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Hi all! Welcome back to Metal Gear Mondays! It’s certainly been a busy week, and once again, we’d like to take a second to thank you for all the great compliments and feedback from our previous installments – and of course, your enthusiasm for all that is Metal Gear!

We’ll pick up where we left off … As many of you know, gameplay of the Metal Gear Online Beta for the PLAYSTATION 3 is well underway as of the time of this post – please see the last bunch of Metal Gear PS Blog posts for full details on the Metal Gear Online Beta program and content to date.

First, we’d like to clarify, once again, because we see people still asking about this – Metal Gear Online comes with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It is not a separate product. Metal Gear Online is the online multiplayer component of MGS4. We will be expanding MGO over time through new downloadable content (DLC), such as, maps, weapons, skills, and much more.

MGO is not a paid subscription service, you can play online totally free right out of the box – we know some of you thought there might be some payment because of the last step of Konami ID registration, but that is to confirm your identity for future potential microtransaction content updates (you don’t have to register any payment info right now anyhow). There is no payment necessary to play, and – again – that is for future potential microtransaction content updates, when that content is available, should you want it.

Good news – for those of you who might not have yet received a Unique Product Voucher Code (UPVC) to download the MGO Beta client, there are still a few opportunities to obtain one from the very limited batch of UPVC’s being given away now through our promotional partners at IGN, Games Radar, and the Mad Gamer Network – and some of you PS GAP members should have a special surprise in your inbox too J. Please carefully follow the instructions on our partner’s sites for your chance to win! Again, this batch of MGO Beta UPVC’s are available in an EXTREMELY limited quantity, so don’t wait, hurry and register now!

Next, we are happy to announce NEW content for the MGO Beta is LIVE NOW!

We have included one new map Midtown Maelstrom


This is a part of the Middle East stage in MGS4. This consists of some main streets and alternate routes. Numerous alleys are in between buildings, and are dark, narrow, and very confusing.

Next, we have released a new gametype rule, Sneaking Mission.


In this rule, there will be one character and two teams in the game. Snake, Red team, and Blue team. Snake’s mission is to collect a certain number of dog tags, by having other players stunned or held up. Red and Blue teams’ mission is to defeat Snake certain times or defeat more players in the opposing team. If more than 10 people are in the game, another player may play as Snake’s mini robotic sidekick Mk. II, to assist the Snake player. If you are playing as Snake, you have many of his incredible abilities available to you – such as the camouflage!

There are some other random things about MGO and the MGO Beta that we’d like to address:

You may not have noticed, but in the MGO Main Menu, you can access the Community Site right from in game. You can also access it here from a PC/web browser at any time. You need to have created a character to access the site. Once inside, you can manage and view your friends, clan, profile, stats, blog, and there will be many other features introduced over time. Additionally, you can post feedback in the forum, and this is really the best place to get your MGO feedback to us (yes, we do also try to read all the comments here at the PS Blog and elsewhere – and, I’m sorry, I wish we had time to respond to each and every one – we try to address as much as possible in these posts).

Another issue is it seems some of you have had issues activating your mics – please make sure you have connected your USB/Bluetooth mic correctly via the PS3 system settings. If you have, then simply hold down the select button in-game, and you will see a message appear that your mic is on as well as a mic activity status message with your name (if you’re speaking), if you are in a lobby you will see a flashing mic indicator next to your name.

Please also try out the training modes in game thoroughly, as they can be helpful for newcomers and veterans alike. Here you can learn the intricacies of CQC, weapons, movement, and just about any other gameplay question you might have. There are also extensive options in game for tweaking your controls (e.g., inversion, camera speed, weapon shortcuts, etc), ui, and much more – please be sure to take some time to set up MGO exactly how you like!

Lastly on MGO, to add a friend, you want to do a player search by their character name (not Konami ID or Game ID), which are case sensitive (e.g., Hideo and hideo could be separate characters). Please note, your friend must be logged into MGO at that time to appear (otherwise you’ll get a “not found” error). To check up on your friends, just go to your Friend List inside the Personal menu. Your added friends will appear here, and if they are online, it will show what lobby they are in too (if its unranked and they’re in game, you can join them immediately, if there’s room in their game).

Please don’t forget to check out the latest KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS REPORT from Ryan Payton at Kojima Productions in Japan!

We’ll see you here next week on the PS Blog, for the next installment of Metal Gear Mondays!

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  • i wish i could log in, im still getting an error

  • @ Brandon Laurino // Konami Online

    I got my code during the give away thing you had , the account that i have on the ps3 is from USA, but i live in the Dominican Republic. After the registration, i got the email about me qualifying for the beta. Right now, I’m getting Error (090B:00000001) while trying to connect to the game. I need to know if due to the fact that I’m not inside of USA, i will not be able to play.
    If the answer is yes ( i wont able to play the beta) then i need to know, if that also apply for the full game and why did i qualify in the first place? is not nice to wait all that time only to realize that.

    I hope you guys read this question.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Man I would love some news on something besides the beta. Since I’m buying a PS3 for MGS4 I can’t participate in the beta. Still hoping to hear about the Gun Metal soon.

  • Love the MGO beta so far. I like how many options there are in terms of weapons, tactics, SOP skills, etc, and it’s great to see new content making it into the fray even during the beta phase.


  • Got the GAP invite email thanks guys!

  • Wow, I hear this stuff before this blog comes out, either first hand or on another site! Please, tell us about the bundles and preordering them! I love the beta by the way, can’t wait for more DLC! And also, no microtransactions, those have never worked and nobody will get them… if they do they will be railed upon!

  • hey konami guys, have you heard something called 090B:00000001? i think it was you who develop such code right? can you at least tell us what it means, or is that to much to ask? i waited to today knowing that was mgs mondays and still you guys didnt even mention that error? shame on you guys……. geezz………

  • By the way, WHERE’S EPISODE 87?!?! I heard 86 when it came out and I miss my hideoblog… :(

  • Hey Brandon, I’m in the GAP and I saw on the boards that people were getting codes, but I have not received one :(. I really would like to play the beta and then give you feedback on it(I was too late for the preorder). Can you clarify if the invite was only to *certain* GAP members?

  • Test Global Servers and I’ll play to help with the beta.

  • sneaking mode isnt that great in my opinion. i spend more time killing the other team than i do killing Snake and Snake is the whole allure of this mode! all you have to do to avoid Snake is camp and lay some traps (magazines, claymores, etc). i dont like camping in any shooter, but thats really the best way to play sneaking mode. not very fun to me.

  • Really am loving the Beta. I know some people have been putting it down on the PSU Forums but it seems to be an acquired taste.

    Also, would it be possible to adjust the ‘Adding Friends’ method upon release or soon after? It’s kind of awkward that you can only add a friend when they’re online. Even adding an ‘Add Friend’ option on the Community Site would be a step in the right direction and would make things easier.

    As for the Stamina bar, many of us are wondering if that can be changed. We think it would work better if we could shake the SIXAXIS to regain Stamina instead of attempting to destroy our Left Analog Stick.

    Otherwise, the game is great and I look forward to the actual release (after going through MGS4 a few times of course :))

  • Sweet, I am going to go get the new map now. :)

  • i like the way the beta is going, love the maps, thanks for the new ads, keep up the good work


    Please, please, PLEASE look into the issues people from Puerto Rico are having. A friend of mine can’t connect because of some problem with his ISP. If Konami can’t solve this, please get in touch with the ISPs and see if there’s anything they can do about it.

  • Hi what happend with us the people from Puerto Rico who reserved your game and got the beta voucher and can’t play because of your servers blocking us?

  • Please, please make it possible to change your character’s appearance after creation! And I’m not talking about removing accessories or taking off my chest and head gear. I really don’t want to have to make a new character just because I made some bad choices when creating my character.

    At the very least, change the message that says you can change your gear after the character registration process. Sooo misleading.

  • I just got the GAP invite too, cant wait for it to finish downloading!! Thanks guys!!

  • The beta is going great…can’t wait to try out the new game mode..and thanks for explaining why I couldn’t add one of my friendsno matter how many times I search

  • ok, so now i would like you to get the character creation more open after it has been made…

  • I have to say the online is fun but the action can be a little slow paced at times. Despite that I will definitely looking forward to the full game.

  • All the online extras that are going to be offered look great… It’s just a shame that it seems to be in no way linked to the PSN.

    It’s a bit of a step in the wrong direction as I don’t really want to go back to the days where I had to remember a user/password combination for each game I wanted to play online.

  • US servers are blocking ISP from Puerto Rico, we haven’t been able to log on into the beta since launch, we are all very disappointed since we all paid for the reservation to get the code and we cant even use the beta. Could you guys please fix this…(its not like we are trying to enter another region beta since we are part of N.A.)

    We got all the updates and everything, we just get the error (090B):00000001) every time we try to access.

  • Sorry but the friends management is sorely lacking. First, we have to know what their in game id is, not their PSN, Konami, or Game ID, but their in game ID (so that’s 4 IDs people have?!?!) then they actually have to be online for us to fine them in your DB? That’s pretty sad. This game begs to be played with people you know, and you’ve made it so difficult to play with people we already have on our PSN friends list. I don’t know what their in game IDs are, and other then sending them a message and asking for their in game ID (which shouldn’t be necessary) there’s no way of know what their ID is. I still don’t get why you’ve abandoned the PSN IDs, what’s the point of having the PSN if we have to create new online IDs for certain games, makes no sense.

    I’m enjoying the Beta, but seriously, you really need to be able to somehow ‘see’ your existing PSN friends inside MGO.

  • I love the game.. I really do…

    BUT why is the PSN not used instead of us having a Konami ID, Game ID, and then a character name as well.

    Like other games our PSN ID should have been used.


  • Yeah why did I make two Id’s thinking the one I really wanted would be used then finding out our “Characters” name is being used?

    I have a total of 4 id’s used to play MGO

    Konami ID
    Game ID
    Character ID.

  • I really thought that all this ID hassle was a product of it being beta, but if it is truly the way MGO is going to operate I don’t care how good it is, I’m not going to go through all the added hassle of trying to keep track of where my friends are.

    There are plenty of other great games I can be playing, all of which make it very easy for me to buy an extra map or mode with the funds I already have in my PSN wallet.

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    im really getting sick of not being able to play in the beta! it keeps saying could not connect to server (090B:00000001)

    why wont it let me connect!!!???


  • I am from Puerto Rico and I can’t play the beta, I keep getting the error, Cannot login to server.

    It seems I am not the only one having this difficulties, fix this ASAP.

  • yes, I agree Mr. Fusion. This beta gameplay is great, but 3 ID’s and PSN? Konami, seriously, that’s rediculous. I already went through this with GRAW2, I’m not doing that again. Two friends lists, 3 ID’s just to get in game. Fine, it’s a beta. NOT IN THE FULL VERSION. I’ll understand 1 ID JUST FOR downloading and microtransactions, but the full game better have an integrated PSN friends list and my online character name better be the same as my PSN. 1 ID only for transactions AT THE GREATEST, if PSN full integration is possible DO IT.

    It’s a great game, I must say, options, upgrades, CQC, and maps are all well designed, but the sign up is just crap.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  • I just wanted to thank Konami and the GAP for sending me an invitation to be part of the BETA. This was the best news I received this month that thus far has been the worst ever ( my 37″ LCDTV quit on me after the warranty expired, my wifes car wont start, and my son broke my laptop’s mouse key and my SIXAXIS). Its been a rough month, but the BETA key put a smile on my face. Now all I got to do is get a controller and fix my TV. Thanks.

  • Hey… D-Mite from TX hurr… errtime I tryta put it da voucher code, it says Itz “The Code that you entered is invalid” How da heck??? Sum1 Help PLZZZZZ!!!

  • I have one problem I just got the code today via my G.A.P Membership, why is it taking so long to download the update, I am downloading update 1.01 and its been three hours and only 22% done. I have a fast connection, with about 8Mbps download and 7Mbps upload should not take that long to download a update come on Konami get some more servers together, I want to be able to play before May 11th comes around.

    Either way thank you for doing this beta and giving everyone a chance to get it.

  • I’m a GAP member who already had a beta code. The email I got said I couldn’t pass along or forward the code, which makes me kinda sad. I’d love to share it with someone else considering that I’m already in.

  • And I have to ask again that you use our existing PSN IDs and PSN friends list in the final game. The fact that you can’t even add a friend if they’re not logged in at the time is just further evidence that the current Konami system is broken and unnecessary.

    Please, please, please use our PSN IDs and friends lists instead of Konami/Game ID in the final game.


  • How about a PARTY system for MGO. I only hope that a game designed around teamwork would incorporate a party system enabling you to play with your friends against other players. The way it’s set up now is awful. You have to wait hours for players to join your games if you host, and if you and your friends join someone elses game, everyone is on opposite teams. Please fix this.

  • Awesome game, my only concern is the lack of maps and that it might get a bit stale. So make sure you release additional maps every other month.

  • Hello Mr. Laurino.

    I would like to know, for the sake of people who plan on making videos using Metal Gear Online, will there be an option, or even a game mode that will have no HUD or at least very limited?

    I plan on creating Machinima using Metal Gear Online just as I have done for Portable Ops and Plus. I have planned for the past 2 years for this opportunity and I am hoping for the best for gamers who wish to exceed beyond playing and create videos using Metal Gear Online.

    Thank you for your information and taking the time out to answer our questions.

  • I really like the game. It’s lots of fun. But I wish you would get rid of the Konami ID.

    The way you have to ad friends is unacceptable when there is a way better system at your fingertips.

    Your explanation for the Konami ID does not explain why you could not use the PSN.


  • I really like the new map, don’t like the sneak mode. all it is is teamdeath match, I hardly ever see snake and have only seen snake win once. The dog tags should not be reset, and he should have to collect 10 or so to win.


  • Thanks for the update Brandon.

    One major complaint I have not concerning gameplay is the method of adding friends.

    …why must I wait for my friends to log on before I can add them to my list? I just find it to be a little annoying.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading.

  • ok i still havent been able to get into the beta cas e of the 9 digi problem but its ok im a huge metal gear soild fan i own all of them from ps1-psp i just have a request i would like to get my games signed by u guys please please answer back this time you guys are part of my top 3 company.

  • Love the BETA so far; sneaking mission and the new map especially.

  • Awesome news, this will get me to delay plaing GTA4 for a little bit tomorrow, def want to get some camo snake action in =D

    Keep up the awesome work guys, can’t wait til june, 12th.

    44 more days, but whose counting :p

  • Hi, I just want to know when the limited edition MGS4 bundles are going to be available for pre-order in th U.S. Thanks.

  • I already preordered MGS4 LE online and I haven’t received my Beta code from the store yet, but that doesn’t really matter now because I got a MGO Beta invitation from Sony! Thanks a lot Sony for the invitation, I love you guys!

  • God I love the new gametype. I played as Snake, and it’s so tense to have the whole army against you. MGS4 LE, here I come. I’ll get 2!

  • I went to a friends’ house (I was waiting for MGS4 to get a PS3 and I’m shooting for the Gunmetal PS3) but sadly he isn’t the only internet user on his network so it was pretty laggy at times, but beyond that it was pretty fun. The only complaint I had is the first person view which is too near-sighted for me.

  • And the game speed? I think it’s perfect.

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