SingStar PS3 – Date and details

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Hello everyone, I’m Aaron Orsak, US Producer of SingStar, and I’ve just arrived back
from a hugely successful Coachella SingStar PlayStation 3 event. I just wanted to confirm what some of you may have read on 1UP, and recap a bit for you guys what we announced while at Coachella last week.


Yes, SingStar PS3 is finally coming to the US and Canada on May 20 and includes full access to the SingStore and, most importantly, My SingStar Online.

In addition to the 30 songs on the disc, the US SingStore will have approximately 200 downloadable songs priced each at $1.49. When you think that you’re getting the song PLUS the video by the original artist PLUS it’s all fully playable via SingStar, it’s a great value. And, the cool thing is, our goal is to add 25 to 50 new songs to the SingStore every month. Initial feedback on the songlist has been pretty positive, and we’re definitely interested in hearing from you guys on what you’d like to see on the SingStore.

And then there’s My SingStar Online for those that aren’t camera shy…My SingStar Online houses your global SingStar identity, and by using the PlayStation Eye you can view, rate, and even post favorite videos, audio recordings, and snapshots to the global SingStar community. Believe me, you can have a lot of fun checking out videos from all over the globe and coming up with your own creative ideas. Over 20,000 videos already have been uploaded to the community since the European launch this past December.

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One last bit of news I wanted to share is that we’ll be adding new features day 1 of launch via a free patch for the US, Canada, and Europe. Cool new features include enhanced harmony duets, separate Battle mode difficulty selections, a lag calibration feature for different TV types, and even PSP remote play.

You may be thinking, “what’s the deal with remote play?” Well, with remote play you can browse, stream and remotely launch downloads from the SingStore so you’ve got your party list ready to go by the time you arrive home. You also can check out your profile on My SingStar Online and view other performances shared in the online community.

Look forward to seeing you all online come May 20 and check out the pics from our weekend at Coachella. More to come shortly, guys…so stay tuned…

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