SingStar PS3 – Date and details

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Hello everyone, I’m Aaron Orsak, US Producer of SingStar, and I’ve just arrived back
from a hugely successful Coachella SingStar PlayStation 3 event. I just wanted to confirm what some of you may have read on 1UP, and recap a bit for you guys what we announced while at Coachella last week.


Yes, SingStar PS3 is finally coming to the US and Canada on May 20 and includes full access to the SingStore and, most importantly, My SingStar Online.

In addition to the 30 songs on the disc, the US SingStore will have approximately 200 downloadable songs priced each at $1.49. When you think that you’re getting the song PLUS the video by the original artist PLUS it’s all fully playable via SingStar, it’s a great value. And, the cool thing is, our goal is to add 25 to 50 new songs to the SingStore every month. Initial feedback on the songlist has been pretty positive, and we’re definitely interested in hearing from you guys on what you’d like to see on the SingStore.

And then there’s My SingStar Online for those that aren’t camera shy…My SingStar Online houses your global SingStar identity, and by using the PlayStation Eye you can view, rate, and even post favorite videos, audio recordings, and snapshots to the global SingStar community. Believe me, you can have a lot of fun checking out videos from all over the globe and coming up with your own creative ideas. Over 20,000 videos already have been uploaded to the community since the European launch this past December.

Danny MastersonBijou Phillips

One last bit of news I wanted to share is that we’ll be adding new features day 1 of launch via a free patch for the US, Canada, and Europe. Cool new features include enhanced harmony duets, separate Battle mode difficulty selections, a lag calibration feature for different TV types, and even PSP remote play.

You may be thinking, “what’s the deal with remote play?” Well, with remote play you can browse, stream and remotely launch downloads from the SingStore so you’ve got your party list ready to go by the time you arrive home. You also can check out your profile on My SingStar Online and view other performances shared in the online community.

Look forward to seeing you all online come May 20 and check out the pics from our weekend at Coachella. More to come shortly, guys…so stay tuned…

DJ Steve AokiStacy Keibler

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  • StalkingSilence

    Getting it for my fiancee.

  • I’m very excited about this. Day one buy for sure.

  • awesome. can I ask a question? Do you have or will have Online Versus Mode or Online Duet? at least the online versus so we can go against others? that’s one mode that if isn’t there that should ;3 seeing as I like how Rock Band had it. and i heard the mic for Rock Band doesn’t work?

  • Awesome hehe can’t wait!

  • im getting it for my girl

  • Singstar looks like fun. But I can’t sing worth a beans. :-p

  • the missus can’t wait. She hounded me for the original games, but I had retired the PS2 by that time.

  • When are the wireless mics coming???

    Please let us know we havent heard anything about them in ages

  • The Souljourner

    “you’re getting the song PLUS the video by the original artist PLUS it’s all fully playable via SingStar”

    Uhh… does that mean there’s an MP3 song file and an MP4 movie file that I can copy onto my PSP and watch/listen to on the subway? No? Then you’re not getting “the song” and you’re not getting “the video”. You’re getting “a SingStar playable song”…. which in and of itself may be worth 1.49, but don’t try to make it sound like you’re actually giving the music and the video to the customer. You’re not.

    If you *were* that would be freakin’ sweet.

  • You know, with 50 songs a month you might soon reach the promised 350 songs at launch. Aside that lie, I am actually going to get the game.

  • #The Souljourner

    well it did say at he end “via SingStar” which just means oh yeah, you get everything of course as long as you view it from SingStar ;3

  • songs should be cheaper and people will purchase more of them.

  • Are we able to listen/watch these songs/video’s without “playing” the game, but using the software to play the song/video’s of course?

    Just a view only mode is what I’m getting at I suppose. Will that be included out of box?

  • Come on Sony $1.49!? and we pay £1 in UK?

    How come you can settle the exchange rate for Canada Store but not ours? we are paying the equivalent to $2 a song here.

    And in the store our exchange rate is far from right!

  • Will I just be able to buy the game by itself if I already have mics from PS2 SingStar?

  • I have a few questions and was wondering if you could answer them.

    Will the PS3 versions mics be wireless or not? I have the PS2 ones and if not I will stick with the ones I have.

    Can SingStar now allow four people to play or is it still two people? The reason I ask is because on the PS2 there was only two spots four mics and now with the PS3 there is four. So if there is four people are they back up singers?

    Is there any chance of whole albums to download of your favorite songs from your favorite band?

    Will there be any chance of having kids songs on the Store like Hannah Montana?
    Because I know my little sister would love that.

    Also movie songs will they some day come out on the SingStore?

    How easy is online play with SingStar?

    Are uploading videos a pain or are they easy?

    Sorry I have so many questions I just wanted to ask you about them and find out the answers.

  • @ Joe, the PS3 Singstar allows two singers, Singstar PS3 vol.2 (June 2008 release in EU) has a ‘harmony’ mode which is not yet known whether it will be one singing and one backing or two singing two backing etc.

    You CAN use PS2 mics. Although i believe they are slightly different.

    Songs like that are likely to come on the Singstore at some point in the future.

    Uploading videos is simple, just select the ones ou want to share and they upload.

    Hope this helps.

  • 25 to 50 songs a month?!

    Yah, sure Sony.

    If we get more than 1 or 2 a week I’ll be flippin surprised.

    We’ve all heard your promises of monthly content before. Like the PS1 games.

    Those have been coming fast and furious, haven’t they?

    25 to 50 a month. Man, that’s great one! I’ll be giggling all day.

  • Dr. Strangepork

    What about using traditional USB mics like those from Logitech? I remember that the Karaoke Revolution mics (which were Logitech) were *not* compatible with the PS2 versions of SingStar. So I never tried SingStar.

    What about this time around? I mean, c’mon, I have four USB ports on the front. Let me use them for something. :)

    If I can’t I might as well stick with KR.

  • Will we have mixed US/Europe My Singstar Online communities or will the communities be separated?

  • My wife and I are really looking forward to this.

    Thanks for coming forth with the deets.

  • Am I the only one who is freaking out over the giant in the first picture? He’s just to the right of the center of the picture and standing to the right of the girl in shorts.

  • Also, to the developers:

    Will you consider releasing the LocoRoco song? I don’t care what the words are, what language it is, or if the words are even real. Just do your best and make them up so we can sing along.

    I’m serious about this. I think it would be cool. Thanks.

  • @ 23 sholmes 1019

    LocoRoco Karaoke here:)

    @15 Kassatsu
    I read that there will be a stand-alone for $39.99 so you could use your existing mics. (I think it was Kotaku)

    @13 curtis_bland
    I would like to add my vote to his. I would love to just watch High-Def music videos when no one is singing:)

  • Will it have the “disk-switch” feature (that works) with previous PS2 versions… or do I have to purchase all those songs again??

  • I so wish I could have been there. Looks like SingStar is going to be a big hit here Stateside though. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Singstar is a great game and my wife absolutely loves it. But it makes me a bit upset seeing that “across the pond” each song costs $1.49 when us Europeans have to pay €1.49. That’s about $2.30 (!) with current exchange rate.

    Please Sony, adjust the European Singstore prices (and bring in more Finnish songs).

  • You can only play the song on SingStar?
    That sucks. It should be much cheaper. It’s basically Streaming music since no one can take that song and copy it. I know those artists and you have to get paid but a dollar a song (and video) ,that you can’t play anywhere else, is MUCH more reasonable.
    Plus, you’d get more people buying that way. I know I would, not with those prices, though.

  • Finally!

  • I agree with #23! That would be awesome.


  • Can you play just the music video (without the sing-a-long words on screen)? If so, I’d buy it.

  • Hey aaron – can you comment about what is right and wrong about Singstar PS3 in the Singstar PS3 thread here on the site?

    you might want to read the 1st page and the last page….

  • The promis was wireless microfoons. Are you going to keep your promis?

  • Darkside_Ghost1986

    day one for me

  • @ 23 and 29

    There are LocoRoco karaoke vids on YouTube. Not quite the same I know but still cool. This one is my favorite;)

  • I’m with TT-2k. In the European Singstore prices are more expensive. That sucks!!!!

  • Thanks for utilizing both the Remote Play and Sony Eye for SingStar. Makes my PSP and Sony Eye investments more useful.

  • Cool. I’m getting this for my girlfriend since she likes to sing in Rockband. It should be fun.

  • Question: Do you have the option now to lower the vocals of the singer when singing? I found that not having that option really killed the experince for me and the wife who was use to changing it during certain songs.

    I think that will be what holds me back from getting SS.

  • Would there be Japanese songs at least for download? Sony Music Japan does have Japanese artists…

  • Song recommendations:
    Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus – Singstar sales will explode!!! + my sister wants those songs

    Hilary Duff – songs from thealbum dignity and some of herolder stuff as well

    Evanescence – lithium etc… From the albums fallen and the open door

    Aussie twin sisters “the veronicas” – great songs for duets

    That’s all for now…

  • linebeginstoblur

    I have a question. I thought I heard somewhere that you could post full song playbacks on My SingStar Online, yet I heard on PS3 Fanboy recently that you can only post 30-second video clips on there. Can anyone confirm which one it is?

  • i want some linkin park songs,breaking bejamin,three day grace and nickel back if u get at least 1 song from each of them on it im sold

  • Aaron,
    I bought Singstar Bollywood(PS2) PAL and doohh realized i couldnt play it on my NTSC PS3.
    Will these international songs be available on the singstore? Its driving me nuts that this is not available for NTSC

  • Question: Do you have the option now to lower the vocals of the singer when singing? I found that not having that option really killed the experince for me and the wife who is use to changing it in Karaoke Rev. Series.

  • OMG! I luv Singstar and I can’t wait to sing on it! It looks so cool! Thank you for creating such an awsome game for singers!

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