylan) When I made a Pac-Man clone on my friend’s ZX-81 (an old 8-bit computer made by an English boffin called Clive Sinclair). I found it fun programming the AI for the little ghosts in BASIC. It was awful AI and took up way too much CPU time, but it started me on my long and winding path to make games for a living. That was about 1982 and I was ten years old.

7. (Matt) What game did you wish you made & why?

(Dylan) Out of existing games by other people? The original Made in Wario/WarioWare. I had an idea that was almost exactly the same which I pitched to Sony Japan in 1998 but it got lost in the rush to make the rubber ducky bath demo on the PS2.

Out of non-existing games? I really want to make a character-based side-action shooting game with platformer elements, but right now our line up for PixelJunk Series 1 is pretty much decided so maybe that will have to wait for Series 2.

8. (Matt) What career would you be in if you weren’t in the games industry?

(Dylan) A novelist, probably sci-fi. I really like Iain Banks stuff. If I failed at doing that I think I would open up a proper fish and chip shop in Kyoto during the day, and a really cool laidback bar in the evening. Maybe those three things should be my retirement plan. I’d also really like to make some kind of tv drama – something really dramatic and dark – for Japanese TV as all their stuff is so light and frilly. They could never do something like Lost or Prison Break…everyone smiles too much.

9. (Matt) If you could play co-op mode on Monsters/Monsters Encore with anyone, who would it be & why?

(Dylan) The Queen of England. Why? Well, it would be a hell of a laugh and I think she’d enjoy it, too. The Kings and Queens of the world don’t get to wage war anymore so we should encourage them to release their stress by playing RTS games. (I am watching another TV series besides Lost called The Tudors and it is really good.)

10. (Matt) Can you honestly, in all truthfulness, really get rainbows on everything?

(Dylan) Me personally…oh yes, definitely. It takes a few tries for a few of them, but I am quite the master. I know how the towers fire and where best to place them for maximum damage. Sometimes you can even time the building of a cannon tower so it pops up just as a big crowd is passing by and fires right into the middle of them inflicting a lot more damage than when if it fired as soon as the crowd hit the radius line. My wife also got all rainbows, by herself, not in cooperative play.

(Matt) Seriously?

(Dylan) Seriously.

Still always spreading the PixelJunk love,
-Deb, Matt, Dylan and the whole team at Q-Games

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  • Yes, finally. My wife and I can’t wait to play this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Still haven’t beaten the main game. Keep getting almost to the end of levels and fail. Got bored and tossed it to the side.

  • Very nice :) cant wait to try it!

    oh by the way i think there was a trailer about PixelJunk Eden released today at the playstation day or it was supposed
    will we get this trailer on the PSN this week? Thanks

  • Sweet, I can’t wait to try my hand at these new levels!

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    I Really Hope it’ll come this or next week on the european store.. Otherwise i’m gonna cry. I’m addicted, had all the rainbows and played it a second time from scratch lol.. Can’t wait to play Encore

  • You know what they say, better late than never. Can’t wait to get this expansion.

  • Great news

  • Awesome!

    BTW, any plans for online coop?

  • Any plans to let you retry a level from a checkpoint instead of having to play through the whole thing after dying? Seriously, that is the most tedious thing ever. You should include an option to start at a half way point and forfeit your ranking for the level.

  • Online coop needed.

  • aw yeah

    PSN= wyldekat

  • Nice finish to the interview and glad to have a release date for Encore! Definitely going to buy to support Q-Games!


  • I’m going to be digging through all of the cushioned chairs, couches, and wallets (except for mine :P ) to get enough for this thing! Thanks to Q-Games and all involved! :D

  • Oh, and yes, please do hurry with filling us in on… EDEN! (Ominous Echo!! ) Oh, and “Series 1”? I am quite interested to hear what that’s about.

  • Huzzah for Thursday. I can’t wait

  • Hey great news indeed ! Does anyone know if they are releasing it in Europe too ? I would be happy to play the extension with my girlfriend ! In any case congratulations for that great game.

  • Awesome stuff dude! I’m avoiding looking at the screens because I don’t want to start forming strategies before I even start playing the game, that’s a big part of the fun! :D

    Can’t wait for Dungeons/Eden, and this bit about the secret island has me very intrigued as well…


  • there is any plans to release a couple of PSN games together on a bluray?
    Because i live on Argentina and i dont have a credit card (just a lousy debit card)
    And ive downloaded the PixelJunk Monster demo and it rocks (and rocks hard).


  • Hallelujah! Finally this gets a NA release! Thanks Sony! I’ll be downloading it ASAP on Thursday!

  • RandomEarthling

    My single player game needs 5 more rainbows and I just started co-op with my girlfriend so we haven’t even finished all of the medium levels yet. Either way, I am definitely getting this expansion.

    Dylan, how does the scoring system work? I swear I finished one as perfect as possible (all characters survived, tons of gold, never took down a tower and killed all of the enemies before the half-way point) but my rank was in the 4,000 range. How do you get a high score?

  • I’d love to know more about the scoring system too — I hope somebody really bored sits down and works it out in a cheat sheet sometime for the rest of us.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait. Day one purchase, with added credibility to the rest of the PixelJunk series. (or I’ll catch heck from my wife).

  • Can someone confirm if this is going to be released in Europe this Thursday too please?

    I loved this game and can’t wait to get my hands on the add-on. I don’t want to have to wait weeks or months like we normally have to for PSN games in Europe.

  • For those wondering about the scoring system, the Pixeljunk JP site has the info you need.

  • my girl and i just got our last perfect last night on the 4 tree level and the volcano level so we’re ready. about damn time for some more Pixel Junk. (although something useful like the laser tower or flame thrower tower would have been a better option to unlock than the near-useless ice tower).


  • pixeljunk mosters rules. best game I’ve played in years. possibly the best co-op game ever. I’d love to see 3 and 4 player options too! Or maybe some way to do a VS. mde…

  • If anyone has had any troubles getting rainbows, you can view my strategies on getting them here. Get those rainbows before Encore comes out!:


    I got PJM rainbows for all the stages.


  • RandomEarthling

    @25 and @27

    I actually saw that but it still confuses me how the #1 score can be so much higher than what I get. Plus or minus a few hundred makes sense, but sometimes they’re up to 10,000 points higher. There has to be more to it than that….right?

  • Hey everyone!

    Thanks for your comments! I hope you are all enjoying the new Encore expansion for Monsters! If you are reading this in Europe, fear not! The pack will be available to you very soon!

    Commenting on the questions regarding points: I’ve found my scores have increased when i focus on raising the interest value throughout the game. I used to spend all the money I had on towers, but then developed a ‘save to spend’ strategy. With increased interest values, and having money in the bank between rounds, I found my scores were much higher on average.

    Keep up the good fight, Forest Defenders!

  • Matt,

    Thanks for the update to Monsters! I thought the original was hard, but I guess that was just a warm-up ;o)

    Seriously, did you guys play test the Paku-Paku level? It’s in the Easy section, but it’s clearly one of the hardest levels in the game. After dozens of attempts I finally killed the boss. “Thank you, bee hive!” I still can’t rainbow it, even with the speed boost. Ugh.

    I’m not sure if the “burn in protection” is adequate. Dimming the logo just makes the burn in a little slower. I actually have some burn in of all the elements at the bottom of the screen… coins, score, monsters. (Yeah, I know I need to stop playing so much) I had to shrink the play field so the logo won’t be in the same place that the burn in already occurred.

    Aside from that, I’m having a great time with Encore. Looking forward to Eden.

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