echochrome: no end in sight

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Hello again, PlayStation.Blog Readers!

If you haven’t already downloaded echochrome (it went live during Thursday’s Store update), you’ve got 56 brain-busting, perspective-spinning puzzles ahead of you. If anyone out there has already managed to clear all the levels, these people are looking for you. Still, you’ve hardly seen all echochrome has to offer. Aside from *another* 56 levels to be found in the other version of echochrome (both the PS3 and PSP editions contain unique level sets), you can also play the best levels your fellow gamers have created.

When you boot up the PS3 version of the game and sign in online, you may be prompted to download new content. These new, free updates contain the top user-created levels, hand-selected by the developers themselves. There will be new levels available on a regular basis, but they will only be available to play until the next group of levels is up. So be sure to check in regularly for more content – or you may miss out!

Additional levels will appear at random in freeform mode. Remember that in freeform mode, levels that have not been cleared are selected first.

echochrome PS3 1 canvas7

Now, if you want to see if you have what it takes to create a custom level that might be good enough to get picked by the developer for distribution to PS3 owners everywhere (or if you just want to mess around and see what kind of crazy creation you can make), then keep reading.

To start your own custom level from scratch, go to the main menu and select “canvas.” You’ll start off on a blank canvas, and your builder icon will appear as a red box in the middle. Use the thumbsticks to rotate the camera (and R1 button to go faster), just like the game itself. Move the cursor with the d-pad on a 2D plane (up/down, left/right) based on where the camera is looking (rotate the camera to move in a different direction), and use the X button to put pieces down. If you want to erase a piece, use the O button. A handy feature is the Square button, which will jump the cursor to the closest built area.

echochrome PS3 1 canvas3

You start off with the default path piece selected. To change to different pieces, such as stairs, holes, fans (jump pads), echoes, and the start point (mannequin character), press Triangle, select with left and right on the d-pad, and X when you are at the piece you want to use. Pressing the O button while the selection menu is open will cancel and back you out to the piece you were just using.

Every level has to have 3 things: a start, pathways, and a goal. The mannequin piece acts as the starting point for the level. You can build pathways with as many gaps, obstacles, and bends as you like. The goal is to reach the echoes, or shadow guides. These are like markers that you have to guide the mannequin to. So you’ll need at least one of these. You can place up to four echoes anywhere in the environment, while the fifth and final echo will always appear exactly where you place the mannequin character.

echochrome PS3 1 canvas1

Before you can do anything else with the level, you will have to make sure it can actually be cleared or completed. So open the pause menu and select “test play.” This will let you attempt to get through your own creation to see if it can actually be completed. If it can be cleared, you will be prompted to save it. You can also add a name to your level from “title” in the pause menu.

Now, if you’re not feeling very creative right off the bat, and want some help getting started, you can go to the gallery, where all the pre-made levels that shipped with the game are, and press the Triangle button on one of them. This will copy it over to your portfolio, where you can edit it all you like to make it more challenging, easier, whatever.

Once you create a level and successfully test it, you’re ready to send it off. To do this, go to the portfolio menu and select the stage you want to send by pressing the X button. In the PSP version, you can select the “send” option, which will let you send the level to someone over Ad Hoc. If you’re playing the PS3 version, you’ll have two options. One is “send” which lets you enter the PSN username of the person you want to send the level to. The other option, “upload,” allows you to send the level to the developers. And if they really like your level, it may be distributed to everyone with the PS3 version of the game! Pretty cool, huh?

The game can get pretty challenging on the bigger, more complex levels. To help you out, if you go to the “etc.” option from the main menu, there’s a tip section with useful bits of information. There are other hidden secrets and advanced techniques waiting to be found in echochrome. What have you figured out so far?

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  • Is there any recognition if your design is chosen? That would be a nice incentive,beyond making it into the game.

  • Good job, giving power to the players and allowing the game to stay fresh!

  • Im a bit confused, is there going to be any downloadable content for the PSP version? I love this game but I already want some more content!

  • You guys could release new levels for the PSP through the PS Store.

    We need the PS Store to work on Mac’s (it only works on PC’s now). This would allow everyone to access content for their PSP’s.

  • Just want to say awesome job on the game, couple of suggestions:

    1. Why does it make you agree to the user license every single time you play?

    2. Control the game using a mouse or something like the 3d space navigator ( this game is just screaming for it!

    Thanks again for the awesome game, not everyone likes games with shiny explosions and blood everywhere.

  • I agree with protopet, I wish the playstation store would work with my Mac. It’s a pain for me to get content from the store to my PSP when I see something I like.

  • I’m all for including everyone in the fun- I third the request for the PS Store to play nice with Macs (though it may be a moot point when/if the PSP Store is implemented).

    Anyway, posting on a Sunday night? Workaholic, aren’t you? :P It’s cool that the developers are still taking an active role, and yet don’t have to spend too much time doing all the grunt work themselves. Utilizing the users themselves to expand the value of the game really is ingenious. Media Molecule has clearly realized this as well.

    Thank you! :D

  • echochrome would be an awesome arcade game in GTA4

  • thanks for this. I accidently submitted one because i was actually looking for upload the data to a friend :X

    I will work on a level though. going to check out the others in the gallery and get some inspiration from those.

  • Congrats on making quite possibly the best puzzle game of this generation thus far. Keep it up Sony, you’re gaining on 360 pretty quickly worldwide.

  • Wait, wait, wait… With such a game… couldn’t we just make it look like the end is in sight, and by extension it would be true? XD

    Sorry, I just had to do it.

    I didn’t say this above, so I figure I’ll do it now: thank you for creating such an original and enjoyable title. You are truly making PlayStation the destination for originality. See you on the flipside of the moon. :D (The sun.)

  • Thanks for the help on making levels.

    Are the user made level only in freeform mode?

  • This game is great, but I do have a gripe about how you redistribute the content.

    I don’t like that it gets randomly thrown into the freeform, and gets deleted when new content is downloaded.

    It seems like a half-assed job.
    1) You have no idea who did these creations. It would be great if you would give some recognition.
    2) We have no idea when you release new content, so If we haven’t played in a few days, then we could potentially get screwed out of some cool content.
    3) I’m sure everyone would like to choose which of the top ones you pick to play
    4) If we beat one of them, and like it, we have no idea what the chances are that we’ll be able to play it again in free form.
    5) How will we know if one of ours gets chosen unless we run into them in the free form mode…

    I’m sorry, but that’s just the most ridiculous way to release them back to the people.
    There really needs to be a server set up that we can just browse for ones that seem challenging.

    We may not have the same tastes as the developers and would prefer a level where you guys might have passed on it.

    The only reason I see a need to have them checked by you guys is to make sure there isn’t any obsene entries. Other than that, you shouldn’t really dictate what puzzles you think we should see, especially if they are completely random that we’ll run across them in free form.

    I know that we can send ones to people individually, but that’s really tedious because you can only send it to one person at a time and must type in their name to send it to them.

    In order to keep this community thriving, you really need a server that everyone can access. It would be awesome to be able to browse through puzzles and know who did them. If there is someone’s puzzles that we personally like, it would be really nice if we could just browse for their name and see when they’ve put new puzzles on the server.

    This could also open up a whole new leaderboard where our times could be uploaded when we beat a level. Then when someone stumbles across a particular puzzle, they could see like the top 10 or 20 people who have beaten that puzzle.

    Anyways, that’s all the suggestions I have. I really like this game, but I can see that this could have so much more potential than it does right now… Please make this happen. I know I’m not the only one that would like these changes.

  • EternityInBlack

    Best $9.99 I’ve ever spent… considering I’m almost completely broke. Well done.

  • hell yeah.

    PSN= wyldekat

  • damn! should have bought this instead of the variety map pack COD4! worst $10 i ever spend :(

    but the next $10 i get are going to this game! :)

  • All 56 levels done! Thanks to the Echochrome for the fun, hope I can get my hands on some more levels.

  • @Kumi

    Both versions need a zoom feature.

    Where can we report bugs?

  • Where is the PAL version?

  • Cmon Sony!!

    Why won’t EU get the same stuff at the same time?

    You´re a multi bilijon company and cant make sure that your customers in diffrent territories get the same stuff at the same time!?

    Can you please address this problem or just make an statement why EU ALLWAYS have to wait for content to release on the EU store!

  • sounds good

  • Bought the game on Thursday, and it’s a ton of fun, I definitely agree with some of the above comments that having an option to browse user generated levels would be great.

    Also, on my TV (36″ Sony Trinitron), Echochrome displays offset far to the left… I can’t read the menu, or the tips very well. Is there a chance you guys could release a patch with screen centering tools? I would think it would be a pretty common tool to integrate into the game, and it would definitely be useful for those of us with display issues.

    Keep up the good work, the game is a ton of fun!

  • This game is awesome. Just wish we could get more levels for the PSP version. You know what else would be cool, a split screen versus mode (a race to see who could finish a level first). My old lady and I have been fighting over this game all weekend and that would be the perfect solution so we could both play. Just an idea, you guys can have it.

  • as with the other posters above, a version of the store for mac should be available. no questions asked.

    also, why no levels for the psp? it cant be that hard to do. hell, killzone came out with a whole multi player download.
    thanks for the great game…

  • I agree that this game needs a zoom feature. I have a 42″ hdtv and i still have to squint on the complex levels.

    Please also make it easier to find the user created levels. Once people finish the original levels, the majority of their time with the game will be playing the new levels. These levels should be just as easily accessible as the 56 original levels. Thanks.

  • will there be anymore games from this developers on the playstations platforms?

  • I haven’t gotten this game yet (still reeling financially from tax time), but plan to get both the PS3 and PSP versions. I have one question about game sharing. Is it possible (either now or in the future with a patch) to install custom levels by downloading with the computer and then putting the level on a memory stick/USB drive for the PS3, or directly onto the PSP via USB? I can understand not being able to copy a downloaded level for distribution elsewhere, but be able to copy your own created level to post as a zipped archive on the web for others to download and install. All with the usual disclaimers that SCE isn’t liable for content provided outside their sphere of influence.

  • I don’t think they’re saying that each week the downloaded levels are deleted. I think they’re saying that each level pack disappears after a week. Once you’ve downloaded it, I would imagine it stays on your system forever and the levels accumulate.

    Am I wrong?

  • Their was something wrong with my PS3 at the time for me to enjoy this game.But this game is relaxing.

  • Erm… “game sharing” is probably the wrong term to use because it’s actually used for a completely different concept than what I’m getting at. I’m talking about sharing levels. Sorry for the confusion. (Wish there was an edit comment…)

  • Where are the PSN Cards?:(


  • The PSN cards are out you– *sigh* Why do I bother? You’ll just continue to whine. There are actually cell phone shots of PSN cards in stores on a couple different websites. If you can’t find them, that’s your problem.

  • @32 chasegamez

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sony could ‘never’ release those cards, and they wouldn’t be ‘killing’ themselves…
    and just an ‘FYI’ I’m pretty sure the cards have been available in North America for a little while now… perhaps leaving your room… and going to look, might help in this matter.

  • @Reqo

    Never taken a business class have you? EU is comprised of countries that are producers. The United States stopped producing anything worth purchasing decades ago, and has become a nation of consumers. If you’re going to target a group of people, you target the largest body of consumers possible; and that would be US.

  • Wow! I love how Sony is approaching user-created content and encouraging us not just to play games… but to partake in a small way in the creative process!!

    This content will keep games alive, fun, and constantly changing!

    Thank you!!!

  • I didn’t know about the innovative custom level building.. I’m buying this today for the PS3.

  • This game is kicking my ass, and I am loving it. I can’t believe I have a backlog of games building up in MAY. This is a great problem to have.

  • @Kedaro and Jeigh
    there out
    but where
    the young kids around my way
    doesn’t have credit cards
    no stores have them target,sears,pc richards,local stores
    please where at
    where can they walk in a store a purchase them at
    i have a credit card no problem for me
    but what about them

  • I love making levels, ton of fun, oh and to let people no, in freedom mode if no name is shown on the top left corner of the screen then it was not user created. The creators game rtag is shown on the top left corner when it is user created

  • @ chasegames

    EB Games, etc.

    and also didn’t Sony add the debit card function to the PSN? I believe anyone can walk into a bank and get a bank account with a few $, I could be wrong though, however… I live in Canada, and we’ve had cards in all of our EBGames Locations for a while now.

  • @Kedaro

    “I believe anyone can walk into a bank and get a bank account with a few $,” Well, that might work if you are over 18… Also, many banks rape low-balance customers with low-balance fees, annual membership charges, per-transaction fees, card fees, etc.

  • @33.Jeigh

    The PSN Cards should be at game stores…I’ve been searching in Gamestop/EB Games,and nothing.

    But well…i’ll keep up waiting:)

  • @42 Sembazuru

    I don’t know where you are from, but I had a bank account at 7 years old…

    Is it possible that anyone can get a bank account as long as they are 18+ or have parental concent to do so?

    Also up here in Canada our bank fees aren’t much different than CC fees… should be the same in the land of the free no?

  • “These new, free updates” thx, that rocks. + echochrome is great. Another strong PSN offering. Please keep them coming.

  • @45 Kedaro

    I too had an account at a very young age, with my parents as a co-signer, but it was only a savings account. I used it to save gift money and extra allowance. Nothing that I could even write a check on. My parents closed the account when I was around 10 because the bank was charging me more money than I could afford to deposit per month from allowances and gift money because they changed their policies and my balance was under their minimum. It was kinda cool watching my mother ream the bank manager a new anal sphincter for stealing money from a minor. :-D

    (Granted, I don’t know why the under 18 people complaining about not being able to get a card to set up an account don’t have their parents set up an account. Then when they want to buy something they give their parents cash (from allowance, weekend jobs, etc.) and the parents make the purchase. But, I’m not their parent…)

  • It’s pretty damn cool to make levels on this game!! I’m playing the PSP version, and recommend it to everyone.

  • Wonderful, but when is it out in Europe?
    Some of us lot are getting mighty ticked off at how we seem to be shunned.

  • As an Australian Mac owner, you can imagine how annoyed I am about the Playstation store… no content and no ability to buy it from my computer. Please give me a chance to give you my money!

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