Metal Gear Online Beta Patched, Live

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Following the delay of the Metal Gear Online Beta test this past Monday, 04/21/2008, the MGO development team in Japan has done substantial work throughout the week to analyze the issues that occurred, and remedy them to make gameplay available as soon as possible. As some of you may have already noticed, we are pleased to inform you of the following…

The MGO development team has created a patch for the MGO Beta client, bringing it to version 1.02. This patch is intended to resolve and improve any connectivity issues on the client side. The patch is now available through the MGO Beta client. You will additionally need to download and install the 1.01 patch, if you have not already done so, also available through the MGO Beta client.

Additionally, the MGO development team has made significant improvements on the server side, adding more gameplay servers, and also improving the code running on the servers to optimize performance.

With these solutions in place, gameplay of the MGO Beta test has now been made available. Please remember, to compensate for the delay, the Metal Gear Online Beta test gameplay period has been extended a week, now ending on 05/11/2008.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that your Metal Gear Online Beta Unique Product Voucher Codes (UPVCs), used to redeem the download of the Metal Gear Online Beta client, will only be valid up until 05/05/2008, so please make sure to redeem them by then.

We would also like to point out that we have created a “simplified” Konami ID “quick registration” form, available at [LINK: ], which is required to access and play the MGO Beta. Not only has it been designed to ease any connection issues, but to ease the registration process as well.

Here are the direct notes from the MGO team in Japan:

“We would first like to offer our most sincere apologies to all participants of the METAL GEAR ONLINE PREMIERE BETA test for all inconveniences caused thus far. At the same time, we would like to inform you details of the possible causes of the problem along with the actions we have taken in order to resolve them.

Konami ID

Initial problems were caused by the extraordinary numbers of customers trying to login to the site in order to create a KONAMI ID in order to take part in the beta test. In response, we have increased server capacity as well as creating a separate KONAMI ID registration site specifically for customer wanting to take part in the METAL GEAR ONLINE PREMIERE BETA test.


In order to reduce the load on our server, we have implemented a queuing system where the number of players that can login to the server is kept at a certain level over a period of time. Added to this, the client has been updated so that the time out settings when logging in have been relaxed. This may though, lead to a longer wait when trying to login.

At peak times, you may be placed in a queue for places in our server. In such a case, we would like to recommend that you try to login after a period of time.

It was also discovered that connecting to the server on creating and registering your character was very difficult. This again, was due to very high levels of traffic. We have increased server capacity and have also improved both the system performance and the server program in response .

We will be carrying out further improvements between 00:00 on 04/26/2008 with the resumption of the beta test as the game is scheduled to enter full service on 06/12/2008. We would like to apologize once again for all inconveniences caused.”

Once again, Konami would like to apologize for any difficulties experienced, and we offer our deepest thanks for your patience. Your participation in the MGO Beta test, and excitement for the game, is very meaningful to us!

Please stay tuned to, the PS Blog, the Konami ID site, and Konami Japan’s MGO teaser site for all the latest MGO Beta test status updates.

If you need assistance, please contact Konami support via and you can email via

Thank you!

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  • first.

    yes! on my way now to get online and see if i’ll be picking this game up when it drops

  • actually…while i’m here…question!

    will our characters or achievements from the beta carry over to the actual game when it goes live?

  • I really wish i was in the BETA. I didnt make it :-(

  • @Danny

    I didn’t make it

    What are you… high? Go plunk down $5 at your local game store and reserve the game, get the free video with the UPVC, get online, download the game, create yourself a konami id, download the upgrade, make a sandwich, download the upgrades upgrade, log in, and play the game. it’s just that simple.

  • I’ve been playing since 9 AM; this game is really good!!

  • I can’t wait to get home tonight and give it a try!!!!!

    First Beta ever for me….

  • I am not trying to be overly negative. This is feedback to improve the retail version. Simplified waste of time is still a waste of time. Please remove the Konami ID/Game ID process and figure out a way to utilize just the PSN ID or make the website username optional. That and please use sonys servers for patches and whatnot they arestable compared to the p2p or http otions you give. Thanks

  • im at my work at the moment.
    This sucks , i want to go home to play some MGO !!!!

  • very awsome!!!! xant wait to get home and play!!!!

  • Great news!!

    I was wondering… where can we go to report bugs or give feedback on the beta?

  • Been playing MGO so cool. The graphics are amazing.

    PSN: Dayhalk.

  • I’m actually trying to download it now, and I’m still having the same problem I originally had. The patch takes forever to download. At the moment, I’m trying to download this, from what I hear, 750 MB patch at a rate of 3 KB/s. I really wish more of the functions for this Beta would have been implemented through PSN. Because of the path taken, my PS3 will be unusable for several more hours, plus however long the second patch may take. I don’t it would have necessarily been any faster through PSN, but I could have spent this time with Uncharted or something. Well, what’s done is done (in several hours). Please take this to heart, and learn from it for the future.

  • OH my god this game is off the hook not many people online but ive been playing for 3hrs now good stuff

  • I realize I didn’t say it in my previous post, so I shall say it now: thank you for your expedient work in fixing the problems, and providing such a high quality title as MGS4 for the PS3. I *am* grateful for that and I will show it with my wallet.

  • @ PsychoEddie

    I didnt know u can be part of the beta by reserving the game. thanks for the info… seriously

  • Unable to log in. Sweet beta.

  • Getting this error:

    Unable to connect to server. (090B:00000001)

  • This is nice but give more 411 on the “Gun Grey” Metal Gear PS3 bundle please.

  • To bad I still can’t download 1.01 for the life of me. By the time it’s done downloading the Beta will be over. I’ve lost all trust in Konami’s ability to host games online.

  • Thanks for addressing the connectivity problems.

    I would like to point out what I think might be a problem with the Konami ID process. I realize that the servers have been under a lot of stress, but I have tried several (at least 10) times to get a confirmation email from the site, but failed each attempt.

    The site says to watch my email, but on email ever arrives. I tripple checked by email account settings and made sure to turn off all spam filters.

    Is there any indication that this will be looked into?

    Thank you again for your effort.

  • @Danny

    you’re thanking me now, but you’ll be cussing my name when you’re downloading the beta and all the updates. Make yourself a sandwich, get something to drink, kick off your shoes, and get comfortable. The download speed gives “slow” a whole new meaning.

  • Well… I hope there are more customization options on the full version, and I can’t wait to try “Solid Snake mode” talked about on the podcast.

  • this game is way to slow

  • I love this game

  • I was able to play for a bit this morning and I have to say its a really good game! My only problem is now I have to try and find the time to play both MGO Premier B and GT5 Prologue!!

    The wait was worth it! thanks!

  • I heard the biggest problem was that there is no RUN button. I can’t wait to give it a whirl when I get home. Also if the beta is getting this much attention and traffic…i can’t imagine how well it’ll sell officially! <3 Kojima!!!

  • Why is Puerto Rico part of the Europe Server? My friends are from PR and they can’t log in using the US beta but can log into UK just fine. they all have NA Consoles too.

  • I played it a little but not much yet because i had things to do…
    This game is so much fun! i like it, sure there is a couple of things to improve but overall its great!

    Question for Konami…
    Is there a way to contact you to give you feedback like what we like what we dont like or if we find some bugs? If yes how? and will it be take in consideration ?

  • The controls took some getting used to at first but now the game is awesome. There should be a sprint button though. This will be a great addition to MGS4. Thanks.

  • This is a great game, and I thank Konami for seeing through to the end with all of the problems that they had before.

    Question to Brandon, or anyone that knows:

    Where do I submit feedback/bugs/errors/etc to Konami? All Betas have something like that, but I can’t find it for MGO.

  • I updated the MGO with 1.02 and all that worked perfectly, BUT i’m still getting the ugly Error (090B:00000001) when trying to connect! this beta is starting to get frustraiting as hell.

    I can’t wait for GTA 4 to take off all my frustration on the little pedestrians! :p Lol

  • Glad to hear that its a great game, but I’m still trying to download the update. I’ve never had to download a older update before I can download the newest version. I hope I’m not just wasting my time. I’ve got 95% to go, 1.02 here I come!

  • @PsychoEddie

    What’s with you and those sandwiches. Do you run a deli? The sandwich argument may have worked for the Devil May Cry 4 install issue, but there’s no way a sandwich will hold you out for this. You’d have time to cook an entire turkey, eat it, take a nap (as one usually feels inclined to do after eating a turkey), and possibly make several turkey sandwiches and put them in little baggies for the work week and still have time to spare. I just can’t wait to jump in and see how the thing looks… But I’ll have to… just… a little… longer.

  • Hmmm im starting to download it Woooohaaaa
    Konami and PS3 What a combination!!!!!
    im wizardps3 on the psn add me
    Viva Mexico!!

  • This is by far the biggest hassle I’ve gone through to play a game. The first update takes forever. At the end of the day, I do wonder why it wasn’t pass through the PSN. Konami, you need to do a better job understanding Sony has already laid out an infrastructure for the PS3 game base. We should not have a need to create new IDs or waste half a day downloading patches through your servers.

  • The game looks good but the character movement seems a little slow. I’m used to playing Socom i only played a couple of games so far though. There didn’t seem to be any lag :) I will be on tonight a lot more to really check it out.

  • System still locks up as soon as I hit X on either Game ID or Password even after the patch. Can’t seem to get any support so I guess I’m SOL, and doubt I’ll get to play it when the full version comes out if this keeps up.

  • I’m sorry, and I’m not a moaner usually, but this whole MGO has really got to me. I could deal with the beta delay and the whole stupid Konami ID thing – which, all credit to them, they sorted out.
    But then, I see the beta’s up, and I wet myself a little with excitement as I rush to boot up my PS3 and play a little slice of the gaming heaven I’m sure we’ll all experience come June 12. And then-I get told that ‘Due to high levels of traffic, connecting to the server is very difficult at this time. Please try again later.’
    Seriously, guys, is it that hard to make a server that can handle heavy traffic. Sure, it’s a beta and all, but I thought the idea of a beta was to gather information from real games online to help iron out bugs and the like, and not for the makers to realise that *gasp* the game’s actually POPULAR, and lots of people want to play it!
    Look-Call of Duty 4 surely handles this level of traffic daily. The Halo 3 beta probably handled more traffic than the MGO one, such was the hype surrounding it. Why, then, can the PS3’s number one game not?
    Again, I’m sorry for sounding like an ungrateful, whigning git, and this has probably got to me more because I’m looking forward to MGS4 so much. But seriously-BUY A NEW SERVER. A BIGGER ONE!

  • Thanks for the update!

  • I’ve already deleted it from my PS3. I hope you guys use our PSN names for the final version and cut this BS about Konami IDs out. PS3 is far enough behind in online service we don’t need crap like this.

  • Hey is a Beta its a just to test the game not the real game!!! come on and for Free

  • I can’t wait to get off work tonight at Give my first Beta a try!

    Im actually Going to Put in a eairly out at work to get all ready and set up before it launchs :D

    If anyone likes to be on the look out or add me my PSN: Skater_Ricky

    or for MGO Gamer ID: skater_ricky

  • I noticed someone mention the gameplay is too slow. If this is true I can’t wait. Warhawk (other fps’) are too fast paced for me.

    Damn work!!!!!!!!! Must get home!!!!

  • @43

    What i meant is the forward character movement seems a little too slow. But it’s a beta and i only played a few games so i haven’t got a good feel for the game yet.

  • i got gta4

  • Alright, I’ve been working at this stupid ID system for an hour now, and here’s what I’ve found that that site that even Hell would be ashamed of has accepted: “zsdhjfdfjdfgvg456t4564”

    I’m feeling generous, so if anyone wants this utter waste of a user name, feel free to take it.

  • It’s taken most of the day for me to update to the new 1.01 patch :-/ Hope other companys don’t start doing it this way! :-/
    I’d give up! LOVE MGS so i kept going. Can’t get in the game now!(U.K) :-/

  • Couldn’t login yet. I get this error message:

    Unable to connect to server. (090B:00000001)

  • this game is awsome.
    the only complaint i have so far is the cqc is some times a little difficult to land a blow on an enemy. other than that this beta rocks.

  • ummm graphics are okay… could be better… game overall is okay… if they really want MGO to be a success I would change lots of things… other than that… I just got bored of it.. but I guess I’ll play to test more things… Sorry Konami. This could be so much better

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