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As promised last week, we wanted to thank all the patient players of THE EYE OF JUDGEMENT with the chance to get some free cards! These are very rare SET 2 cards that will only be available through promotional channels. So if you are an EOJ fan 13 or older (sorry, remember its a Teen rated game) all you need to do is hit this LINK and tell us where to ship to. Sign up quick as we’ll be providing to the first 500 US and Canadian addresses we receive (or until supplies last). Sorry, one address per person, repeat addresses will not be recorded.

Good luck and enjoy!


Network Update – Version 02.01

We got a message from the EOJ team about an upcoming update that will help fix the concerns that have been surfacing since the SET 2 release. You will see that the team has been paying attention to your concerns and is dedicated to fixing them.

Greetings from the EOJ development team,

This is information regarding the details of the upcoming update. Considering all the feedback from EOJ players, the next update is planned to add new features and to adjust a balance of the game. Currently, the EOJ development team is conducting tests so that the new update can be implemented in the near future. Once the date of the new update has been set, it will be announced.

  • An additional feature of Battle Animation’s detail settings
    If you own the Set 2 Expansion pack, the next update will add a feature to the Battle Animation’s detail settings (SELECT button during a replay), which is currently implemented to “Show replay” mode, to the duels on Battle Arena mode. This addition allows players to set more detailed Battle Animation settings, such as “OFF ([R2] ON)”, “Ultra rare+”, or “Singles Only”, etc… in Battle Arena mode.
    * This update only applies if you own the Set 2 expansion pack download
  • Errata notes to some of the SET.2 cards
    In order to improve the quality of duels, a modification to some of the creatures’ abilities will be made. The modification will improve the game play experience for EOJ players. The adjustments are planned for the following 5 creature cards: Noram Zealot (#121), Aluhja Zealot (#137), Visvar Vaas Zealot (#154), Tolicore Zealot (#169), and Biolith Battleship (#184). More detailed information on the adjustments would be released through Errata notes on our EOJ forums and Official Community Sites as soon as the modifications are finalized.
  • Additional feature for intentional disconnections in Online mode
    An extra measure which disturbs online play will be added. When a player disconnects in any way during an online duel, in addition to the current system that imposes a penalty on the player who intentionally disconnected, the new system will grant Honor and Rank points to their opponent whose duel was disconnected against their will.

Your cooperation to continue operating a sound community is sincerely appreciated. Thank you very much for your participation in online duels and following the rules and manners.

Team EOJ

Thats it for us today. Enjoy the weekend.



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