Clank gets a Date

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No, not Countess Ivana Lottabolts. Last week we had the opportunity to officially preview PSP title Secret Agent Clank for San Francisco-based media. At an exclusive Casino Night, about 30 editors were briefed on the game with a short presentation by Lesley Mathieson, Design Director and Principle at High Impact Games and Frank Simon, Sr. Producer at SCEA. After which everyone had the chance to sit down with the debonair secret agent and drink martinis while trying to prove Ratchet’s innocence.

Secret Agent Clank-pack front

We let them play for a little while before opening up the tables for more old-fashioned competition in the form of a blackjack tournament.

clank 3Clank 4

The winners of the blackjack tournament were Teresa Dun from PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Sam Bishop of, and Blake Morse of GameRevolution. Apparently I am now to blame for their newfound gambling addictions. I apologize.

Back to the game, Secret Agent Clank previews have started rolling in from IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, MTV Multiplayer, GayGamer, and GameHelper. On Thursday, we took Lesley and Ken Strickland to GameSpot for a segment of OnTheSpot where they demonstrated some of the Captain Qwark gameplay (starts at 13:20). Everyone seems really excited about this game, so look for more previews on your favorite sites. Secret Agent Clank hits retailers June 17.

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