Clank gets a Date

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No, not Countess Ivana Lottabolts. Last week we had the opportunity to officially preview PSP title Secret Agent Clank for San Francisco-based media. At an exclusive Casino Night, about 30 editors were briefed on the game with a short presentation by Lesley Mathieson, Design Director and Principle at High Impact Games and Frank Simon, Sr. Producer at SCEA. After which everyone had the chance to sit down with the debonair secret agent and drink martinis while trying to prove Ratchet’s innocence.

Secret Agent Clank-pack front

We let them play for a little while before opening up the tables for more old-fashioned competition in the form of a blackjack tournament.

clank 3Clank 4

The winners of the blackjack tournament were Teresa Dun from PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Sam Bishop of, and Blake Morse of GameRevolution. Apparently I am now to blame for their newfound gambling addictions. I apologize.

Back to the game, Secret Agent Clank previews have started rolling in from IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, MTV Multiplayer, GayGamer, and GameHelper. On Thursday, we took Lesley and Ken Strickland to GameSpot for a segment of OnTheSpot where they demonstrated some of the Captain Qwark gameplay (starts at 13:20). Everyone seems really excited about this game, so look for more previews on your favorite sites. Secret Agent Clank hits retailers June 17.

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  • 2! YAY CLANK on PSP

  • go go Secret Agent Clank!! Must own for the PSP! Maybe add to PSN sometime down the line? Sounds like a plan to me!

  • If you say “1st!” you should be banned from the internet.

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    excellent freekin still need ratchet future
    2 many good games out for ps3 ;;;

  • Sweet, but I still need to get Size Matters!!

  • Awesome, I just hope it’s not short like most of the other good PSP titles.

  • Can’t wait. In GameStop we got marketing that says if you reserve it you get a Clank action figure thing–so LOL I reserved it right away!! I have no idea if it is GameStop exclusive or not but figure you all like to know!

  • Can’t wait. The videos look awesome. It’s going to be alot of fun now that Clank actually gets some cool weapons.

    @1 Proto
    Why even post if you’re not going to add to the discussion?

  • Definitely will be picking it up, I wish better titles where coming out after this. The PSP’s line up doesn’t look good that good after SAC.

  • Please do not port this to PS2. and if u do i will track down clank and electrocute him until his cell processor is

  • Good stuff Brian. From the recent videos I’ve seen Clank looks like it will join GOW, Crisis Core, wipEout Pulse, Patapon, etc., etc, as another strong title for the PSP this year.

  • Awesome news. I can’t wait and really want this. PLEASE do NOT port this to PS2. We don’t need more people bashing the PSP saying there are no good reasons to own one, when there are plenty IMO.

    Big R&C fan here and cannot wait.

  • Yes I can’t wait for this game! Man Insaniac you rock! Also I and many PSP owners and fans agree with Mana Knight don’t port this to the PS2! We need stand alone games on the PSP to drive sales, and the porting of R&C Size Matters to the PS2 killed the PSP sales big time! The NPD numbers proved it without a second thought people who have PS2s would rather play PS2 games and not PSP games.

    Thats why the PSP is selling so well right now we have a great line of killer exclusive games Metal Gear Solid, Killzone, Final Fantasy, God of War, and at the time Ratchet and Clank, but when you took that away from the PSP it as a system seller dropped over to the PS2 instead. You hurt many PSP fans, and many Ratchet and Clank fans as well. Don’t port it to the PS2!

  • Woo! Go Clank! The PSP is a great place for the secondary characters that we all love, sometimes more than the main characters.

  • Nonsense. Port the game to PS2.

    The more people who can play it, the better.

  • awesome!…. any word on Quest for Booty?

  • who making this game?This is something i hold to a high standard so it better live up to expection so far so good.Also i just got psp and i loved the dexer game.please dont let me down with clank

  • sony is taking over my LIFE!!!! btw, where the hell is a GTA4 article?!!?!?!!!!!

  • Thanks for the update.

    But what we really want is some kind of post about what you guys and gals will be showing the media tomorrow. Gamers Day updates please. As I prefer to get my Playstation news here.

  • Day 1 purchase for me…

  • Ok, I must ask, how the heck does Insomniac do what they do? It’s not even a hit title per year, it’s up to two a year now!

  • High Impact is making this, not Insomniac. and if i ever see a PS2 port of this game, i’ll assassinate every sony employee there are, starting with kaz hirai.

  • I remember a while a go that it was said that Secret Agent Clank would have some sort of connectivity with Tools of Destruction. Is this still the case and if so how will they interact?

  • Keltie RULES!

  • whens the add on for t.o.d. coming?

    PSN= wyldekat

  • Why buy this if it’s only going to show up on the PS2 later on at a cheaper price?

  • @ Zorox, the game is made for PSP and should stick on PSP. It just won’t look too good on PS2.

    The news about Daxter and Wipeout Pulse being ported to PS2 better not be true.

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