SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-up

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I’m back again with a light Weekly Wrap-Up for y’all. Check it out below!


  • SealTeam-6 Interviews Alex Luffman, QA Tester– Quality Assurance is a huge and vital part of video game production. Alex Luffman drops some knowledge on us in this interview.
  • We Got A 1up!– Pardon my corny pun, but I couldn’t come up with any better way to say “ has us up on their site again.” I mean, I could’ve said that, but that isn’t very funny at all.



  • Fresh Out!– Hey, look at that. G4 is showing off SOCOM: Confrontation.

It’s Friday, kids. Peace!

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  • Can’t wait to play the new game. And where’s the eoj blog?

  • Psyched for Socom!
    But when I saw a new post, I thought it was EOJ!

  • @David

    Does the game have a gamma correction option?
    Can players talk to each other while playing online and if so, please tell me there’s a mute option.
    Can I find someone on my friends list and join their game?
    Can I add someone to my friends list without having to exit the game?
    Is there a lobby where players talk smack before and after a game, and can the mewling eight year olds be muted there too?
    Can players be kicked/voted from a game?
    The socom series is legendary for being buggier than chameleon crap. Combined Assault has an unfixed bug list longer than Tommy Lee’s drumstick. How extensive is this game being QA’d and is a triage team being assembled to deal with bugs after launch? The Warhawk folks have set the bar on customer support, so you’ll have a tough row to hoe.
    I don’t play any of the socom games any more, because of the innumerable bugs they contain and the rampant game hackers that infest the servers. Why should I layout my hard earned frog skins for this game?

  • The 1up video podcast is good.Watched it last week. 7 maps to start,DLC and some video of gameplay.Check it out folks.Looks good!

  • have they announced if it will be a PSN or Blu-ray release? (sorry don’t pay enough attention to socom – to many games to play right now…)

  • AckeheceKoheo, I’m pretty sure they said it would come out in both formats. I’d rather have a BRD version, since I like to show off my collection of games.

  • Thanks for keeping us in the loop! :D

  • Will there be a public beta for this game?

    If so when will it be.

  • Do you know if rumble will be supported? And will there be any support for the PS Eye or PSP connectivity?

  • You guys don’t seem to be paying attention. There are links that were posted in the very blog you are commenting on that may very well answer your questions. Maybe using them would be beneficial to your particular situations. Chances are your comments will probably get more attention in the game’s own blog. (Which as I mentioned before, is connected to this blog post.)

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    interesting im knd of excited for this seems like sony masterd the formula hated #1 on ps2 but #2 was pretty damn slick luved those random taunts u could do breakdancin n shiz w/e haha but this title does look impressive still not convinced though specaily after playin MGO b MGS4 is guna be the best game ever built hands down i own gta4 got it @ midnight nutty game its the best game ever made currently its a masterpeice its reighn as #1 will be short but sweet.. n every ps3 user had nothin to worry the title that will single handedly defeat anything in the microsoft camp is near

    PSN ID: Meko_Gear_Solid

    (motorstorm, vegas1, cod4, fight night 3, warhawk, rockband gta iv, n last but not least MGO b) add me if you beleive you are a worthy opponent….. haha or cool n love playstation classics japan anime n dope shoes like heros sopranos smallville terminator trigun dragonball n cowboy bebop etc etc everyones welcome im just breakin balls ^^;;

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    lol dope shoes… SHOWS* i aint a women but ladies dont take that as a reason not too add me ya know we’ll get along ;)

  • When would the EoJ be coming PST time :)

  • @5..PSN and on a BD(with maybe more videos,etc)

  • So are Navy Seals affiliated with Water in EOJ? A SOCOM EOJ sample card would be cool!
    Tritonan Seal Team FTW!!!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Can’t wait for this game! Thanks for the weekely updates, for those of us who are to lazy to check back every day. :)

    any one else find it interesting that a quarter of these comments are EOJ related? I only hope I’ll make it in the rush to get the free cards!

  • when is Socom being released? I am looking and cant find a definitive answer …

  • lol… kids… someone old enough to call me kid, must be damn old…

  • @ David

    Any word on if the game will support USB/Blue Tooth keyboards for screenshots, and in game text messages like many of the SOCOM games did on the PS2?

    IMHO More PS3 games should support these features as it means even those without mics can join in on the coversations and have fun online like most PC gamers do.

  • I’m really wanting to pickup Socom:Confrontation after the video I saw on 1up.Looks like a great team game.

    By the way:
    I know there is some SCEE folks on here..
    Here’s next weeks 2 days of updates

    Playable content

    Condemned 2 demo

    Haze demo

    Blast Factor Advanced full game
    High Velocity Bowling full game

    Street Skater PS1 game

    Add-on content

    Blast Factor Advanced Research
    High Velocity Bowling Character – Mike

    Buzz! Quiz TV
    Secret Agent Clank
    Siren Blood Curse

    Thursday’s PSN update will look a little something like this:

    Playable content

    Bourne Conspiracy demo
    Race Driver: GRID demo
    Add-on content

    Army of Two
    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Def Leppard Track Pack
    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Muse Track Pack

    Echochrome Apple trailer
    Play Compilation
    Press Conference

  • First off, I am soooooooo looking forwardto September. Sooooo looooking foorwaaard to this GAME!!! OMG you guys/gals are doing the BEST job ever! I’m not sure if Zipper themseves could have made it look this great. We’ll see though I’m sure. There is still a second socom to be released after your Socom Confrontation. Isn’t there?
    I’ll buy that too. Also, anyone who rates thisbelow 4 is not a hardcore Socom Fanativ like the rest of us. why would you do that. This blog post is just as good as an of the others. It’s like saying ” Hey I don’t appreciate all you do.”

    Anyways. Thanks for yet another weekly update.

    Oh and make sure that the IW80-A2 with high scope, #2 silencer and front grip remains in the game. Otherwise, I will be sad.

  • I had a nice little chuckle when the announcer in the 1UP video suggested that the graphics are on par with CoD4.

    Look at any of the SOCOM screenshots (at full resolution) and compare them to any COD4 screenshots.

    SOCOM doesn’t even come close.

    You could easily mistake SOCOM’s visuals for PS2 just in widescreen.

  • don’t forget people it’s still in alpha build so who are we to say the graphics won’t be sweet by release time???/Some people you just can’t make happy…..THERE will always be an @ss in this game franchise. some of you might want to look in the mirror it might just be you. CAN’t WAIT for SOCOM …

  • finally

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