METAL GEAR MONDAYS! The Mysterious Trailers …

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Hi all!

In case you missed it, a mysterious Metal Gear trailer appeared online last week, recalling a famous location from MGS1. If you haven’t seen it yet, just direct your attention to the video below …

Of course, we can’t go into detail about what it actually means, nor do we want to spoil anything for you here – but, please, don’t let us hold back your imaginations …

Likewise, another mysterious trailer was released on April Fool’s day, in “disguise” …

As many now know, this is in fact a trailer for MGS4, and reveals some of the incredible first few gameplay moments of the MGS4 itself.

If you had missed either, we thought we’d point them out here, as they both show off some substantial teasers for what awaits.

Otherwise, we are working on some surprises in store for later on in the week, as we come to the close of the MGO Beta period. Please stay tuned here on the PSB!


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