SOCOM: Weekly Wrap-up

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Hey, folks. David “Point Man” Brothers back again for another Weekly Wrap-up. Here’s what went up on, last Friday through yesterday:


  • Tuning & Balancing – Another behind-the-scenes look at Slant Six as Allen Goode shows what it takes to finely tune SOCOM: Confrontation to perfection.


  • Dev Bio: Dan McBride – Dan McBride is the Managing Director at Slant Six and lets me in on his background
  • Poll: Favorite Maps – The first poll has been reset so vote one more time if you haven’t been back since


  • Gun of the Week: F90 – This week we take a look at the F90 and enjoy the sweet sound of slow-mo gun fire.



We’re updating every weekday at… see you there!

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  • I dn’t get those weekly wrap-up.. if people are interested in Socom they’ll just visit the Socom blog..

    No offense, but it’s kinda pointless.. it’s like a advertisment-post

  • I like these posts. Every developer should do a weekly post. Media Molecule are you listening? :)

  • is anything different in this one from the last one???i love these games,but if its the same thing as the last one i’ll pass as i could just play it.

  • @1
    Well, if you don’t like it, DONT READ IT. Other than that, great stuff folks!

  • @1
    This is for people who aren’t active on the SOCOM blog. If they read it here, they’d know what happened on the SOCOM blog.

  • Um, well, guess what? Not everyone frequents the Official SOCOM Blog, so for those people (read:most) this is a way of aquainting them with SOCOM happenings.

    Don’t be so narcissistic.

  • Thanks for putting this up and keep up the good work with SOCOM

  • I frequent the SOCOM blog and still like these blog posts. Those who don’t religiously check the SOCOM blog get all the info from the week in one day.

  • Thanks for the update! I enjoy hearing about your progress and look forward to hearing about it in the future. :D

  • So this is a post on the blog to point out posting on another blog. Got it. I agree with some, if we wanted to know what’s going on over at the socom blog, we’d go to the socom blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love the amount of information on Socom, it’s just maybe post a link or something.

  • I’m looking forward to this game…..but is there a possibility that there will be an acutal OFFICIAL blutooth headset from Sony relesed specificially for the PS3?

    USB headsets are soo hit and miss with how they work on it….the one I have hardly hears me…I have to yell to make it loud enough for others to hear me.

    I know most blutooth cell phone headsets work with it….but I just want something official….

  • Great stuff! Made my Friday.

    Socom Blog, you complete me. ;)

  • @Slick

    Don’t waste your money. Buy a wired headset. You don’t have to worry about battery life, they don’t cut out, and you don’t have to listen to everyone else’s audio coming back through their mic.

  • cant wait for this game.

  • I’ve never played any of the SOCOM titles before, but I’m getting pretty interested in Confrontation.
    Since Warhawk’s gotten old, it’s a toss-up for me whether I’ll get into MGO or SOCOM in the months ahead.

  • Keep up the good work is great !!!

  • Nice to hear Socom is coming along well.

    But WTF is with GT5P? Why the hell is there 5.3 GB MUST install when it reads only 5121KB in the back of the game cover!!!!!!

  • AnotherCrappyUpdated

    Why didn’t they let people know about the beta. It was stupid to let “community leaders” to get in just because they sit around and post the most… I’ve had a ps account for a while, I read more then I post, but I’ve been playing since day one, and I’ve beta tested for a dozen games before. I’d love to know how to get in the open beta.

  • Hello Sony,

    the6one, here

    I would just like to say that you guys delaying the Playstation Home service is both a good move and simultaneously a bad one. I don’t know how long this thing needs to be in development before it has that “SONY” touch to it, but we are running out of time as consumers are literally thriving to get their hands on the Playstation Home online service for the Playstation Network. I too, want the Playstation Home to be a “quality” product that lives up to the reputation of this great establishment of SONY Corporation. However, you guys have been promising this thing since 2007 and we still have yet to test the open beta. I know that SONY wants this thing to reflect the reputation that SONY has had for delivering “quality” products. That’s fine and dandy, but there’s a problem when it won’t be fully playable until early 2009. Come on Sony, let’s get this ball rolling!!!!!

    I am proud of the turnaround as well as the 100% increase in PS3 sales. Now the company is beginning to profit off of each unit sold rather than making losses. This is really good news Sony. Now, let us again stake our claim at the top of computer entertainment.



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