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Hi EOJ Fans! With the clock counting down for the release of SET 2 here in the US, we wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of the great EOJ Theme Decks that Wizards of the Coast that will be releasing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the theme decks, they are pre-constructed decks of 30 cards that offer specific strategies to the player. Not only do they offer a great selection of cards, but each comes with a Summoner’s Companion booklet that offers great content. All the Set 2 Theme Decks will now feature not only more in-depth stories about the EOJ universe, but also a full glossary of game terms, specific gameplay strategies and even card highlights to give players that extra edge. Here are some excerpts from some of the Set 2 Summoner’s Companions with more to come next week.

Till then, have a great weekend!


Among the ranks of the Bioliths are some of the most fearsome creatures in THE EYE OF JUDGMENT. The new cards in BIOLITH REBELLION SET 2 will make your Biolith-themed decks more potent than ever.

Biolith 182

Battle Master
This engine of destruction is every evil genius’ must-have minion! Its awesome Attack and Defense Zones let you lock out four fields: negating enemy creatures’ Dodge attempts, crippling their Activation Cost and… when you’ve been hit by a Battle Master, you know you’ve been hit! 2×3 points of physical damage is going to hurt. If you need more power, cast Clare Wil’s Banner and deliver a shocking 10 point (un-dodge-able) coup de grace.

When summoned, Battle Master lets you take Scion, Biolith Lord from your library and put it into you hand. When you get Scion into play, the mayhem really starts – the Battle Master is now able to bring havoc to the board for just 2 mana!


Fire boasts some incredible purveyors of mass-destruction but they don’t come cheap. BIOLITH REBELLION SET 2 features a number of tactical creatures that reduce the Summoning Cost.
Consider bringing these into play via Red Cubic followed by another Fire creature at reduced cost.


A mighty support creature, the Flameheart grants 2 points of Magic Protection to your
other allied creatures and reduces the Summoning Cost of allied Fire creatures by 1. In addition, it treats any Earth fields in front of it as Fire fields.


Water creatures are tricky adversaries, capable of evading physical attacks and making enemy creatures do their bidding.They also have many abilities which give you greater deck control.


Admiral Belta
Like the other ‘warlords’, Admiral Belta supports creatures of his element with Invocation and Summoning Cost reduction. His unique power to fieldquake all Fire fields in your Resolution Phase is a real tsunami!

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  • Great cant wait to get these into my ebay store. People have been asking for these for weeks now. Thanks Mark and Chuck for all your info.

    Thanks. Christopher

  • SWEEEEEEET!!!!!! This looks awesome!

  • Bad time to post, people are very annoyed right now. Unless this post is the equivelent of going ‘BUT LOOK OVER HERE. WOOO HOO!! OVER HERE’ to distract attention from the konami guy who just wishes he didnt stick his head above the trenches today.

  • Awesome. This game is great, please keep supporting it. I know I’ll get ALL theme decks.

  • No Mark? Even without him this game rocks.

  • I already have a complete set of Set 2 cards except for the Theme Decks. All purchased from North American retailers (GameStop and my local card store).

    I’d love it if Sony would let me spend my $15 for the key to let me use these cards…

    I know the launch date was scheduled for April 24th, but the cards are already out in North America, why make us wait?


    • Glad you got your cards already. Looks like some stores recieved the cards earlier than expected. The download is coming soon!

  • lol
    i dont even have EOJ but this still looks awesome!!

  • Who carse about THE EYE OF JUDGMENT when there is 5.3 GB MUST install in GTP5 when it reads only 5121KB in the back of the game cover!!!!!!

  • @ 10 TerminateXbots

    There was a patch that came out hours upon release of the game, as in before the box covers were made.

    Remember, they can’t predict how much data will be used to patches.

  • @10 is there really a 5.3 gb of of installed data cause the game is only 1.9 gigS

  • now to the post any info on how much the prices will be for these theme packs?please answer back

  • Is it still possible to get set 1 cards? I only bought the game recently and am not ready to try set 2 yet…

    • Yup! Set 1 cards are still out there both at retail and online. Gamestop is a good place to start as well as local comic book / hobby shops.

  • @erico316

    This is the retail version of the game that requires a 5.3 GB must install to play before any updates!!!!!!!!

  • i wish you guys had but the update out this week i have over $300 worth of cards infront of me

    • I totally feel you. I\’d be jonesing to play too. Wish we knew the cards were going to come in earlier.

  • i mean i get it the cards got delayed yup i understand but guess what the cards are in and once again customer service is lacking b-cuz we cannot play the cards we paid overnight shipping for mths ago when we preorder our cards but yet if we turn the game on we have to play ppl who have set 2 cards and never turn the animations on

  • Yea, Set 1 is still out there, but expect it to be harder to find (hahaha, sorry – like any cards are easy to find anywhere but online) until Set 2 is out a while.

    Yea, got my 6 boxes (as in BOXES) of Set 2 today, and for the life of me don’t understand why the download key for Set 2 isn’t in the store yet.

    Bottom line, though: Great game, fun collectible, awesome community, kind of pricey, but worth it.

    • Glad you enjoy the game and thanks for the support. It\’s great that your cards have come in earlier than expected, sorry for the wait but the download is on its way so start planning your strategies now. :) Hope the info above helps.

  • What the hell happened to the Patapost? You’re leaving us fans in limbo without new info. At least give us hope for an official item list. AND don’t think I’ve forgotten about a PSP Pata theme. Hopefully you guys will deliver sooner or later.

    • LOL Sorry to leave you in limbo J3SS. More Pataposts to come once we get more Pata-goodies to share. We\’ll be working on that Pata-theme for ya. Keep hope alive. :)

  • dont get me wrong i love this game and this game alone got me to buy a ps3 i played eoj at a friends house and 2 weeks later i had it myself

    • Thanks for the love lrrgang. It\’s true, once you actually play EOJ, people see see why its one of the coolest PS3 experiences you can get.

      Again, thanks for the patience with the download, it will be worth the wait. :)

  • My local Gamestop got the 2nd Booster Packs in on April the 11th. I didn’t want to be greedy so I only bought half of the booster packs. I then went to Gamestop and EBgames in Fayetteville, Arkansas while running errands. Both Stores told me that they were Not getting any 2nd sets because the 1st ones did not sell well.

    Well I pointed out that their 1st sets were still HIDDEN behind the counters and NO one knew about them, even some of the employee’s didn’t know they had them. I was told emphatically that there was NO chance of them getting the 2nd set in.

    That was it, upon my return home, I went right to my Local Gamestop and Bought EVERY 2nd set of Boosters packs they had, which by the way were Locked behind the counter behind some games and posters. The store told me that why they had gotten the 2nd set in and the other stores in the Region were not, was because I was the only one buying them, ( I made them search the store for the 1st set, and they knew then to point them out to me every time I came in.)

    Since only my local store will be getting them.
    I will buy EVERY 2nd set that comes in.
    I know Gamestop and EBgames are concerned that People will steal them if they put them out, which they would, but at least hang them up in the locked glass case behind the counter, out from behind the games and Posters. Hang them with the EOJ game that is in the Glass case. They could do a real nice presentation of the Game with the cards.

    Sorry, but since Wal-Mart, Target, ToysRus don’t ever put them out, and since only 1 Gamestop store within a 3 city region is going to get the cards, I am afraid I have to be Greedy and buy every pack that comes in.

    Can’t wait to buy and download the expansion pack to my EOJ game. Now I just sit and look at my 2nd edition booster packs, and sometimes hold them up to the Camera hoping that maybe, just maybe it will read them, but sigh, not just yet.

    I can’t wait!!! Thanks So Much to You and Your Team for bringing such a GREAT game to the PS3!

    • Ok Arkansas EOJ Players, you heard it here. If you are hunting for cards, frostquake\’s got them. :)

      Gamestop employees have the impossible job of keeping track of hundreds of games so it doesn\’t surprise me that some may have issues keeping track of cards. It\’s unfortunate for the game and it makes it harder for the consumer. Thanks for letting them know that there in fact is a demand. Maybe they will be able to show off the cards better.

      Your camera will be reading those cards soon enough my friend!

  • cool news. good to get some details and see you aren’t forgetting those that purchased the game.

  • At last our american friends too can play with set 2 vs japanese fanatics.

    Start to make yours best decks ^^

    Ainur from Spain

  • hey chuck,

    is mark our sunning himself in the caribbean? we just got a ton of snow, so that’s where i wish i was. good job keeping up with the blog.

    anxiously awaiting set 2 cards and update. payback for the last couple of weeks will be sweet.

    busy, busy, busy, at LBShooters. will update you when i get the chance. the only thing we have room for is an official sony-sponsored event ;-)

    talk to you soon,

  • Picked up 5 Set 2 booster packs just yesterday at GameStop and found a nice rare I’m itchin’ to uncover… Looking forward to these decks and the DLC!


    (i’m sorry if this has been answered already in another blogpost)

    Are custom Soundtracks from the hard drive going to be available to finally get rid of the annoying metal tracks?

    After playing the game for hours and hours, it gets pretty old!

    Please let us know either way!

    • I think we sent this concern to the team already, but we will be sure to follow up. Till then, go to your OPTIONS menu and lower the music volume so you don\’t go insane with the metal. :)

  • @fritot european version we cant do that.

  • I still hate the fact you guys are charging $15 just to play with the new cards.

    im sorry but i will not be buying the new cards nore the update. i have been let down to a game i supported to everyone when it first came out.

  • @Chuck Lacson-

    thanks for your reply!

    Hopefully maybe in a later update the custom soundtracks functionality will become available!

    thanks for letting us know you guys are aware of it and are working on it!


  • Hello Gentlemen,

    Any word on where I might be able to pick some of these up ? Any major retailers in Canada ?

    • Hey TristanMike, we\’ve asked our friends at Wotc to see if we can get a list of some sort to send you in the right direction but from what I know you can hit your local GameStop or go online and order from retailers like

  • I’m surprised SCEA wasn’t aware that cards WotC has gotten the new cards to retailers. They’ve been available online for about a week and at Gamestop stores for a few days now. It seems to me that communication between Sony and WotC is somewhat lacking. Because of this, North American players who’ve already been handicapped having playing against Asian and European players without the new cards for weeks have to wait another week for the update when it should have gone up on the 17th.

  • Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for the response and hope you are enjoying your weekend. :D

    Closest EBGames (there are no GameStop’s in Canada) is 221km (137miles) away from me and they currently don’t have an online shopping website for Canada. They say they’re working on it, but who knows when it’s coming.

    I’ve checked on as you suggested and it says:

    “Where can I ship my order?
    At this time, orders will only be accepted for shipment to the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. WE CANNOT SHIP TO A PO OR APO/FPO BOX. Please allow extra shipping time for orders delivered to Alaska and Hawaii. For more details, please see our Shipping Policy.”

    So no luck for Canadian’s (well, me at least :P) again…..I’m sure you can see where my frustration lies…..still looking forward to playing the game….with more cards :P

    Thanks again,

    • We are feeling your frustration and will do our best to get some recommendations for all the Canadian EOJ fans.

  • Mrf, even with my bday coming soon I still wont be able to get my hands on these. :(
    I barely got any of set 1 to begin with, everyone around here seems too .. Lacking in Knowledge [to be nice] of this game. [Huntington, WV]. :(

  • This is sort of off the subject but I was just wondering any of you guys have problems with the video chat crashing on you? I get this ! showing and then it crashes. Sony if you can answer me too that would be great.

  • I’m glad to see this game is being supported like it is. I love this game and I think is really innovative. I love the surround sound effect, it’s so dynamic! Is there ever going to be a new set of cards with a different series (ie. Transformers)?

    Please make more games like this we need them.

  • Unfortunately the zealots in deck 2 ruined the game. If somebody have four of them in his deck it is ok, but of cours every deck may contain twelve and that is far too much. Winning with zealots is too easy and there is no challenge anymore. And if you play against a zealot deck you know you have lost before beginning if you havn’t a lot of luck.

    Are there further improvements in this direction to fix this problem or is this ‘given’? Looking forward for a statement, thanks.

    • If there are any imbalances in the game you can be sure the development team will be working on fixing them.

  • a LOT of people, including myself feel that paying for the 15 dollar patch is completely a slap in the face.

    i already paid 80 bucks for the game + tax, 4 bucks for 8 cards + tax, and then i have to play the game online because no one in the home wants to give the game a look at all.

    i have a lot of money invested in cards that i had to call daily to gamestop only to find out that the gamestop employee’s were buying them before putting them on the shelf.

    why, after so much hassle, money, and time invested into this game should i spend money on an overpriced patch that allows me to go and pay AGAIN to get more cards?


  • @Chuck Lacson replied on April 20, 2008 at 9:04 pm
    Chuck Lacson’s

    If there are any imbalances in the game you can be sure the development team will be working on fixing them.

    Really? At last good news, when play online 12 of 10 deck are zealots haha.

    Sounds great rewrite some descriptions of cards or limit the numer of cards for these zealots.

    Thank You


  • Hello Gentlemen,

    Any word on where I might be able to pick some of these up ? Any major retailers in Canada ?

    Chuck Lacson replied on April 19, 2008 at 2:10 pm
    Hey TristanMike, we’ve asked our friends at Wotc to see if we can get a list of some sort to send you in the right direction but from what I know you can hit your local GameStop or go online and order from retailers like does not ship to Canada. GameStop (EB Games in Canada) does not sell the cards at the Brick and Mortar locations – they don’t carry Hasbro products – and their online store is ridiculous. It doesn’t even let you chose which Theme deck you want. It lets you buy “a Theme Deck” and they send you a random one.

    Any other ideas?

  • is currently selling EoJ for $43

  • this is very very off topic and i apologize, but

    p.s. i cant wait for the new Eye of Judgment pack =)

  • @Frostyquake:
    I live in the suburbs of Chicago and I’ve experienced similar issues with gamestop. One of them by me has a staff that is knowledgeable and helpful (even though the cards are in the glass counter and the counter is covered with stuff so nobody can see them). The other one near my house is the exact opposite. The didn’t know about anything about them, other than they *might* be on the peg hook near the floor behind the counter. They still had some Set 1 packs (that I picked up) and they didn’t know the difference between Set 1 and Set 2, so i filled him in on the details.

    Is Target supposed to carry the cards? I’ve never seen them there (if they are supposed to carry them, what’s the secret to getting them there?). And the ToysRus by me used to have the Set 1 boosters and theme decks out, but know there are none out. i’m hoping they are just waiting to put out the Set 2 cards?

  • Hi Chuck,

  • Hi Chuck, I know you said the development team would work on fixing any imbalances if any are found. Do you have any ideas how they would handle the case where a cards stats would need to change? Would they issue a card exchange program? Love the game, keep up the good work guys.

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